"Lady Jayne" to those of you who met her somewhere across America.. as that was her personal handle name on the CB
  • 55 years old
  • Born on May 4, 1957 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on February 22, 2013 in Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jane Marie McGhan, 55 years young, born on May 4, 1957 in Seattle, Washington and passed into eternal life on Friday February 22, 2013 at 10:50pm. We will remember her forever.

Jane (or as she liked to spell it: Jayne) was a beloved daughter,a mother of three, a sister to three, an aunt, a cousin and friend to all… She never met a stranger she didn’t reach out and immediately connect with.... Captivating everyone she met with her bigger than life personality. Each person that met Jayne could agree that she loved life to the fullest and had an enormous heart and proved time and time again that she would do anything for anyone. As a child I remember being in a restaraunt and she leaned over and started up a conversation with the people sitting next to us, she surely made friends wherever she went.Through all of life's up's and down's she was always so resilient and took life head on. There was nothing ‘typical woman’ about Jayne, she was kind of a tom-boy/rebel but that helped her to always be the strong one we could lean on during difficult times like these. Jayne was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010, at the age of 53 and the doctors gave her only 6 months, Jayne being the fighter that she was, faught long and hard.. She made it an additional 2 years. Surely, she was a strong willed adventurous spirit who is gone too soon and is greatly missed.


Jayne was an avid scuba diver and she love to be outdoors, she liked to ride motorcycles (a particular fondness of purple ones) and was known for her master gardening skills.. at her home in Fairbanks she kept a large garden and won many growing competitions. Jayne was always the life of the party wherever she went. She traveled more than most people get to.. always on the go, she wasn't the cookie cutter woman, but that's what so many loved about her. Jayne was passionate about her Native American heritage (and even incorporated much of it into her home decor) and mother-nature in general. She wrote a blog one time about conservation of our natural resources and about how mother nature was mad at us all. Jayne loved to sing, she even had her own Karaoke business, called Good Knight Entertainment in Ft. Myers.
She drove a school bus for many years and a few spent as a handicaped bus driver. I know that job and those times were precious to her. One of the handicaped children's parents made her a wooden rocking horse for her daughters to show his appreciation of how well she took care of those kids that were lucky enough to ride on her bus.

She was always a spiritual person but in her later years she grew to have a personal relationship with Jesus and for that, as the bible tells us is the only way into heaven.. So we know she is there, smiling down… not missing a beat of our lives.. for she can hear you my friends, she is at peace and telling us not to fret, for we will see each other again… this is not goodbye, but simply see you later.

