This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jenny Kim, 15 years old, born on February 8, 1996, and passed away on July 3, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on February 8, 2014
Happy Birthday Jenny 18 years old how special is that?As special as you are to us James found a dime in his room today and said you left it,we put it in your cup. I miss you sooooooo much ,I thought about a sweet Maria* s cake today your favorite. I know your in Gods arms smiling I love you Jenny more than more .You are my special angel.xxxxooooo
Posted by Eugene Smolley on February 8, 2014
Hey Jenny, Happy Birthday your 18 , mom and I probably would have bought you a car . Im sure you would have been so excited this day. Well Im sure your your doing  just fine, Your missed so much, words cant express. We love you, Happy Birthday
Posted by Doug & Judy Moses on February 8, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY. We hope you having a great Birthday in Heaven: Mr. Doug and I miss you very much. Mr. Doug misses your special REIKI sessions and your secret talks. Miss you miss you Jenny
girl. You will never be forgotten by so many people, We'll always love

Forever Missed, Love Mr. Doug and Judy
Posted by Doug & Judy Moses on January 6, 2014
Dear Jenny: Sorry for not sending a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years note, Doug and I were in CT and didn't have use of a computer.

Jen we miss you so much. Mr. Doug and I talked about you all the time. We also know that GOD had other plans for you but you are still so
missed. You were the grand daughter we never had. We know you are
happy where you are and are very busy.

I'll write again on your birthday my munchkin,, you are so missed by so many.

Love you always,

Mr. Doug and Judy
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on January 1, 2014
ITs a new year Jenny
          Time passes so quickly and I miss you so. sometimes when I call Mom I hope I get the answer machine so I can hear your voice.We had a nice Christmas Dad had some videos on his phone I just love the money dance .it makes me laugh and smile. Well angel l know you surround us with love hug Grama for me.Look for my friend Lou tell him I miss him. Love you more than more.xxxooo
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Jenny
          You know how much I miss you.My gift for you is a bigggg huggg a kissss a smile and I love you more than much.I know you will be with us give a big hug to Grandma for you my angel.
Posted by Melanie Collins on December 24, 2013
Hi Jenny,

Merry christmas! I bet you are singing your heart out and dancing with the angels tonight!  Remember us here on earth. Miss you!
Posted by Eugene Smolley on December 10, 2013
jenny, I Miss you so much, it,s not the same around here without you. Just want you to know that I will try my best ,never give up. I remember your last words to me," Dad you can change the channel". You were in Moms arms. We were watching t v. Well its almost Christmas , and I know that you will be here . I Love You Jenny, Dad
Posted by Jan Hebert on December 9, 2013
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Say hi to all the angels for me. Your smiling picture on my desk still brings me joy of my memories of you an your wonderful family.
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on December 6, 2013
Hi jenny I love you more than more missyou xxxooononnie
Posted by Melanie Collins on July 3, 2013

