Dear Diche Jen,

Shared by Amanda Dy on July 12, 2020
You let me stay in your condo for 3 months when I started working in Manila. You cared for me and I treasure those days when I was staying with you. I will always remember our conversations in your car before going to work. Your strength and positive approach towards life moved me so many ways. Even during the weekdays, your schedule was busy - after work you either had pole classes or meeting with friends. I remember trying the pole in your condo and just looked like a fool twirling around, you were so strong physically, mentally and emotionally. My favorite part was when you invited me to try gymnastics class and I saw you do a lot of tumblings, and other amazing poses. It was just WOW, you were so determined, unlike me who never returned to gymnastics class because my back hurt the next day. During the weekends, you always went on a trip to LU even just days after your therapy sessions. You lived your life to the fullest, full of adventures with the people you love. I am so thankful for the time I stayed with you and I will forever regret that I never went to those LU trips with you. Till we see each other again. I will miss you! 

My Dearest Friend,

Shared by Chi Dima on July 12, 2020
You are the strongest person I ever knew, your positivity and smile were so contagious. My love for surfing wouldn’t even exist without you. We met as pole sisters to surfer sisters to salsa dance sisters to amazing supportive neighbor and finally as loving loyal friend.  We laughed during our long hours of road trips to LU, shared so many waves dances and sunsets talking about life.. 
We laughed together, we cried together, even when you weren’t feeling well but knew I needed help because I couldn’t walk back then, you were there for me… 
You are truly the strongest person I know and always hard working person. Your fight and determination are truly admiring. You will forever be missed but rest assured you have a big part in my heart. 
 I will ride each wave for you and I know you will always be by my side smiling  and sharing  that Long Left Ride…
I will always love you. 
Rest in Peace my beautiful friend. 
My prayers are with your family.

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