In memory of Jemima Mayne (Aunteye) - an incredible light in all of our lives. May her memory and legacy live on in our lives and hearts forever.

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Posted by Esi Cleland on April 9, 2021
Dearest Aunteye - I'm particularly missing you today because I can't help but imagine exactly what you would be doing this afternoon, having heard that Prince Philip has passed on to eternity. You would have been glued to the TV for the next 5 or 6 hours, watching every channel reporting the news and phoning me every half an hour with a running commentary about it :(

Aunteye was a true British Royal family fan - she knew everything about them and was always clued up on the latest royal gossip. She liked Prince Philip and found his controversial ways rather amusing. 

Aunteye knew I was not at all interested in any of the royals in particular, but that did not stop her at all from torturing me with endless stories about what each and everyone of them was up to every so often. I actually think she told me these stories just to wind me up. Today I would do anything to hear you pestering me.

I often told Aunteye I would write to the Queen just to let her know she had an avid fan from Ghana, who I wanted her to meet.

I wonder if her enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that she was one of the lucky school children who were invited to meet the Queen when she visited Ghana in the 50's?

I can just imagine Aunteye will be among the group up there to welcome the Prince today.

Missing you loads!!!

Posted by Edna Agyemfra on April 8, 2021
Ms. Mayne was my favourite teacher even though she was my brother's class 4 teacher and never taught me. I haven't seen her in many years - 30+ but still put her name down whenever the question about my favorite teacher comes up. Whatever she did to make me have these fond memories must have been very special. Great teachers are always remembered. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rest well Ms Mayne. 
Posted by Jennifer Addae on April 7, 2021
Auntie Jem, you truly are a GEM . from age 3 when I attended Garrison Primary I can hear you say “eii adwoa , do you remember” , and until now, you have been a constant in my life. With your unwavering support , you truly are the epitome of a decent human being .
The Kokofu family will truly miss you and are forever thankful that we were blessed to know you..
May you rest in absolute perfect peace
Jenny .
Posted by Vera Ampah Johnston on April 7, 2021
Aunty Sister was a loving and caring auntie. May her lovely soul rest in peace.
Posted by Rufina Acheampong on April 7, 2021
Dear "Aunty Kakro"
(Mary coined that special name because Aunty Sister's kakro was simply the best.)

To say we were shocked to hear of your passing is an understatement! 

There was no time to say goodbye. We will always remember your warmth and thoughtfulness, particularly when we met at cousin Esi and Frankie's.

May your kind and gentle soul rest in peace Aunty
Mary and Rufina
Posted by Mary Agbenyeku on April 6, 2021
Tribute by Aunty Esi Cape coast - Aunteye, you were a special, caring, warm and thoughtful friend.
The thought of your demise always bring tears to my eyes. We shared so many fun memories especially when you made time to visit mummy Coker in Tema. You were a sister, a friend, a confidant, an adviser and a mom to my kids. I have no words to describe the hurt I feel, but I take consolation knowing you lived a happy, fulfilling, accomplished life and that you are now at peace with your creator. Aunteye, Nyame ka wohu, Da yie.
Posted by David and Joanna Awuku-As... on April 6, 2021
Aunty Sister,

A genuinely beautiful soul and so effortless to be around you. Thank you for your friendship and spontaneous concern to us and all around you. You brought a disarming innocence and made all feel welcome in your presence. May your memories be peaceful as you journey back home.

There is indeed a place in heaven ..for some one like you..

Posted by Charles Mayne on April 5, 2021
“There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone the light still remains.”

My Aunt Jemima was a wonderful, fun-loving woman who was full of life. Her smile could light up a room and it was infectious. She made everyone around her happy. Whether it was a funny joke, her positive attitude, or her big smile, she was a delight to be around. I will miss my aunt’s smile and positive attitude. She was an incredible sister, mother, and aunt. She will be missed by a lot of people. Aunt Jemima I wish you peace and will always love you.

Ebow Mayne Jr.
Posted by Nana Yaa Antwi on April 5, 2021
Awwww!! Aunty Sister. I cannot believe you have left us. Even though I have been out of the UK for the past 8 years, every visit I made to Esi and Frankie's you were either present or we spoke on the phone. Remember the good old Edmonton days. You had a special way in calling the boys Nana Nuamah and Kwaku Nyarko. Your radiate smile and laughter is no longer, but you will always be in our hearts.
Sleep Well.
Posted by Daniel Coker on April 4, 2021
Aunteye, I have found it incredibly difficult coming to terms with your untimely passing. How can this be? I still hear your voice asking Kuukua and I to pray for your healing. This was not the outcome we expected or prayed for but I believe that God has called you home to spare you the pain of long term medical intervention.
You were truly a matriarch to the Coker family in the UK and your memory will forever be etched in our hearts.
Who will make us the authentic kakro, bofrot, cakes, Ghana salad & jollof?
I still remember you waving in the window at Esi & Frankie’s a few weeks before your home call & my only regret is not spending more time with you.
May your soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again in glory.

