Shared by Rose Glup on September 27, 2017

Jeff u are my son I love you always you are missed you always had great smile I think of you always I miss your loud talking I miss a lot things about you I been watching Nebraska football  I am sure u see Courtney out there she a dancer for Nebraska  we always  wanted to go to a game sorry  we did not get  to go love you mom

Hunter glup

Shared by Jennifer Heitkamp on June 17, 2017

Some days I wish I spent more time with you you loved me mom autumn ella grandma  grandpa Gina  Courtney  Megan  Denny  Mariah  uncle Pete and them and we all love you too.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Father's Day .

Shared by Jennifer Heitkamp on June 17, 2017

Dear dad, I miss u bunches I love u so much I can't believe it's been two years it feels like yesterday I was with u in Nebraska . It is Father's Day tomorrow and I hope u have a great Father's Day up in heaven Your always in my prayers dad I love u ❤️-autumn

Shared by Rose Glup on June 14, 2017

Jeff my son I miss you it will 2 years I miss you everyday every minute I tell my self I are in Minnesota and just have not called me for a while this is is father day happy fathers day love you so much always mom

Miss you

Shared by Jennifer Heitkamp on June 9, 2017

Not a day goes by I don't miss you yes we weren't together but forever held my heart I wish u we're here to help raise our kids to help me problem solves when times are tough to just be here ! I know the other weekend u we're here with me here with our kids I felt u here, as I drove through every town in Wisconsin we lived in man and that triple rainbow was all u I seen and represented our pots of gold our three beautiful children and maybe I'm wrong but I felt u and it all brought me comfort as if I was in your arms tight and safe

Shared by Rose Glup on June 2, 2017

Jeff was kind hearted always willing to help others a big guy ful of life and funny he loved to fish always had great fishing story's sometimes they where strecth a bit to make them excited.Jeff I hope you are fishing and you can tell your story's in heaven love always mom. 

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