Jeffrey and his love, Boomer
Jeffrey Matis
  • 50 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 12, 1964
  • Place of birth:
    Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 17, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
We are deeply grateful for having had you in our lives and for everything you shared with us and everything we learned from you.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Jeffrey Matis, 50, born on June 12, 1964 and passed away on November 17, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 12th June 2017

"We did alot of special birthdays and they are what I remenber today. Miss you more as time goes bye.Have you seen Ma lately. Yes I am taking my medicine.Turn 80 this year. Feel good other then the pain I have for the pass 60 years. Love you Jeff  LOVE DAD"

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 12th June 2017

"Dear Jeffrey,
We talk about you and miss you always.
Love you dear one.

This tribute was added by Michael Chitjian on 12th June 2017

"Happy Birthday Jeffrey!  I miss you so much!  Sometimes I can hear you in my head making some sort of joke or commentary about something I am experiencing in the moment and I love that you are still with me making me laugh and smile. xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Laura Craig on 12th June 2017

"Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!!"

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 12th June 2017

"Happy Birthday Jeffrey! I miss you so very much and think about you every day. Im sending you kisses and hugs and miss you dearly! I love you always and you are forever in my heart!  Love, Suzanne"

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 21st November 2016

"Jeff A little late computer was in for repair.Each day that goes buy I still cannot come to terms with myself you joining Ma. We had time to visit before the 17th and all that pass time goes over and over in my thinking each day.You have all the data going on down here. So just have to say I hit 80 years and I feel good.I don't like taking my medicine ,but after all your help about that subject I will take them with a smile.Not doing much. Most of the day I sit in my chair and elevate. Johanna takes very good care of me. We both miss you very much.When I go to chapel I burn a candle for you and Ma. Do you ever see Sabrina. I love you and only wish I could have been able to do more for you and your brother and sister, but 59 years of this condition  took away many things from Ma and Me You all have given up many things because of the problems. Thank you for all your help. LOVE DAD"

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 21st November 2016

Remembering you always as a special person who made a big impact on my life. I loved and love you.

This tribute was added by David Matis on 18th November 2016

"It's been two years to the day that Jeffrey died. Not a day goes by when I don't think of him. You know, it's true what people say about good memories lingering while the others fade. I see him from time to time in the faces of strangers who resemble him in some way...perhaps the way someone walks or carries themselves. That said, I've never heard anyone laugh the way he did...that full on happy laugh that got other people to laugh along with him. I wish he still with us to lead the laugh we really need now."

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 17th November 2016

"Dear Jeffrey,
I miss you dearly so very much and think about you every day... your always in my heart FOREVER strong...Im sending you love, gentle ,big hugs and kisses... You are my Super HERO Jeffrey touching so many stars reaching out to others " Dust in the wind" Forever strong" I played some of you favorite songs" music" today and celebrated your life with some of the students at school today... Jeffrey you will be FOREVER in our hearts...Give mom  big hugs and kisses from me and a HIGH FIVE  to David BOWIE~Peace, Love Suzanne,Yazzi, Dani, and Faith"

This tribute was added by Michael Chitjian on 13th June 2016

"Jeffwee!  Happy Birthday from Mikewee!  I miss my buddy.  I think of you often and dearly miss our times together.  You always had good advice on everything and helped me see the bright side of things.  I miss your jokes and sense of humor and your laugh.  I miss you so much!  *hugs and love* to you, wherever you are."

This tribute was added by David Matis on 12th June 2016

"You loved parties so much and birthday parties especially. How I wish you were here so we could share this beautiful spring day and celebrate what would have been your 52nd birthday. The world needs your big heart, humor, and honesty more than ever and we miss you, I miss you, so very much."

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 12th June 2016

"Happy Birthday Dear Jeffrey.
I miss you and your little jokes.  As much as I miss you though, your dad really really misses you and the gab sessions you guys would have that could go on for days.  I miss that little toss of the head before you would say something and then the smile.

