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The first time I met this beautiful woman...

March 1
Hi there! I'm Gabe's wife, Jennifer.

Shortly after we met and started dating, Gabe invites me to Jean's property just outside Grants, NM. I'm nervous. I haven't yet met the wonderful "Granny Jean" but have certainly heard great things! 

Everything is going wonderfully...until...we're all outside enjoying a beautiful New Mexico sunny day when something lands on my left arm and I scream at the top of my lungs, AHHHHH!!! OH!!! MY!!! GOOD GRACIOUS!!!

Let me be completely honest. Probably NOT those exact words, but you get it...while I slap my arms uncontrollably.

I really thought it was a spider. Nope.

Bird doo doo. 

Bird doo doo is now smeared across my entire left arm while I try and regain my composure.

Yep, that's the first time I met Jean. She never judged me for this. Not once.

Spring's thanks during these past several months

February 17
Getting to care for Mom and moving through her passing was such an incredibly difficult, beautiful, tender and precious time in our lives.  I wanted to share my special thanks during these months.

Thanks to Gabe, Jennalouhou, Emma and Alli for your frequent visits and filling the house with laughter and love.  Thank you, Gabe, for being so present while living so far away.  

Thank you to my amazing, solid husband, Dave, for being our family’s anchor during these past several months.  Dave has shown a graceful resilience while he cared for Sam, Mom, and I - always shifting to be where he was needed.  And, all this while we were grieving his amazing father, Brown, who just passed last July. 

Thank you to my beautiful son Sam for growing so strong, mature and wise during these past several months.  In you, I see and trust in God’s plan.  

Thank you to Deanza for traveling to be here, it meant the world to me.  And thank you for showing my mother such love and sending meaningful messages.  You helped her feel peace and comfort.

Salli and Jennay - I treasure you for being by my side during all of this and you eased my mother’s heart by being here for her and I both.  

My work family - thank you for never letting me feel forgotten while on leave.  You reminded me of our true friendship, and gave me the ultimate gift of time to be here with Mom.  And, thanks for all the amazing meals!

To all of Mom's dear friends and family that stepped in to help care for Mom when we needed someone, even when Mom clearly did ‘not need a babysitter’, and she was not happy about it. :)  Thank you for being so graceful and loving in your presence.

Thanks to all my additional Moms.  I know mom was grooming some of you for this job. :)  Thank you all for loving my mother and I so much.

My heart is touched to see so many of my friends at Mom's memorial and support for our family during this time. You have truly shown what deep friendship is. 
It is powerful to realize how special it is that Mom and I know so many of each other's friends so well.

I thank God for giving me a mother that I adored.  

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