Happy Birthday, Jenna

My sweet, sweet baby girl, I love you and miss you so very much.  I wish you were here with us celebrating your 10th birthday.  Hoping you are celebrating with all your new friends in Heaven.  You must be dancing and singing your heart out.  

I put together a picture slideshow to celebrate your life and to remember all that you were.

Happy 10th Birthday in Heaven, Jenna.  I love you, all the way to the moon and back.  Mommy


A Day in Jenna's Life

From the moment Jenna opened her eyes, she would smile and giggle.  She loved to cuddle with me and tell me how much she loved me, Daddy and Alessia.  She made waking up in the morning, so easy. 

Whether she spent the day at home or at the hospital, she was ready for a fun-filled day.  Nothing stopped her, not even chemo.  She looked forward to playing Bingo and board games, making pizzas, singing her heart out on the Wii and especially spending time with her dear friend, Jessica.  She most definitely enjoyed getting prizes after a procedure or check-up, even if it were only a sticker. However, she always worked Jessica into a bigger prize.

After a 10 hour day, she arrived home eager to play with her sister, Alessia. Sometimes she was just too tired and enjoyed a quiet card game or puzzle on the couch with Daddy.  

Other than her hair loss, you'd never know that she was sick. Most adults could not handle a day at the hospital, like Jenna did.  Her spirit and attitude toward life was truly amazing.