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 12th June 2016

"Happy Birthday son Johanna taking good care of me. Taking my medicine like I promise you. David and family doing good Sue was able to sign a contract. Johanna and I planning. to get married. I gave her a ring and we are very happy.Things down on earth not good at all.We miss you. Say hi to all. Love Dad"

This tribute was added by Laura Craig on 12th June 2016

"Oh Jeffrey! Happy Birthday. I have saved your voicemails and am looking at our photos. It is a sad day here on earth. Gun violence is out of control. I know it is better in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Nasry Malak on 12th June 2016

"Happy Birthday Jeffrey, You're not missing out on much.  It's a shit show here on Earth.  You are missed."

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 12th June 2016

""Happy Birthday" Jeffrey               6-12-2016
                   Today is the 52nd anniversary of Jeffreys birth                    

                 Treasured Memories on your Birthday Brother
                               I thought of you today
                            But that is nothing new
                          I thought about you yesterday
                              And will tomorrow too

                              I think of you in silence
                           And make no outward show
                           For what is meant to lose you
                           Only those who love you know
                              Remembering you is easy
                                   I do it every day
                          It's just the heartache of losing you
                                That will never go away
                                                                 Love, Suzanne XOXOXO
                                                                         "Sweet Dreams"
                                 Jeffrey LOVED U2~ BONO:-)

         " Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter" ~ BONO

"My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them.~ BONO
                                                                       Jeffrey your my "HERO"
                                                                         "FOREVER LOVED"Suzanne;("

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 17th November 2015

"Dear Jeffrey, I miss you so very much and think about you every day... your caring, BIG heart, gentle kindness, smiles and positive ways to help others reach their fullest potential is endless... Im sure your playing  music,dancing and singing with the angels with our heavenly father up in heaven... Love suzanne"

This tribute was added by David Matis on 17th November 2015

"We are all of the nature to grow old, have ill health, and die. All that is dear to us and everyone we love are of the nature to change. And I know there is no way to escape being separated from them. But Jeffrey died too soon. They say our actions are our only true belongings and we can’t escape the consequences of our actions. Jeffrey did many positive things for the people in his life. He practiced uncommon compassion and generosity and he had a joyous (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor. The people who knew him benefited immensely from his kindness and love. And with all the suffering in the world, we need Jeffrey and people like him more than ever. May we all think and act in ways that benefit one another—like he did. I miss my brother so very much."

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 17th November 2015

"Well Jeffrey my son one year has passed. I had David put a picture of your Urn on this web site. Johanna and I had a mass said for you. Jeffrey some days this pass year I cry and some days I laugh but most of all I  think of you and all the wonderful things you have done for all the people who came into your life. All the people you helped and took care. God has open the gates of heaven just for all this kindness you have given here on earth. I am working on something for the homeless to put in your name Say Hi to Ma and Sabrina We LOVE Dad"

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 5th August 2015

"Jeffrey most of day is gone but I waited until  this hour to write you about Ma.  You helped me so much and time passed away so fast when she was sick. You were always there helping me and then somehow I knew she was going to leave us at 12.15 am Aug 4th,1997.  Dave lived out of town.  We called him and he came Aug 3rd. Sue was living in town.  After a rough day with all her pain, I told you and Dave to go to bed and Sue went home to sleep. I sat up in bed with Ma and she pointed to me and said hold me I love with all my heart. I held her in my arms and she just looked at me and said again I love you and she went to sleep. I started to close her eyes and started to tell her and thank her for all she done for us.  David heard me yelling. I told him to stay with her and I went and held you in my arms and we went to her bedside all holding her with Sabrina.  We called Sue and she came right over. God gave me this special time to be with the person I love so much and my family.  Nothing in this world could replace those minutes, Jeff. Again, I want to thank you for doing all the work and helping me. I love you and I thank you for the kind words about Johanna and me.  I love her more each day, Jeff.  She takes good care of me.  I only wish I could give her more. David and Sue Dave took care of all arrangements for you and Sue did her best.  At this present she lost her contract. She had much to handle at this time. Jeffrey, I couldn't have taken such good care of Ma if you where not with me Please ask the Angels to watch over all of us LOVE DAD"

