This memorial website was created in memory of my husband, Jeff Reichuber.  It is a way to share with us your stories, favorite memories and photos.  My hope is this will be a place for us to go to "be" with Jeff when we need it most.  A place to smile, laugh, or cry as we remember the gift of Jeff to this world.  

Jeff you will never be forgotten. You loved so deeply and cared for others intensely. You lit up the world with your smile and energy.  Your passion for life and intuitive compassion is unmatched.  You knew how to play and live and you were so dedicated to your work, riding, and your family.  
You were the most dedicated husband, father, son, brother and friend.  Family and friendships were your life purpose. You were a guide in this world for the kids and I - sharing your zest of life on our many, many adventures. You pushed us when we needed to fly and held us close when we needed to feel safe.  
Jeff your kindness was felt deeply in the many little things you did for others. My daily morning coffees, fresh flowers, fresh strawberries for friends or calls to friends and family just because. Your sense of humor or dancing skills lit up a room (I'm thankful the kids take after you on that!).
We love you always. We carry you forward with us forever in our hearts. 
This page is so important to the kids and I. I know there are so many "moments" Jeff had with people all over the world OR that you observed of him and the kids.  Share with us - it's how we will keep Jeff's memory alive!  If you go to the "Life" or "Stories" tab you can write freeform, the "Gallery" you can add photos.
Posted by Drew Horton on April 11, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday Uncle Jeff. I had a dream about you last night, we were at a hotel pool just hanging out. And then I realized today was your birthday. I miss and love you so much.
Posted by Lori Keenan on April 11, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday dear cousin. You are missed today and everyday, but I hope they have the biggest party going up there for you! 
Posted by Denise Preston on April 11, 2022
Happy Heavenly Birthday dear friend! You are so missed and loved.
Posted by Jill Horton on April 11, 2022
Celebrating your birthday and your life today! I miss you so much and think of you every day! Happy heavenly birthday!❤️
Posted by Greg Weekley on April 8, 2022
Jen - Amy and I were so fortunate to bump into you and Jeff in that wine shop in The Forum Shops years ago. Jeff and I had casually known each other through Indian Princess, but that interaction provided the catalyst for a much closer friendship. I distinctly remember him being so genuinely interested in what I was saying (even when I was bored with what I was talking about). This is such a wonderful and unique quality. That was who Jeff was - he was engaged and truly interested in the other person.

I’ll remember his ability to analyze…and analyze…and overanalyze a topic or situation. He wanted to know he had the right answer and/or viewpoint. It was endearing…but also to the point of “Enough Jeff, you know the answer!” ;-)

During the time when you lost your mother and father in a close period, Jeff and I would talk and he was completely focused on how he could best support you. All he wanted to do was to be the best husband/partner for you. 

Next on our agenda was mountain biking. I was planning to purchase a bike, but when I told him I was thinking of buying an e-bike he responded “Are you kidding me?!?! Whatever, I’ll still outride you on my manual mountain bike!” I have no doubt.

For the record, even though he was more fit and healthy than me - I was able to swim underwater farther than him in your pool.

What I’ll remember - and this is a small thing but it makes me smile - is when we would talk and come to an agreement on a topic, and he would respond with, “Right?” I can hear it now.

Jake and Magen - Your father loved you so much. Your mother and the both of you were his life. You brought him more happiness, smiles, pleasure, satisfaction than you’ll ever know. He was a wonderful person and an incredible father, and will be missed dearly.

Talk about him often, share stories and smile.

Love to you, Jake and Magen.

