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May 5, 2011

Jenny's mom and dad are taking their first weekend away, leaving 3-year old (if that) Jenny and infant Scott in the care of inexperienced Uncle John and Aunt Cathy.  Patti leaves enough written instructions for the sitters to build a nuclear submarine, covering every contingency. Patti proceeds to read those instructions a few times to the sitters before she leaves, just in case they forgot how to read...and in those pre-cell days, she leaves enough emergency phone numbers to fill a small town directory, at least one for every mile on the GSP....but that is not enough, Mom still has a hard time leaving.  She's just  too worried, convinced her precious babies will cry, whine, whither, starve, and in general be miserable abandoned waifs once she walks out the door...finally, after much prodding and encouragement, Mom and Dad "exeunt".   As the door shuts, Jenny immediately springs to her feet, putting out her tiny arms like Mickey Rooney and shouting "ADIOS" to her departing parents (she picked up Spanish early!)...Jenny immediately goes into hyper-action to carry out the well-thought-out plan she's hatched as the weekend approached, giving rapid-fire direcitons to her startled sitters..."ok Aunt Cathy, you're the Mom, you go over here,  Uncle John you're the Dad, you sit here, i will be right out, I'm the big sister, I am going to inside to dress up...Scott is still the wait right here...." Jenny had her weekend party all planned....she was all ready to party at the age of two or three and make sure everyone with her was ready for the party, too!  Fortunately for all, Jenny pretty much stayed that way!  Loving life and the people in her world for that first party weekend....truth be told, both Jenny and her weary sitters were mighty glad Mom and Dad returned early Sunday to restore some order!

Jenn and Scott go to Church

March 2, 2011

A funny story I remember is Jenn just gets her license and her new ride that she is obsessed with, a white 2 door Cavalier (must of been a 1990).  Jenn and I convince the parentals that we need to go to "church" on Sunday in her new car, and we are going alone.  Mom and dad let us go.  Green light!!  So, as the good catholic kids we are, we proceed to the mall, (my idea btw), and Jenn proceeds to hydroplane into another car in front of her next to toys R us on bay ave (nowhere near the Church), but very close to the mall.  We call mom and dad, and tell them we missed the turn to church and crashed, but we are ok, no worries....we are both punished.

Scott and Jenn

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