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The Life of Jerald J. Woody


Jerald Jerome Woody, Sr. “Buzz” “Woody” was born in the District of Columbia on November 5, 1947. He attended DC Public Schools, graduating from Cardozo Senior High School where he played football and excelled in track.

He also participated in the Boy Scout Program and earned every medal/award available with the exception of the Eagle Scout Award, which he seemed to want more than anything. He never shared what happened that caused him not to complete that particular goal. Perhaps it was because he lost contact with his original Scouting Unit or perhaps it was because he developed a new interest in Karate. He eventually earned a Black Belt.
After graduating from Cardozo, he attended Lincoln Technical Trade School majoring in automobile mechanics. He excelled to the extent that he was invited back as an instructor where he worked for 10 years until he joined the DC Department of Public Works (DPW). He worked with DPW for more than 1 Oyears and left as a result of downsizing. Wherever be was, he continued to stay on top of the latest trends and advances in his trade and consequently was always able to give his very best. As a result of his continued pursuit of excellence, he constantly struggled with the fact that he often knew more about the latest trends and advances then his supervisors. As you can readily imagine, these dilemmas often were cause for conflicts. Regardless of the situation he found himself in, he always attempted and succeeded in giving his very best, though often to his own detriment.

He became a Community organizer with emphasis on the Youth, developing programs that were designed to keep young people engaged in wholesome activities such as Cheerleading, Summer Day Camps and Summer Youth Employment. When funding was not forth coming, be often convinced (hit on) others to donate to his causes, When the donations fell short, he personally paid for the projects, often to the detriment of his own obligations. When admonished about these decisions, he always said “trust me..., don’t sweat the small stuff.

Submitted By: Austine Fowler