Let the memory of Jeffery be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on April 11, 1967 .
  • Passed away on February 17, 1991 .

Jeffery Thomas Middleton was born April 11, 1967, in Bad Constatt,
Stuttgart, Germany. His parents were stationed there with the U. S.
Army. At the age of four his family left the Army and started farming
in Oxford, Kansas. Jeff grew up on the family farm, hunting, fishing,
and playing with 3 younger brothers. He graduated from oxford Public
Schools and fell in love with football and the U. S. Army. He attended
Pittsburg State University and continued playing football and joing
its ROTC program. Two years into his university studies, Jeff decided
to turn his full attention to the military. He enlisted in the U.S.
Army to be assigned to the Armored Cavalry Branch. Jeffery took basic
and advanced training with the 1st Armor Training Brigade, 5-15
Cavalry, E Company, Fort Knox, Kentucky and graduated 4 January 1988.
He was assigned to the Cavalry Scouts, 2nd Armor Division, 1-41
Cavalry in Garlstadt, Germany. His Unit, 1-41st, was called to be part
of the force to expell Iraqs' Military forces out of Kuwait and Jeff
was deployed to Saudi Arabia on 31 Dec 1990. War with Iraq was
declared on 17 Jan 1991 and Task Force 1-41 breached the berm and into
Iraq on 15 Feb 1991. Jeff's Bradley Fighting Vehicle on which he was a
gunner, was arranged in a screen line with the other Bradleys ahead of
the Main Force of the 1-41st. jeffery was killed on 17 Feb 1991 when a
Hellfire Missile hit his Bradley. Pvt Robert Talley, a dismount, was
also killed. The tank commander, the driver and another dismount
survived the hit. Jeffery followed his dreams. As a young adult, Jeff
had two loves. The Scouts and his wife. Jeff met and courted Gina
Stevens while stationed in Germany. They were married 18 Feb 1989 at
Fort Polk, Lousiana. Jeff loved being a husband and a Cavalry Scout.
Serving his country was his childhood dream.

All Medals Received
Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Achievement Medal, every year for 4
years, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Southwest Asia Service,
Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, Saudi Arabia Medal for Freedom

All Awards Received
Overseas Service Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Grenade Badge Expert and
Rifle Badge Marksman

Posted by Cheryl Weires on 17th February 2019
Jeff in a way you are in a safer place then any of us on earth. I have no doubt that heaven exists and have never doubted its existence. I am thankful for the service that you have given your life for. Only God knows why good people die so young but then again I can only imagine what Heaven is like. God is perfect so I'm sure you are are in that perfect place Heaven. Thank-you again I look forward to meeting you in Heaven. Cheryl
Posted by Wendy Herman on 17th February 2019
Dear Jeff, Thinking of you today and will also give you a big hug when we meet again in Heaven. Love, Aunt Wendy
Posted by Douglas Stevens on 17th February 2019
Dear Jeff........This is not a happy anniversary. The only solace I can have is that you passed into heaven instantaneously with out any suffering or even recognition of the missile hit. Personally I do not know if heaven exists or not. I do know that as long as you are remembered by those who loved you, you still live in our hearts. I am still here and will be 73 in a few months. It probably won't be long before I have my answer about heaven. I hope to see you again Sgt, Middleton and thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you made in serving us. I will hug your neck Jeff and shed tears of joy. Love to you from your Father-in-law forever.
Posted by Doug Stevens on 11th April 2018
Happy Birthday Jeff! Of course that has little meaning to someone like you who will always be 23. We still remember your birthday here on this crazy planet. I will be 72 in a couple of months but everything still functions albeit slower with some groans. If you saw me you would say "who is that old man" If I saw you, you would still be that handsome young soldier we were so proud of and loved so very much. You and your buddies that have passed on must look down on our country and wonder just what went wrong. Fran and I miss the days of our youth when life was much simpler and more meaningful, but after 51 years of marriage she is my world and I hope I am hers. We will not forget you and will always miss you.
Posted by Doug Stevens on 18th February 2018
Wow Jeff.....I'll be 72 in a few months and you are still a special memory in my heart. I still think about you often especially when I see and talk to Gina. Unfortunately the world is still in a hell of a mess 28 years after you left it. It grieves me that young folks like you are still suffering and dying in the Mideast. People that read this who did not know you missed something very special. I don't know what happens when we pass on but I would love to see you and give you a big hug along with many others that have passed on. It probably won't be too long before I join the billions like you who have gone on ahead of me. Fran and I miss you and the world was a better place when you were in it. Much love, Your eternal father-in-law Doug Stevens
Posted by Bob Abbruzzese on 29th May 2017
Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You were born on my wife's and I wedding day, and you died on my birthday. You will not be forgotten and will always have a place in our heart.
Posted by Wendy Herman on 22nd February 2017
Dear Jeff, I met you at Gina and your wedding and your smile was uplifting and I know my niece was extremely in love and happy. You were so young but from reading about you above, I know you were proud and willing to serve our country and to help those in other countries who needed help to stay free. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Love, Aunt Wendy
Posted by Doug Stevens on 17th February 2017
Dear Jeff, It is hard to believe that two more years have passed since I lighted a candle for you. I'm moving on to 71 and it seems like yesterday when I visited you and Gina in Germany. You will be forever 23 and young! I'm as sure as I can be that you are eternally in a good place with your buddies and family that have left this earth. I thank you for your great sacrifice in keeping the rest of us free and prosperous. I don't think you would much like the mess the world and country has become since you left. It was a much better place when you were in it.:-) Love you buddy! Doug
Posted by Liza Smiley on 17th February 2017
I think of you often. Our Jeffery was named after you. I still remember your sweet smile and your laugh. You may be gone from this earth, but never gone from our hearts and memories. You will forever be a part of our family. We will always love you.
Posted by Carol McCullough on 17th February 2017
Dear Jeff, I only met you once, at your wedding to my niece Gina, and found you so nice and personable. Thank you for the sacrifice you made in defending our country from harm. Aunt Carol
Posted by Doug Stevens on 19th October 2015
Dearest Jeff I think of you often and my heart aches each time. We loved and admired you so much. I am nearly 70 now and I still work with young soldiers. Tomorrow I will be teaching young soldiers about the importance and dangers of what they do every day. As I prepared for that teaching you came to mind. I use your story as an example of what can happen when people do not pay adequate attention to their duties in their very dangerous profession. You did your job with professionalism and care; someone else made a tragic mistake that took your life and broke the hearts of all who loved you. Rest in peace. You are my hero always. Doug Stevens, your loving father-in-law

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