From Nana Sekyi, Kuukua, Baaba, Leila & David
Posted by Alexandra Stump on April 4, 2021
We still hardly believe we are this soon writting a tribute to our dear grand aunt Aunty Sista. Never thaught she would go that early but... it shall be well. We have always thaught that God knows best and so we just want to remain confident in him, believing her recent departure was his plan from day one. And we will always be greatful for how blessed we have been to have such a person like her by ourside until her passing. Aunty sister indeed cared of us and she has been showing it throughout the whole of her life time. Her kindness, her interest, her presence, her time, in all occasions were so appreciated and will now be so missed. And her cakes.. ooh those delicious home made cakes that she would cook for us anytime we would meet. Thank God, you left us Kwame.. the most funniest guy in the world. How blessed we are that you've raised such a familly member. Aunty Sister.. you have been so good to us. You did so good. We wish we could have thank you before you left but we are consoling ourselves knowing that you are getting your reward for this in heaven. Love you forever. Sandy, Michael & Fyona
Posted by William Coker on April 4, 2021
Tribute to Auntie Sister from Chief and Stella Coker

Auntie Sister, an auntie yet like a sister. Always so young at heart and easy going. You had the gift of hospitality and you blessed so many people with your delicious cooking, your love and kindness. We will miss the fun times we’ve had together.

Stella and I remember when you and Kwame visited us in Menlo Park, California in 2001. We took a hike in Muir Woods and what looked initially like a fun idea turned out to be a stressful and strenuous matter halfway up the trail as it turns out that Auntie Sister was afraid of heights! We would tease her about that hike often many years on.

Auntie Sister, during our brief phone conversation about a week before you left us, you were looking forward to getting better and you asked us to pray for healing. We prayed but the Good Lord knows best. May you Rest In Peace.
Posted by Paul Osei on April 3, 2021
awwww Aunteye where do I start and where do I end ? I am really lost for words, i really don't know what to say. AM STUCK !!!! All I can say is that your memory will forever live with me, how you took care of all of us irrespective of where we came from. You opened your house to all of us , you made us feel at home, you made us have a sense of belonging and you were an anchor to me especially with your motherly and welcoming love. I will always remember you asking "Okalla edzidzi a ?"

Hmmmm , Aunteye,our own Aunteye Damirifa Due Due
Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on April 3, 2021
I came to visit you again Aunteye
It will be four weeks since we spoke and prayed and you were your usual chummy self. "Ms Prempeh call your pastor and pray".. were your last words...he was all ready to speak with you Aunteye on sunday but It was not meant to be.

Tomorrow will be four weeks since you transitioned and my hopes of hearing you had come back and was at Potters for a glass of wine ... has remained a dream.

Wow so you ARE really gone Aunteye!?
Wow! Its slowly and painfully sinking in!

May the angels keep you in Abraham's bosom
You were Christ personified 
And We loved you to bits
But I guess God your daddy loved you more

Enter into your rest Ms Jemai!
Keep watching over us sweet Aunteye


Posted by Jude Baidoo on April 3, 2021
Rest In Perfect Peace Aunty. I will always remember you for being high in spirits and treating me as one of your own from the first day I met you. Caring for others was second nature for you. You will be missed, but never forgotten.
Posted by Naana Coker on April 2, 2021
Oh Auntie Sister, I still can’t believe you’re no longer with us.

You were always so giving, jovial and caring. I have fond memories of the moments we shared and the scrumptious food you made. I also remember how excited you were when you found out I was engaged to Kwaku, who you’ve known since he was a young boy.

You will be so dearly missed.

Rest in perfect peace xxxx
Posted by Jemima Mayne on April 2, 2021
Words cannot express this painful exit. Aunty Sister, you were the most wonderful person that i got in touch with the few years Justina and i got to know you. We will forever miss your smiles and warm reception.
Rest well my name sake till we meet again.
Nantsew yie Sweet Auntie.
Posted by Tabby Addo on April 2, 2021
Auntie Jem
It doesn't seem right that you are not here, that there is no whatsapp call!
A kind, thoughful and sweet soul, a gem gone too soon.
Now free from all the encumbrances of this earthly sojourn, rest in peace - a void remains that will not be filled. It was my privilege and honour to have been a tiny part of your story.
See you later, dear Auntie Jem.

Posted by Augusta Agyemang on April 2, 2021
Oh Mima, as I affectionately call you, words cannot express how grateful I am to have met such a wonderful person. You brought a lot of laughter into my life. Especially our conversations on the telephone. We will miss you, my friend and my big sister. Rest in the arms of the Lord.
Posted by Caroline Oduro on April 1, 2021
From the Oduro & Agyemang family.

The saying goes that it's a small world! Having met Jemima through one of our cousin's Augusta Agyemang as we engaged in conversation and upon hearing Jemima's surname - 'Mayne', we asked if her father came from Cape Coast.

She confirmed and we realised that all along we were cousins! To my surprise, her eldest sister was in fact my mate at St. Monica's training College, in Ghana. So this became a running joke, how we found each other.

Apart from Jemima being a lovely cousin, she was a wonderful cook and baker with utmost perfection.

Her doughnuts and cakes bought untold joy to our faces be it young or old in the family. Jemima will be deeply missed as she was a reliable, supportive, loving and a caring person. One of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet!

Jemima was well respected and admired by all, for all she did in particular for our family. She was so special. For example, the countless times she would just turn up at our house bearing home cooked treats which was very much welcomed along with her signature smile.

We will forever cherish the way Jemima lived with us. She will be sorely missed.

