Posted by Qin Cai on November 4, 2021
I met Jennifer at a women's event with Wright. She is such an inspiration to me! I love her sharp, honest and loving feedback. She is always in my heart
Posted by Michelle Albaugh on September 20, 2021
Jennifer was such an inspiration to me and a humble cheerleader. I will forever remember her telling me that she was proud of me. My soul needed to hear those words in that moment and I didn't know it until I heard them.

I hardly know how to leave a tribute... nothing seems to do her influence and care and inspiration justice. She challenged me (and believed in me) to be more than I was. She met my self-criticism with gentleness and offered windows into herself that I could relate to and know I was not alone.

Jenn said it like it is - I appreciated her candor and no BS attitude. I learned a lot about telling the truth without managing the outcome – and doing so with great love and respect.

I miss her a ton and feel warm tender joy when I see her picture looking at me. Blessings Jennifer on the next leg of your soul's journey!
Posted by Mitch Platt on August 15, 2021
I’ve had the privilege to travel to Chicago on numerous occasions for work, study, and pleasure. Along the way, I found myself welcomed into the Stephen’s home and family. I am not sure exactly how it initially happened, but one day Scott said, “When you come to Chicago you stay with us, period”. Since that day, whenever I visited Chicago, I would stay with Scott, Jenn, and the kids. In a way, they became an extended family. While visiting, I’d sometimes cook, walk the dog, borrow Jenn’s car, and even break things and try to glue them back together… you know, just like any other member of the family and I loved it.

During my many years of work and study in Chicago, one experience stands out among them all, my time with Jenn, especially those morning chats in the kitchen over a cup of tea or coffee. As I look back at it now, I’ve come to understand why that time with Jenn was so incredibly special.

Jenn created a space for me to be me. Simple, and yet, very powerful. For those 20 or 30 minutes, I could lower all my defenses, insecurities, self-doubts, and negative thinking and just be. It was the start of an ongoing journey to encounter myself and it started in the kitchen with Jenn. I will always be grateful and will continue to cherish those moments forever. And I do… Jenn still often visits me, or I visit her, during my morning meditation and gratitude practice. Her light burns as bright as always. Thank you Jenn for being you and inviting me to be me.
Posted by Mark Carman on August 7, 2021
Jenn greeted me for the first time at my first summer when I was in my first or second quarter of YOT. I had shared in the room that I was a runner and there was this smiling woman greeting me outside later in the day introducing herself and saying that she was a runner too.

I was so blessed to build a relationship with her from that point to lab leader to friend. She was always there for me to text and or chat and would both laugh and give me the stern you are full of shit talks that I did not want but needed.

My time in her Nourishment and Self Care lab was the most special growth time of my life. She encouraged me to stand up to women, to belong in my career, family work, little, all of it. It was a level of care and support that I had never had.

Sunday calls with her during project were the best. It was a more relaxed setting than lab and she was in her element supporting everyone. It was amazing how she had such a strong feel for what everyones core work was.

I am grateful that I have her texts to peruse through when I feel in the wilderness. But I really really miss Jenn and I always will and am forever grateful for the time she was in my life.
Posted by Jillian Eichel on July 30, 2021
I really miss Jenn. And that's Jenn with two "n"s and "Stephen", not "Stephens". I used to like to correct people and I'm not sure why, but I wanted to respect her and have her be known. It was an odd sort of protective thing I did.

I met Jenn when I was 25 years old. She served as one of two "transformation lab leaders" on a 4-year journey I committed myself to. She gave me so much difficult feedback about myself in the sweetest way possible - I grew so much and learned to parent myself, to coach myself, to love my gifts and to grow out of behaviors that didn't serve me.

And do you remember how Jenn spoke? I loved her way of speaking. She had this wonderfully eloquent, evenly spaced, powerfully inflected speech style that integrated her emotions as well as great vocabulary words and surprising metaphors. (Her sister Jana has this, too.) She would look directly at me (with her blind eye) with a bit of a smile and cock her head. She was intentional when she spoke. She understood that communication was about speaking for a point. And when she was angry, then it would be a sharp bold setting of a boundary with words.

