Let the memory of Jeannie be with us forever. Keep your love of Jeannie in your hearts and she’ll actually never be gone.
  • 60 years old
  • Born on May 25, 1956 in Santa Monica, California, United States.
  • Passed away on June 11, 2016 in Sandy, Utah, United States.

On Saturday our dear sister and daughter Jeannie Jacobson passed away quietly at her family’s home in Sandy UT.   Jeannie was preceded in death by her mother Doris Dee Jacobson and is survived by her father, Earle Robert Jacobson and brother Robert Scott Jacobson.  

Shortly after her parents retired to Utah in 1992 Jeannie also moved to Utah to be closer to her family. While in Utah Jeannie overcame a number of personal challenges and our family returned to enjoying our roots in outdoor adventures with camping and of course fishing at our favorite place, Navajo Lake.

Jeanne passed before her time but lived life to its fullest. Jeannie graduated early and sold real estate before returning to college and then starting a 25 year career in the air cargo forwarding business.  She worked between Los Angeles and Hawaii before embarking on her Utah adventure.

Jeannie loved her circle of friends, camping at Kings River, Skiing, family fishing trips, backyard barbecues and most of all, her cats.  We will miss Jeannie’s presence, her big heart and cherish the life time of memories which will remain a part of the fabric of all of our lives.

With Jeannie’s love of animals’ in lieu of flowers, donations to either https://www.utahhumane.org/ or http://www.peta.org/donate would be greatly appreciated from Jeannie.