Greg Weekley
Posted by Bill Laurie on March 18, 2022
When Jeff and Jen were still dating, they came to visit my family and me in Virginia Beach. It was Fall, and they were visiting for the first time.
The Red Sox were in the playoffs that year, and were on the cusp of winning their divisional series. Jeff and Jen were planning a day of sight-seeing and hiking in a local state park while my family and I went about our usual routines.
Before they headed out, Jeff made a point of mentioning that we might want to make sure we had some champagne in the house, just so we would be ready to celebrate if the Sox won that night. He might have mentioned it two or three times, in fact. I remember thinking that he'd really bought into the whole Red Sox Nation mindset, and I still laugh when I think about it.
That evening, after we all had finished our day of work or school or hiking, we gathered in the kitchen of our house, catching up and making dinner. It didn't take too long before I noticed a new sparkle in their eyes, and also on Jen's left ring finger. While they were out hiking, Jeff had asked, and Jen said yes!
I honestly don't remember if we actually had champagne that night, but I'm sure we made do with whatever was on hand.
That was Jeff. He chose to pop the question at the time and place when they were doing something they both loved, and while they were with members of Jen's extended (and widely dispersed) family. It was an honor to be part of their special day. It was even more of an honor to welcome Jeff to the family. We all miss you, Cuz.
Posted by Colleen Walseth on March 17, 2022
I didn’t know Jeff or your family two years ago but I knew who he was from the girls camping tribe. I have one distinct memory of him. I remember one time seeing him at pick up at ECC and he had this energy about him. The way he carried himself was so positive and up lifting. I wanted whatever energy he had. It was infectious. I always love meeting people who carry themselves this way. I wish I had more time to get to know him. Lucky us we get to have you all at school together now!
Posted by Kathy Messner on March 17, 2022
   Jeff was my “little” cousin. He was 10 years younger than I am and was best friends growing up with my youngest sister Lori . I have so many wonderful memories of our families hanging out together in Great Bend and those two little ones getting into all kinds of fun loving mischief together!
   I had no idea that my daughter Sarah’s wedding would be the last time I would see my dear cousin. I will be forever grateful that Jeff and Jen along with the sweet kiddos traveled back to Kansas for the wedding 3 years ago ! Jeff said he wanted the kids to experience an old fashioned all day family wedding ! Truth be told I think he had as much fun as the kids ! Everyone danced the night away ! Jeff made sure he danced with Megan twirling her around the dance floor and helped Jake collect all the light sticks he could carry back to the hotel ! I still laugh remembering those armfuls of light sticks ! That was Jeff .. a wonderful father and amazing husband. It was evident when he looked at Jen that she was the love of his life!! He was so happy with his beautiful family !! Even after that long wedding day, Jeff met up with our whole family in the lobby afterwards and stayed up chatting and catching up ! I don’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember his beautiful smile and contagious laugh !  Thank you Jeff for the memories and love that you added to our family .. we will love you forever ❤️
Posted by Cherese Schoombee on March 17, 2022
We dearly miss your friendship and your warm smile. A more genuine person would be hard to find. Always the best conversationist and never a dull moment. We feel very blessed to have known you.
Posted by Jill Horton on March 13, 2022
Jeff was the best, little brother a sister could ever have. He was such a great guy, a wonderful father, and a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He loved his family so much and absolutely cherished his kids. We love you and miss you little brother!
Posted by Aileen Reichuber on March 10, 2022
Jeff was the youngest of our four children.he was a full of energy and always on the go.He grew up to be a handsome man. We were so proud of the wonderful family man he was. He loved his family so much. Treated Jen like a queen and did everything for his children.He was so proud of them. We will always treasure the videos and pictures he sent of the kiddos.we will never get tired of watching them, and hearing his voice. We can’t help asking why, even though we know God has a plan. I think he needed another angel in heaven. He has you in His keeping Jeff, we have you in our hearts.We will always love and miss you.❤️
Posted by Marc Laurie on March 5, 2022
I remember meeting Jeff in Rhode island  my greatest memory is the week before your wedding. Meeting Jeff's family and running around San Francisco getting all the goodies to do the flowers. Never goodbye Jeff just see you soon. 

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Posted by Drew Horton on April 11, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday Uncle Jeff. I had a dream about you last night, we were at a hotel pool just hanging out. And then I realized today was your birthday. I miss and love you so much.
Posted by Lori Keenan on April 11, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday dear cousin. You are missed today and everyday, but I hope they have the biggest party going up there for you! 
Posted by Denise Preston on April 11, 2022
Happy Heavenly Birthday dear friend! You are so missed and loved.
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Shared by Aileen Reichuber on April 11, 2022
Jeff’s 1st birthday was on Easter and also his 12 birthday was on Easter. Here are the pictures of him. Have a happy heavenly birthday Jeff. We love and miss you

The best dad and teacher

Shared by Lori Keenan on March 30, 2022
Although I already posted to this sight, I was scrolling through old texts last night.  I haven't brought myself to delete Jeff and I's text chain from December 2019 to February 2021.  I bet it is over a hundred.  Just keeps his spirit alive with me I guess.  But one of the best things he ever sent me was this pic.  He was trying to spice things up and make homeschool during COVID fun for the kids.  This is typical Jeff and says it all.    He really was the best dad and teacher they could ask for.  Magen and Jake, always remember all the fun little things your dad did to bring a smile to your face.  He loved you beyond words.

My cousin, my friend...

Shared by Lori Keenan on March 17, 2022
Jeff was not only my cousin, but one of my best buddies in our early years growing up in Great Bend. Before our mom's were working, they had coffee dates several times a week, which meant Jeff and I were left to play many days at his house or mine. On special days, they took us to JC Penney (can you believe they once had a restaurant in the store!) and would let us split a ginormous cinnamon roll. We would be covered in icing by the time we left, but would often sneak off and hide from our moms in the center of the clothing racks or ride the escalators. But most days we invented our own fun- collecting rolypoly bugs in his red wagon, making mud pies, playing hide n go seek or weeble wobbles. Sometimes I could even get him to play dress up. What I do remember is Jeff was always so protective of me. If things scared me, he would reassure me and stay by my side. When he moved to Hutch we became pen pals and in high school made a few trips to see each other and meet each others friends. Jeff was always up for adventure. We grew distant for a while as people do when they get older, but we would always find ways to reconnect. And when we would we could pick right back up. I always admired the love and devotion he had for his family. He was so proud of Jen and the kids. My biggest regret is not visiting him before he left us. We had planned 2 trips to visit, but postponed both due to COVID. Jeff, I know you are still with us and I know you are still watching over your family from above- I miss your smile and easy going nature. You are forever in our hearts.