Let the memory of Jean be with us forever
  • Passed away on September 20, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one; Jean Tomasetti. 
We will remember her forever.

The outpouring of love with calls, visits, cards, food, flowers, etc. has been overwhelming.  We love you all.  

We now have a Memorial Fund set up to honor Jean.  
If you would like to contribute, please email us at:   flyerzfanz@aol.com 

Posted by Brian Lowy on 20th September 2018
WoW Nan, 5 years.....hard to believe. Thank you for watching over your brood....I know you're so proud! Never does a day go by where we don't think of you and smile. Always Loved! Always Missed!
Posted by Brian Lowy on 20th September 2018
WoW Nan, 5 years.....hard to believe. Thank you for watching over your brood....I know you're so proud! Never does a day go by where we don't think of you and smile. Always Loved! Always Missed!
Posted by Douglas McConney on 20th September 2017
Jean and her family lived next door to our family in Rosewood and to this day we think of all the great memories of a mother that did everything for her family and her grandchildren. She gave her whole life to them all. Even when our little boy Dougie had cancer she and her family were there for him. We miss her dearly and if we could turn back the clock we would still be at 5 Cypress Lane as we miss our good friends and think of this family alot. Love you Jean and Tony and family.
Posted by Sue Schnabel on 1st April 2016
I believe I go to call you almost each and everyday. I miss you so much. Going through the many,many pictures from the house has created a roller coaster of emotions. I wish I would have enjoyed them more with you. The times I remember sitting with you and looking at various lots of photos, especially the older ones, were very special. You really loved telling us about them and the people and memories involved in each. I have questions I never asked. You were the best mom ever. I love you
Posted by Ed Wojcik on 21st September 2015
Jeanie, miss our visits from time to time. Never got to see each other as much as I would have like to due to the distance between us.You always made me feel like your best friend when we were together. I can see you made a lot of people feel the same way.You had something special closeness with your family and friends; otherwise you wouldn't be missed as much as you are.Two years have passed and I still have a hard time believing it. Hope you, your Mom , my mom , Mat ,Mary, Cindy and all who left us to soon are having a special time together. Save a place for me at the table. See you when I'm finished here. Love and miss you all. Love Rosie
Posted by Brian Lowy on 20th September 2015
Hi Mom. Boy are you missed. Keep watching over your brood! Going to LBI to visit you with the girls and Toe today! Love you!
Posted by Nicole Schnabel on 24th September 2014
Hey nanny, so hard to believe that 3 days ago hit the year mark of the worst day I have ever experienced. I miss you so badly and I still go to call you. I listen to the video I have of you all the time. I never thought the voicemails you left would be so near and dear to me, I don't know why but I just never imagined something happening to you or poppy. You guys seem infinite. I just wish I had more time. I know everything is in gods hands but his plan is so hard to understand. I do hope you know poppy is doing good though. I know your watching. I will never forget you nanny and I know this life is nothing compared to the next I just can't wait to see you. I love you forever. I will always be your advocate like you were for all of us.
Posted by Nicole Schnabel on 14th July 2014
Hey nanny, your 54th anniversary with poppy just passed, I wish you were here to celebrate with him. I love you and can't believe you're not here, it's still so unreal. Every time I visit this site I just can't believe what I'm looking at. I know you wouldn't have left if you knew we all wouldn't be okay I just still want you back. I know you're sitting in the lap of Jesus rejoicing with him, and I know he's telling you how good you did. I just really really miss you nanny. Every time I pass by your house I just think of the stories you have told me advice you have given me and it will always be with me. You and poppy are the best and I will love you both forever! Can't wait to see you again. I know this life will fly by so fast and I can only hope to be half the person you were. I love you so much!
Posted by Sue Schnabel on 20th January 2014
I could never have imagined missing someone as much as I miss you. I think of you very often, the many happy memories and especially the love, that unconditional, unfailing love that was constantly flowing from you. You and Daddy always accepted us each for who we are as individuals, loving and nurturing those qualities until the day you had to leave us. Daddy is carrying on where you left off and I'm so grateful for that and for the precious time we had with you.I'm truly blessed by the best.