Posted by Betty Gruber Smith on 1st July 2016
It has taken me awhile to be able to gather my thoughts and feels and write this memorial. This is way too soon. This memorial should be written 20+ years from now. That single reality is what has taken me so long to get these thoughts in order. Jeannie was a major part in the threads in my life. An important part. A partner in crime, friendship, growing up and so much more. I have read some of the memorials from friends and we all shared many of the same adventures and places: Reese St, Playa del Rey; Westchester High School; El Segundo apartments – many of them; parties; Phil’s house; Palm Springs; Colorado River; Big Bear; La Marina; Kings River; and so much more. While we lost touch over the years you cannot lose the threads that have made your life. Jeannie is there in so many places. She will forever be a part of who and what I am today. I was privileged and blessed to call her Friend. My sweet friend – put your bikini on and find a comfy beach chair in the sun where you are now. Watch us from afar and enjoy our antics. We will all hang out again one day. My thoughts are with you. My love is with you. Forever your friend, Betty
Posted by Eileen Kassem on 25th June 2016
How do you process the loss of a relationship that spanned over five decades? How do you quantify a relationship that withstood a long period of separation followed by the genuine joy of rediscovery? How do you say goodbye to someone who has been a part of your life throughout the years, someone who you thought would still be there long after you departed? I guess you just take it slowly and a day at a time; softly and philosophically. To say that Jeanne's passing came as a surprise and that it has left an emptiness in my heart would be an understatement, but my memories of her and the antics we got up to always bring a smile to my face. And, so I let those memories guide me and bring me to a place of acceptance and understanding and I hope that all your memories do the same. I'm so sorry Bob and Scott. So very sorry. I remember when you all first came into my young life. My mother befriended this striking red-headed woman next door--a highly intelligent, fascinating, humorous, and accomplished woman by the name of D. D. Jacobson. It didn't take long for those two kindred souls to realize that, although they were not related by blood, they were true sisters-of-the-heart. Together, they forged a bond which enveloped all of us and that's how I found myself, an only child, with a little brother (Scott) and sister (Jeanne). Playing with you, baby-sitting you, watching you both grow, made me feel like I was part of a larger family and for that sense of inclusiveness I deeply thank all of you. I want to conclude this with Mark Twain's rendition of an obscure poem by Robert Richardson. Although Mark Twain is famous for his acerbic wit, some of his most memorable and powerful sentiments were written when he was being serious. When his beloved daughter passed away at the age of twenty-four, knowing that poems should be a crystallization of thought and that there is extraordinary beauty to be found in simplicity and eloquence, Mark Twain crafted this beautiful sentiment for his daughter's headstone. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes and somehow it seems appropriate for Jeanne. "Warm summer sun, Shine kindly here, Warm southern wind, Blow softly here. Green sod above, Lie light, lie light. Good night, dear heart, Good night, good night." Rest in peace my little sister.
Posted by Amy Lewis on 21st June 2016
Jeanie and I were never close friends in high school. she was one of the cool beautiful people. And I was not. But she would smile at me and say hello and that was enough.
Posted by Terry Russell on 21st June 2016
Our deepest sympathy to you. Jeannie was a fun spirited girl and we all had lots of fun together. She had a beautiful smile and a big heart. There is one more angel in heaven looking out for us.
Posted by Shannon Mimm on 20th June 2016
i am so sorry to hear of jeanne's passing...i have great memories with jeanne from playa del rey days...beach days...river trips...bowling trips with her mom...i lost contact with jeanne but i will always remember the fun times we shared together...my thoughts and prayers are with you...god bless jeanne...
Posted by Victoria DuCharme on 19th June 2016
Saddened and shocked by your passing. You were always kind and forever I will remember your beautiful smile.
Posted by Priscila Taranto on 17th June 2016
Jeannie was truly a special soul, the experiences I have with her was of always trying to make everyone laugh and enjoy their time together. She was kind and thoughtful and aware of others feelings. She will be dearly missed.
Posted by Mark Cutbirth on 16th June 2016
Wow what memories in cased in these tributes and exciting times. I remember hanging out together, Many hours of talking to Jeannie about our lives ,loves and friendships . She helped me so many times though all the love losses I had. I always wished the best for her she was good at hart. She always was ready for fun and never turned down to go out and enjoy life. I will remember her that way always ..........Phil
Posted by Jay Parry on 14th June 2016
So glad to have grown up as neighbors of the Jacobson family. I remember when we moved in up the street in 1963 and the Jacobsons had a big boat and Jeanne was a really good water skier, actually she could do anything really good. The ultimate outdoor family, we were all sorry when they moved to Utah. Wish I could have seen more of Jeanne after she moved, she is,a real special girl.
Posted by Mark Cutbirth on 13th June 2016
To much to say. I'm devastated. Jeanne was my first Love. Thanks to Jesus I know that we will all be together again in the blink of an eye. Love U all, Jerry Webster
Posted by Bryan Stone on 13th June 2016
So sorry for your loss. You were a great brother. Please extend our condolences to your father as well. Bryan and Maco
Posted by Lynda Pierce on 13th June 2016
Jeanne, we have so many great memories. We were roommates for years starting when you were 17 years old. We lived together. We worked together. We traveled together. So many intimate conversations, sharing secrets, supporting each other, and making plans and giggling like teenagers. (Oh ya..we were!) Young and fearless, we would drive to the Colorado River at midnight with a sleeping bag and an ice chest. Then we would stand on the Roadrunner dock with your waterski hoping for a ride from cute boys in hot boats. You could ski behind any boat and any driver from one end of that river to the other. I would ask to drive the hot boat, silly boys, they let me. Then off to Palm Springs, Kings River, Big Bear, Puerto Vallarta, and a Carribean Cruise. You were holding my hand on my wedding day, we were a part of eachothers families, we shared (and still do) the BEST circle of friends. So many special moments that we will always remember. My heart knows that you are in heaven but brain thinks you are still in Utah. So I'll just say, what we would yell to each other every night from our bedrooms (in our many apartments), "GOODNIGHT BEAVE!"
Posted by Daren Woolstenhulme on 12th June 2016
Bob and Scott, Very loving tribute to Jeanne. I hope that both of you find peace in the days ahead knowing she loved you both. My prayers go out to you at this time. We are so sorry for your loss as I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you both. If you need anything Scott just let me know.
Posted by Mark Cutbirth on 12th June 2016
There are no words to say how hard it is to loose anyone you love, from close by or far away. I am forever great full that I stayed in touch with Jeanne. I am very happy you were a long time friend of mine. You will be missed. Love you Bugs
Posted by Russell Stringham on 12th June 2016
Scott and Bob: Growing up as a neighbor in Playa del Rey I feel close to your family even though I haven't seen you n some time. I just Imagine the sorrow that you are going through, All as I can say is Jeannie was a beautiful lady and will be missed:
Posted by Destiny Rockwood on 12th June 2016
Bob and Scott, "Jeannie" was always so friendly and sweet to us. She always had a smile on her face and was open about how much she loved her dad, and mom too. Her love of animals was undeniable as she would feed and take in any stray or lost pet. I'm happy she isn't in pain or suffering anymore. We are so sorry for your loss as I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you both. I'm sure she is having a sweet reunion with her mom. Please let us know of we can be of any help to either of you. Love, Carter & Destiny Rockwood & family
Posted by Dale Estes on 12th June 2016
First off Scott what a wonderful tribute for your sister!! My condolences to you and your father. Looking at all those pictures brought back many happy times with Jeanne. Jeanne moved to Utah and we didn't stay in touch until about 4 years ago when she reached out to me. We had time to settle some differences, then we have had many emails, Facebook chats, and phone calls. The memories of partying with good friends, the trips to Puerta Vallarta, the river, to our cabin in Big Bear, and to the drag boat race to watch Jeff race are with me forever. Jeanne seems to have always been there for the good times I have had in my life.
Posted by Marianne Grey on 12th June 2016
Dear Scott and Bob, I was shocked as you can imagine to here of this very sad news. I have many fond memories of spending precious time with my kind cousin. You included, Scott. She loved her parents and brother beyond words. My prayer is that God's grace and mercy will shine upon you both . May you find comfort and peace as you work through this most difficult time.
Posted by Gary Beatson on 11th June 2016
My dear sweet cousin. I will miss you very much. I didn't get to see you as much in recent years but our lifelong memories are wonderful. Rest easy. Your tribulations are at an end.
Posted by Susan White on 8th June 2016
Scott, Jeanne must have passed soon after our visit with you. This memorial site is a beautiful legacy created by a loving brother. I will look forward to getting to know her through your family photos and stories. May you and your father have peace in the days ahead and may your memories of Jeanne be sweet.
Posted by Scott Jacobson on 7th June 2016
We will all miss Jeannie in our own unique ways. Among those things I’ll miss are the great times while with family in the outdoors. My father had several trailers and a 5th wheel spanning 40 years of adventures with endless memories and thousands of pictures from those times. I’ll be uploading more pictures and videos in the near future. Thanks to all of you who have reached out with your prayers and thoughts, Bob and I appreciate them more than you know.

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