Jed Owen Appleby
  • 50 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 7, 1964
  • Place of birth:
    Port Washington, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 28, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Seaford, New York, United States
When someone you know becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Rest in Peace Jed.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jed Appleby, 50, born on August 7, 1964 and passed away on March 28, 2015. We will remember him forever as the heart warming man he was.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 7th August 2017

"It's your birthday today, Jed, and I wish I could call you. I'm still getting over that you are truly gone. I'm gonna come over and see you and Mommy before sunset. I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th March 2017

"The deep snow is finally melting away from your stone. Grief mercifully turns to sadness. If only I were there in the morning two years ago today.  If only I could have helped you find a way out, or just a place where you could be a little happier. Instead I helped you buy a gravesite next to Mommy. I never knew you would occupy it so soon. I'll join you guys there eventually. The years are flying by."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 26th December 2016

"Bless you, Jed. Another Christmas rolled by here on Earth. I miss you so much; your love and affection unlike any I have ever known, dear brother. I look for you in the sky but I hear you when I laugh. I love you, Jed."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 17th November 2016

"My dear little brother. Three years ago today Today's the day I called to  tell you about Mommy. I know the unbearable grief of our loss drew you toward her. If only I could of held your arm and pulled as you stepped over. If only. I'm so sad today without you. And so glad you are sleeping there forever beside her where we stood together in amazement wondering how we could live without her. I can see why you wanted to just stop wondering and just follow her. She loved you so very much."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 7th August 2016

"No it's your 52nd birthday! Where do the years go?"

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 7th August 2016

"Happy birthday my dear brother. It was so hard to not hear your voice today, your 51st birthday. The world still turns, but it is not the same down here without you. If only I could have been more helpful to you my dear, sweet brother. Maybe I could have protected you from this sorry world. I only wish I had another chance."

This tribute was added by Steve Malley on 7th August 2016

"Hi, Jed. Happy Birthday. I hope you can run into my son, Philip, where you are. I think you and he would share a quirky sense of humor and enjoy one another's company. Thinking of you. --Steve"

This tribute was added by jenn sommermann on 4th July 2016

"The funniest things make me think of you Jed.  I'll be driving past some place or hear a song and all the memories come flooding back.  It was such an important part of my life...those years we walked together.  Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 22nd May 2016

"Dear brother I miss you. I have been thinking of you a lot lately and just want you to know that I will always hold you dearly in my heart. I was just trying to remember this morning some time we spent together when you were a kid; a walk to the train station or down to the shops together. Suddenly it was cold and snow was on the ground and I was beside you again. We shared something really special and I have never had a friend like you in my whole life. I love you, Jed. Peace be with you. Say "Hi" to Mom and Dad for me."

This tribute was added by Matthew Vianna on 28th March 2016

"A year ago today, I felt like if I was home with you that I could've saved you. I was in complete shock, I couldn't believe it was happening. A week before hand we took a trip into New Jersey so I could buy seats for the 350z. I remember you getting out of the car to go use the bathroom as I got gas. I never thought that ride would be the last. I try and remember all the good stuff I can. Countless tailgates at Shea Stadium for the Mets. Those hour drives of just talking back and forth from Travis' House every other weekend. Family bonding at Candlewood Lake. We had so many plans to do so many different fun things including go carting and exotic car driving trip to the grand canyon. The night before on March 27th I talked to you with no clue that it would ever be my last. We had a conversation about my car and how cool it looked. Nothing seemed different, I followed you home to make sure you got back safe. Reliving it all kills me every day. It really seemed just like any other day. The next morning I woke up and went to Speedworld in Baldwin to get the decals for my car made up. As I was there I got a call from mom saying that she couldn't find her keys. I told her to go up and ask you as I was bringing them home. As soon as I walked in mom was screaming and crying that you weren't breathing. I ran upstairs faster than ever and then I knew right away you were gone.  Every single day I think about it. I just wish you were here. I miss your presence like you wouldn't believe. It's not only that, it's the thought that you never saw me graduate or you won't be there whenever I get married and raise my own family. I don't talk to anyone like I did with you. You were definitely not only my father but my best friend. This year has been the hardest ever and time isn't healing the pain. Every single night I have a dream with you in it. The more time that passes the more stuff I have to look through. I sold almost all your stuff already including his car some know as the yellow submarine or some called it the banana, his 34ft Silverton that was his project boat behind the house and his beloved dream motorcycle the VMAX. And the countless hours going through old photos and sitting down by the water listening to some James Taylor. Every day is a drag even more so that you aren't here with me. Maybe one day I will actually connect with you again. I am coming up to the Church to visit you today. Plant some flowers and some solar powered lights for you <3 I love you and miss you so much.."

This tribute was added by jenn sommermann on 28th March 2016

"Hard to believe it's been a year.  I think of you at the strangest times... a song comes on the radio, an image comes into my mind, I see someone who reminds me of you... and then, there you are.  It makes me happy to be reminded of you.  You impacted so many. I feel like one of the lucky ones to have had you a part of my life.  Missed dearly."

