Posted by Dave Clemmons on May 4, 2021
     - Breakfast at Slate Creek -
Pancakes, flapjacks, sourdough,
She’s up early in the morning to mix the dough
Line up folks, there’s plenty for all;
If you’re a late sleeper there’s a second call.

Lots of different folks from other lives and other states
But the Great Equalizer is on your plate.
Here’s a wish I’d like granted, for Auld Lang Syne:
Just to line up for those flapjacks one more time.
Posted by Terri Cummings on May 4, 2021
I have many, many happy memories of my beautiful, strong and sweet Aunt Jeanie. She always had a beautiful smile and was quick with a laugh if something struck her as funny. As a child my late parents Glenn and Donna Maynard took us kids to Kamiah every summer where we would often go to Aunt Jeanie and Glens house next to the cemetery. At that time Uncle Jim, and my late Grandparents Ethebel and Bob Evans lived in Kamiah as well.

Long summer days were spent playing with Neal, Kevin, Laree, my late sister Crystal and my brother Alan in the cemetery and sliding down the laundry shoot to the basement where Grandfather Babe Maynard lived for a time, near Jeanies salon. We would get yelled at by Uncle Glen “you kids get out of the laundry shoot” but somehow we always migrated to it. Glen was usually very intent on building his beautiful mahogany furniture and grandfathers clocks so we would sneak by. One day a tomb stone tumbled over on Laree while we were playing in the cemetery and broke her leg and some of us went running for Jeanie.

We all went on so many fun fishing and camping trips to Buffalo Hump, always Uncle Jim would come. Us kids would bump around in the back of his pick-up during the trip up the hill. Jim and my dad would catch so many trout. Jeanie and my mom Donna would fry them over the campfire. We would sleep in huge army tents that the men would put up. There was a pet bird that also would come with us and he rode in the cab of Jeanie and Glens truck. I think he was a Raven.

When the Wilkins family moved to Slate Creek we came often to visit as well, driving over White Bird hill. One trip we showed up and I don’t think we were expected and Jeanie said to me “Terri come and help me get dinner started” we went out to the yard and she grabbed two chickens by the neck and snapped them around to break their necks, one in each hand. I was about 8 and was pretty stunned by this as she proceeded to chop off their heads and pluck them. When they were ready we brought them into the house and she prepared the best fried chicken dinner with sourdough biscuits and gravy that I have ever eaten.

Family was always very important to Jeanie. My memories of her are forever intertwined with her brothers Glenn and Jim. Sadly we all lost Lyle way to early.

In the early 80’s my parents moved to Slate creek and lived in the house that used to be the country store, across the street and over the bridge. My Dad and Jim initially bought the property together and then Jim paid it off and my parents took care of it and lived happily there for 30 years. Dad was always mowing the lawn and fussing with the pump. My husband Tom and I came every summer for vacation. Jeanie always welcomed us with a pan of her delicious cinnamon rolls. Jim often came down on the weekends from Potlatch to stay in his cabin or trailer. Endless summer days were spent fishing in the creek, drinking beer, BBQ’s and laughing in the Hippie Kitchen. 

Jeanie, Glen, Jim, Donna and Glenn were all very close and loved visiting together and hanging out in the Hippie Kitchen and reminiscing.