Posted by Nicole Schnabel on 26th November 2013
Nanny I really miss you so much and I cant stand not being able to call you. Just yesterday my mom was cooking a roast beef and wanted to call you to ask how long she should cook it for. I just really cant believe it. I know that you're not here, I just don't think I can comprehend it, and I don't think I will ever be able to. I know you're sitting in the lap of God with Jesus at your side. I just would love to be right there with you nanny. I had a bit of a rough day and it stinks cause you and poppy were always right there for me to go see when I needed a pick me up or I just wanted to see my two favorite people. Nanny just please stay in my heart forever! Love you
Posted by Sue Schnabel on 19th October 2013
A month ago our lives changed forever, the worst day of our lives by far. The day you left this earthly home, for wondrous parts of heaven unknown. Far too soon we all agree. Why now? Reasons so hard to see. We gather together so were not alone. We laugh, we cried & began to heal as a family just as she would want to see, So Mom, we'll be strong & miss you till were all together again.
Posted by Sue Schnabel on 19th October 2013
In one sense it feels like forever, in another the pain of that horrible day seems like only yesterday. Countless times I reach for the phone to call you, or think, "I can't wait to tell Mom this or that". You were the BEST MOM ANYONE COULD HAVE!, The best listener, teacher, and friend. You showed us how to unconditionally love all I wrote a poem that I'm sharing next.....
Posted by Nicole Schnabel on 11th October 2013
Nanny, I miss you! Can't stop thinking of you. Just had a wonderful dream I was lucky enough for you to be in it. Now I can't go back to sleep knowing the sad reality. I love you nanny, so much. Goodnight.
Posted by Dawn Lindner on 2nd October 2013
God rest you in his arms . I had the pleasure of your company on so many occasions over my twenty year friendship with Sandra and her amazing family . You most certainly brought warmth and smiles with you the minute you entered the room . Some darn good recipes too . Please send that warmth down from heaven to comfort all who miss you so . I will hug the ones I can get close to for you .
Posted by Gwendolyn Williams on 1st October 2013
Your smiling eyes and cheerful personality are etched in my memory. It was always a joy to listen to your upbeat stories of vacations and love of family. You will be missed.
Posted by Maureen Fahey on 1st October 2013
I was blessed to have known Jean as the part time leasing agent at Northgate Village Apartments. Her kind heart, gentle spirit and wonderful sense of humor will stay with me always.
Posted by Fred Haughawout on 30th September 2013
miss u so much my heart acks u keep us all soclose and loved u were always there for me sorry cant stop crying I worked with u vac k with cry with u laugh together rest in peace my sister and friend love u
Posted by Louis Stachiotti on 28th September 2013
The first time I met my cousin in law Jean I was about 9 years old at her and Tony's wedding reception in Burlington. Ever since then I remember her as being a thoughtful, cheerful and loving person. I'll miss her now but will always cherish my memories of her. Speak kindly of us to God Jean! Rest in Peace! Love you always! Cousin, Louie
Posted by Olivia Bell on 26th September 2013
I first called her as Aunt Jean with the DiPaolas, and later Nanny with the Foxes. In all my memories with this wonderful family, Jean truly lit up the room each and every time I saw her. Whenever I visited her home, it was filled with love and loud laughter. I count myself blessed to have known such a woman and aspire to one day have a family as incredible as the one she created.
Posted by Tami Lunsford on 26th September 2013
"Aunt" Jean-- you were loved by so many because you were one of the most loving, generous, warm hearts any of us have ever met. You were ALWAYS there for all of us with a hug, a meal, a party, or whatever else we needed. I am the woman I am today partly because of your influence in my life. You are missed.
Posted by Minnie Hutchison on 24th September 2013
Thank you for being my wonderful friend for over 40 years. Laughing until we cried, crying until we laughed, sharing stories and adventures. You were so wise about family and i have tried to raise my children using your advice. "Always treat your children the age they are!". So simple yet so profound. I'll try not to cry because you lived life to its fullest with joy and a generous heart.
Posted by Rita Strough on 24th September 2013
What a wonderful, classy, down to earth and loving woman. Jean, you will be missed! My deepest sympathies to my cousin, Tony and the whole family.