This tribute was added by Steve Malley on 28th March 2016

"Hi, Jed. A whole year! Ouch! Just wanted to say, "Hi, little brother" and let you know I am thinking of you. Wishing you peace."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th March 2016

"It was a year ago yesterday that you left us Jed. I swung by the cemetery to see you and mommy--so quiet in the moonlight. She loved you so very much. So do I."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 19th February 2016

"Thank you so much for your kind words JoAnn. Jed loved his Portchester days and always remembered you with a smile. Best wishes to you and yours. xo"

This tribute was added by JoAnn Giampa on 19th February 2016

"OMG, I am stunned, shocked and sooooo saddened to learn of dear PortChester neighbor has passed away. Amy and family, Sarah and family I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Ily JoAnn (Smallwood) Giampa"

This tribute was added by Matthew Vianna on 20th December 2015

"Hey Dad, it's your son checking in. I miss you more and more everyday. I have dreams every single night that you have just one more day on this earth with me. All different scenarios that I wish were real. I am trying the best I can for everything but its all really hard, having to go through all of your stuff and needing to get rid of stuff I wish I could hold onto forever. I really want to go back to work but I don't have the strength to. Everyday after work I would come to see you at the Roadhouse and spend the rest of my nights with you as much as I could. I wish I would've done more to help you not be so sad. I have a strong hate for alcohol and pills now. That is sadly the main reason I lost you and I just wish this was all easier but it's not. I do my best not to think about you being gone; that maybe just instead you are still on a business trip and when you get home I can tell you everything that has happened. None of it has been good besides I am working to open up my own business. I want to be something and I just wish you were here to witness it because you are the only person I really cared to tell anything to. I just turned the big 20 and Christmas is coming up and the only thing I want is one of your hugs. One day I hope I can have one of those again. Hope your Chillaxin' as we would say! I love you and miss you. <3 I will make you proud. By the way I'm trying to get the big J.T. to sign your headstone.

"Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gon' be alright.""

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 19th November 2015

"Jed, I know you are out there somewhere; maybe even where you can see Mom and even touch her hand. She died 2 years ago on Tuesday and it seems like just yesterday that you joined her. They say that there are parallel universes right here where I sit and I can almost believe you are still here with us, doing your thing, spreading love, and celebrating life. I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Deborah Freed on 8th August 2015

"Happy birthday Jed.
What a beautiful boy with such a wonderful smile.

I am so sorry you are not here to share your birthday with your family."

This tribute was added by Peter Pickow on 7th August 2015

"Thinking about you, Jed, on your birthday. Still hard to believe that you are gone."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 7th August 2015

"Happy Birthday little brother. It's lonely here without you. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to help. I love you."

This tribute was added by Steve Malley on 30th July 2015

"Dear Jed,
Sorry I made a mess out of being in touch. I am so sorry to hear that you have left us and hope that today finds you truly in 'a better place.' Please know that you are loved and missed by so many.
I will never forget walking into the house one day while you were playing "Maybe I'm Amazed" - guitar solo included. I was so amazed [and jealous] I had to go figure it out myself.
I will always remember your beautiful smile with that little twist of "I'm up to something" mixed in. Miss you little bro. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Deborah Freed on 28th July 2015

"Amy and I became friends in 4th grade, and were inseparable. I spent thousands of hours at 60 Bayview. I will never forget the sweet boy who played quietly in his room, was never a pest, and loved being with us. I will always have those images in my heart and mind. Jed I send heartfelt condolences to your family, and hope that you have found peace."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th July 2015

"Jed, your headstone is finally there in the cemetery just where you had planned it. I never thought I would live to see it there beside Mom's. Peter and I planted some ferns and yellow daisies there last weekend. Maggie and Matt chose the epitaph, and it is certainly true. We miss you so very much. I'll come visit soon."

This tribute was added by Tony Florentino on 18th July 2015

"I hadn't seen Jed since I was in high school, but I knew him as a funny, sweet, slightly wild kid who his brother and sister adored. We hung out at the Bayview Avenue house a lot. Jed was usually there, always cool and always funny. Gone too soon."

This tribute was added by jenn sommermann on 18th July 2015

"This is a lovely way to remember Jed.  I can close my eyes and clearly see the moment I met him.  It was at a high school party and I was the new girl in town.  It was awkward not knowing anyone and from that moment, I didn't feel alone anymore.  He was a significant part of my life at that time and I believe, helped shape my path.  I would sit for hours in the living room on Bayview while he composed and practiced piano.  DD liked me as his girlfriend because he played so often in my company.  He was so incrediby talented.  When I came across the old cassette tapes, I had them digitized.  I somehow knew they would be meaningful to others.  I contacted him to give him a copy.  We met at a restaurant and sat in the parking lot for hours listening to the tracks, reliving old times and talking about the inspirations for his songs.  It was like time stood still; we were 18 years old again.  I am so grateful we reconnected after all those years.  Now when I close my eyes, I can still see our youthful, shiny, hopeful selves.  Thank you Jed for having such a strong impact on me.  I am richer for having had you in my life.  Forever missed."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 17th July 2015

"The masons are putting in your headstone at the cemetery today, Jed--right next to Mommy where you wanted to be (but not nearly so soon). It's still so hard to accept you are gone. I love you so."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 13th July 2015

"God bless you, little brother; I miss you so much. Not a day has passed since you left us that I have not grieved for you and felt the emptiness left by the loss of your warmth, love, good humour and good will. I have a lifetime of love left over for you and wish I could share it with you every day."

This tribute was added by Peter Pickow on 11th July 2015

"I miss Jed a lot. I've been listening to some of his tunes, and I've uploaded them on this site for everyone to hear. He was a multitalented guy, and anyone who knew him would agree with me that he was always fun to be around. He left us too soon, and I will never forget the times we spent together."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 9th July 2015

"Jed, I think of you every day since you have left us. It isn't easy to accept that you are gone, but please know you live on in our hearts. You were the sweetest little boy in the world, and it was an honor to be your sister. I will always remember  your loving spirit--your kind heart. Say "hi" to Mommy for me."

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