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 13th June 2015

"Today is Jeffrey 51st Birthday! Im sending you BEAUTIFUL flowers, forever gentle BIG hugs and kisses... xoxo! I  miss you so very much down here on planet earth and some day we will all meet in the kingdom of gods heaven...  I think about you every day and pray you and mom are sipping on some tea, dancing a Hungarian dance, smiling,laughing,in peace and comfort with our heavenly father... you are my hero Jeffrey! I feel each and every day your spirit and presence with us. Today during your 51st birthday and during my workout" remember the " orange weights" yep, you INSPIRED my marathon workout~ OH BOY, OH BOY," thats a SHOCKER " pillsbury  DOUGH boy, TWEETIE!  and I gave disneyland a shout out for you! your loving sister,
Love suzanne, yazzi, dani, and faith, meow,meow"

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 12th June 2015

"Dear Jeffrey,
I'm sending you a flower on your birthday.  I miss you.  You were a big presence.

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 12th June 2015

"Jeffrey, today would have been your 51st birthday and knowing how you loved each of your birthdays and celebrated each one, we are trying to celebrate this one for you. I know if you were here,  this would have been a special day so we started it out by going out for breakfast and we will do that every year from now on.  We miss you every day. I light a candle for you at church.  I think of you all the time,wishing you were still here.  Sometimes a song on the radio or a commercial or any number of things will bring you to me and it hurts,Jeff
We love you
Dad and Johanna"

This tribute was added by Sara Herscher on 12th June 2015

"It's still hard to believe that Jeffrey is not with us anymore. Today, on our beloved brother Jeffrey's birthday, I feel his bright presence with me and it helps bring a smile through my tears. I miss my one of a kind friend, hairstylist and brother Jeffrey. Jeffrey, know that I think of you often. I have some of your crystals in my car, which makes me feel closer to you. I hope that you are in a beautiful place of peace now. I will love you forever and ever!

This tribute was added by Michael Chitjian on 12th June 2015

"Happy Birthday Jeffrey!  I miss hearing your laugh, your stories and your jokes.  I still can't believe you're gone and I'm waiting for the day when you call me and say that you just got back from a long vacation and were excited to tell me all about your travels.  I miss you so much and I hope you are celebrating your special day somewhere out there..."

This tribute was added by David Matis on 12th June 2015

"Today is Jeffrey’s birthday. I bet he would want us to celebrate—no tears, no sadness. I remember Jeffrey’s knack for encouraging people. In line at a store, he’d say “you look really pretty in that dress” to a woman he’d never met—he threw a mini party for the person on the spot. Jeffrey was kind and generous—he made people smile and feel good about themselves. So here’s what I’m going to do to celebrate. I’m going gift-wrap something useful and beautiful and then emanate Jeffrey by giving it to someone who could use a little extra love. I think he’d like that. ;-)"

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 18th May 2015

"Jeffrey six months your in heaven and I am still working on a urn I thinking about tweety bird I have a company that could make up the empty urn and add tweety bird  I will add your ashes Then you will stay with Johanna and I in Sun City and then we will go to Pismo beach What do you think about all that LOVE DAD"

This tribute was added by Mae Matis on 4th May 2015

"I am writing this with my Mom. Jeffre's Aunt. I have so many great memories of you Jeffrey. We had so much fun with you and watching you grow up. I loved hanging at your parents house. It was a blast. I loved going to the Grand Canyon with your entire family. I  thank God for the memories we made. Our true home is in Heaven. Love you Uncle Dick, Suzanne and David. Hope to see you, before I go Home.Love Your Cousin, Terry"

This tribute was added by Mae Matis on 4th May 2015

"We love you Jeffrey! Uncle Don and Aunt Mae.."

