Let the memory of jean be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on December 13, 1944 .
  • Passed away on November 24, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, jean mackay 67 years old , born on December 13, 1944 and passed away on November 24, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jean Mackay on 13th March 2017
Hi mum and dad well I know I haven't been on for awhile so to bring you both up to date James and jude are having another wee baby it's a boy due next month . Also dad I had a message from uncle Alex 's niece they have been looking for us for awhile now so we've made arrangements to meet up on Friday. I'm so excited can't wait to meet our extended family . So I hope you both will be looking down on us and are happy that we are in contact again love and miss you both xxxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 7th June 2016
Hi mum well just a wee message to let you know James and jude got married yesterday the 6th of June. Wish you were there you would have been so proud of him . I done a you and was the one carrying the bags lol they both looked so happy but I'm sure you know that as I bet you were looking down on them love and miss you xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 6th March 2016
Well mum another mothers day has passed . We are going up to Tighnabruaich in July to lay some flowers for you and dad . I've got a very good friend who is going to take us up . This will be my second visit bck there since you passed . Love and miss you both every day G.B.N.F my heart is still broken don't think it will ever heal
Posted by Alex Mackay on 13th December 2015
Well mum, you would have been 71 today, wish you where still around to celebrate your birthday with us, but I know you will be standing next to me at sometime today, as usual I'll get a wee lantern sent up to you this evening, don't worry about all the stuff that's going on at the moment it will be sorted out once and for all........ Hope you and dad have a ball up there today, my love goes out to both of you, love and miss you both, until we meet again, xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alex Mackay on 24th November 2015
Well mum 3 years have gone passed and there isn't a day I haven't been thinking about you, I sit hear today with a tear in my eye thinking about you and dad, I hope you both are having a ball up there, you will be on my mind as I fall asleep tonight as per usual, Robert was talking about the cardigans you knitted for them all, lindsy, Ethan and Anthony send there love, make sure you look in on Jeannie mum ok, she misses you also, till we meet again mum, missing and love you to the moon and back, having a ball in gods garden, loads of love, Alex xxxxxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 24th November 2015
3yrs have gone by and it still seems like yesterday when you left . Well you would be a great grandmother too 2 beautiful great granddaughters one is called mya and the other maisie . Wee maisie has some amount of hair , mya is sooooo like her dad . David is doing great at college me I'm just plodding along . Me and Alex keep in touch as for the rest well I'm sure you can see . I will never forgive them for what they done without me and Alex so I hope you understand why I want nothing to do with them . I know it's not what you want mum but I can't forgive . Hope your all having a ball up there lol. Tell dad and granddad that they might want to look in on Alex he's not coping well he thinks I don't know that but I know . Well will let you get bck to it love and miss you all so much Good nite and God bless xxxxx
Posted by Alex Mackay on 13th December 2014
Hi mum, well you would have hit the big 70 today if you were still with us, happy birthday to you, can't send you flowers so I'm going to send you a lantern instead with a wee message in it, keep an eye open for it won't you, love and miss you so much, I will have a wee tear in my eye as I think about you tonight, I hope dads looking after you up there, tell him I said hi as well and I love and miss him, look after each other, until we meet again, lots of love always, Alex, xxx
Posted by Alex Mackay on 24th November 2014
Hi mum, well two years have passed and you are sorely missed, we are all thinking about you everyday and miss you everyday, we know you are happy and complete with being with dad again, we all miss you both, you both will always be in my heart now and forever, I'm sending a wee lantern up your way soon , keep an eye out for it, it contains a little message for you both, love and miss you both so much, till we meet again look down on us and try and let us know you are near, all my love mum and dad, love Alex xxxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 9th November 2014
Hi mum its been awhile and its comming up to your anniversary not looking forward to that at all . Well Alex hasn't been keeping well he had abit of a scare he had cancer down below but they caught it in time and cut it out . Jude and cat are doing fine cat and john are having a little girl so looking forward to that as I am to James and judes wee baby too but they don't want to know what their having so that's going to be a wee surprise. Don't know what we are going to do for your anniversary this year but I'm sure we will think of something , well suppose I better get to bed for work speak to you soon love and miss you always xxxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 28th September 2014
Hi mum just too let you know that your going to be a great granny again its James this time both babies are due within two months of each other wish you were here but what I've done is I've got this wee woman who comes into my work and she does knitting so I've asked her if she would do some for me I know it won't be as good as yours but at least the boys have something to remember you by hand knitting lol I'm so chuffed I can't wait for them to arrive and I know you would be proud as punch for the boys love and miss you always xxxx
Posted by Alex Mackay on 21st September 2014