Posted by Amber Bunyea on 19th May 2018
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 22nd February 2018
Jayne I hope you felt how so many people loved you. I surely miss you and think about you all the time. We had a lot of fun when you lived here in Ft. Myers. I so wish you hadn’t been taken so early from those of us who loved you. I’m thankful your out of pain rest my friend. Love you
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 4th May 2016
This my sister another Birthday you are 59 today I hope your flying high with the Eagles living life can't wait till the day we all be together l love & miss you happy birthday sis..
Posted by Tanya Grounds on 6th March 2016
It's 3 yrs that Jayne has passed over the rainbow, I miss her everyday . I know we will meet again. Jayne I Love you and Miss you everyday.
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 22nd February 2016
I've said all of this before but it still stands true. I loved Jayne like a sister and she was truly one of the best persons I've ever met. She loved her families both here and in Alaska. If she had something in mind to do there was no stopping her. She could hurt herself but would never intentionally hurt anyone else. She loved life and tried to experience all that it had to offer. I will always miss her and have only fond memories of her. Love you Jayne Rhonda
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 4th May 2015
Jayne I don't think that there hasn't been anything said already that's not true about you. As we've all said you were a wonderful, caring,giving person. You had the best personality. And you made everyone feel like you were their best friend. I know that anyone who new you misses you terribly. I know i do I think about you all the time. I wish I could have said goodbye to you in person. I will always miss you and love you my friend. Love Rhonda
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 23rd February 2015
I miss you everyday.. Especially today is this day you left us & we had to say goodbye for now but we will all be together again someday liveing life to its fullest I miss you sister cant imagine the the rest of my life with out you but im trying i love in miss you❤️❤️
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 22nd February 2015
Jayne and family, We had so many good times when she had her Karaoke business. She and Darin would sing I've got you babe to start the crowd singing. Jayne had such a magnetic personality that I never new of anyone that didn't like her. I think about her every day and so wish she was here. I met Jayne here in Ft. Myers Fl. she was a bus driver and I worked at one of the schools that she came to. Every day she would say( hey lady) on the bus ramp and finally asked my name from there on we became best of friends. I loved her and her family we spent lots of time together and I thought of her and her family as my family. I know she had issues but I can tell you I've never met any better of a person. She loved her kids so much and she loved her family in Alaska equally. I miss her terribly. Love You Rhonda AKA (hey lady)
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 4th May 2014
To My Sister Happy Birthday I miss you so so so much I cant believe its been fifteen months sence you left us It still feel like yesterday. I miss you terribly I wonder if It ever gets any easier.. I am blessed because I had so Many wonderful years with you.. I think of them often until We meet again say hello to gramma & all of friends we lost Love you love you your sis
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 23rd February 2014
I think of you all the time and wish that I could have seen you before you left all of us. We had such great times together and it wasn't what we did as much as it was just that we had a great time when we were together. You loved your girls and son more then living life itself and boy did you do that. I will always consider you a sister. I think everyone that met you felt like they were your best friend because that's the way you made everyone feel. I will always love and miss you.
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 22nd February 2014
A year ago Today I lost you my sister my best friend I miss you more now then ever I just wished I had one more day to spend with you Im sorry I wasn't there for you as much as I should of been please forgive me I love you to life I will see you again and we will fly high with the eagles that you love so much
Posted by Tanya Grounds on 22nd February 2014
Today 1 year ago I loss my best friend Jayne. God I Miss her so much, she always made me laugh. I still laugh when I thing about all the thing that we had been thru together. there are sad days for me also. RIP my Dear Friend. Love You So Much . Tanya
Posted by Stephanie Orsini on 19th July 2013
Just thinking of you.,say hi to michael for me.thank you for being there .allways will be on my mind........love and miss you
Posted by Amber Bunyea on 29th May 2013
Wonder if this gets any easier? Zane turned 10 years old.. can't believe a decade has come and gone since I was blessed into motherhood.. would be so proud of the young man he is becoming.. gave all of his birthday $ to a local missionary & is involved in many volunteer efforts at such a young age, always trying to leave this Earth better than before.. a lot like u
Posted by Amber Bunyea on 12th May 2013
Today is Mothers Day.. my first Mothers Day that you are not here on Earth.. but I felt your presence last night & all day, today. I just keep being reminded that life is fleeting. We are not promised tomorrow... your earthly life was short & I am reminded to cherish & celebrate every moment with my 3 precious children.. To be truly present in each given moment. <3
Posted by Amber Bunyea on 5th May 2013
I wanted to get on here and let you know I was thinking about you on your birthday but you already knew that. I still can't believe you are 'gone'.. but I know the grief is only felt by us that are still down here... I know you are up there having a ball.. I see the signs everyday that you send.. I sense that you are watching over and look up and see the soaring birds.. <3
