Let the memory of Jeremy be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on January 16, 1988 .
  • Passed away on May 16, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jeremy Cook who was born on January 16, 1988 and passed away on May 16, 2010. Jeremy was diagnosed with Leukemia on December 11, 2009, he had been under going a tough chemptherapy treatment and was showing promising signs that he may beat the cancer and carry on with his lifes dreams. On May 14, 2010 he was out with people he thought were his friends, just trying to feel like a normal young adult again when he was brutally beaten by several people in a Huntington, WV bar parking lot. Jeremy fought a tough fight but died from his massive head trauma injuries just shortly after midnight on May 16th, 2010. Such a senseless death that shouldve never happened at the hands of nothing more than cowards.

Since that horrible day we as a family have been pushing on for Justice for our Jeremy along with many true friends. In August 2010 we received news of 2 arrests of suspects Clyde Cooper and Duane Foster both of Hunington, WV. Both charged with 1st degree murder. Both were to stand trial in April 2011, which is subject to change and we will update on the facebook Justice for Jeremy page.

Please add your stories to this memorial we would love to hear your memories of our son. Thank you for your support, love and prayers. Please know he is always with all of us and cherish your memories as we do. You are not alone.  Love, Alisa

Posted by Carolyn Bishop on 15th January 2012
Today is your birthday and this is such a special day for all of us that are left behind missing you and wishing we could spend the day with you. Or even just spend one more day with you in general. I know your day in heaven will be beautiful and you will be in my heart and mind always. I love you Jeremy. Our fight for you will continue as long as is necessary.
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 13th January 2012
Hard to believe you wouldve been 24 years old on the 1/16! I dream often of what your life today would be. I know your up there smiling down and you are with me everyday. Its not my strength that gets me thru this nightmare its our strength together with God leading us. Love and miss you so much my sweet son.
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 3rd October 2011
Seems like yesterday everything was perfect and you were at home and safe. The pain and hurt never goes away just like the love we have for you will never go away only grow stronger. RIP Sweetheart, my angel in the sky. Forever loved and missed, Mom
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 7th August 2011
Debra and Gail, Thank you for sharing and visiting my son's page. I know I could never get thru this horrible nightmare without such caring people like you. Thank you! Please visit the Justice for Jeremy Facebook page.
Posted by Gail Miller on 5th August 2011
So sorry to hear about your loss. I loss my son 2-16-06, he died in a horrible way also. His girlfriend shot and killed him. Dead can not cry out for justice it is a duty of the living to cry out for them. Gail~Mom to Angel Michael Miller~
Posted by Debra Duke on 18th July 2011
This is a friend sending prayers to the family. I lost my nephew when he was 18 and just lost my 2 year old cousin. Not the same kind of death, but still a death. It does not get better it just gets a little easier to handle. The love you have for them will never be forgotten.
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 26th June 2011
Miss you more everyday. Still have such a hard time not being able hug you and have you to talk to. I feel you with me so much, just really needing a hug from my big boy. You always could make me smile, no matter what. I will love and miss you foreve
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 31st May 2011
I remember you son, throughout the years. I remember your laughter, your joy and your tears. I remember how you had to have everything in a special place. I remember your precious, boyish face. I remember how you'd put up a fight, for something you b
Posted by Chastity Cook on 17th May 2011
Just wanted to stop by and look around and let you know how much you are missed and loved. Wow,just looking at the pic's on here just made me sit here and cry. Wishing you were here with us. RIP Sweetheart, It's so hard to believe it has been a year.
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 15th May 2011
We had a beautiful candle lighting at your grave tonight, cant believe you've been gone a year today. We've really had a hard time these last few days. I hope you are smiling down and at peace. We love and miss you so much no words could explain this
Posted by Lana Sharp on 15th May 2011
Jeremy i didn't get to meet you,but i have heard so many wonderful things about you.I wish i could have met you.
Posted by Carolyn Bishop on 19th April 2011
I love you and want you to know that no matter what the outcome may be in regards to justice for you, your family will see that your memory is everlasting. It has been almost a year since we lost you, but to me it seems like yesterday. Enjoy heaven a
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 16th April 2011
Missing and love you more and more each day. I cherish every memory, picture, even the littlest items of yours I find. I will never let your memory die for you are always with us. Praying for Justice and will never give up until my last breath. I lov
Posted by Lana Sharp on 8th April 2011
Jeremy you have a amazing mom.
Posted by Jim Sizemore on 3rd April 2011
Miss my lil buddy, my best friend, so proud of the man you were becoming, so many things we had planned to do. So thankful to have been in your life and proud to call you Son. Always in my heart, never forgotten! Save me a spot up there!
Posted by Raven Cook on 3rd April 2011
Hey love, I miss you sooo much these days it drives me crazy..but its not goodbye its see ya later..:) RIP J Never Forgotten <3<3
Posted by Tami Classen on 29th March 2011
I never had the pleasure of meeting you... But, I feel like I have.... Your mom and I share you and my Jeremy... We both know ya'll share us in Heaven... I love you Son... I'm here for your Mom, as she is for me...
Posted by Scott Mercado on 27th March 2011
Rest In Peace.....
Posted by Alisa Sizemore on 23rd February 2011
I love seeing everyone come on here and leave a tribute message or share a story about you. I need to talk about you and here your name, not whispers when I walk bye. I will always share our lives with others, speak you name, carry your picture, its all part of keeping your memory alive. Your nieces and nephews will know you by all of our stories we will share. Loving and Missing you forever. Mom
Posted by Ty Cook on 20th February 2011
hey whats up bubby stopin to say love ya man told u i would stop by everyday man i gonna promise u will never be forgotten for real talk about u all the time man and i no u hear me thinkin about all the stupid stuff we did lol good times you tought me everything i no for real luv ya bro ty ty
Posted by J Howerton on 20th February 2011
Hey bro just coming through to say i miss ya and love ya...i shouldn't have to visit this page cause you shouldn't be gone...i know your with me everyday and i know your gonna watch over me...miss ya bro...Love ya
Posted by Brooklyn Sizemore on 20th February 2011
hey buuby i miss y everyday and i wanted u to know how much u mean to me u mean me the world to me and i love y like a bear loves honey lol
Posted by Andrew Barton on 20th February 2011
drew barton just want to say i miss the fun times we had even when we had nothing to do we still had fun evertime but you know the good die young and you was was one of the best. misss you always jc
Posted by Carolyn Bishop on 20th February 2011
Life will never be the same without you here with us. There will always be a hole in my heart about the size of you. Love eternally, memories everlasting, and forgotten never!!! RIP my grandson!!!
Posted by Ty Cook on 20th February 2011
hey bubby i wanted to drop in and say i love and u will never be forgoten got a new tat for ya man i will drop by everyday to talk to u love ya man goin to bed r.i.p j cook good die young tatted on my arm forever
Posted by Brittani Evans on 20th February 2011
Hey lil Cuz...i love you and miss you sooo much...even the fights and gettin in trouble when we were kids.I just wanted to let you know that you will always be remembered and even tho you aren't with us in body you are in mind.I am pregnant with your 3rd cuz and he/she will always know you and love you as if you were still here with us..watch after chris and i..especially the baby.love you,kisses
Posted by Tara Couch on 19th February 2011
I miss you every second of everyday! You will always have a piece of my heart and you will always be my Bunky <3

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