Jenna - Forever Missed

Shared by Elvi Mussolini on February 3, 2012

What do I miss most about Jenna?  Her presence!!!  When I wake up in the morning, I miss seeing her beautiful smile.  I miss her keeping me company when we got dressed for the day.  I miss her quirky singing and dancing in the car, when we drove down to the hospital.  I miss playing games with her, while she was getting her chemo.  I miss her spunk, and how she always made us laugh. I miss her amazing hugs that she shared all day long. I miss her enthusiasm for life, no matter how difficult the day was. I miss her at bedtime when she cuddled with me and sucked her thumb while holding her blankie.  I miss her telling me "Everything is going to be ok."  Most of all I miss having her here with us and telling her how much we love her.  
I love you and miss you, more than life itself.

The Backyardigans Live On Stage!

Shared by Rosetta Cannella on November 8, 2011

I remember the day we had tickets to go see The Backyardigans Live On Stage.  It was supposed to be me, Chris, Jenna, Alessia, and Giancarlo.  We were in the Bronx @ Nonna's house.  We were all waiting for Uncle Chris to get of of work @ the firehouse.  Well when I called him he was on an emergency run and he was stuck @ work, which ment he would be late for the show.  I decided to take the kids by myself in the pouring rain to the city, and I would meet Chris there.  I didn't want to disappoint the kids, especially Jenna.  So we finally got to the city, it's still pouring rain out, and we are in grid lock looking for a parking garage.  After about a 30 minute wait, we finally got out.  We were all running through the puddles, in the pouring rain, getting soaked.  I remember saying "if mommy would know what we were doing we would be in so much trouble."  At last we are inside, Chris arrived, and we are now watching the show.  About half way through the show Jenna had said that the show was ok.  We all laughed and realized that the best part of the day was when we were running outside through the rain, jumping in the puddles and getting wet.  These were the things we wouldn't normally do...So glad that we did.

Jenna's 6th Birthday

Shared by Elvi Mussolini on November 8, 2011

I remember planning Jenna's birthday party with her. We sat in bed together while talking about what we could do at her party.  She loved the idea of having her friends bring over an American Girl Doll and giving each of them a make-over.   Jenna was so excited to have her friends over and share some of her dolls with them.   Jenna's smile and laughter on her last birthday here on Earth, will forever be embedded in my heart.  I love you and miss you!


Shared by Nancy Roberts on November 7, 2011

 Jenna loved the American Girl Doll !  One day we took a trip to the American Girl Doll store.  Jenna, Alessia, Bob and myself took Metro North down into the city.  It was fun watching Jenna on the train, with her doll and her snacks.  She was so excited.  It was her 1st train ride . We had planned to give her Doll a hairstyle, shop around the store and see an American Girl Doll Play.  The age for the play was 6 and over, Jenna was 5.  I told Jenna in case they ask your age for the play tell them you are 6.  We went in to see the play, no questions asked.  Jenna sat through the entire play, didnt fidget at all, and really enjoyed it.  After the play we took pictures in the store with her doll,  shopped around with my friend Anna who told her she could pick whatever she wanted.  Jenna was so excited.  Than it was time for her doll to get her hair styled.  Bob was holding her, so she could watch the girl style her dolls hair.  The stylist was talking with Jenna as she was styling the doll's hair.  During her conversation with Jenna, she asked Jenna how old she was.  Jenna didnt respond, she looked back at me in confusion.  She didnt know if she should say 5 or 6 . Her look was truly adorable.  I told her its okay, you can tell her you are 5.  After this we went out to eat. My friend Anna asked her if she was hungry.  Jenna said,  " I can eat, Im an eater. "  We than went to Grand Central to wait for the train.  We sat and waited in some chairs as Jenna played with her dolls, and goofed off, as usual.  She made funny faces as I took pictures of her.  She had a great sense of humor and made us laugh as usual. 


Halloween 2008

Shared by Elvi Mussolini on October 31, 2011

Jenna made the best pirate ever. She had a blast trick or treating at the hospital that day.  The pediatric floor transformed into Halloween Town.  She was so excited at how much candy she got, even before we started at home. 

I hope you are getting all the treats you love and deserve.  Happy Halloween Pretty Girl!!!!


Shared by Alessia Mussolini on October 24, 2011

I remember one day when Jenna was in the hospital.  She was very happy because it was Karaoke Day.  She loved to sing. It was her favorite thing to do. So she sang a song from High School Musical.

Free from Tubes

Shared by Elvi Mussolini on October 22, 2011

After a long, difficult week of chemo, Jenna was usually admitted to the hospital as inpatient. She'd be connected to tubes that were attached to a pole, which limited her from doing things.  After her relapse, we were inpatient for 21 days.  So after 7 days, they would have to disconnect her to avoid infection.  But we asked for some freedom, before reconnecting her.  We were given about 30 minutes.  She enjoyed it enormously.  I remember her laugh and her giant smile as if it were yesterday.



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