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 4th May 2013
Its your Birthday today I miss you more than ever. They say it gets easier with time I don't see how For you are my only sister and I miss you so so much I have such a deep deep void in my life Im not sure quite how to handle it. I love You Sister Smile for me and fly high with the eagles you loved so much..RIP My Sister
Posted by Mark Nelson on 22nd March 2013
Things as this are not much fun or enjoyable. But also can be an Honor. Jayne and I had a friendship that was not just typical. It was a Special bond. We lived by a Code. That meant we were bound with trust and friendship not to mention Love and respect. We shall meet again Baby. No doubt the Angles will run and Hide! It was a slice of Life and an Honor. As Always, Love You. Peace.
Posted by Debi (Riggs) Alvarez on 20th March 2013
I remember 44 years ago walking up to a bus stop for the first time in Anchorage and meeting Jayne and Kathi and then the rest to include Tanya. Oh boy, were we the group or what? Ha ha. Between skippin school and the Hawkin Raiders, nobody was gonna stop us. We left our names ALL OVER Mears and Dimond High. What didnt we try?? Never to forget my friend, I love you, RIP
Posted by Tanya Grounds on 11th March 2013
This is for Jayne, she was my best friend for 45yrs & what a great 45yrs it was. I could write a book about the things we did,but i wont. She was turly heh own person,&would do anything for anyone even if she didnt know them. I will miss Jayne dearly RIP LOVE YOU
Posted by Rebecca Lane on 11th March 2013
To my sister jane I will miss you everyday of my life I will remember all the good times we shared as sisters along with the bad I will remember all the times we talked on the phone Coming to Florida when you kids were little going on vacations spending christmas together I cant believe you are gone. But I no you are in no more pain Im thankful for that Rest In Peace My Sister I love You
Posted by Amber Bunyea on 10th March 2013
I just wanted to say Thank You all to who share a story or two of their times with my mom.. it means a great deal to be able to one day share these stories with my own 3 children.. God Bless..
Posted by Kathi Cowan on 9th March 2013
I've known Jayne for around 45 years.....we grew up together on the same street. We were all family! Many stories , fun times, sad times, and lots of special memories. She will never be forgotten and will always hold a special place in my heart! My heart hurts for all of her family, God Bless and comfort you all.
Posted by Lori Drake on 7th March 2013
Amber, we lived next door to you in Ft Myers when you first moved from Alaska. You were about four. I hope you know how much your mother loved you and Jeremy and Cailin. We lost track through the years and I'll always be sorry for that. God bless and my prayers are with you.
Posted by Colleen Mcghan-Senko on 7th March 2013
From the time we were tiny children in Alaska, we shared so many times of adventure, fun, growth and bonding that I will never forget. Mentaska Lodge summers, winters in the little house trailer that her family lived in while building a home in Anchorage. Fishing, singing, dreaming of what the future would bring. Then, when my dear mother passed she was there for me, holding my hand. LOVE!
Posted by Terry Braaten-Renecker on 7th March 2013
Jayne was there for me when I was going thru breast cancer, I moved into an apt below her. She borrowed a Harley with a sidecar and took me on The Roger Maris 61 for 61 Cancer Run. I took several videos of the fun we had but I cannot get to them, they are in an old phone. I love and miss you, my dear dear friend. Until we meet again......<3
Posted by Gary McGhan on 3rd March 2013
Thank/bless you! That is what I was implying when I said that our prayers, and God's grace, can yet draw all to Jesus, and in so doing, honor the only true love that exists, and yet further be a blessing to your mom, and all that know and think of her! The bible says that a testament is a force that is only in effect after one dies, and I know from experience that each person that passed, that I k
Posted by Gary McGhan on 3rd March 2013
Thank/Bless you, and may our prayers, and God's grace, yet be the greatest memorial benefit to draw all to Jesus and His salvation and understanding to build/grow with. Amen :) <3 O/
Posted by Richard Pettis on 2nd March 2013
Jayne I only knew online.She was going help me spread ashes of my late wife (1st) In the Black Hills.And here she was down on her luck at the time.She was driving school bus and out of work.That is a very special person to offer to do that.She gave me a shoulder. What a wonderful person. Love Rich Pettis
Posted by Rhonda Pelton on 28th February 2013
When Jayne lived in Ft. Myers we went to Key west and she already had her divers license so we went out so she could scuba dive. Now Jayne was a tough one so you can imagine my surprise when she went down just a couple of feet and came shooting up in fear of the water. Thats the only time I saw her back down on anything. I Loved her dearly and will miss her greatly so sorry for her family.
Posted by Mary Davis on 27th February 2013
Amber, this is beautiful. I did not know her, but know that she had two beautiful daughters. Your father loved her at one time and Gary loved her so she must have been a great person. One that was not perfect, but that I know loved you and from what was said is with Jesus now. My prayers are with you.
Posted by Shannon Doyle on 26th February 2013
Jayne was like a mom to me. She took me under her wing when I was 19. I will always remember the time we went to the red river valley fair we were riding her purple sporty Harley Davidson. She was to short for it so when we came to a stop light we had to hop back and forth to keep the bike up.

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