Her Life

Sweet Memories of Jenn


Sweet Memories of Jenn:

Jenn was the best daughter we could have ever had.  She was smart, quick and funny, often irreverent.  As a very verbal five year-old, she ran around the house entertaining us all, reciting commercials  and singing every jingle she had ever heard on TV. As an adult with a keen sense of observation, she loved to make  good natured fun of peoples’ foibles. And that did not exclude her “parentals” as she fondly called  Francis and I. 

She adored her baby brother Scott. These two were in cahoots from day one. She always said that she couldn’t get away with anything and Scott could because he was the baby.  I always asked them, as they turned into party people” Couldn’t we have had just one child who was a nerd and wanted to stay home with the parentals on Friday nights?”  Well that certainly did not happen.

She knew I was a “helicopter” mom….you know, the kind that hovers. So she had to, once in a while, mess up my blades, especially as she matured into a curious and wonderful 20 something-year-old who wanted to see the world and experience everything that young adults do.  Boy, did she give us a run for her money during those dating years!  My husband Francis would not call her boyfriends by their first name, he would just be referred to as “the boy”!

And boy, did She love her Justin! They were so made for each other. One of her favorite lines was “ I sure had to kiss a lot of toads before I met my prince”!  Francis actually called Justin by his first name, because he had a good feeling about this one…They met in North Carolina  and lucky for us, Justin was willing to follow Jenn back to NJ because he knew she was so worth it. Justin knows we were a little wary of “the boy” from NC who came up with no job, and moved in with her.  Dios Mio!  Now that we consider him our second son, every once in a while he gently reminds us of those days. He is the one  who took the greatest care of Jenn these last 9 years , never left her side and somehow, made her laugh at the same time.  Their love is something that all of us who knew them we all could describe as “true love”. Justin took his marriage vows seriously. We thank his parents, Joyce and Ross, his sister, Ginger , her 2 beautiful children, Addie and Drew, and his brother Jordan for all they did to turn out such a  fine human being. Francis, Scott ,Kim and I  think he’s awesome and a huge part of our family.

She loved teaching at Colts Neck. Jenn’s 6 year olds and  her partner in crime Allison,  made her laugh every day. Her fellow teachers and administrators were beyond generous with her situation.

Jenn’s friends  too have given her fun, care and FACEBOOK! It was so important for her this last year  to communicate with her BFF’s on Facebook while she was struggling so with this nasty disease,  its treatments and setbacks.  You know who you are and we love you all.

Jenn had at least 4 doctors who called her a living saint, “Inspirational, Miracle Girl, their hero, a wonderful positive role model and poster girl for the fight against cancer”.  Jens doctors would tell their other cancer patients about Jenn simply to inspire them.  We are so proud of Jenn’s life.  34 years was not enough for us. We, like everyone who knew her wanted her around forever. But we are so grateful to have had her for those 34 years.  We think Jenn is dancing with the angels now.

Jen always took a terrible situation and turned it into something positive, and I know she would want us all to do the same.  Some people live a long and unhappy life, while other others live a lifetime of brilliance, and that was our Jenn.

Francis, Scott, Myself, Justin, as well as everyone here, are so proud to call her ours….Forever young and cancer free.

We love you….Mom, Dad, Scott, Justin & Kim