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Zip..Zoom Went the Hummingbirds

January 12, 2021
     Zoom...zig zag went the hummers on a hot , lazy summer day in Pinson, Alabama.  Jean and I were taking a short break from reading and were outside on the deck at 8333 West Hill Road.  She looked out and all she said was " What  a beautiful day and life we have!" 
"Uh ...huh....we sure do I responded."

   As I was visiting K.C. , my brother,
Lisa , his beloved and Jean, Lisa's angel of a mom was there as well.   I  remember Jean being a voracious reader something we both enjoyed. She plowed through a book like a hummingbird sipping nectar ...very quickly.
She also loved to play cards (k- adds) as she said with her delightful accent from up North. 
     Next, Jean owned a laugh that itched everyone who could hear it to laugh as well. Her megawatt smile melted your heart and love oozed into your pores. When she said 
"  I love you" it poured into the crevices of your soul.
      Finally, Jean was always grateful and content. She always to me "be content."
Yes Jean I sure will be and as you peer around the corners of heaven remember I'm thankful for your wise words.
     Joy that's the story of Jean's life with an added bonus of hummers, books and a laugh that's unforgettable.  But most of all the seeds of gratitude, contentment and most if all love.


January 7, 2021
I will never forget the time you went to a yankees spring training game () to see Richard play. You guys got drenched on from the rain. You all then stopped at our house and I put your jacket in the dryer so you and Nolan could watch the Red Sox ( only for you) and the rays play. Or the call after you received Nolan’s 2nd home run ball that he sent you. Of course all the cook outs we had back in the day. We love you nana.. fly high sweet angel! ❤️

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