Jemima Da yie.

Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on April 1, 2021
A flower for you a day before Good Friday our England Rose. How are we going to carry on without your laughter?

Those of us on the periphery are suffering I wonder how Esi and Frankie are coping.?

Your memories are so pure is keeping everyone going.

Yet Aunteye it is so hard to think of you in the past (Tear, Tear!!)
Its so hard to think of you as a Memorial.

The ever kind Aunteye.....Always looking out for our welfare......Yvonne na adzidzi ah? Menpack bibi mma wo ah?? Maame abuja!!!

You look so alive in your pictures, with your ever glowing skin! I know God heard your prayer so you are at peace...but the shock is out of this world unreal.

God knows so we surrender.
Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on March 28, 2021
Dearest Aunteye,

its three weeks now since you sent us all reeling in shock. The numbness I felt on March 7th cannot be compared with any other pain I have felt in my heart on any other occasion of loss. I have decided not to try and understand for I understand that no matter how hard I try I will never understand how and why you left just like that

Nothing prepared us for this shocking and shattering news but we have left it all in the hands of the Lord and are doing our best to cope.

That we miss you is an understatement.
That You are Hands-down a sad fact that sinks in daily
But its well...God will see us through this!

Rest well, the Queen of Mouton Cadet!
Easter will miss your signature meals... especially your copyrighted kakro ....

Posted by Michael Agyemfra on March 26, 2021
Aunty Jemima or Ms. Mayne as we called her, was one of my favourite teachers ever. I guess I was her favourite student too, as she did everything to help me fit into my new environment at the time. I always thought about reconnecting with her through Uncle Ebo but little did I know that she would be gone too soon.
May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Emefa Dogbatse on March 25, 2021
Awww, Aunteye you were such a beautiful person inside out.
During my vacations in UK , you always ensured I had a good time. You brought so much joy and laughter to everyone around you. Oh your kaakro's taste is ever fresh in my mouth. But never again will I get to even taste it. Memories of the beautiful moments spent with you at Potters Bar will always remain fresh with me.
Aunteye, you are and will be dearly missed.
Rest peacefully Aunteye....
Rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord till we meet again ...
Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on March 25, 2021
A flower for you this Friday afternoon our Aunteye as the third week of your demise fast approaches and attempts at coming to terms with your loss continue to fail usl

Ms Yvonne or Ms Kolonko was always followed by a hearty laugh or na eyi so eh... because there was always something funny that I had could be Overfilling my plate with food albeit being on a diet.... Trying to fit a size 12 skirt knowing full well I am a size 18 ...... or Wearing an oversized wig or a high heel that could almost trip me over.....oh could we lose you so fast and so soon..

continue resting

miss u loads xxxxxx
Posted by Cassie Thorpe on March 24, 2021
I still can’t quite believe that you’re not with us anymore. You were, and will continue to be remembered as such a bright light in our lives - I don’t think I ever saw you without a smile. You truly were the most kind, caring and loving person, and all we can do now is make you proud of us. I know you’re smiling down on us, love you and thank you for all you did.
Posted by Andy Coker on March 24, 2021
Auntie Sister – it’s still so hard to come to terms with losing you. You’ve been a shining light in all of our lives, and are so dearly loved by so many. I can just picture hearing your trademark infectious laughter before even seeing you, to then turn the corner and be greeted with a huge smile, warm hug, and the inevitable offer of delicious food! It’s painful to know that your presence will be missing from or lives, but we all have so many fond memories of family gatherings and celebrations that would not have been the same without you, Auntie Sister. We’ll hold those memories dearly until we meet again.

May God bless you. Rest in perfect peace xxx
Posted by Prudence Kyerematen on March 23, 2021
Jemima you have left us too soon. I will forever miss you. Rest In Peace.
Posted by dinah dadzie on March 22, 2021
The lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
  Psalm 34:18

Aunteye! As we affectionately call you, you were a mother, An Aunty and a Grandma to all. You had such a beautiful heart. I’m still coming into terms that you are no more. Your first response to me whenever you see me , is Dee, how are you ? What can I offer you? What will you eat? And I know I will be sorted. Potters bar will never be the same without you. Your caramel cake, kakro, beans stew, Jollof and all the other goodies. Aunteye I’m really grateful for all the love you showed me. Aunteye! The lord knows best. I know you are in a better place.

    Much love Lady Dee.
Posted by Kwabena Kyei-Mensah on March 22, 2021
My beloved Aunteye, life will not be the same without you. I have to put my trust in God that time will heal us all from the unimaginable pain of your passing.

I think it will be extremely hard to find someone as consistent as Aunty Sister. On the very day I was born, Aunteye was there with my parents. For almost every single birthday in my 28 years, Aunteye would send me a birthday card. At my graduation in 2015, Aunteye was there to share such a special moment with me as well. Aunteye, there were so many more good memories and laughs that I had envisioned you sharing with us all, but God had other plans.

Your smile, laugh and unrivalled Jollof will never be forgotten. I miss you so much and cannot wait until we meet again.

Aunteye, Aunty Sister, Jemiiiiiii! God rest your beautiful soul and may your spirit live on forever.

