Her Life

Jennys Life

Born in Seuol Korea,and came to the United States when she was almost 5 years old. Jennys mom,a single parent,wanted a better life for them.They moved to  Queens New York,thats were i meet jenny for the first time.Very shy,didnt talk much,and always hanging on to her moms leg.It took a while for Jenny to warm up to me,and me to her.I didnt know her mom had a child.When i was frst dating her mom,(Yoomi), didnt mention jenny.I know why now,she realy wasnt interested in a long term relationship.After many trips to N.Y. we ended up getting closer.I moved in as a room mate .We have been together ever since.Shortly before i meet Jenny,Jennys Mom went missing from the restauraunt where she was working.No phone call,and no one would tell me were she was.Ididnt know were she lived at that point in our relationship.Man i was fustrated and worried.Then about a  couple of weeks later Yoomi called me and told me about Jenny ,she had to. Jenny was Just diagnosed with having a brain tummor,and they had to do emergency surgery to save her life.I meet Jenny shortly after that,bald head,(hat on,never wanted to take it off), because of the radiation & kemo.She made a remarkable recovery,what a fighter she was .It was so insperational to watch this  young child go thru so much but she never complained, always keept a positve attitude.Always happy .It took a couple of years for her to recover from that brain tumor. Finaly to the point were Jenny was in remission,and no longer needed the medicans or treatment .She was almost 100 percent.The treatments of raidiation hit her theiroid ,so jenny body didnt  grow all the way.Just a little short, no big deal,but her chest cavity was small.She also had a curved spine in both directions.Jenny never complained about her size.One day the Doctors at Sloan Memorial in N.Y. said they wanted to try Human Groth Hormon on Jenny ,said she grow a little more.Ididnt want to,Yoomi was sold  on the idea.A year of H.G.H. to grow an in. was the wost thing we let happen.# 1 Side affects off that drug is lung issues.We didnt know that ,know one ever told us .I wasn,t married to Jenny mom then so had no say.It wasnt till later that i got very involved in her care.Jenny keep getting sick,my wife would take her to the Doctors office,only to be sent home with its ony a cold.Next time oh i think you have ashtma.Jenny was treated for almost a  year ,but she didnt have asthma .The Doctor never took an xray of Jennys lungs,nor did any one at Sloan Memorial during the HGH Treatment. They took MRIs ,but only of her brain.Two years go by and Jenny is getting worse.A 5 Minute caughs turned into 30 min.   intermission. check bach to see more of jennys story