She made a huge impact on my life. I decided I wanted to be someone who
was warm and physically affectionate with others because of how she was and stories I heard about her and how she was with others in their pain.

What amazed me about Jenn was how fluid the roles she filled in my life - first an authority figure as a lab leader, a motherly figure who guided me and held me accountable to being a woman rather than a girl. As I graduated from that program she became more as a friend and sister, and also shifted to use me as I grew in my skills as a secure base as she felt vulnerable in different areas of her life. Can people be like that with one another? Yes, they can.

She saw me through many falling-in-loves and breakups and I usually relished sharing these pieces of my life with her - usually because if she didn't like the guy she had no qualms in saying so. She wanted me with someone who would truly adore, respect and meet me. It met a deep yearning how she welcomed Michael and adored him.

I really, really miss Jenn. I'm mad that she is not around as there is a lot I want to tell her about my life. I would love to see her again and put my head on her lap and just rest. I'd like to listen to her talk about herself and her life. I'd like to cook with her, and travel again with her.

I am so happy to have someone like this in my life who cared about me compassionately and who was a role-model for feeling the feelings of life and keeping on.

I was also touched by the love of her family that last weekend before she died. Such loveable, individual kids and a husband whose love and affection was so palpable I could hardly stand it to not just burst into tears.

Oh, yes, and her generosity. That is a whole other story - how many times did I say I needed something and she would offer. Time must have expanded for her to be a gift to so many people.

I really, really love you Jenn and am very glad you were in my life enough to influence me. Thank you, and blessings to Scott, Sarah, Jack. To Jana and Gail, and to all the people who are feeling her absence.
Posted by Christina Wheeler on July 20, 2021
I was not in Mama Jenn's lab, however, she shared her gifts so broadly and generously that I didn't have to be in her lab to be touched by her. The first time I met Mama Jenn was in the Woman's Essential Experience (WEE) training. She was my group's angel. I had been having a tough time and I remember her saying exactly what I needed to hear to help me process my emotions and get me plugged into the training. Her words were so impactful. From WEE to paired shares to the "Mama Jenn" morning production calls, I am so blessed to have received her coaching and her care.
Posted by Jennifer Masi on July 20, 2021
Jenn entered my life about 15 years ago. She was a mentor, teacher, guide, and eventually peer and sister. Where I was scared to go she held my hand and went with me. When I didn't think I had what it would take to excel, she challenged me and held a vision I could. She invited me into her life and supported me to be a better version of myself. I will miss you, Jenn.
Posted by George Donald Miller on July 2, 2021
My first interaction with Jennifer was at "Summer" in 2013. I was terrified there and she was, an angel. I couldn't believe that someone so lovely seemed to actually be enjoying cooking with me. We had so much fun!

Then a few months later Jennifer facilitated a leader change that was happening in my lab and I shared something dripping drama and victimhood and she just looked at me and said, "well, that's a whole lotta drama I'm not interested in," and sort laughed and felt relieved and said, "phew, me neither!"

I have learned so much and felt very seen and loved from my interactions with her. I'll miss paired sharing and connecting with her in supervision.

Many blessings,
Posted by Sanjida Chowdhury on June 27, 2021

I often forget that you have already moved to your next adventure... I still hear you in my head.  Not sure if you realized, but you were the first positive voice that I heard in my head, before I was able to generate one for myself.

I remember seeing you at my first summer leadership training and I walked in, feeling unsure, especially because everyone seemed to know each other.  I remember -- you saw me, walked up and held my hand and said 'welcome, you're new'. and she immediately put me at ease... and that lead to being a supportive figure for me -- as a coach, sister, friend, and partner on this spiritual journey of life.   As a mystic, you encouraged me to trust and surrender to my own inner mystic. I know that you will continue to accompany on my future spiritual travels.