Posted by Carolyn J Elliott on 24th September 2013
When I first met Jean, I was drawn by her charm, warmth, & sense of humor. I could not have been more pleased to have known her, and worked with her over the past four year. I will sorely miss her. Warmest Regards, Cathy Walls (co-worker Northgate Village)
Posted by Frank Moseley on 24th September 2013
My sincere sympathy to Tony and family. Good memories of the times we spent with Tony and Jean in Jersey and in Florida. Jean was a very beautiful person and we will miss her.
Posted by Pammy-Herman Morris on 24th September 2013
My "Jeenie Beannie" I will love you forever, My second Mommy, I knew you since the day I was born.So many happy memories, Crammed in the VW bus you singing WOOLIE BULLY LBI family vacations, Christmas night at the Tomasetti's,at the kitchen table for luchtime henner.. I am so blessed I got to see you last Tuesday. You are sadly missed.
Posted by Teresa Downs on 24th September 2013
If every mother, sister & friend lived a life like Mrs. Tomasetti this world would be a better place. My condolences to the family & her other half/ Tony. You & Jean raised a beautiful family together and where blessed with so many wonderful grandchildren! ( The crowning glory of God)! I will always think of Mrs.T. a Big Smile sitting in the midst of your family Pride& Joy)
Posted by Cheryl Ruggiano on 23rd September 2013
In the latter 1950's, my cousin, Tony Tomasetti, left the arms of his family and began an adventure in the US Army. His immediate family looked forward to his phone calls, letters and packages. His youngest sister, Mary Tomasetti Braem, and I were about 3 years old at the time and Tony would send us gifts during his stint with the service; among the gifts were genuine leather childs shoulder str
Posted by Jeana Lowy on 23rd September 2013
I miss you so much already, Nanny. My heart hurts so bad & I know this void will never be filled because you are irreplaceable. You were the BEST of the best. All of my memories of you are good ones; not one bad one. I am beyond lucky to have had almost 21 years of those wonderful memories. I am honored to be named after you, Nan. I love you more than words can ever say. Love, your Beanie
Posted by Natalie Pietras on 23rd September 2013
Big Smile...bigger heart...fun as hell...and good as gold. Although I only saw Jean once every few years...you felt happy and had a good giggle as if you had just saw her yesterday:) She was just NEATO and she and Tony lit up the room with their easy going warmth and humor. Jean...I hope your cruising around in your VW bus that I loved as a child watching over your gang:) Tears & Prayers.
Posted by Judy Dillon on 23rd September 2013
Our sincere sympathy to Tony and Family for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. May your fond and happy memories of your dear Jean (Wife, Mom and Nanny) comfort and sustain you. Most sincerely, Jim and Judy Dillon
Posted by Carolyn J Elliott on 23rd September 2013
My deepest sympathy to Jean's entire family. My co-worker at Northgate Village for so many years I lost count. Jean will be sorely missed by our staff and residents alike. She did it "Her Way" and left everyone stunned, but never forgotten, and always in our hearts. Rest in peace, Jean.
Posted by Mary Nowak-Sturkie on 23rd September 2013
Although I've spent the years as a friend and co-worker on the phone, I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet the real Jean. She will be missed by all her co-workers @ Northgate, and Danson Management as well. May the Lord Bless and Keep you Jean..and your family too.
Posted by Rachel Fox on 22nd September 2013
Nanny. My heart is aching because you are not here with me anymore. I wish I could cuddle up next to you one last time on your couch, or run into the 7 eleven for you to pick up your numbers one last time. I can't believe my favorite person in my life has been taken away from me, but I know that you will be right by my side, always. The greatest woman I've ever known! I love you so much
Posted by Terri Warren-Lains on 22nd September 2013
Jean..Unforgettable ..I have such wonderful childhood memories of you .Your family..VW bus ...LBI trips with mommy and all of us..My first catering job The card games of you and all the ladiel ..You had such a peacefulness about you that made people so comfortable. Loved your laugh and smile. My heart breaks for Tony and your family.. May you rest in peace and know you were loved so.
Posted by Mark Shaw on 22nd September 2013
You know my whole life ever since filling out papers for grade school, job applications, insurance forms and even jail my emergency contact was always my Aunt Jean. Friday, my family and I were devastated by the loss of our favorite person. This beautiful woman was someone who would always lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on or a place rest your head. Her home was always a place full of fun, l
Posted by Pat Moseley on 22nd September 2013
Jean my most wonderful and dear friend for over 40 yrs.I will never forget the wonderful times we had together, either playing cards or traveling to Vegas.I am so glad that I got to see and hug her on 4th. of July. Her and Tony will be in my heart forever. I am forever grateful to have friends like them.
