Posted by Ronald Wilkinson on March 11, 2022
Another year has come & gone it's hard to be leave!! Still have voice mails saved from the holiday phone calls ust before your passing
Love You, Miss You
Posted by Jennifer Subarevic on March 10, 2022
One of my favorite memories of Grandma Jeanne: Kathleen and I were returning from a show in Syracuse when I was hit with a stomach bug. I was probably around 9 at the time. When we finally got back to the farm in Guildford, Jeanne tucked me in and took my temp and checked in on me to be sure I was okay. I felt so loved that day. Loved by a woman who was kind and caring and that was the day a family friend became family. We all still miss you very much!
Posted by Ron Wilkinson on February 27, 2021
Strange the perspective one gets as we grow older, especially how we mark time. Usually by celebrating someone's birth or someone's passing.
Once again I get to do just that one year after Mom's passing. Not from a sad place but a place of joy and feeling just plain lucky to have had her as part of my life's story.
As we live out our lives you will always live on in our hearts.
I personally take great comfort in knowing someday we will meet again and will remain forever. 
Posted by Jennifer Subarevic on March 16, 2020
My “Grandma Jeanne” opened her home, her family and her heart to me. I am forever grateful for the love she freely gave to me. The strength I have today to stand alone came from her guidance! I will miss her dearly but i know she now sits with God (and my dad). She was an angel on earth and is now a saint in heaven!
Posted by Terry Marks on March 16, 2020
Many good memories at John & Jean's home in Guilford. Lots of laughs and good times.  Keeping your family close in thought and prayer as you move through the days and weeks ahead. You have all been blessed with lots of great memories. 
Posted by Ron Wilkinson on March 15, 2020
My life was blessed to have been influenced by two beautiful women, who over many decades were best friends, my own Mom and Mom Gibbons.
Our two families met in the early 60's, boating, boat club and cruising countless days and weeks on Proteus and Flying Dollar.
I have photos of both my Moms at my boot camp graduation in Cape May (mid 60's).
If you were lucky enough as a kid to cross paths with Mom Gibbons, she loved you as if you were her own, including the discipline. If you were one of her kids you were that forever, no matter how old you were.
Just so many memories come rushing in at this time of reflection. 
The fun we had at the horse farm and Mom's patience teaching my sister to ride (properly). Occasionally a horse show and just hanging out.
Celebrating your 90th birthday together is one of those memories you tuck away in that special place inside you. Feeling your loving hugs, holding hands, just being with you again was priceless.
Mom, you will always live in my heart.
Miss you, Love You - Till we meet again - One of your "kids"
Posted by Dianne Somers on March 14, 2020
Prayers for all.

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