You still speak and advise me in my dreams.  I hope you realize how you have made a difference in my life and subsequently, to the lives of those who I touch, as well.

Blessings and until we meet again,

Posted by Nancy Novak on June 27, 2021
Dear Jennifer, you were a light in my life. One who I will treasure for the rest of my life. I remeber fondly, all the moments up in Wisconsin and with the Parenting weekends. You are such an inspiration to me and a mentor on how life should be ;ived - in the present moment. Ithink of you as a mother that I could feel safe with. One that I could trust your feedback was given with kindness and caring. I will surely miss you. I guess heaven needed you to continue your work from there. Please look upon all of us and pray that your legacy stays with me and all of us that you touched. I will miss you. I know you are singing and dancin gin heaven.
Posted by Rachael O'Meara on June 27, 2021
Jenn - You are missed and are an inspiration to me. I am remembering you as my WEE team lead, staying with you and Scott in Chicago and opening your home to me multiple times when I could stay! I loved borrowing many WGU books from you, knowing you more in Miramar and our many bus PEPs. I have so many beloved memories of you, and you are close in my heart always. XO ❤️ Love, Rachael
Posted by Jennifer Cline on June 27, 2021
Jennifer has been such an inspiration, example, Goddess, Warrioress, fellow Pilgrim, anchor, visionary and model for caring and standards in the world. She was my coach for many years and was a huge contribution to my singles work, women's work, and family work. She was at the forefront making a difference in everything she touched. She modeled how to take risks, speak truth, and how to actively move towards a bigger vision and grow. I am so grateful to have known her and have been touched by her caring, vision, and love. Her legacy will live on forever in my head with her voice, my heart, and everything at Wright with all of her contributions. Thank you for sharing your Jennifer with us.
Posted by Sarah Davis on June 27, 2021
I'm forever, forever, grateful for the mamabear mentor that Jennifer will always be for me. Her voice and her loving, inviting lap has meant so much to me and my journey. She was my lab leader and supported me to be the best I can be. I'm incredibly blessed to have known her and she continues to inspire me.
Posted by Rachael Marusarz on June 27, 2021
Jenn, you were there at the very start of my journey of personal transformation, and your influence, care, and impact have been imbued throughout my journey. You were a consistent presence throughout, and even in the moments when I didn't think anyone saw me, you saw me, affirmed me, held vision for me, and were a model for what was possible for me. I'm profoundly grateful. Your legacy is already far-reaching and will go even further over time. Thank you for being you and being with me and all of us.
Posted by Krissie McMenamin on June 20, 2021
I never met Jenn in person. I only knew her from behind a screen during our WGU weekends, and yet I felt I had known her forever. Her presence was extraordinary. I remember having to practice coach each other and feeling like she was holding me in a big bear hug from across the internet. She affirmed and nurtured and nourished. When it came my turn to coach her, I wished I could provide even an iota to her of what she had to me in just 15 minutes. When I think about the kind of coach I want to be, I think of her. When I think of the kind of vibrant, curious, learning-filled life I want to lead, I think of her. Thank you, Jenn, for showing me what's possible.
Posted by Rachel Zwell on June 19, 2021
When I first joined your Transformation Lab, I remember you sharing with the lab the story of my childhood and the challenges that I’d faced. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so understood, seen, and protected. You had this way of having high expectations in the most loving way.

You had so much strength and so much softness too. I miss you.
Love, Rachel  
Posted by Munzoor Shaikh on June 18, 2021

Jennifer is the type of person that can invoke a deep ache down to your bones while at the same time make your heart sing. She was always working towards bettering herself and yet had a sense of completion and that’s the word that comes to mind and heart for me - complete.