Kwabena xxxx
Posted by Justina Mayne on March 22, 2021
It's with a heavy heart to say goodbye to my sweet Aunty Jemima. I remember my first meeting with you was at Mummy Coker's home. I was told I had Aunties but it was only Aunty Christy of blessed memory that I knew. It's was so surprising when Mummy introduced you to me because I thought it was only my only sister who was named Jemima Mayne, This time mummy made me aware that apart from my big sister, I had an Aunty by that name. Aunty Jemima the short time we got to know you was like a million years. You were so caring, selfless and down to earth. You really made me feel proud by the dresses and shoes you sent to me during your visit. U said 'Justina when you wear these dresses snap pictures and send them to me so I can send more'. That statement alone depicted how lovely you were. I keep reading your last chat with me... 'Thank you for being there for Mummy Coker'. That expression or statement alone shows the kindest heart you had. The day before your demise, i got so worried because I had sent text messages and you had not replied. I asked sis. Esi and she told me to remember you in prayers . Little did I know you will be leaving this world the next day. The most beautiful soul I met. Aunty Eye! Jemima Mayne your name sake and I say fare thee well! Mother of mothers. Love you ❤️ ! God be with you till we meet again sweetest and the best
Posted by Robert Frans on March 22, 2021
It is my honor to speak today about great woman and a mentor Mrs. Jemima Mayne. I wish I had the opportunity to tell her directly. l know that life isn’t fair sometimes. It’s not fair that she was taken away suddenly. She was my teacher for 2 consecutively years in Kumasi 4BN (4TH Battalion of infantry). She made me what l am today because of her motivation and encouragement she gave me. In those days was Form 1 and form 2 and so on now called JSS AND SSS. One thing that l will forever remember her with was early morning Mental and afternoon dictation. Math was my problem and she will pose the question Add 2 to 2 and square the results or add 3 to 5 and square results. I can add alright, but I cannot square the results. She will give us some lashes Oh men l will not forget those days. Through it all l was able to overcome those difficulties and challenges. Later in years we became friends. Oh My sweet teacher you’re loved. May your gentile soul rest in prefect peace. You will be forever loved.
Posted by Betty Damoah on March 22, 2021
My dear Aunt, I met you when you came into Ghana with Aunty Esi and Uncle Frankie. And it was as if you knew me already when I was introduced to you. I really thought I would see you again to give you some more dawadawa powder. However, am assured that the roll was called up yonder, and Aunteye you had to be present. In these trying times all over the world, God needs more angels to dispatch his blessings and I believe you were headhunted for the job, so you had to rush out of this life. God know best. Bless your beautiful soul. When you are looking down from heaven I know you would not forget to put smiles on Aunty Esi's face otherwise she would always be teary when talking about you. As for Uncle Frankie he would just be quiet. Rest on, Rest well. The labour of this life is over indeed, you will receive a crown for your hospitality and selflessness.
Posted by Edem Dogbatse on March 22, 2021
Am honoured to say a few words about Auntie Sister. Aunteye was a cheerful, fun-loving person who was full of life. Memories of her lovely smile whenever we met at Frankie and Esi's home could light up a room and it was infectious. She made everyone around her happy. She was a great cook. Fare thee well Auntie Sister, you fought a good fight and you won the race. You left a legacy that will be forever remembered.
Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Theresa Oduro on March 22, 2021
I still can’t believe that you are gone, Auntie Sister. A beautiful person, in and out! I was shocked beyond measure when I got the devastating news, as I had spoken to you not long before, and you were as bright and breezy as ever. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. We would all have loved to have you for a bit longer but God thought otherwise and He knows best. Rest in peace till we meet again
Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on March 22, 2021
Hi Aunteye, some days are better ..others are filled with heart wrenching sadness. As I read Esi's tributes and others the tears flow again. You will be so missed.

Love loads,

Posted by Sylvia Akwaboah on March 21, 2021
Aunteye!!! Just so unbelievable that you are gone!! I can still hear your laughter and you calling out “ei Kojo Mensah na wa y3 panyin dei!”
You loved Esi and her family and that love spilled on to us their friends. You always went out of your way to make sure we had enough to eat and enough to take away. On our last visit in 2019, you hosted us spectacularly as usual and asked us to come pick up cake the day we were leaving. I called when I was on my way and I arrived to piping hot cake! I didn’t realise you’d completely forgotten but you went out of your way to quickly bake for us because you didn’t want to disappoint us. Such was your love! Irreplaceable!
We had a few trips together; Singapore, Bali and who can forget the memorable “peri peri” trip to Portugal??!!! So much fun!!
Aunteye, thank you for your laughter, your hospitality and most of all for your unconditional love! You will always be in our hearts!