I know you are up there smiling and breathing easy. You are still greatly missed. Thank you for being such a good teacher.
Posted by Deborah Vassar on July 3, 2013
Jenny I think of you so often, remembering your smiling face and courageous spirit. You left us with memories to reflect on always!, You are missed very much but we all know you are in a glorious place no longer suffering. Love you!!!
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on May 1, 2013
Hi Jenny always thinking of you.I miss you so.Well its May and the flowers are in bloom,I know mom is going to get your garden planted.I always call you my angel or butterfly.Uncle Jimmy gave me a beautiful butterfly book mark and i put it in my bible,so i can always have it close to me.I love you more than much see you when i see you loveeeeeexxxxxxooooo
Posted by Eugene Smolley on March 31, 2013
Happy Easter Jenny. Mom and I miss you so much, I know your keeping yourself busy, we are trying to do the same. Just want you to know were doing ok. Love You & Miss You,
Posted by Melanie Collins on February 9, 2013
You remain unforgettable.
Posted by Deborah Vassar on February 8, 2013
Happy Birthday Jenny! I think of you often and talk to Nonni about how much she misses you.. You were a very brave girl and though you were on earth for too short a time, you are remembered for your brilliant smile ,positive attitude, and will to live. I keep your picture,on my wall at work and look at you everyday and know you are in a better place.Love you Jenny!
Posted by Nahyun Kang on February 8, 2013
Hi 예지
You probably see me writing this
And as u know many people including me misses u
Posted by Jan Hebert on February 8, 2013
I wad just sharing stories about you and your family yesterday with Dr. DETTMER. Happy birthday.  Must be nice to have all the choirs of angels singing for you today.
Posted by Doug & Judy Moses on February 8, 2013
Hi Jen: Mr. Doug and I miss you terribly. We're in Florida and think of you always. You were so special but I'm sure God knows that and he has you working on many projects. YOU WILL BE FOREVER MISSED BY ALL THAT KNEW YOU.
Posted by Eugene Smolley on August 3, 2012
Jenny ,We miss you more than words can express.Time will never heal our hearts.My only wish is that i see you again ,Im always talking to everyone about the way you never complained even when your health was pretty bad.We love you Jenny Kim.We will never forget you,Love Mom & Dad
Posted by Jan Hebert on July 3, 2012
My Heart is still broken for your mom and dad but my prayers are for you that heaven is your home. You are missed so much
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on July 3, 2012
Hi Jenny, Its been 1 year and i miss you more than ever ,your smile ,your beautiful shinning eyes,your hugs and kisses.I know your happy in your new home with our father God.I picture you riding a beautiful horse in a field of flowers and butterflies and birds and all the animals that you loved so.You are always in my heart and my thoughts and Ilove you more than more.xxoo
Posted by Deborah Vassar on July 3, 2012
I look at your picture everyday,and I know your brilliant smiling face is shining down on us from heaven. One year has passed and you are missed as much today as yesterday, knowing you are free of pain helps us to accept God's plan. Love you Jenny and always will!
Posted by laurie smolley on February 11, 2012
JENNY, Daily we drive by horses in the field running n playing, all we see is YOU so precious full of love,laughter n joy ,thank you for filling our lives with your courage and strength.. luv you Aunt Laurie / Uncle Ron miss you !!!!!!  "LOVE YOU JENNY" xoxoxoxox
Posted by Deborah Vassar on February 8, 2012
Happy Birthday Jenny. I know you are shining down on us from heaven.Your loss is great but the wonderful memories you left us with continue to inspire all who lives you touched. Love you always Jenny!
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on January 26, 2012
There is not a day that goes by that i dont think of you.We missed you at christmas but i was so happy mom and dad came to church with me .I felt that was my christmas present from you .I miss you so but you are always with me . Yester day i saw a beautiful cloud in the sky in the shape  of an angel and i know it was you ,i love you more than much .nonxxxxoooo
Posted by Laurie/Diana Davino/LaVal... on October 5, 2011
Dear Jenny,

We read our daily devotion each day and we feel and hear you in the heavens with God your Father who has made you perfect. Your passing was a sacrifice of love.
Posted by Doug & Judy Moses on October 4, 2011
Doug & Judy aka Mr. Doug - "Jenny our adopted granddaughter - We miss you so much. We miss your sparkling eyes and that wonderful smile. You will be forever missed by us and will forever leave your imprint on our hearts. We will Love you forever.
Posted by Nahyun Kang on October 2, 2011
Hi Jenny it's Nahyun Unni I really miss you. you are lovely, pretty, and courageous girl and i admire your strength to stand against that obstacle for a long time. be happy in heaven, i love you.. I'll do my best and hope i can be a help to your umma,
Posted by Molly Fitzgerald on September 30, 2011
Jenny, you were an amazing girl who's heart was bigger and warmer than anyone could imagine. You always had a smile for those who needed a little happiness. I cherish the time we had together and will always love my Jenny. Sweet dreams Jenny girl. I love you. Always.
Posted by Jan Hebert on September 20, 2011
Yoomi and Eugene