This tribute was added by Mae Matis on 4th May 2015

"I am writing about my nephew and how much I loved him. He was a beautiful boy. I loved the way my sister in law Betty dressed him.  I loved his curly hair and how my three children played with him. I remember our trip to the grand canyon with Don,Therese, Bob, Suzanne, David and you Jeffrey the baby of this group.We have so many great memories of you. We will cherish those beautiful times as a family growing up together. Love Always and forever. UNCLE DON AND AUNT MAE..Donald Jr., Therese, Bob, Jacqueline and Beverly."

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 2nd May 2015

I can't believe you have been gone so long already.  I really miss you popping in at different times.  You always brought so much excitement with you. You were a wonderful breath of fresh air.
I Love you

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 1st May 2015

"As time goes buy my life becomes more difficult with you not here missing you is one thing but your voice and kind words and good deeds are missing and its  very hard you are  not being there for all of us to share life with Jeffrey who love each of us a special way have your angle friends be present for all of us and watch over us I love you more then words can express  and yes I am taking my medicine  and tell ma lttmty love dad"

This tribute was added by Laura Craig on 13th April 2015

"This time last year, we were planning Jeffrey's visit here to Illinois. I am thinking of him every day. We originally planned for the last week of April but that changed due to weather. Jeffrey arrived May 8th 2014.

The following is a sample of the things we did May 8-May 14 2014

Richard Walkers for Breakfast
Chicago Botanic Gardens (tulips)
Bob Chinn's for Dinner, Superdawg for Dessert
Soldier Field Beer Festival
Millenium Park
Gene and Georgetti for Dinner
Museum of Science and Industry
Macys/Marshall Fields
Rockford IL Machine Shed for Breakfast
Galena IL

This is an email I sent Jeffrey regarding itinerary. I planned way too much but I wanted him to get the most out of his visit here.

I think we should spend Saturday and Sunday touring the city and doing city things

$7 Weekend Metra Train Pass. Unlimited Train Saturday thru Sunday.
There is an L tour that we should take.
Sunday May 11th 1am. I am going to buy our tickets before they sell out. We could do brunch first.

Chicago History Museum | 'L' Tours

Are you interested in max sightseeing via a trolley? We can buy a one day or three day pass.
Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. - Chicago's Best Tour

Saturday 1pm. One of my favorite buildings.
City of Chicago :: Chicago Cultural Center Building Tours
Gaze at the world's largest Tiffany stained-glass dome, as well as beautifully ornate multi-colored mosaics, marble and molding during guided architectural tours of the Chicago Cultural Center.

Gene and Georgetti Must make a reservation.
There are many fabulous steak houses that Chicago is known for... I like G and G.  Lunch menu too.
Gene And Georgetti Steakhouse | Chicago Steakhouse
We welcome you to over 70 years of tradition and an award winning commitment to dining excellence; our extensive wine selection and fully stock...

Brunch options.
Wishbone Chicago Restaurant | Southern Reconstruction Cooking

Museums - One a day. Click on the link. U choose.

Museum of Science and Industry | Museum Info

Welcome to The Field Museum | The Field Museum
From Dinosaurs to DNA, take a journey that spans billions of years at the Field Museum in Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Open daily 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Thursday until 8:00 p.m.
I am still holding on to his voicemail(s). I am still so very sad but I know he is in a much better place. He is looking down at all of us and enjoying his life in Heaven with all of the others that are up there.

I want to applaud/thank all the family and friends in his life for keeping this tribute up for him. I cannot tell you how often I want to comment on your postings because they are so wonderful.

Jeffrey always called me his Angel Bunny. I think he was the Angel Bunny.