Love, From the Akwaboahs.
Posted by Anne Ewusie on March 21, 2021
I will always remember you in my heart, Auntie Sister. I will remember your words of encouragement after my mum died. Every other weekends you would call to see how I am coping. I called when you were hospitalised but never got the chance to hear your lovely voice again but we texted and I will treasure your last text to me. You were a wonderful lady, sister, friend and mum to the world and you will be dearly missed. May your beautiful soul Rest in Perfect Peace with the angels. From Anne Ewusie
Posted by Asare Amaning on March 19, 2021
Auntie Sister, affectionately known in the family as (Aunteye), an incredible lady whose love for all goes beyond any human imagination. You are gone too soon but you will always be remembered by those near and far. We believe your unconditional love for all has earned you a first class seat by our maker. Rest in peace Auntie Sister.
Posted by Patrick Kyei-Mensah (Snr) on March 19, 2021
Aunteye, I’ve still got a bottle of Mouton Cadet on the wine rack waiting for your next visit to Harborough.
But not to worry; I’ll keep it for you until we next meet. Bye for now. Daddy O

PS: Oh, and your Christmas present is also still here. Will keep as well.
Posted by Kojo Acquaah-Harrison on March 18, 2021
May you rest in perfect peace Aunteye, things will never be the same without you.
I will always remember how you were a mother to all of us, were always there to spread joy through high spirits and generously baked sweets.
You will truly be appreciated forever.
Posted by EBO Lamptey on March 18, 2021
Words cannot express how saddened and shocked we were to hear that our darling Aunty sister had passed away.
Oh Anteye! Hmm.
We really enjoyed your company so much and you filled our hearts with joy and laughter. The smile on your face always lit up the room anytime we met you.
You were always loving and kind. We have truly lost a gentle soul.
Gone but we will not forget you.

RIP Anteye
much love
EBO & Susan Lamptey
Posted by Ian Ziddah on March 18, 2021
Miss Mayne,
There are few teachers that one remembers in a life time. I remember you all too clearly in Kotoka Primary, Class Two.
You took such good care of us all and taught us not only to read and write but to strive for significance. That light has burned until this day, never to be put out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
May God give you peace as you rest from your labours.
Rest in peace my dear teacher.

Posted by Lucy Kyei-Mensah on March 17, 2021
My Darling Aunteye, I miss you.
We all miss you terribly.
Will this pain ever ease?
Will this sorrow never cease?

I see you everywhere.
I hear your loving tones – your chuckles and your laughter surround my senses day and night.
I dread the kitchen most.
The very pots & pans, saucepans and scissors mugs and jugs, knives and sieves shout out – “where are you Aunteye?”

Aunteye – Chef Extraordinaire
-Waakye, Jollof, Brown rice, Shito, Kaakro, Omelettes, Doughnuts, Sponge Cakes and more. And more!
-Your magic touch made every dish manna straight from heaven.
We wish you could have stayed with us for ever. Your loving, gentle soul a healing balm to all.
But no. T’was not to be.
God knows best and you’ve been called to heights above.

We shall meet again.
We must meet again.
We love you for ever Aunteye.
Rest in peace.
Posted by Abigail Ikuesan on March 17, 2021
Mama Gracie, words cannot describe how you will be so missed. I cannot forget our chats, laughs, and your wise words. Thank you for being a positive person everyone would love to be around during your journey in this sinful world. I could not bring myself to writing anything immediately i got sent this link only because i was in denial. I pray that your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. You will be dearly missed. Goodbye and may your memory live on.
Posted by Kweku Harrison on March 17, 2021
Aunteye you will be sorely missed, thank you for all the delicious food you’ve made for me over the years and for being such a good friend to my mum. You were a truly kind soul who always thought of others and their well-being. May you rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Yvonne Prempeh on March 17, 2021
Good morning Aunteye, I have still not come to terms with thinking of you in the past so I will be checking in regularly with you like we did especially from January till your sudden disappearance on that fateful day.
So this morning I want to say hello to you in heaven and to let you know that I am thinking of you and remembering your laughter as I walked into Polo Court one afternoon with my big Ghana Must Go full of bags for sale!!  Knowing full well my limited capacity for selling , you had one of your signature laughs, and amidst ripples of giggles kept asking Yvonne na eyiso edze rekohen” and ended up getting all of us reeling with laughter. …The Garden eggs stew and puna that day was to die for. Oh how we will miss you Aunteye....,
One of your dearly beloveds said to me yesterday that your departure was so swift almost seems as if you were shot or dangerously plucked from this earth. Plucked indeed it was...and the hole is still gaping with great pain and time alone may never heal some of us from the gravity of this loss.

I am already missing you in advance ... for the many years ahead of us that we will spend without you….but we are so thankful and comforted for all the great memories that we shared... all of them so precious!

Hard it is, we promise you that we will keep keeping on as you would wish ... just on the strength of knowing just how many people loved and cherished you. 

Sleep well beautiful spirit!!
Till we meet again!
Posted by Caroline Kufuor on March 16, 2021
Aunteye, I'm still in shock and can't believe that you have left us. I feel so privileged and fortunate to have known you, thanks to Josephine, Esi and Frankie. From day one you were so welcoming, so warm, so sweet, so generous, such a gentle soul.
I always felt so excited coming over to Potters Bar wondering what treats you had in store for us. Your food was absolutely amazing and mouth watering. We had so much fun and laughter.
You have definitely left a huge vacuum, and we are still trying to get our heads around the devastating news.
You have left us way too soon. God knows why he called you. You will forever live in our hearts and memories, full of love, joy and compassion.
We will miss you FOREVER!!!!! Our loss is indeed heaven's gain.
I know that Esi, Frankie and Nii will ensure that your legacy continues forever.
Sleep well Aunteye, till we meet again xxxx
Posted by frankie cleland on March 16, 2021
Aunteye’s warmth was palpable. Her capacity to love and share was awesome. Losing you Aunteye has created a big hole in our lives. We are in pain. What are we going to do without you? We know you didn’t sign up for this, as it was your wish to live much longer . But our good Lord obviously had other plans for you.

