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  • Born in Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on April 11, 2016 in Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jeff Schultz. We will remember him forever.

Monday, April 11, 2016, Jeff Schultz passed away unexpectedly from a fall while hiking. He was a loving, generous and kind man. He had such an amazing personality that would cheer anyone up. Jeff had many friends. He called Louisville his home for 14 years and last May moved out to California where he enjoyed his job at Kaiser Permanente. He recently got engaged to the love of his life, Lindsay. He loved his dog Ada, computers, biking, hiking, and driving his Tesla. Jeff touched a lot of people's lives and will be missed by many. His family and friends will miss him greatly. 

Posted by Karam Saini on April 28, 2016
Jeff, you will be missed. You were very honest and passionate about your work at KP and a leader that I often would resort to for advise. You always wanted to do the right thing which is very commendable and respectable. Your contributions will always be remembered.
Posted by Geetika Kochar on April 26, 2016
Jeff was amazing. In the short span that he spent with all of us, he earned a lot of respect and love from all. His strong knowledge of agile, love for life, ever smiling face and protectiveness towards his team will always be cherished and remembered. RIP Jeff. You will always be missed dearly :(
Posted by Tony Nerone on April 24, 2016
Jeff always made everyone smile. I will always remember him as the light hearted guy that could make everyone laugh. I'll never forget our camping trip to Hocking Hills and our trips to Cedar Point back in the day. We missed him greatly when he left Cleveland, and now we'll always remember him fondly.
Posted by Mike Warnick on April 23, 2016
Jeff you will be missed. I remeber the crazy Driver's Lisence pic you had with that big goofy smile. You always had a great sense of humor and made all of us laugh. Rest in peace.
Posted by Bill Bray on April 23, 2016
A true loss. Brilliant young man with a big heart. I still tell the story of his first day with FedEx. He called in and asked for a vacation day, on his first day! The manager asked why and he said his car had broken down. The manager said we're a big corporation, go rent a car. Jeff sheepish said he tried, but he was too young to rent! God Bless you Jeff.
Posted by Denise Rodriguez on April 22, 2016
Jeff, you will be missed. Your contributions at KP were making a difference. We had a good laugh after I was sick, you saying you could never go one day without eating and more importantly not go one day without talking. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
Posted by Kelly Bruce on April 21, 2016
I'm not sure when I first met Jeff through a friend, I think it was middle school. We would spend hours at his house trolling strangers online, in the days before the internet. In high school, I was convinced he would get us killed in his Monte Carlo. Jeff was always looking for adventure and fun. A few years later, I visited Jeff in Louisville, and was happy to see the life he had made for himself. I last saw Jeff about 5 years ago, by random chance. We talked for hours about life, where it was taking us and what we wanted out of it. He was still the smartest guy in the room, incredibly profound, with the same passion for adventure and life. I will always remember and be inspired by the way that he lived.
Posted by Kay White on April 21, 2016
I sat in front of Jeff at work for over a year. He was mostly quiet since he was on the phone a lot. I remember a couple of times at month end when I was using Lync heavily to IM people, he offered to pay me to turn off my sound on my laptop. LOL. He seemed to have a lot of respect from his team as a very knowledgeable and personable individual. I was sad to see him leave Humana but even sadder to hear of his passing, especially he just seemed so happy in his personal life. It doesn't seem fair that he had so much to look forward to and now he's gone. RIP Jeff, obviously you made a huge impact on people you knew although you were too young to go.
Posted by Vijaykumar Balasubramania... on April 21, 2016
I've talked to Jeff only on two occasions - a 30 minute discussion on product management and few days later, an informal fist bump. Reading all the tributes, I feel that I've missed knowing a great guy. Rest in peace.
Posted by Cherish Richardson on April 21, 2016
Jeff was a great manager and friend. He always told me exactly what he was thinking and offered great guidance to getting work done well. He was able to offer guidance to improve productivity, then talk about biking in the same sentence.