Love and Condolences
April 2015"

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 11th April 2015

"I think of you daily and miss you dearly. :("

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 8th March 2015

"Love youJeff MISS YOU VERY MUCH I AM TAKING MY MEDICINE Miss talking on the phone.Going to have another Mass said. Letter from scott . He also misses you very much He help David and I with your apartment. Couldn't have done it without him LOVE DAD Say hi to Ma"

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 14th February 2015

"I miss Jeff. Had a mass said for you. Say hi to Ma  Love Dad"

This tribute was added by Michael Chitjian on 20th December 2014

"I finally found the courage to add a post to remember Jeffrey.  I just couldn't believe it when I heard the news.  I had seen him in the hospital a week or so before and he seemed to be in good spirits and I felt like everything was going to be fine because he has always been a survivor.  Now, my heart sinks every time I think about him and the reality that I will never see him again.  Jeffrey was like a brother to me.  We met in 2009 and became fast friends.  We were there for each other during our ups and downs.  It always seemed like when things were down for me they were up for him and he would be there for me.  When things were down for him, they would usually be up for me and then I would be there for him.  It was indeed a crazy dynamic that we had and we used to always joke about it.  There is one instance in particular that I will always remember when Jeffrey literally saved my life.  It was one of my toughest moments and he was there for me.  I will always be grateful and will remember it for the rest of my life.  I will especially miss his laugh and sense of humor.  He was very witty and we used to laugh and joke about the most ridiculous things ;).  He always put a smile on my face and kept reminding me not to sweat the small stuff.  He was always so generous with his heart and truly saw the good in everyone.  He also had a way of being direct or blunt sometimes that made me adjust my own clouded perspective which helped me realize the truth.  He was all-around such a great guy…  Jeffrey, I love you so much and I will miss you forever.  You will live on in my heart and I hope you’re somewhere out there watching over all of us."

This tribute was added by Richard Matis on 14th December 2014

Your saying that you expressed in my last Birthday card this October said , "I love you very much and never lose your faith" and the words you said in the last call you made to me were "I love you Dad and I know I'm going to die".  The love for me I felt each day as you being my son is the same love I felt from your friends in this memorial.  I
I cannot find the words to use in thanking each of them for what was said.  A father could not ask for anything more from his child than what was said by all your friends expressing what you have said and done with all of them throughout your lifetime. I will continue with this faith and love the project you had for the homeless and other organizations.
I want to thank David for all his tears,  love and support in helping all of us thru a very difficult time in our lives. He handled everything and took all the pressure off of me.  I want to thank Suzanne, Gretchen, Johanna and Scott for their love and for being there. Also my Granddaughters.
I am going to miss picking up the phone and calling you to ask about anything and get your answers.
I will miss you yelling at me to remind me to take my medicine
I will miss hearing the phone ring, looking at the caller ID, seeing it was you and answering to hear all about it-whatever the subject.
Jeff, you were always there for me. You were my person- on the other end of the phone-or sometimes driving all the way from California to be here with me.
I know that you and Mom are together in heaven because you both had your faith.
Thank you ,Jeff, for being my son
I love you

This tribute was added by David Matis on 2nd December 2014

"It's been two weeks since since I walked into Jeffrey's room at Huntington Memorial shortly after he died. The waves of sadness are overwhelming. Since then I've spoken with and met many of Jeffrey's friends and neighbors all of whom are incredibly kind. I've spent hours on the phone notifying and crying with people who hadn't heard the news of his passing. I've heard many stories about what Jeffrey meant to the people he touched.

At the GA memorial in Burbank, one of his friends said that Jeffrey was a color in a world that did all it could to keep people down. Jeffrey was a whole box of colors, the jumbo box. Jeffrey had a huge heart and felt things deeply. He wanted to be and was a benefit to other people. He loved fully and completely. He was all in.

Jeffrey faced huge challenges many of which he overcame. And he persisted to the end in leaning into the others. Jeffrey was fully and unapologetically authentic.  He had the courage to be himself and to speak his mind. My brother added to the sum of beauty in the world. He was a kind, good, and thoughtful man. My heart is broken and my life is diminished without him in it."

