Thank you to all who continue to visit grams site, her and Joe Joe are Forever Missed.....
  • 63 years old
  • Born on April 4, 1947 in Sweetwater, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on May 9, 2010 in Larned, Kansas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jeanie McFalls 63 years old , born on April 4, 1947 and passed away on May 9, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 15th August 2018
In the last few days I could of needed you to talk with. Life seems so difficult right now. I know you use to tell me that the things we want the most will test your strength of how long you fight for it. I feel sometimes the odds are against me. I look back at your life and I realize you were a strong woman for our family. Honestly we all have not been the same since you left us. You were the glue that kept us together for so long. I just miss being in your present. I wish I just had a day that I could talk with you and in return give me some advice on what to do next. You would say trust in God through these difficult times....but to be honest sometimes that is beyond difficult. I miss you Grams everyday but today is when I could use a hug from you. Forever Love your Kirby Kay.
Posted by Satina Emerson on 9th May 2018
Nae - miss your mamas sweet, smiling face and her cute southern accent. We both know our time on this earth goes way too quick - esp. for our parents that left this world too soon! Love ya and thinking of you today !
Posted by Satina Emerson on 4th April 2017
Happy Birthday to your sweet mama! I know you miss her as much as I miss mine. Love ya!
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 4th April 2017
Happy Birthday Momma , miss you everyday !!!! You would be so proud of your Grandaughter Tay she had a beautiful baby girl Gracelynn Kay named after me lol ... Now I know how much you loved Tay G-folks is a special love ...
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 9th May 2016
Momma, 6 years ago you went to be with Joe Joe in yall forever home .. I miss you both , and times I need that talk but I just remember all the ones we once had & it so makes me smile... Love you always Missy
Posted by Satina Emerson on 9th May 2016
Doesn't seem possible that is has been 6 yrs since your sweet mama left this world. As we both know, life is not the same without your parents! Hugs to you, Jonah, Phillip and Kirby as you remember 'Grams'.
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 9th May 2015
I can't believe that it has been 5 years since you left this us. Everyday I think about you and all the memories we made together. My hope and wish that I'm making you and JoeJoe proud. As I'm packing up my life here in Kansas I came across some letters that you had written me in mortuary school. You had a wonderful way with words. I miss you more than you will never know. Please keep watching over us. Love you with all my heart.
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 4th April 2015
Happy Birthday Grams...I was up in the sky today with you. It is the closes I can get to you. Flying in the sky!! You will never know how much I miss you. Especially all of the things that are coming my way in my life. Love you always and forever.
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 11th May 2014
Well I could bring myself to write my feeling s down on the 9th because it was such a rough day... I had to wait to get my thoughts s together. I miss you everyday of my life.Four years have passed its so had to believe your are really gone. I so would love to talk to you one more time, as you to spell another word for me. Lets go to the Sonic just one more I love you always Momma..........PS: Please take good care of our lil Taylynn Marie as her Gma misses her a lot but I know she is in good hands with all of y'all........
Posted by Renae Barrager on 9th May 2014
Four years seems impossible, hard to believe, we miss you. Jonah and Renae
Posted by Renae Barrager on 4th April 2014
Thinking about you yesterday on your 42 anniversary and today your birthday. Is it okay to say your age if you are in Heaven :) Love you, Nae.
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 18th October 2013
Grams...I have not cried for you in a while and this morning sitting at work all I can do is think about you and tears coming down my face. Nothing is different about today than any other day. As time goes by it just feels like I will never find the peace of you really being gone. I just wish your life was not so short. Life hasn't been the same since you have been gone. I bet your happy:)
Posted by Taylor Andrews on 10th May 2013
Grams, It's been three years. A lot has changed. I miss you so much. I know I will see you again some day soon. Love you, Tay-Tay
Posted by Renae Barrager on 9th May 2013
Three years without seeing you, but I know you are still here. Love nae
Posted by Renae Barrager on 28th April 2013 Thanks for coming to Jonah's 14th birthday party, Love Nae
Posted by Renae Barrager on 4th April 2013
Birthdays and Anniversarys in Heaven must be amazing, love ya mom and dad.....
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 4th April 2013
Happy Birthday Sweet Grams. I just remembered all the birthdays we shared. The best one is when I threw you a surprise party. I can still see face. It was so precious. You will never know how much I miss you. Everyday I think and hope I'm making you proud. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
Posted by Taylor Andrews on 16th February 2013
A lot has happened in the two years that you have left us. I've graduated high school, gotten married, and started college. I miss you so much. You always told me as a little girl that you wouldn't make it to all of these special things in my life and I wish so much that it wasn't true. I love you and know you watch over me each day! Love you so much Grams! Love Sinjin and Taylor!
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 9th May 2012
I awoke this morning about 1:00 am as you touch me again with your presents, Mommy I miss you everyday.....I know you are watching over my family & smiling about how I have grown in my faith.....I love you, & thanks for molding me so I as the person I am today.....Tell Joe Joe & Granny hello & miss they alot also.....
Posted by Renae Barrager on 9th May 2012
A face that is always on my mind, A smile I have seen a million times, Two eyes that would light up the sky at night, One last battle you could not fight, The day was long, then night then morn. I knew that soon you would be gone, I clasped your hand so warm in mine, Soon we would be out of time, To stay with us you tried so hard, A million pieces went my heart, A photo to I look to see
Posted by Bruce & Della Harvey on 9th May 2012
Today I passed two Sonics I took you to. One in Benton, the other in Etowah. We miss you so much, and will always remember your wonderful smiles. You are still Daddy's little girl. Our love still remains greater. Mother and Dad
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 9th May 2012
Someday I hope the void of u being gone will decrease. Two years ago I had to say goodbye to the best Grams in the world. I,wish u were here to help me in what direction my life is to take. I am so lost without u.