So, even though our lives continue to be in turmoil, we are consoled that you are in a better place. It is apparent God did not want you to suffer the pain of your illness and wanted you in his heavenly home where there will be no more pain.

We are therefore trusting him to give us the strength to cope with our mighty loss on Earth. Aunteye, you will forever remain in our hearts and memories.

May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Posted by BENJAMIN LOUIS AMPAH on March 15, 2021
Aunteye, you may be gone from our midst , but you aren’t gone from our hearts because we will always remember you though you are no more here. Your legacies remain with us, you were a mother to us like no other, you were unique in your own ways. You lived your life the best way you could.You ran the race GOD set before you and you have finished the race. Now , you have gone the way of all men. We are sad that you are no more here, but we will always celebrate your memory. Effie and Chief will miss you dearly. The entire family is already missing your presence. Thank you for all you us as a family.Till we meet again in the Lord’s bossom. Good night AUNTY SISTER. Rest In Peace.
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Posted by Esi Cleland on April 9, 2021
Dearest Aunteye - I'm particularly missing you today because I can't help but imagine exactly what you would be doing this afternoon, having heard that Prince Philip has passed on to eternity. You would have been glued to the TV for the next 5 or 6 hours, watching every channel reporting the news and phoning me every half an hour with a running commentary about it :(

Aunteye was a true British Royal family fan - she knew everything about them and was always clued up on the latest royal gossip. She liked Prince Philip and found his controversial ways rather amusing. 

Aunteye knew I was not at all interested in any of the royals in particular, but that did not stop her at all from torturing me with endless stories about what each and everyone of them was up to every so often. I actually think she told me these stories just to wind me up. Today I would do anything to hear you pestering me.

I often told Aunteye I would write to the Queen just to let her know she had an avid fan from Ghana, who I wanted her to meet.

I wonder if her enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that she was one of the lucky school children who were invited to meet the Queen when she visited Ghana in the 50's?

I can just imagine Aunteye will be among the group up there to welcome the Prince today.

Missing you loads!!!

Posted by Edna Agyemfra on April 8, 2021
Ms. Mayne was my favourite teacher even though she was my brother's class 4 teacher and never taught me. I haven't seen her in many years - 30+ but still put her name down whenever the question about my favorite teacher comes up. Whatever she did to make me have these fond memories must have been very special. Great teachers are always remembered. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rest well Ms Mayne. 
Posted by Jennifer Addae on April 7, 2021
Auntie Jem, you truly are a GEM . from age 3 when I attended Garrison Primary I can hear you say “eii adwoa , do you remember” , and until now, you have been a constant in my life. With your unwavering support , you truly are the epitome of a decent human being .
The Kokofu family will truly miss you and are forever thankful that we were blessed to know you..
May you rest in absolute perfect peace
Jenny .
her Life

Biography of Jemima Mayne

Jemima Constance Nana Atse Mayne was born in Takoradi, Ghana, on 2nd February 1948 to Mr James Badu Mayne and Madam Josephine Pobee of Cape Coast Ghana, both of blessed memory. She was the sixth child of their union. After her parents separated, Jemima and her siblings moved to Kumasi to be closer to her maternal grandmother. She had a very happy childhood growing up with her siblings Charles, Christina, Victoria, Florence and James. She also had a close relationship with her eldest brother Palmer Randolf of blessed memory, youngest brother Ohene Awuku Ofori and her father’s children Effie, Tommy and George.

Jemima started her elementary education at Government Girls School, Kumasi but later changed to Asem Girls School, where her older cousin Catherine Amaa Ampah was a teacher. She happily accompanied Cuz Amaa each morning to school on foot.  During those long walks, she tutored young Jemima and encouraged her to study hard, so was no surprise that Jemima excelled in her subjects at school. When Cuz Amaa married and moved to Ho, Jemima transferred to the Anglican Girls School in Kumasi where she passed her Common Entrance examination with flying colours and continued to Mofraturo Secondary School. After her GCE O Levels, Jemima moved on to St Monica's Mampong, where she completed her Teacher Training in 1969. Jemima remained an active member of the ’69 year group thanks to modern technology. She kept in contact with Alberta Offei, Phillipa Mensah and others, who describe her as a humble, generous and loyal friend, a true gem.

In Kumasi Jemima enjoyed a close relationship with her maternal Aunts and their families, which continued down the years. She spoke fondly of these connections throughout her life. 

Jemima started her teaching career in Kumasi at the Garrison Primary School, but later moved to the Kotoka Primary School, Burma Camp. Countless pupils she taught remember her as a very kind and affable teacher, who greatly influenced their passion for learning.

Whilst teaching in Accra, she lived with her late sister Mrs Victoria Owusu and her family, at their home in Accra's Airport Residential area. Jemima enjoyed being part of the bustling household and doted on her niece Abena and nephew Chief. She was extremely fond of all her nephews and nieces who she saw regularly and cared about greatly.

