"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" Matthew 5: 1-8
  • 64 years old
  • Born on June 16, 1949 in Utica, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on January 9, 2014 in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of the life of our loving Mother, wife and friend, Jennie Buttermore, 64, born in Ohio on June 16, 1949 and born back to Heaven on January 9, 2014.   We will cherrish her forever.

Jennie was born in the small town of Utica, Ohio to a beautiful 5"2, eyes of blue lady we called "Peaches".  Her and her older sister Ruth were often found playing in the town, running along the railroad tracks and visiting the ice creme store.  They share many memories there together.   I believe it was here that she developed her love for children, family, the arts and life. 

After the passing of her beloved mother she moved to Pennslyvania where she attended highschool.   A natural beauty with a breathtaking smile, Jennie gained recognition in beauty pagents and latter captured the eye of a handsome man named Jim.   Jim recalls seeing her for the first time, struck by her beauty saying "she looks like Jackie Onassis".   Jim and Jennie married and began their lives in Greensboro, PA.

Jennie continued her love of the arts, opening up her basement to her Cermaic making and painting.  She produced impressive work, and sold her items from her home.   She gave life to 4 adoring children; Tracy, MaryAnn, Jaime and Jimmy.  

Jim wanted to provide a wonderful lifetime keepsake for his family and purchased a lot at Big bear lake in WV.   Every summer, Jim, Jennie and their family could be found at big bear.  Skating at the rink, watching the deer, picniking parties, pizza, snacks and marshmellow treats by campfire and as the kids got older, teen center dances and lots of "crusin".  Jennie took delight in each stage and loved to watch the children develop into the fine, caring and loving adults they are today.  

Countless memories were made in their Greensboro home, where they still to this day reside.   Halloween parties,  easter hunts, summertime pool fun, even pony rides took place at this home.   From breathtaking lawnside weddings to porchside talks and driveway basketball - this home was never short on love.   She extended this love out to anyone in need and there was never shortage.  

Jennie continued her love of dolls, with an amazing collection, loved to find an occasional indian head knickle, watch steelers games with her loving family and continued with her artwork in many shades and forms.   She shared every ounce of her love and passion with her family, unconditionally... memories that remain sealed in the hearts of her husband, her sister, her children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, great grandchildren, countless family and friends.  

Thank you Jennie for sharing your journey with us and for showing us what family, love and art is all about!  

Forever with us,
Your family 

Dr. Maya Angelo:

"I gave birth to one child, a son.  But I have thousands of daughters.  You are black and white, jewish and muslim, asian and spanish speaking.  Native americans and aleut.  You are fat and thin, pretty and plain, gay and straight, educated and unlettered and I love all of you.  Here is my offering to you; Letter to my Daughters"  

Paul lesako funeral home 
204 fowling avenue carmichaels, Pa. 
Sunday, January 12. From 2-4pm service to follow. 
Any monetary donations can be made to the Paul Lesako Funeral home

Posted by Dianna Lucas on 15th January 2014
Robert and I first met both Jim and Jennie in 2006 when we bought our camp right next to them at Big Bear. They were both so friendly and always offering any help we may need. Each weekend Jennie would always have a smile as we drove up, she always asked about my daughters and grandbabies. I would talk to her often and she always spoke with love about her family. I will truly miss her and I just wish that I would have met her sooner. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with JIm and the family. God Bless you all during your time of grief.
Posted by Kathy Oshetsky Puskarich ... on 14th January 2014
My husband and I had the honors of getting to know Jennie and her husband and family at Big Bear and will always remember her for her kindness and her lovely crafts she made, we have quite a few of them. She was a very talented and loving lady. May you rest in peace Jennie, prayers to Jim and the family.
Posted by Ruth Wilt on 12th January 2014
My Sister Jennie, Through my life long you've been my best friend. You've been with me through the best of times and troubled times; when no-one but you could undstand our hardships. They made stronger our faith in god that came from his loving presence in all we went through over time as we grew from childhood to adults. You have been my shinning example of charity. Your unselfish acts of kindness to not only ones you knew, but to strangers, as you "did unto those you did it for our savior." My lessons in life came from your examples of true Unbridled love. Mathew 5 vs 8 "blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see god" My heart was broken as I watched u suffer, unable to help you. But God has a speacial place for you without pain. Till we meet again... I will see you in al those familure places. I will love you forever and forever amen. Your sister, Ruth
Posted by Shelly Wilt on 12th January 2014
I will always remember sweet Aunt Jennie and her beautiful warm smile. It's interesting that both people who had the pleasure if knowing her well and people who may have just crossed paths with her, remember her by that smile. I think it says a lot about her. As physically beautiful as she was, and she was stunning that smile was captivating. It was warm, kind, welcoming, never judging and genuine, as was she. Her trademark. I am so thankful I have been blessed enough to cross paths with such a loving spirit and even more so blessed to have had her as my Aunt. Aunt Jennie, thank you for bein you and thank God for sendin you to share that smile with people like me, who needed it. This is your time now. Peaceful and free. We love you! Shelly & family
Posted by Shelly Wilt on 12th January 2014
Your memory is our keepsake Which will never part God has you in his keeping We have you in our hearts From all of the lives you've touched, all of us, your children
Posted by Sylvia Carr on 11th January 2014
So saddened to hear of Jennie's passing. We will always remember her smile and kindness to all at Big Bear/Alaskan Village. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Sherry Buttermore-Dennis on 11th January 2014
Those of you from Big Bear who may think you dont know Jennie, there's a good chance that you do, and just dont recall who she is. Jennie painted beautiful slate paintings, and wooden Bears, among other things. Jennie loved Big Bear...she would stay there every day of the year, if she could. She hated to even leave to wash clothes for a day, only to return the next day. If you ride around on your cart, there is no doubt your will see her beautiful art work spread through out the entire camp. It's as if she made certain, that in her passing...her spirit would live on....in her little piece of heaven on earth. Jennie had a heart of gold, and any one who met her would walk away, feeling like they had not only made a friend, but had just met a wonderful woman. She had a way of seeing all the beauty around her, and in other people. If you were fortunate enough to have known her, you were truly blessed. If you had never met her, it was a missed opportunity to have known an angel on earth. Jennie will be missed, and camp will never be the same without her!!!! We love you Jennie, I have no doubt that you are painting your finest masterpiece....just beyond heavens gates!
Posted by Shelly Wilt on 11th January 2014
Matthew 25: 35-40 When I was hungry you gave me something to eat, thirsty you gave me drink, a stranger and you invited me in, sick and you looked after me, in prison and you came to visit me. The righteous answered and said Lord? When did we do these things to you? He replied: Verily I say unto you, whatever you did, for the least of these, you have done it also for me.

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