As I lay my head down to sleep, I lay awake and start to weep,I know your looking down on us all, just to make sure we do not fall,my heart breaks that you were taken, but I know dad was there waiting, forever in my heart and in my thoughts every day, love you mum and dad, until we meet again, love you always xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 5th September 2014
Hi mum my friend indras hubby passed away on Tuesday he was only 46 . She's finding it hard cause she feels guilty as she wasn't there they have a beautiful son Patrick who is autistic and doesn't understand fully what's happening so she's having to cope with Patrick and their loss I'm trying to help and be there for her but I'm away on Monday and feel bad at leaving her at this sad time not much of a friend am I . But what can I do , I know how she feel as I'm still grieving for you . I just wish you were here to tell me what to do . Love you mum xxx
Posted by Catrina Mullen on 20th August 2014
Just a wee message to say god really did gain an angel & hope you are settled & looking down on all who knew you. Always thought of daily & missed by many. Sleep tight xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 20th August 2014
Hi mum I just wish you were here to share in johns fantastic news , mum you are going to be a great gran again he's going to be a dad I just wish I could see your face to tell you he's upset that your not here so that he can tell you himself . I'm soooo happy for him if you were here you would have the knitting needles out by now making your wee outfits . I know you will be over the moon for him as I am well just thought you had to know although your not here your always in my heart and my thoughts and I did say I will let you know what's going so will say nitey nite for now love and miss you loads everyday xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 1st August 2014
Hi mum another angel joined you yesterday my friend Suzi mum passed away . It brought back so many memories of the day you passed at one point I didn't think I could handle it but I knew I had to be strong for Suzi . I know what pain she's going through , today is Davids 18th birthday that's all my babies grown up , soon they won't need me well have to go for now love and still miss you with all my heart XXX
Posted by Jean Mackay on 15th June 2014
Hi mum got something to tell you , your grandson James has finally done what he's always wanted to do he's signed up and joined the RAF gunners I just wish you were here to see him in his uniform you would be so proud of him as I am well just thought I would keep you up to date with what's going on john has got himself a job and David is off to college soon . I just wish you were here so I could see your face when I told you all this but I know your looking down and can see it for yourself how we are all doing say happy fathers day to dad for me love and miss you both xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 19th May 2014
Hi mum just a wee message to let you know that you are always on my mind and now that I have a star named after you I can look up to the sky at night and know that the brightest one there is you looking and shining down on me its been almost 2 yrs since you were taken from us and it still seems like yesterday . Here's something that will make you laugh Alex is comming on holiday with us this year , yeah I know I must be off my head but you know what I think it will do him some good . Will say nitey nite for now love you loads mum xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 20th April 2014
Happy easter mum and dad , mum what are we all going to do with all this chocolate you used to help the kids get rid of it lol love and miss you both xxx
Posted by Alex Mackay on 30th March 2014
My dear wee mum..... Taken by god to help the angels........ I hope dad was waiting for you mum I know you loved and missed him so much......my heart still breaks that you are gone everyday ...... I cry my tears everyday as I miss you so much..... God bless mum I love you and miss you everyday.... Until we meet again...... Take special care of mum please dad love you both...... Your loving son Alex...... Xxxxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 29th March 2014
Tomorrow is mothers day and your not here I walk by flower shops and have to stop myself from going in as I would always get you the biggest bunch of flowers that they had . It breaks my heart cause I can't anymore so that why I'm laying this flower for you and I will lay one every year till we meet again. Its been nearly two years since you passed but to me it will always seems like yesterday . I can't let go I won't let go they say that times a healer but you know what mum I'm never ever going to be healed as I will never let you go . Good nite for now love and miss you so much xxx
Posted by Jean Mackay on 27th December 2013
Merry Xmas mum and dad miss and love you both till we meet again good nite XXX
Posted by Jean Mackay on 13th December 2013
Today is your birthday you may not be with us but we still remember and the family are getting together to light a few wee lanterns and take a few wee moments to remember all the happy days we had . I miss you so much mum . Happy birthday love always .
Posted by John Mackay on 13th December 2013
Miss and love you wee granny :( someday wel b together again until then r.i.p
Posted by David Parker on 25th November 2013
At peace with god.GBNF.I promise to take care of your loving daughter until the end of time.PS say hello to my ma for me,both of you will be having a ball up there. God must have one mighty headache listening to you both.
Posted by Jean Mackay on 24th November 2013
One year ago you were taken from us and still our hearts are breaking at you not being here love and miss you so much mum till we meet again sleep tight xxxx
Posted by Patrick Joyce on 24th November 2013
Rest in peace and live on forever with the angels.
Posted by Jean Mackay on 2nd November 2013
Love and miss you so much mum not a day goes by that I don't think about you or I have my moments when all I do is cry still can't believe that you are gone . Just wish I was there when you slipped away I only left you for 15 mins and you were gone. I will always regret not being there, you will always be in my heart and in my memories good nite and god bless you xxxxxx

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