Jen, you saw the best in me and the flaws in me and in both cases I felt loved, cared for and complete. I remember when you first facilitated my team to become a high performing team. You did it with such fun! Your way of being made it fun rather than something we all dreaded. It’s still a mystery to me how you didn’t know any of us but still so quickly saw the best in us and the worst in us. But I’m most surprised and delighted by your way of being that invoked us wanting to BE that best part of ourselves and as complete as we could be in that moment. My wife, Sanjida, and I have been lucky to have you always hold us as a couple that deeply connects, learns and grows and serves the Divine through all that we do in our lives. We still feel you holding us as I write this. For me specifically you help me find a connection with the Divine through all events, struggles, fights, people and things in my life whether they be religious in nature or not. I LOVE the fighter spirit that you invoke in me and fight for all that is good and right both in me and for the world. While you will be forever missed, you remain forever alive as the lover and fighter in our hearts. You remain forever alive in our lives as the radiant example of a work in progress AND complete human being that you are. I’m so grateful to the Divine for having me know you, having me know a sense of development and completion through you. To me, you remain a true mystic, a mystery and a gift from the heavens forever cherished.
Posted by Philip Blue on June 18, 2021
Jenn, thank you for teaching me so much on how to love, for staying behind after a long training, and holding space for me for an hour to talk about my girlfriend and what was going on for me, and thanks for your response to me.

And, thanks for your clarity, and for introducing me to Mary and to the beauty of the sacred.

And, finally, but not finally, thank you for trusting me to be with you in the end. My life is forever changed because you taught me what intimacy and love really are and then continue to comfort me in it.

So much love,

Posted by Robert Wright on June 12, 2021
Dearest Jen,
I will never forget seeing you working on your laptop and developing the Weber marketing plan in my office in the 1980s. That was the first time I remember seeing an electronic spreadsheet. I remember you becoming the first female head of marketing for a national hardware manufacturing company in and guiding Weber to a significant place in the marketplace.
It is also hard to forget the challenges that you went through at your jobs as a pioneering businesswoman. You courageously worked with entrenched culture and dealt with jealousy of others in the face of your fierce dedication. Your brilliance was finally fully appreciated when you formed a long-term mutual work relationship with Joe Dollens at his GEO Global firm.
I remember the moment in your breathwork where you so beautifully expressed how you felt at home for the first time in your life and you began showing the softness underneath your warrior exterior. That was the point when you first saw the possibility of growing love for your life and dove into your personal development work.
You never stopped being a fighter but you used the fights to look at and work to complete your unfinished business. You never stopped learning and growing. Then you joined with Mike Zwell to become the first student leaders in the foundation.
There is so much to acknowledge in your family work and the inspirational way you went about dealing with your cancer that I will end the words of this conversation and continue communicating with you in my heart and prayers.
Thank you for the blessing of working with you so closely over these many years—doing your own personal development work and becoming such a giving, marvelous agent for others to fulfill their potential.
Posted by Brian Sauder on June 7, 2021
Mama Jenn was my Wildfire lab leader and supported me through big life transitions, struggles, and joys. During that time, she was the first one I texted when I wasn't sure where to turn. She would move heaven and earth to make sure I was my fullest authentic self and had the supportive vision I needed for that moment. I miss her and want to share my love and prayers with anyone reading this note.
Posted by Stan Smith on June 5, 2021
Gosh, it feels like I have known Jenn forever. We probably met at a seasonal retreat as early as 1990? I do remember when we were on KP duty together we often clashed and always enjoyed those small battles laughing afterwards. You could always laugh with Jennifer. One night in England in Glastonbury on pilgrimage she and I and Judith and Gertrude stayed up all night telling stories, laughing, playing. Her eyes are beautiful whether soft or piercing. Countless times the depths of pilgrimage experiences her with her were profound, Israel, Italy, everywhere.
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on June 5, 2021
I am so blessed to have known & loved Jenn for so many years. She was an absolutely amazing woman & I will adore her until the end of time. One memory is her reading the famous Khalil Gibran quotation at our wedding, almost 24 years ago when Steve & I got married. Still remember her saying it in a sacred way & the blessing that it was to us. Love you, Jenn
Posted by Chelsea Rao on June 5, 2021
Jennifer taught me so much about living, mostly through the opportunities I had to see her be her authentic self. At least once a week I think about or share a comment Jenn made at a parenting weekend - “it’s not that doing this work prevents challenging things from happening, it’s that doing the work gives us the means to talk about them and be with each other.” She taught me so much about simple ways to live outside of the box. I remember her planning a 6 AM birthday party because that was the best time to gather loved ones together! She cared so deeply and in that she lived so richly.
Posted by Josephine Koo on June 4, 2021
I had the privilege of hearing Jenn share her courageous story at the Women's weekend 2018, and to hear her share her wisdom very lovingly, in follow-up meetings.

