Mum each day without you gets harder. i could never have imagined the depth of pain losing you would cause. Could never have imagined that much pain was possible. i love you now and forever,
  • 81 years old
  • Born on April 9, 1932 in London, Kent, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on July 19, 2013 in Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jean Page 81 years old , born on April 9, 1932 and passed away on July 19, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 19th July 2017
Mum. Its me again. I miss you more and more as time goes by. I would so love to be able to share a hug with you. To hear your voice. See you sitting in your chair having a deep and meaningful conversation with a double glazing sales man. The hole you've have left grows with time, it doesn't heal. Mum I don't know what you can do from there but Brian is in a bad way, he is hurting so much and won't let anyone help. Please try make him understand. Four years, its gone so quickly but it seems to have been forever. I love you mum so much, more than I realised. I miss you, words can't explain how much I miss you. Take care Mum. God bless XXX
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 9th April 2017
Mum its been almost 4 years since I lost you. 4 years with a hole in my heart that grows deeper every day. The memories are here but I would give the world to hear your voice or feel tour arms around me. Mum I hope you get to celebrate up there, I hope you've got a good old knees up planned. Have a very Happy Birthday Mum. I love you and miss you so much. Xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 6th April 2016
Mum its coming up to your birthday, I wish so much I could have you here to celebrate it. Time is not healing, I miss you more with every passing day. I love you Mum and I always will. God bless you, you were a special person. Xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 15th July 2015
Mum I have tried not to be maudlin and I have tried to smile but it is so hard. Time does not heal it only increases my pain and feelings of loss. I try to pretend you are in another room, but I know you are not. I miss you with all of my heart. I love you now more than ever Mum xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 4th August 2014
Mum, I am sure you know how things are with Eric at the moment. Mum he needs you tomorrow, please be there by his side and keep him safe. You can't have him yet, the family need him. I love you as always Mum and am slowly starting to be able to think of you and remember the laughter and not just feel the pain of losing you. I still wish so much that you were still here. I want to feel and here and see you so much. I love you Mum for ever and ever Sina xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 19th July 2014
It's hard to believe that you were taken from us a year ago. I miss you so much Mum, and I know I am not the only one. If only we could hear your voice again or feel your touch. If as they say time heals, it is definitely not doing it very quickly. I love you Mum so much xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 5th July 2014
Mum so much has happened in this year since you've been gone, but without you it has no meaning. I wish so much that I could go back and have you close, be able to to touch you and talk with you. Life goes on but why we need you to guide us, to love us. Oh Mum I miss you so much xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 5th June 2014
Mum, days, weeks, months pass and still my heart aches. The pain is constant and the gaping hole that you have left is impossible to fill. you're always in my thoughts and I hope that when I talk to you that you really do hear. Will missing you ever get easier? People say the pain turns to a dull ache, that hasn't happened yet. I hope you are happy, I pray that George is with you. I love you so much Mum xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 12th May 2014
Mum I've just been looking at your photos and it seems so long since i touched you, talked to you even saw you. i wish so much that I could be with you again here on earth. does this pain ever ease, it seems to grow day by day as i miss you more and more. I love you Mum so much xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 29th April 2014
With love Mum, I still miss you so much. they say we never know what we've got until we lose it. that is so true with regard you. You are forever in my heart. sina xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 30th March 2014
happy Mother's Day to the best Mum there has ever been. I wish so much I could have sent you a lovely card, I always enjoyed searching for a card with just the right words. Mum I love and miss you so much. You are forever in my heart. How I wish I feel your hug or hear your words. Be happy up there Mum xxx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 21st March 2014
I miss you more each day xx
Posted by Rosina Kenny on 15th March 2014
with love today and always

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