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 30th November 2014

"Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with they blessed art thou amoung they women and give us the fruit of the womb jesus. Mary mother of god pray for our sinners now until the hour of our death AMEN"

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 30th November 2014

"Lords Prayer for Jeffrey!   Our father who art in heaven hollowed be they name they kingdom come they will be done as earth as it is in heaven, give us this day are daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil Amen.  RIP Jeffrey  LOVE Suzi, yazzi, Danni. and Faith 'meow '' meow'"

This tribute was added by Laura Craig on 30th November 2014

"Jeffrey was a part of my life for close to 40 years. We kept in touch thru social media, phone calls and email. We lost touch for awhile and he found me thru and Conni C. Ursland. I got a phone call from David, Jeffrey's brother, yesterday. He had noticed texts and photos that I had been sending to Jeffrey. I learned of his untimely passing and have been mourning ever since.

We were very fortunate to spend a week together in May. I showed him so many things in the Midwest. Chicago Botanic Gardens, Lou Malnatis, Galena IL, Gene and Georgetti, Soldier Field (brewfest), and much much more. We ended each evening just talking, drinking a cocktail and sharing each others lives from the past 25 to 30 years.

Jeffrey had such a unique view of life and the blessings that were sent his way. ie: his flight was delayed going back and he won a round trip travel voucher to get bumped to another flight the following day. This was a gift from the cosmos to him. To me it was classic chicago travel issues. I LOVED his perspective.

While together he spoke of Richard. They had such a wonderful friendship and I felt like I knew Richard just thru Jeffrey. As I read your tributes, Richard, I grieve with you. Tears of sorrow.

Jeffrey spoke of Kris and the barber shop. all of the new things he was learning. The clients. How thankful he was for the time he was there.

He also surprised me with his home decorating projects. Did u know he installed his own custom bathroom vanity in his apartment?! Good for you, Jeffrey! He was also looking at a new French door refrigerator for his next home improvement.

He would call me his angel bunny when he called. He was on and off Facebook so it was a little harder to keep in touch.
He loved meeting celebrities and musicians thru his photography friend.
I was thrilled for him.

So..I knew the 12 year old Jeffrey, the 20 something Jeffrey and the 40 something Jeffrey. Words like "sweet", "thoughtful", "kind", "considerate" and "loyal" all describe Jeffrey.

Thank you, Jeffrey, for being my friend. I know you have reunited with Natalie(my mom) and you are laughing with joy. One of a kind Jeffrey Matis."

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 30th November 2014

"Tell me where life goes in such a rush
Like that melted snow in your blue eyes
No one ever could try to tell us
Both were young and full of all our lies
We got in real deep they all could see
Running from the sun casting our shadows
No one trusted us not even me
We hung ourselves to rot upon our gallows
We built our castles high upon the rise
Oh, so young, young and wild
Tell me where life goes with some old friends
'Cause we don't see each other anymore
All candles do melt, we burnt both ends
And there is nothing left we have in store
I saw myself there lying on the ground
You blew your breath
Deep into my soul
Where we have been
No one will ever know
Where we have been no one will ever know"

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 29th November 2014

""I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer"

I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
I thought you would go then come back home
I thought the cold would leave by summer
But my quiet nights will be spent alone

You said there would be warm love in springtime
That was when you started to be cold
I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
But now I find myself all alone

You said then you'd be the life in autumn
Said you'd be the one to see the way
I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
But now I find my love has gone away

Why didn't you stay?"