We had a lot of fun interactions and got a lot of work done, which I appreciate. He was a positive, extremely tactical and hilarious person that I truly enjoyed working with. I will miss him very much.
Posted by Karin Adkins on April 21, 2016
Jeff will surely be missed. He faced life with passion, kindness and an inviting smile. He made a difference and touched many of us. We had our differences sometimes at work, but we always talked thru them. I had a great deal of respect for Jeff, and am very saddened by his loss.
Posted by K Opalenik on April 21, 2016
Jeff- Your thirst for life was an inspiration to me and I was so lucky to have you in my life. You'll always be my spirit animal. Every memory of you is a fond one and I will treasure every second. Thank you.
Posted by Chrisoula Geo on April 21, 2016
I was so sad to hear about the loss of Jeff. He was extremely smart, funny, personable, & kind. I learned a lot just by watching him interact with others. I will really miss seeing him at the office. May his memory be eternal.
Posted by Denise Frye on April 20, 2016
Such a kind soul. I worked with Jeff on some projects while he was at Humana. Also spent a week with him and the Louisville Ski Club skiing in Park City Utah. Gone too soon. Jeff you will be missed!
Posted by Rebecca Borrelli on April 20, 2016
I got such a kick out of watching your adventures on Facebook. Even though we weren't close friends, I watched you grow from a quiet kid at Pine Elementary, into an adventurous adult, totally in love with life. My last memory was the tremendous happy energy of your engagement posts. I was feeling that with you here in Texas! Your sudden passing as jarred many of us awake to the preciousness of life. Much love to your family.
Posted by Ralph Warnick on April 20, 2016
Rest in peace
Posted by Aaron Lange on April 20, 2016
Whenever I see old friends and we end up talking about the old days in Troop 53 a story involving Jeff always comes up. Jeff always made me laugh. It was impossible to feel unhappy around him. He was unlike anyone I've ever known, a real original. He was certainly the only guy in our school that was into ham radio! Jeff did things his own way. I am very saddened by this tragic and unexpected news. Goodbye Jeff.
Posted by Vasantha Suresh on April 19, 2016
Jeff you are an amazing person, Thank you for coming to our team and making a difference here. You taught us a lot in short span and supported us. I admire your transparency and ease nature with how u deals with things . You have a good sense of humor. I loved the analogies you give in the team meetings. I am glad to have met you and have worked with you! You will forever be missed as a wonderful person I knew for a short time and as our amazing boss whom we loved a lot!
Posted by Nithya Srirangan on April 18, 2016
While words can never fully express how much someone means to us , I will try to put very few as I can ...Jeff had such a positive personality which has inspired me all the time. He was a great manager , a good human and a very kind person.I have learnt a lot and will always follow your words Jeff and make it live.We will miss you.
Posted by Chuck B on April 17, 2016
Jeff was a really fun guy to hang out with. I first met him and Ada in Louisville and did my first Red River Gorge overnight camp with him in July/Aug 2009. It was a really wet night, but Jeff had brought some Yankee candle fire starters and got a roaring fire going despite how damp it was. He showed me a neat "hidden" waterfall in the gorge. We had excellent conversation and a wonderful day hiking.

The Louisville Hiking Meetup he created helped get me out of my shell and into the woods with like minded people. Although we only hung out just a few times, he left a very memorable impression as a kind and generous person. I owe him a lot since nearly all my friends came from that hiking group he created.
Posted by Ananda Ganji on April 15, 2016
Your sudden death has touched our lives and hearts dear Jeff.
the way you have inspired us has touched us even more..
We will always remember you.
Posted by Tasha Wilkins on April 15, 2016
I only had a few interactions with Jeff but they were very positive. He gave me great advice on managing a growing team, and had an amazing depth of knowledge of all things agile. From talking with him I could tell the commitment he had to his team - seems like he was a great person to work for & with and I know he will be missed.
Posted by Richa Sethi on April 14, 2016
Still so hard to believe that we won't see Jeff's smiling face around the office - it just seems so unfair. He had such a huge impact in such a short time, which is a tribute to what a wonderful person he was. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Bill Weir on April 14, 2016
Gonna miss you Jeff. Last two weeks ago you took me down to Tesla to get in line for the 3 series. Disappointed by the 300-person line you drove me back to the office and said how much you were really looking forward to being with Lindsay, and introduced me to TRAP music. Who'da thunk? In two years when I get my Tesla I will take it for a spin in the hills, like you, in your memory. I'll miss working you and getting to know you as a friend. I love the way you had no time for bullshit.

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