I have been blessed not only to know Jenny but both of you. Jenny's smiling face would always give me warm and sunny feelings in my heart. Blessings to all of you.
Posted by Melanie Collins on September 17, 2011
Jenny-Your smile and your spirit will remain forever in my heart. I feel so lucky to have known such a wonderful girl. I will miss walking into a room, seeing your smile and chatting with you. Stay happy in heaven!
Posted by Terri Smolley on September 15, 2011
Jenny Girl you are greatly missed and thought of each day. I miss your smile, your laugh, and the funny videos you watched on your computer. I won an award at work and will be donating $5,000.00 in your memory to your favorite place ‘Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’. You remain in our hearts forever.
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on September 13, 2011
Jenny you brought so much love and joy into my heart.Our time together is very precious to me. I miss your calls, your smiles, your hugs, and your kisses.You are always with me. God blessed me with you as a gift in my life.I miss you sooooo much and i love you more than more!xo
Posted by Brandon Ross on September 13, 2011
My memories will always be of the smiling and happy neighbor that came next door to swim in our pool and play with Ralph. Jenny I feel more than blessed to have met you and will always hold the brightness you brought to my families, my brother's and my life.
Posted by shawna potts on September 12, 2011
Jenny You were the happiest girl i knew, their was never a dull moment with you, You would always make me smile just by looking at you. You were also the strongest & bravest i knew. Forever in my heart <3 I love you,
Posted by Julia Hageman on September 12, 2011
Jenny, I swear, whenever I saw you, you always had the biggest smile on your face. I feel like whenever I was having a bad day, if I smiled at you, there'd be no doubt that you'd smile back. That made me realize that there are so many beautiful things in life, like you. RIP<3
Posted by Nick Tomchik on September 12, 2011
jenny we loved you so much, you were the sweetest and we will all remember you forever. R.I.P
Posted by Shaunna Carle on September 12, 2011
Jenny! You were such a good friend in History class.I remember the silly conversations we had! Forever missed girl<3
Posted by Prathompon Sananikone on September 12, 2011
jenny was the sweetest girl, she was probably the nicest and most caring person i ever met, she taught me a lot she will always be in my heart R.I.P jenny<3
Posted by Deborah Vassar on September 12, 2011
Gene and Yoomi, Jenny blessed so many lives with her vibrant smile, her gentleness and her beauty inside and out. She is an Angel smiling down from heaven and is missed by everyone who were lucky to have known her. She certainly is "Gone to Soon" but will be loved by all forever.
Posted by Eugene Smolley on September 10, 2011
Jenny was the bravest person i ever met .She overcame a brain tumar at age five had some great years,but her lungs got damaged from the raidiation.Her mom and i took care of her at home untill she passed in my wifes arms.WE MISS HER SO MUCH. Love you Jenny
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Posted by Laurie Smolley on February 10, 2021
Happy 25th birthday my beautiful, loving , caring niece ! So much has changed but one thing has not is how much we all love you & miss you Rock the heavens ! Please give my brothers a big hug for me !!! Until we meet again FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS XOXO
Posted by Jan Hebert on February 9, 2021
We loved and cared for you when you walk this earth with 25, you would have been so loved by all. Now that you walk with the Lord, He must be so grateful that you found your way back home.
Jan Hebert
Posted by MARIE LUMIA on February 8, 2021
Hi Jenny Today is your birthday.I can’t believe your 25.Jaymie will be25 soon too.Chloe is getting so big you would love her Landon is growing fast Marleya is so Preety going to pagents,Goevani is a trip so cute,James will graduate soon so many changes.One thing never changes how much I miss you and love you.Until we see each other again I love you so.
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Shared by Laurie Smolley on July 7, 2019

Our beautiful niece it's been 8long yrs since God took u home we miss u +love you more than words, continue watching over mom + dad + the family! ❤️


Shared by MARIE LUMIA on July 7, 2019

Here we are Jenny 2019.The time is flying have 4 cousinsMarleya ,Landon ,Chloe and Geovani .Oh how you would love them. You are 23 now and and I can only dream of what you would be doing down here.You are always in my heart and thoughts I have so many memories to look back on. The Korean candy I made by accident .The day I burned part of the oven and I thought Wait till Dad gets home He’s going to blow a gasket. I miss you so much and I know you are doing God’s work.I love you much my sweet angel.


Shared by MARIE LUMIA on July 2, 2015

jENNY IT IS SUMMER AGAIN.auntie laurie has a beautiful garden at  her house ,you would love.There are humming birds and butter flies and beautiful flowers.We will go there on sunday for a picnic.I will think of you.Mom and Dad will go if there not busy.James is getting big. We have a new baby Tylers little boy Landon .You would love him.Jaymie is married can you believe his name is Jake.She will be moving  and I will miss her.Well i know you are with OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IN ALL HIS GLORY FOR YOU WERE HIS BEFORE YOU WERE OURS AND WE ALL WILL RETURN SOMEDAY TO HIMAND WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. I LOVE YOU MORE TAN MUCH AND MISS YOU MORE XXXOOO    NONNIE