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 26th November 2014

"Someday out of the blue
In a crowded street or a deserted square
I'll turn and I'll see you
As if our love were new
Someday we can start again, someday soon
Here comes the night
Here come the memories
Lost in your arms
Down in the foreign fields
Not so long ago
Seems like eternity
Those sweet afternoons
Still capture me
(repeat chorus)
I still believe
I still put faith in us
We had it all and watched it slip away
Where are we now
Not where we want to be
Those hot afternoons
Still follow me
Someday out of the blue
Maybe years from now
Or tomorrow night
I'll turn and I'll see you
As if we always knew
Someday we would live again, someday soon
I still believe, I still put faith in us
I still believe, I still put faith in us
I still believe, I still put faith in us
Here comes the night
Here come the memories
Lost in your arms
Down in the foreign fields
Not so long ago
Seems like eternity
Those sweet afternoons
Still capture me
Someday out of the blue
Maybe years from now
Or tomorrow night
I'll turn and I'll see you
As if we always knew
Someday we would live again, someday soon
(repeat chorus)
I still believe, I still put faith in us
I still believe, I still put faith in us
I still believe, I still put faith in us..."

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 26th November 2014

"I just love and miss you so much my dear friend. I grieve so deeply. all day, every day."

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 24th November 2014

"We never had the opportunity to personally meet Jeffrey, but if the saying of "like father, like son" is true, than I have no doubt Jeffrey was s great person. Leaving his family so young is sad indeed, but dwell not into remorse, but praise his life with good memories. Jeffrey will be missed!
Jay & Lourdes  Romero"

This tribute was added by Preston Brooker on 23rd November 2014

"I Met Jeff Matis when he was 20 and I was 17, We were best of friends for many years! He was a part of my family, even lived with us for quite some time. As friends we shared the good times as well as the bad times, always didn't agree with each other! But we got over ourselves, "eventually!"  We shared everything togehther, he knew all my secrets and I knew most of his! And we travelled together(even though we probably shouldn't have"! We did and we went to Hawaii, up the coast of California, Washington, Seattle, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Jerome, Cottonwood, Tucson, Tennesee, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Chicago, St. Louis, And so many more. Jeffrey actually taight me how to drive a stick shift car coming back from the Grand Canyon one time and to this day I will never forget the laughs, and the fights. We were always there for each other and then he moved to California and we grew apart,,I look back at some of the memories, because thats what we created, and those memories no one can take from me. I hope you know My friend that whatever you may of thought You were my friend, Someone that I would of been there for had I known of your battle with cancer! I can't even believe you are gone! I Hope you are dancing with your Mom Betty and that you both are having a grand time! You will be forever in my heart, our memories will forever be with me. Thank you for those memories! May Peace be with you!

Your Friend,

This tribute was added by Suzi Matis on 23rd November 2014

"Jeffrey, you left us to soon... Faith, hope and love and the gREATEST is Love...your a survivor and i Love you so very much...Im greatful that you are with mom up in eternal kingdom of heaven! Rest in Peace' Jeffrey Haleighla" oh boy 'oh boy '' ''i got my root beer belly... Bunny, Thats a SHOCKER! Peace, Love Suzanne, Yazzi Faith Danni:)"

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 23rd November 2014

"One of my heros since my teenage years has been Leo F. Buscaglia. He was (and still is. Even after his passing) a great teacher of life and love.. His teaching were of love and of life and being human, and a charming and easily to fall in love with kinda character. A true diamond of our generation ......and then a few years later I met you Jeffrey.You were the golden child who seemed to be birthed from all of my hero's words. I love you so much and work hard every day to regain my breath. Your passing has left me a bit grief stricken honey. Im on day four now of tears. I know you would not be pleased with this for you were always about love and life and joy for me so Im doing my best to get back on my feet. I wanna dedicate this to you Jeffrey......... ........I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opertunity to speak to you as often as I did as you struggled to survive. I spoke to you last on the 8th of this month...and we ended our conversation as usual with " I love yous". You are forever in my heart Jeffrey. Forever."

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 22nd November 2014

"I am sure of this though...I love you. always will."