Jemima had the opportunity to visit her late sister Mrs Christina Akyianu and her family in Norwood London, during the summer of 1974. This visit sparked her love for travel and her quest to see new places and experience different cultures. In 1979, she went on vacation to visit her older brother Charles in Canada for six months, and returned to London to settle. Jemima lived briefly with her uncle Mr Kwesi Buckman and his wife Bibi at their Collingham Gardens home in Earls Court. It was at the Buckman’s that she struck a lasting friendship with Rosie Akrofi, who was also staying with them at the time. They both worked at the Bakers Oven shop in Earls Court for many years.

Jemima eventually moved in with her dear friend Mrs Felicia Owusu-Addae and family in 1981 and lived with them until she secured her own home in 1985. Auntie Felicia's sister Elizabeth was Jemima's good friend and colleague at Kumasi Garrison Primary School, where they both were teachers.  Soon Felicia (AKA Eno Adjoa) became her surrogate sister and "Mummy". Jemima cherished her fond memories of those years living with the family and the hustle and bustle of commuting alongside Felicia from New Southgate Station to London for work.  It is no wonder both remained so youthful and frisky even into their 70s. There was never a dull moment in Felicia's home with Daddy Owusu-Addae and the then young Jenny. Jemima often reminisced about the constant gatherings and parties, and the wonderful feasts that flowed from the kitchen at No. 193 High Road, New Southgate. She became an honorary member of the Kokofo clan by default.

In July 1986, Jemima welcomed a healthy and handsome son Kwame Sarfo. It was the happiest moment of her life, as for many years she had wanted a family of her own. Jemima did a sterling job as a single mum ploughing in time and resources to ensure Kwame had the best education and lacked for nothing. Her proudest moment was when Kwame graduated from the London School of Economics. She felt a sense of fulfilment and joy.

Another proud achievement for Jemima was purchasing a home in Adjiringarnor, a suburb of Accra. She planned to use it whenever she was in Ghana, as a base where she could relax and spend more extended visits in her retirement.

Jemima retired from the Bakers Oven, now Gregg’s after over 30 years of selfless service. She was proud she rose up the ranks to the management level and was much loved and respected by her bosses and staff, as well as many Earl's Court residents and customers. During her time working in Earls Court, she secured temporary employment for many family members and friends who passed through London and needed to earn some cash.

Jemima dedicated her time to travel and spending quality time with loved ones. She travelled to Canada, USA, Germany, Singapore, Bali, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Dubai, Spain, Italy, Prague, Portugal, France and Ghana.

As often as she could, she always looked forward to visiting her late sister Florence Mayne’s children and grandchildren in France. She was delighted whenever they came to London too, and always made sure to bake her delicious cakes for them to take back because they enjoyed it so much. She was thrilled when her niece Naana moved from Paris to London. The proximity of her home to hers meant she was able to help Naana as much as she could with babysitting and raising her daughter Nicole.

Jemima often returned to Ghana to reunite with her siblings, close friends, cousins, nieces, nephews and their children. She enjoyed all the functions and activities she had the opportunity to be a part of whilst there. She made the most of the outdoor lifestyle and made sure she had as much local fare as she possibly could, knowing she would soon return to the UK where the foods she loved were not as easy to source.

In 2013 Jemima became the honorary matriarch of a ladies group – The Prague Babes, because their maiden holiday destination was Prague. The group met regularly for summer barbecues, West End theatre shows, lunches and candlelit dinners and supported each other in difficult times. Jemima particularly enjoyed the last holiday to Malta and Gozo because of the sheer luxury of the Five star hotel they stayed in. The group were so looking forward to their next adventure – a cruise to the Caribbean aboard the renowned Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas in May 2020. Alas, this trip did not materialise due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In summer 2015, Jemima helped care for a sweet little girl called Maria, who came to the UK from Russia to learn English and hosted by the Cleland family. Jemima treated her so specially and helped her settle in quickly. She soon took charge of most of her daily lessons, which she thoroughly enjoyed, clearly still very much the teacher. Jemima enrolled on the Teaching English as a Foreign Language course, so she could teach more foreign students. Maria, clearly pampered by Jemima, returned five more times in subsequent years to spend long summer months with the family and especially her adored "Babushka" (“Grandma” in Russian).

Jemima was a born hostess who loved to cook, bake and entertain.  Her food was to die for, oozing with every possible ingredient – whether it was her trademark kaakro and beans stew, doughnuts, fluffy cakes, sweet pancakes, jollof or brown rice or Ghana salad.

Over the years, Jemima hosted her siblings, their spouses, children and grandchildren as well as numerous friends passing through London. All experienced her warmth and hospitality and enjoyed the endless courses of tasty meals she prepared specially for them. She was always available to accompany her dear friends to formal functions or shopping trips whenever they were in the UK on business or on vacation.

Jemima was also the master suitcase packer, who helped many travel back to Ghana with everything but the kitchen sink packed into a suitcase - which miraculously still weighed within limits.

Jemima bore disappointments and adversity with such grace and tenacity, because she had an unflinching trust in the Lord and a forgiving heart. She was raised an Anglican, and had an unwavering faith in the Lord. She loved Songs of Praise on BBC on Sundays, enjoying singing along in her sweet angelic voice, to inspirational hymns. She was devoted to her daily morning prayers and worshipped regularly at the All Saints’ Church in Edmonton where she was a member of the Mother’s Union. She was also a member of Christ Church Little Heath, because she spent most weekends in Potters Bar with her niece Esi and therefore, considered a part of her household.