They are all gone now and will forever live on in our hearts and memories.
Posted by Donald Frazier on May 3, 2021
Wow...where to begin. As a child Georgene and Glen were like my other mom and dad-and Laree, Kevin and Neal were siblings. I remember when Neal and I went up Highway 162 without permission and Jeannie hunted us down in that Lincoln with the suicide doors-she was furious-I recall protesting that she could not spank me since she was not my mom...I really got spanked then! We used to take little hikes up to the point and Jeannie would pack us a lunch. I remember her canning things-Glen could do anything. He was so resourceful I used to joke with my sisters later in life about Glen doing brain surgery at home on Neal with a soldering iron-LOL! He could do anything-he had leftover car paint? So he becomes an artist painting portraits. His wood work-I still own a magazine rack he made. He painted my '57 Chevy. Georgene and Glen were always in these amazing log houses they were continuously building and improving. Georgene-such a stunning beauty-and my mom's love for her dearest friend goes beyond mere verbal description. It is heartbreaking for my mother, Joyce, but she knows the same Jesus Georgene does so she knows this is only a temporary separation. I spent so much time at her house as a child, and the Wilkins logged many hours at our house. Such fond memories. Such a wonderful family. I will never forget Jeannie's warm smile, her sweet laugh, and her love for me as a boy only another mother could muster. My heart goes out to Kevin, Neal and Laree, as does my thanksgiving for allowing me to be a part of your special family. Your family must have spilled over into mine as my middle name is Glen, and my sisters'' middle names are "Jean" and "Laree." God bless you in Jesus' name and thank you for this wonderful tribute!
Posted by Edward Gerard on May 3, 2021
Georgene disliked flying as much as Glen disliked leaving the comfort and beauty of their beloved Slate Creek property.

We were, therefore, so pleased to have convinced them not once but THREE times to go out of their comfort zones and visit Kevin and me when we lived in Honolulu and New York City and for a dream trip to our nation's capitol.

The fact that Laree, Shaun, Kaleala and Kaleb were able to join them on some of those trips made our experiences that much more enjoyable and memorable.

I will always treasure our time together on those trips and our wonderful memories and experiences.

Here are a few of my favorites...

I am sure that you join me in thinking that the last people that you would ever expect to put on bathing suits, scuba masks, snorkels and fins to snorkel with the fish in Hawaii would be Georgene and Glen! But, they were troopers and happily agreed to do so. They even thoroughly enjoyed it! Picture it in your mind...

Georgene embraced our relaxed island attitude even when her handbag was stolen from our car with her money, ID, and medicine while visiting a site. She rolled with it and laughed her characteristic laugh and said that the scoundrels probably needed her nitroglycerin more than she did! She even loved the experience of reporting the incident to the handsome Honolulu Police Department officers!

How Glen, Georgene, Laree, Kaleala, Kaleb, Kevin and I lived for a week in our small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment in New York City during that trip is still a mystery! But, oh what fun!

We thought that the whole group would enjoy the experience of taking the subway during the New York City trip. Before doing so, though, we forewarned everyone that subway riders don't speak to each other nor look each other in the eyes generally so it wouldn't be a good idea to do so. Well... We all know that Georgene could never pass up an opportunity to talk! We weren't on the train but a minute before she was introducing herself to those strangers in her proximity and telling them about being from Idaho and how much she was enjoying her trip. Are you surprised?

While on our trip to Washington DC, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the White House. The trip was shortly after Obama was inaugurated for the first time. Everyone who knows Georgene knows her politics. After the tour of the White House, we asked how she liked it. She said that she was counting the number of images of the Bushes on display and she was convinced that there were more images of Democrats than Republicans much to her chagrin! No surprise there!

I will always treasure the memories from those trips which are too many to share here.

Mostly I am forever grateful for how Georgene and Glen welcomed me to the family and to their beloved Slate Creek.

They will be forever missed! 

Posted by L Bass on May 2, 2021
This has not gotten any easier this week. Mom would appreciate that over 80 people have looked at this beautiful tribute in just 2 days. She was the talker in the family and loved all of your wonderful and timely phone calls to her over the years and the drop by visits. One of the things she said several times in the last 6 weeks was that she "loves everybody." We know she is at peace now and no longer suffering the miseries of that terrible stroke. I think she would like me to tell you all for her, "Please take care of your health" so you to can live to be 89!
Posted by Jacki Bebb on May 1, 2021
What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. Sending our deepest sympathy to Kevin and his family.
Posted by Ian Nichols on May 1, 2021
The kindest person I knew.
Posted by Kevin Wilkins on April 28, 2021
In 2015, at Dad's service, I reflected on how much he believed in himself, and what a great influence that was on us. As I reflect on growing up with Mom, what comes to mind is how much she believed in US. She genuinely believed that each of us could be President, but only if it would make us happy. I'm grateful for her belief in me, and the freedom she gave us to be ourselves.

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