“The magic is inside you. There ain't no crystal ball.”
-Dolly Parton
  • 57 years old
  • Born on April 19, 1961 in Bloomington, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on August 6, 2018 in Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved brother,son, cousin, uncle and friend Jeffrey Reeves. We will remember him forever. He lived a life full of passion for theater, gardens, dogs, morel mushrooms, fighting against injustice, all things Hoosier and travel. He loved the dramatic and often used facebook as his stage. For all that he brought to the many lives that he touched, in his own life, "behind the scenes" he struggled to find peace and happiness. Our hope is that he now has found that which eluded him in this life. A perfect peace.....

Please share a memory of Jeffrey, a photo, or just light a candle in his memory.

In lieu of flowers, a donation to Irvington Garden Club in Indianapolis may be given. Jeffrey was vice president of this club previously and loved gardening.        Address: Irvington Garden Club, P.o. Box 19147, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Small graveside memorial service will be held on Friday, August 17 at Mt Gilead Cemetery, Bloomington, Indiana at 11:00 a.m. Postscript: the memorial service was beautiful and I am posting the video I took of it for those who could not attend.

Posted by Ashley Hamman on 19th October 2018
Hello, Jeffrey. My mind stumbled upon you today, and it reminded me that you are gone from this earth and somewhere else. A place I cannot go yet, so I remember your wit and your candor and your wonderful laugh and your fearlessness. I miss your attitude and your sly comments and your loving face that saw and felt everything so deeply. I am thankful we got to know each other, in this briefness of life. I miss you.
Posted by Julie Dowswell on 21st August 2018
Jeff, we grew apart in our adult years and I could never figure out how to have a relationship with you after we grew up. I am sorry for that and will always have regrets about not being a part of those years of your life. I prayed for you daily though and never, ever stopped loving you. I wish I had been able to love you the way you needed. Mom and Dad's greatest wish was to be close with you again but they too could not ever find the path to love and connect with you as they longed to do. Knowing that you were loved by so many gives us comfort that you were not alone. I wish I had known the Jeff that so many others knew. You were so talented, smart, funny but also so full of a longing for something that you could not find in this life. My heartfelt wish is that you have found your perfect peace and are at this moment singing and gardening with Marleigh or May Apple at your side.
Posted by Carol Beverley on 12th August 2018
Jeff. We always see each other Once a year. At the MCL cafeteria. By accident. It is so funny lately I have been thinking I hadn’t seen you in a while Now I know why. Lights are brighter in heaven . I know you’re making God and Jesus laugh.
Posted by R Leek on 11th August 2018
The photos we have posted were gathered from many Reeves gatherings and trips. We shared many good times and fond memories, which included camping, hiking, biking, shopping, family gatherings, food, lots of singing and laughing, with lively discussions. One of our fondest memories is singing The Sound of Music while driving over the mountains. We are sad, he will be missed. Always loved by his family.
Posted by Patricia Lemons on 11th August 2018
May you rest peacefully & thank you for wonderful & funny memories. You planted & grew my 1st flowers & most of all you planted an loving friendship w/your brown sugar baby from Ameritech & SBC days..! You was a selfless person & Awesome man! I remember you wore a tux to Ms. CARLA retirement party & only silly U got down on 1 knee & proposed to me lol The best LAUGH EVER!!! Never forgotten never good bye Love, Tricia
Posted by Melany Bellucci on 9th August 2018
I am truly going to miss you from the bottom of my heart! Loved our chats, marking the park, you not wanting to have wet feet from the dew or rain---so wearing plastic bags on your feet---always making me laugh and smile. loved your black suit that you added beads to yourself by hand....impressive! Sharing our secrets, and our lives, I wish I could have helped in some way. Wishing you the forever peace you have always deserved. Much love!
Posted by Annelle Rago on 8th August 2018
Oh the laughs we shared, the fights we had (but always made up)! I hope I am still here in your next life and I know you will let me know it is you! I selfishly miss you, but know you are now free and at peace and for that, I am happy. You are finally well, Goose. I love you!
Posted by Julie LeHunt on 8th August 2018
I'd rather this were a real flower for the opening of another show we were doing together, Jeffrey. You will always be loved & missed.
Posted by Stephen Hollenbeck on 7th August 2018
We certainly had our ups and downs in our relationship. But you were loved and will be missed . I will miss the late night rants. I hope you find the peace that eluded you in life
Posted by Sandy Mull on 7th August 2018
I remember sharing a laugh with Jeff at your wedding. I went to put some lipstick on and it broke right in half! Grieving with you all! Love Dave, Sandy and Marcus!
Posted by Melissa Kay on 7th August 2018
We are all going to miss you Jeffrey, you were loved by so many. The theme song to Maude, your teasing of my gluten, secret satan not santa, the shows we went to. Trinitys infatuation with you, the babies talk and the platonic girlfriend bit. Our last scattegories games and you stayed on 2 words totally not what the letter was. Our calls, our rants, our texts and our dream of running away to the ocean and living on the beach again. Our ooookay and Minnesoooota. All our fun and laughs. I'm still in shock, I'm still not ready.

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