Jemima was a kind, sincere and loving soul who was a great pillar of support and encouragement to many. She was the matriarch of the extended family in the UK and France. We must give thanks to God Almighty for the countless lives that she affected with her selfless and compassionate nature. We are all the richer for having known Jemima.

Jemima passed away peacefully on the 7th of March 2021 after a short illness.

She is survived by her dear son Kwame Sarfo, her siblings, her in-laws, her extended family including cousins, nephews, nieces and their children and also her many friends and their families both here and abroad.

May her pure and gentle soul rest peacefully in the bosom of her Maker.

Da yie dofo pa da yie!!!.

Recent stories

Fare thee well Aunt Sister

Shared by nana fynn on April 8, 2021
A beautiful soul at rest.  

Aunt Sister I cannot believe or even contemplate you are no more.  In November 2020  you guided me with your shito recipe over the phone and it turned out so good  There was promise that you will come home and make it for me after it was safe to visit  however this was not meant to be.

You loved music and I remember you asking me to share music on WhatsApp whenever I could.   

I have vivid memories of you with us in France attending Akwele and Aunt baby's funerals.    You were the silent but stoic support.   Actions spoke louder than words.    To think you are no more is surreal.   You have left too soon.   I know this was never your will but God knows best.   In all things we must give thanks even in death.
Rest in silent peace.   May your soul and all the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace.

Sleep on beloved Aunt Sister lots of love forever ❤❤❤
Nana Ewusiwa Fynn 

Tribute to my Grandmother by Ngozi Nicole Stumpp

Shared by Naana Stumpp on April 8, 2021
Aunty sister was a grandmother to me, she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and I'm so grateful that God put her in our lives. She was a motivator - she always encouraged me to study hard and read because the people that were living their dreams are no different from me. I will always remember the times we shared together, when i was young, i used to paint her nails and give her pedicures. And when i grew up, i would dye her hair and i think everyone here has had her wonderful cakes. The 4 weeks I spent with aunty sister in 2020 when my mum travelled to Ghana was a memorable time because we bonded, that's when she taught me how to make jollof rice and chicken because she was against me always ordering takeaways. Of all of these beautiful memories, the most special one that I cherish is her support when I started university, She had made her famous cakes for me to share with my flatmates and she called me during the evening before bed on the first day i moved to campus and i was alone, and she sent me a video of a reading of psalm 91 and told me to listen to it every night and i would be comforted. I did, and then slept like a baby, and I still listen to it, to this day.
The last conversation we had before she passed, she was very appreciative of the medical care that she was receiving and urged me never to give up and to work hard to make her proud. Aunty sister, even though you are no longer with us, I know you will be looking down from heaven and watching over us, and I thank you eternally for the love you’ve shown me from childhood. And I promise to make you proud, by the grace of God.
Nicole Stumpp

To My Jemoi

Shared by Nii Cleland on April 7, 2021
Aunteye, you and I had a truly special relationship. Most people are blessed with a loving mum and a loving grandma, but not many have someone who plays the role you played in my life - it is hard to even describe it. At points of my life you were many different things to me - my childminder, my teacher, my personal chef, but most importantly, you were one of my best friends.

If I could describe you in one word, it would be ‘selfless’. It was like everything you did was to make sure others were comfortable and happy. You were an example to us all on how to live life. You embodied ‘do unto others what you would have them do to you’. None of us deserved to have you in our lives. Rather you were a gift from God to us all.

There was a moment on your final day where I listened to my younger cousin Nicole thank you for all you did for her. She mentioned you making her your milky tea, your Nesquik milkshakes and taking her to the park at Chiltern. As I was listening, I was thinking to myself ‘wow. this sounds familiar’. You really had a playbook and perfected it over the years whilst mothering so many of us.

I can’t even begin to list all the things I am grateful to you for, or we will be here forever. But I want to name a few. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for never once getting angry at me. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for your cooking, which was second-to-none. Thank you for sharing every family secret with me. Thank you for loving Cassie wholeheartedly. Thank you for caring for Momee. Thank you for being Maria’s Babushka. Thank you for being the peacemaker in our household. Thank you for being my parents’ best friend. Thank you for raising the living legend that is Kwame. Thank you for being you.

We had so many great memories together, one of my fondest being our trip to Portugal. I used to tease you that you always loved a freebie. Unsurprisingly, when you found out that you could come to Portugal for free, on the condition that you pretend to be a property buyer, you jumped at the opportunity. You put on your best game face for the trip, seeming to show genuine interest in purchasing a luxury apartment in the Algarve. By the end of the trip, even I was semi-convinced that you were about to put down an offer.

But it’s the little things that I’ll miss the most. I’ll miss you leaving me voicemails like. I’ll miss you calling me to pick you from Potters Bar Station because you had too many bags to carry. I’ll miss leaning on your squiggy arm. I’ll miss teasing you for falling asleep while watching TV. But most of all, I’ll miss your mouthwatering jollof.

What saddens me most is that I had imagined so much of my future with you in it. How can you not be there on my wedding day? How can you not get to see my children? I hadn’t even fathomed that this was a possibility.

But I take comfort in knowing that you are now where you belong. After all, angels should not be living on Earth.

Aunteye. It was a true honour to have known you. Till we meet again. Rest in Perfect Peace.