Her Life

A Few Biographical Notes on Jenny

1957 Jenny is born in Montebello, California.  She grows up in Alhambra, California.  

Joins Junior Achievement in high school, forms friendships with Sharon Weissman, Sally McGee, Enda Brennan, Sue Pelligrino Fisher, and others who will remain close to her throughout her life.

1975 begins attending California State University, Long Beach as a Business Administration major.  

1977 marries Tom Mullins.  

1979-1981 Elected as president of the Associated Students at CSULB, and becomes the first person to be re-elected to that position.

She also serves on the CSU Board of Trustees and is president of the California State Students Association.

1986 Jenny works to change the election of Long Beach school board representatives to a geographical-districts basis.

1988 Elected to Long Beach Unified School District Board.  Re-elected in 1990, when she runs unopposed.

1994 First Latina elected to the Long Beach City Council.  Re-elected in 1998.  

Among her many achievements on behalf of the citizens of Long Beach, she works to establish Cesar E. Chavez Park -- the first new park in Long Beach in three decades -- and the revitalization of downtown.

1996-2000 Jenny serves on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board, representing Long Beach and other southeast cities of Los Angeles County.  She serves on the MTA Planning and Programming Committee and the Construction Committee. While with the MTA, she also chaired the Goods Movement Committee of the Southern California Association of Governments.

2000 Jenny is elected to the California State Assembly, where she will serve until 2006.  In 2002-2004, she chairs the Assembly Budget Committee.  She chairs the Transportation Committee 2004-2006.

2004 Jenny survives liver cancer.  She becomes an impassioned advocate for health and cancer-related legislation.

2006 Jenny garners 62% of the 28th District to win her State Senate seat.

2008 Jenny is named to the five-member Senate Rules Committee.  She is also Chair of the Senate Majority Caucus.  

Throughout her years of public service, Jenny was a tireless advocate for consumers, the environment, public safety, and human rights.  She was a leader in fighting second-hand smoke, improving health care for women (including mammograms for low-income women), and protection against global warming.  She authored bills protecting children and seniors.   In 2009 alone, she had six important health, consumer protection, and environmental bills signed into law.