Her Life

Hill City High School

1995 Ranger Homecoming Royalty  - George Clinton and Jennie Munoz were crown King and Queen
1995 University of Minnesota LEAD Program Participant
In 1996 Jennie graduated in Hill City High School was Salutatorian. 

2000 Graduated from College

Graduated from Briar Cliff College with Bachelor in Social Work, Summa Cum Laude.

Recipient of National Hispanic Scholarship
Recipient National Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship

Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC)

Jennie served diverse communities related to education, public safety, environment, and unmet human needs. She supervised and instructed 15+ Habitat for Humanity Colligate Challenge Students in various construction duties and projects, resulting in construction four new homes for families. 

2004 Graduated Masters of Social Work

Master of Social Work with concentration: International Development and Social Policy, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, St. Louise, MO.

Award: Recipient National Hispanic Scholarship 
Recipient National Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship

U.S. Department of Labor, Division off Foreign Labor Certification

Jennie joined the U.S. government through the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship. She began her career in the U.S. Department of Labor, defending the dignity and rights of workers. Jennie joined the Department in 2005 as a Human Rights, and Labor, where she first pursued her lifelong passion for championing human rights around the world.
Jennie later joined the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs – her work family and work home - where she served as the Bureau’s Congressional liaison and, in another role, fought for social and racial inclusion across all of Latin America and the Caribbean. Never one to sit still, Jennie pushed herself professionally by also completing a one-year Congressional Fellowship, supporting Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York. She was even instrumental in the Summit on the Summit Project helping to appropriate significantly more funding for clean water projects around the world. 

Jennie's determination to serve others and on the front lines of U.S. foreign policy even took her overseas on tours in Venezuela and Sudan where she served in U.S. Embassies. In Venezuela, Jennie was a political officer at U.S. Embassy Caracas where she continued to promote human rights and dignity. Amongst many other achievements, Jennie drafted the Venezuelan section of Department of State’s annual human rights report; she observed elections; and she fostered the development of emerging Venezuelan leaders through the International Visitor Leadership Program. Outside of work, Jennie traveled all over Venezuela, from Los Roques in the North to Angel Falls in the South and brought together her friends and colleagues to eat good Mexican food, dance, laugh, and simply enjoy life.
 In Sudan, when Jennie wasn’t planning elaborate theme-parties, hosting delicious Mexican dinners, or exploring the far corners of the country, she was measurably improving U.S.-Sudan relations and building the next generation of Sudanese leaders.  As the Deputy Public Affairs Officer in Khartoum, she built new educational partnerships with private and public institutions, brought back high-level academic exchanges to Sudan – including the esteemed Fulbright scholarship program, and led engaging cultural outreach campaigns.  More importantly, as a genuine ambassador of the United States, she touched the lives of each person she met, providing joy and laughter in the moment, hope and optimism for the future, and a smile and memory to cherish forever. 

As her professional accomplishments demonstrate, Jennie was a gifted and generous advocate for those in need. In her family and friendships, she built equally strong connections and bonds rooted in her loyalty, joy of life, inclusivity, and openness that enabled her to give and love and to receive others’ love. Even as she courageously battled cancer these last few years, Jennie dreamed of her future, planned new parties, sent friends’ birthday and Christmas gifts, dedicated herself to prayer and healing, spent time with friends, and even traveled to Asia. Jennie deeply appreciated everyone’s love and support who offered their prayers for her healing, drove her to treatments, gifted her warm blankets, shared music, or baked special cakes. But, Jennie being Jennie, likely offered more healing to her family and friends along the way.

There are no words that can describe the impact of Jennie’s passing on those who love her and those she loved, but it is clear that Jennie’s larger than life personality, spirit, contagious laugh, and soul will live on in the many people Jennie touched. The list of strengths she embodied are too numerous to list but top among them; her love of family, her faith, her resilience, adventurous spirit, zest for life, internal nobility, and authenticity are a banner to follow.