Posted by Phil Di Paola on 22nd September 2013
Dear Jean, my "sister", my "friend", my "teacher". There are no words to say how much I loved you. You will be missed everday. Your were my guiding light. We hope it shines on all of us. From your favorite sister Gail.
Posted by Dolly Nolder on 22nd September 2013
Great women like Jean leave a lifetime legacy of love.
Posted by Carol Hale on 22nd September 2013
I can't quit crying to write this. I still can't believe it. Jean was more like a sister to me. When I lived in NJ, she was always there for me and she made Carl and I feel like family. I'll never forget all the good times we had. All the good times at the shore, at Disney World, with her, Tony and the whole family.
Posted by Sue Priscoli on 22nd September 2013
So sad to hear this sudden news. I feel very lucky to have known such a wonderful sister, grandmother, friend and mother to my very best friend and her sisters. Anyone who knew her knew how much she loved her family, they were the world to her and best of all she made everyone feel like they were her favorite. Prayers to all.<3
Posted by Michele Holl on 22nd September 2013
When we heard the news we all stopped.To think that the nicest person we have ever encountered has left this earth is hard to digest.But we know that everytime we are with her family she will be there like always. It's in every word they speak and every act they do.We hope that time can help her family& friends fight the tears that will come.Love to all.
Posted by Lisa Tomasetti on 22nd September 2013
Jean, it saddened my heart to hear you were gone. Maybe from this earth but you now have eternal life in Heaven & I know you will be watching over all of your family & friends. You had a great sense of humor & a laugh that filled the room! Seeing the family yesterday, how much they miss you was difficult. You sure are loved! May you rest in peace. Love, Lisa
Posted by Ed Wojcik on 22nd September 2013
Always a big smile a hug and kiss from this special lady. She was there to comfort us in a very difficult time in our life . We'll never forget her . She lives on in her beautiful family . See you again Jean .
Posted by Joe Brown on 22nd September 2013
I am so sad to here this I had the honor of havering Gail direct my wedding at the landmark and also worked with her there her every lasting impression on me and my wife stands to this day I will never forget the time I did a catering job at her home was supposed to be 50 I think it ended up being 100 lol or at least it seemed like that the way they where eating you will be missed
Posted by Douglas McConney on 22nd September 2013
Living next door to Jean and Tony for many years gave our family a blessing knowing that good neighbors were always at our side. And Jean had to be the mother and grandmom of the many years we knew the family. Jean was a 24/7 family person and loved having family over and cooking for them. Grandchildren were #1 on her everyday list.Love to you and your family from Doug and Joan
Posted by Judy Jack on 22nd September 2013
My greatest memory of Jean,Gai and I along with others took my first vacation to Florida. We left in February with not a care in the world, even though we were running into a snow storm. Of course, we were dressed for fun in the sun. Truck drivers even had a hard time driving,but we plowed on, walking in snow drifts up to our knees. Best time of my life! God Bless You!
Posted by Rose Wojcik on 22nd September 2013
Jean I feel the void in my heart to know I'll never see you again on this earth or hear your voice. My wish is that we will meet again in the next life. Thanks for being there for my mom, my brother and me when I needed someone to vent to.You raise a beautiful family. Great job!!! I'll miss you!!! .I'll be seeing you!!!!
Posted by Veronica Hudson Tomasetti on 22nd September 2013
We are shocked and broken hearted, Will always remember Jean's wonderful sense of humor and kindness. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Jim, Veronica, Maria and Gina Tomasetti
Posted by Karen Howell on 22nd September 2013
its me fritz iam lost for words where do i started a wonderful women and sister iam so sad cant stop crying she was like my mother bad day to c my brother inlaw / father so up set love jean ill miss u very much
Posted by Nicole Schnabel on 22nd September 2013
Nanny, the worlds most wonderful grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, or friend anyone could have. Words can not express how unreal this is. You will be missed and thought of everyday. I can not tell you how much I love you and I can't thank you enough for every thing you have done for me. I will hold every memory close to my heart. Can't wait to see you, and hear you say, come here coley <3

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