When Scott invited his Campbell Software friends to their wedding, I saw how special Jenn was, but had no idea what a powerhouse she was.

My prayers are with your beautiful family.
Posted by Chelsey Jackel on June 4, 2021
I have so many amazing memories with Jenn, aka "mama Jenn". I didn't call her that at first, though many others did, as I deeply yearned to connect, but was scared of loosing myself in her strength and presence. She had quite a "room shifting" presence that inspired me deeply. 

About, oh, 18 months later, during a class with her, she leaned in close to me and said "I feel really partnered with you tonight!" I hadn't felt that much joy and pride in a while. I teared up and said "thanks mama!" We smiled at each other and turned back to the class and kept working!

An amazing woman. She will forever be embedded into my heart!

To all the family, and Scott... my tears are with you! May we all continue to live, breath and impact the world in honor of her memory!
Posted by Kathleen M Kearns on June 4, 2021
I feel sad and joy at the same time. Sad because I will miss seeing her beautiful face and amazing energy. Joy because she is part of my DNA, as my lab leader she guided me through family work and my father's death. It is because of her that I created my own family of support, people that would unconditionally support me which I would not get from my family of creation. I don't have enough words to express how much Jennifer means to me. I think of her often, and I mean weekly—I hear her voice in my head when I am up against something or when I'm hesitating to express my true feelings. At times she held a bigger vision for me than I did myself. I have felt her fierce love and I know I have an angel to call on. Scott, Sarah & Jack, thank you for sharing her with us/me. Blessings tenfold. Kathleen
Posted by Karen Terry on June 4, 2021
Jennifer had a voice. Man, could she sing! Even after cancer and chemo affected her vocal chords, she kept on singing--and she sang with such feeling that it didn't matter the notes weren't perfect anymore. When Jen sang, you went on a journey with her. She picked you up and took you someplace. And you were always glad you went where she headed.
Posted by Megan Taylor on June 4, 2021

You have been an earth Angel to MANY, and I am try blessed you were a part of my life. You were instrumental in my development as a young woman, you were available for every single call, text, and email from me. You made my 20 & 30 year—old dramas feel important, you reflected back grace and love as I struggled and grew through life, and you always held the space and boundary for me to come to my own conclusion, learn my own lesson, and shine back a light that I was a budding flower with infinite potential. From our many saunas in your home, VIP day at Lollapalooza, to Deepak Chopra’s movie premier in Sedona, coffees, late night meetings with our women’s group, and my favorite our spiritual pilgrimages around the world - we lived life. Your presence, laughter, lightness, ability to say the unsayable, have forever shaped me into the woman I am.

I watched you be a wife, a mother, a sister, a lab leader, a community member, and drank it all up so that I could shadow your way of being. Your diagnosis with cancer was no different, and I will never forget when you told me 7 years ago, while you were on vacation and you asked me to make a “happy vibes playlist.” You said “I am so sorry I know I am an attachment figure for you.” You were an attachment figure for me, and ultimately through you I learned more how to attach to myself. I am honored to have witnessed your struggle, your grit, your humility, and your grace as you lived with lung cancer and fought for your health, but ultimately what I witnessed was you learning how to truly appreciate life, and live life with meaning, reverence, and with truth. I love that we shared an infinity for trends and you always wanted to stay current and in the know, you spent your last summer in a class unpacking racism, you spent this spring at Wright Grad University studying for another masters, you were always a student but I must admit you have been one of my greatest teachers.

