His Life

In Memory Of Jeffrey Guzman

 Jeffrey was a good person with alot of love in his heart. He left behind a brother Tiro Guzman, and a sister Emily Guzman. A Father who have so so much love for him, Robert Guzman, and a Mother who was the best Carmen Guzman. Jeffrey was will love by his family. He also left behind people who loved him so much. Cousin Daniel, Jason, David, Joshua, Joel, and many more. Jeffrey have friends everywhere, he always bought a smile to people faces, including mine! I cry so much for him, I will never forget how he always told me: Titi, stop smoking and come to church with me, my only regret is that I never when to church with him, I should have went threw that door with him, but I didn't. In Jeffrey memory I am going to make every attend to go threw that DOOR! Jeffrey also loved chilfrens, everytime he came over, he would run straight to Aubrie, allison, or Dasia. Thats how much he was loved. I will keep on going forward in my life, but I will never forget you Jeffrey, I will always carry you in my heart until I see you again with the promise the LORD make to us, so sleep my nefrew sleep until we meet again.