Posted by Della Harvey on 4th April 2012
65 years ago when I picked you up at the Hospital we bonded. You have always been Daddy's little girl.April 4th, Happy Birthday from the one that misses you. Your great sence of humor, great smiles and I loved to see your beautiful eyes dancing. I miss your phone calls. Each day riding my go-no-where-bike-I see the bed you slept in when here for the last time. Your Daddy, Bruce F. Harvey
Posted by Renae Barrager on 4th April 2012
Happy 2rd forever Birthday Grams, and 65th earthly Birthday....
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 4th April 2012
I was to wish you a HAPPY Birthday, I'm sure you are having a great time in your heavenly home with Joe Joe & Granny.....I miss all of you so much, but I am sure of one thing y'all gave me the knowledge to make it thru & make a diffrence on earth.... Thank-you Mommy for being my ANGEL always....Love you big bunches :)
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 4th April 2012
Yesterday and Today are two special days in your life. Yesterday is the day you married your best friend, the love of your life. Which you both raised two wonderful children together. Then had the wonderful chance to help raise four grandchildren. It is a blessing that you both got to share your special day together.
Posted by KirbyKay Johnson on 4th April 2012
Now today is your 65th birthday and it is hard to think I don't get to celebrate with you. Life has not been the same since you left. I think about you everyday. Wishing today I could take you to Red Lobster for dinner. I think the more time that goes by will help the void you left in my heart, but nothing can bring my best friend "Grams" ever back!! Miss you Love Always KirbyKay
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 3rd April 2012
Happy Anniversary to Mommy & Joe Joe.... love both of you & miss are funny times....Missy
Posted by Renae Barrager on 3rd April 2012
You guys get to celebrate your anniversary together, though where you are time is endless and unnecessary, it helps us to know you are together today. Love You Nae
Posted by Renae Barrager on 19th March 2012
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 16th May 2011
I can't belive you have been gone for a year now.....I really wish there was a 800# to heaven. I know you are having a fun time w/ Joe Joe I miss you both so much. Love you both always:)missy
Posted by Renae Barrager on 4th April 2011
Yesterday you spent your forty year anniversary with daddy, and today you spend your birthday with Jesus, daddy and your mom. I spend time remembering all you did for me here on earth, love always, nae.
Posted by Satina Emerson on 4th April 2011
Happy Birthday Grams! You were an angel here on earth and certainly missed by all! Satina
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 4th April 2011
"Happy Birthday" You will never be forgotten Love Melissa Kay
Posted by Renae Barrager on 24th March 2011
If roses grow in heaven, Lord, then pick a bunch for me. Place them in my mother's arms and tell her they're from me. Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while!
Posted by C Whittle on 20th May 2010
I have many fond memories in the short time I knew her. I also lost many a scrabble games to her by her 1 letter additions. My heart goes out to you in the time of lose.
Posted by J W on 17th May 2010
I never had the pleasure of meeting Ms. McFalls but I do know KirbyKay and understand that she influenced her greatly throughout her life. Her legacy continues though through her granddaughter!
Posted by Polly Weston on 15th May 2010
Nae my heart breaks for you. Your mother is at home with our heavenly father now. Much love, light, peace and prayers to you and your family. Love, Polly
Posted by Shirley Shelton on 14th May 2010
Brother & Sister Harvey we are so sorry to hear of your daughter going home, our love and prayers are with you all.Love Rev, J.B. & Shirley Shelton
Posted by Rene Crowley on 13th May 2010
Jeanie have only known you a short time,and such a wonderful person you will be missed,my prayers and thoughts go out to the family may you rest in peace. Rene
Posted by Angie Bloodgood on 13th May 2010
Aunt Jeannie sorry we didn't get to know each other better but I know you were a wonderful woman.
Posted by June Tarvin on 13th May 2010
Dear Bro. and Sis. Harvey, I am so very sorry for your loss. I never met your daughter, but she was a little of both of you, so I know she was a blessing to all. Love & Prayers, June
Posted by Missy Tarpley on 12th May 2010
"Mommy" Words can never explain how much I will miss you. Thank-you for being my biggest supporter.... Missy
Posted by Taylor Marie Showalter on 12th May 2010
Grams, I love you dearly. You will be missed. Tay-Tay
Posted by Doug Leslie on 12th May 2010
Bro. and Sis. Harvey, we are so very sorry for your loss, God is always picking flowers from his garden. He needed a beautiful one from the garden. Prayers to you. Doug & Ann
Posted by Bonnie Campbell on 12th May 2010
Being a Mom, I cannot imaging the pain of loosing a child. My love and prayers are with you, Bro. and Sis. Harvey, and the promise of the Comforter can not fail. God Bless
Posted by Nathan Redman on 12th May 2010
Dear Brother Bruce Harvey , wife , and Family . I am sorry at the passing of your daughter who I know must have been a wonderful lady. Peace,grace,and mercy be multiplied to you in JESUS name.
Posted by Courtney Dobyns on 12th May 2010
I only got a short time with you but you sure did leave a mark. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I want to thank you for giving me a new friend (Kirby). When I see her I see you.
Posted by Carolyn Williams on 12th May 2010
Carolyn Williams Renae, I never met your mom, nor can I say I know how you feel, however you are the fruit of your mom, just knowing you is reflective of a wonderful person. Carolyn
Posted by Joyce Pack on 12th May 2010
A very sweet Lady. So sorry for everyones loss. You all are in my prayers Sis. Joyce Pack - Benton,Tn

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