I feel your spirit, I hear your voice, and forever cherish our human days together. I miss you and love you forever.

Posted by Kate Holmquest on June 4, 2021
I am so grateful for Jenn's inviting, challenging, specific, and persistent care -- for me and for so many others, and for the mission she was a partner in! Each year on a women's retreat she would hear the vision I was working with to guide the coming year and offer a few words that completely "got" me and also spoke to the me I couldn't imagine becoming yet. She gave so generously as a mentor to me in training for leadership, and I would know from a quick email or text now and then in response to something posted to our leadership group that she had her eye on me, and all of us. The wisdom she had and shared and lived about living with something chronic changed my experience of my own physical and spiritual challenges on so many occasions, again often with just a few words aimed directly and lovingly at the person I could be. My heart and prayers are with her and with you, Scott, Sarah, and Jack.
Posted by Barbara Burgess on June 4, 2021
And they called her home

(from Barbara Burgess as conduit)

And they called her home...

the great ones

the beautiful ones

the bright ones

they could no longer bear to be apart

from the precious collective

earth friends called "Jennifer"

spirit friends called "heart"

not yet...she said

when the notice first came

they called it disease

but an invitation was its aim

not yet...she said

i have family to love

and people to hug

and i'm not yet done

so they waited

so kindly and gently

yes calling but still

honoring her wish

as she got her fill

yet their longing for her grew and grew

and once more they sent

their notice anew

new points

new reminders

right there inside her

a body so filled

with their deepest desires

and again she said...not yet

not yet...there is so much more

i have students to teach

and friends to explore

and once again they waited

but closer this time

their hand on this "heart"

a radiant line

and the earth days kept spinning

and they watched her grow

and expand 

and become 

and stretch

and glow

until finally 

yes finally

they could not stand

the distance from her

the longing, demand

and they wrapped her up

in a blanket of light

to honor her journey

the internal flight

to a new adventure

new souls to love

new beings to inspire

below and above

and they called her home...

and this time she came

the great ones

the beautiful ones

the bright ones

her same
Posted by Beryl Stromsta on June 3, 2021
Jennifer was a one-of-a-kind mama bear. Her commitment to living fully in the face of cancer was truly inspirational. I vividly remember her in her performances of "The Growth Goes On", costumed in her rap gear and chains. She was creative, funny, resilient, straight, loving, passionate, and a caring vision holder for everyone she touched. While she was my coach she gave me potent feedback that I will remember always, that literally changed the trajectory of my growth. Later, I loved partnering with her on supporting people that were in her lab and that I coached over the years, and I trusted her implicitly. I treasured our moments together on parent-child weekends, and other trainings, and especially our one-on-one time together, most recently our nourishing neighborhood walks/talks until late into 2020. I will miss her far more than I can say. I feel honored and so grateful to have known her, and she will always be in my heart. Scott, Sarah and Jack, my heart is with you as you grieve her loss, and celebrate her life. Love and hugs....
Posted by John Tiso on June 3, 2021
I didn't realize how much Jenn meant to me until she had already passed on. I was always amazed at her ability to give direct and honest feedback wrapped up in so much love. Jenn was strong in a way I want to work towards in my own life. I want to be more like her, and I'm inspired by who she was to carry on her legacy of love and strength in my own ways. Scott, your whole family is in my heart and prayers.
Posted by Omar Khokhar on June 2, 2021
My first Wright experience was the training weekend June 2012. I had known Munzoor from before, but when I saw him, Sanjida, and Jennifer do a RAP (!) onstage, it was my WHOA moment. Such a treasure. So sorry for your loss Scott.

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