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 22nd November 2014

"Perhaps love is like a resting place
A shelter from the storm
It exists to give you comfort
It is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble
When you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home

Perhaps love is like a window
Perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer
It wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself
And don't know what to do
The memory of love will see you through

Oh, love to some is like a cloud
To some as strong as steel
For some a way of living
For some a way to feel
And some say love is holding on
And some say letting go
And some say love is everything
And some say they don't know

Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict, full of pain
Like a fire when it's cold outside
Or thunder when it rains
If I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you"

This tribute was added by Richard Verno on 22nd November 2014

"JEffrey was the most amazing person in my life. THere will never be another one like you. I will love you till the end of time my precious friend"

This tribute was added by Kasey Lidgi on 21st November 2014

"One day, many years from now, everyone I've ever known in all the GA rooms I've ever been to, will all take their seat on the clouds and have our little meeting in the sky. Jeffrey M. will chair. Till then, friend...


This tribute was added by Sean Nielsen on 21st November 2014

"Jeffery will always be my brother in recovery. Your positivity was appreciated. May your spirit continue to shine as brightly as your soul travels through the cosmos. Stay strong and know that are loved.
Peace and Love"

This tribute was added by Shaimoom Newaz on 21st November 2014

"You are a warrior. An inspiration. A truly remarkable individual with a big heart. Thank you for being you my friend. I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Rob Johnsen on 21st November 2014

"You inspired me to share from my heart and to just tell my truth, no matter how painful or wonderful it may be.  I will miss seeing and hearing your gratitude and your love Jeffrey.  I will especially miss your howling laugh and how you would erupt in delight when something moved you.  You've left your 'humansuit' as you used to call it and now you are soaring through the universe.  Safe travels my friend, I will see you soon.  Love, Rob"

This tribute was added by Gretchen Matis on 20th November 2014

"In the worlds
Where the kernel
Of your being's soul
Now sojourns,
I send love to you."

This tribute was added by Andrew Hays on 20th November 2014

"Jeffrey's journey back is one that inspires; gives hope, and gives meaning to friendship.  Safe travels, friend."

This tribute was added by Nasry Malak on 20th November 2014

"Jeffrey, I didn't know you very long and we didn't talk very much but when we did, I truly enjoyed our conversations.   I know you are in a better place where there is no suffering and your soul is at rest.  I pray you take comfort in knowing that you are really missed and loved.  Much love always."

This tribute was added by Lupe Pantoja on 20th November 2014

"Jeffrey left us much too soon.  He was a good, decent, and caring brother and friend. He will be greatly missed but his memory will live in our hearts and minds!"

This tribute was added by johanna gorr on 19th November 2014

You left us too soon.  Life was never dull when you were around us and you weren't around enough.  I will miss you. I'm glad I knew you."

This tribute was added by Greg Ellis on 19th November 2014

"Jeffrey alway had a different outlook on things, a different prospective if you will .In his presence it was always fun! He was the life of the party and the fun in our hearts. He taught me sometimes you just have to take time to be silly. I will...thank you Jeffrey"

This tribute was added by Kris Sharma on 19th November 2014

"Jeffrey was such a sweet, goodhearted guy. He always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. Rest in peace. We miss you."

This tribute was added by Len K on 19th November 2014

"Jeffrey you will always be remembered as a friend that I shared a journey with. You were brave and courageous and always told it as it was: Honest and truthful. You will be sorely missed but always in our hearts and minds."

This tribute was added by lee wilcox on 19th November 2014

"J oyful
E loquent
F ascinating
F un
R adiant
E xuberant
Y oung forever

JEFFREY you will be forever in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Ara Hacobian on 19th November 2014

"Jefferey enjoyed life and was always smiling...and I am glad to have known him....may he rest in peace...."

This tribute was added by Alvin Fong on 19th November 2014

"He really was a bright inspiring light that cared about making the world a better place and giving back the gifts he was given."

This tribute was added by Lynell Bangs on 19th November 2014

"The delight that Jeffrey took in every little tiny bit of life always made me smile.   That's what I'll keep."

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