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Miss ya bud doof Doo!!

Shared by Bryan Pfister on August 18, 2021
  • Idk where to start off,but I knew Jeremy from about the time he was 13-14, and the last time I saw him was prob a year or two before he left for New Mexico. We left on bad terms,and although we all take our paths and move on,I wish I had reached out to you. I don't think there was anyone who loved and hated each other at the same time(in a good way)like brothers,that's how we were. We were just two bullheaded dummy's who wouldn't admit to the other that they were wrong.... Now I'm writing in a memorial for you bro. We were the last ones,now without you it's just Ian Charlie and myself. We came from a wild bunch and we were two of the wildest, so many stories,funny, sad, shitty, amazing. You were a good friend man. And wether you left with us on bad terms,I know we'll get together and hash it out,although all it would take is that look,those who know that look with that dumb ass smile and wed laugh so hard at absolutely nothing. Wish you were here brotha, wish you were here. See you at the JG,JG-JG see you at the JG..... Hope your chilling with Rob and all the Boyz. Amor °° °°

My Cuz

Shared by Shawna Parrack on April 27, 2021
We shared some fun moments as a family. My Chicago Darn long bearded brat . Hated the beard . Was so glad when you shaved that thing off. We had some nice heart to heart talks and only one stubborn Devenny side of us came out. Jeremy, my heart breaks every time I think of you . Too young ! You did tell me you wouldn’t make it past 40. Well 41;you did make it to . Conor will be loved by us always . He is a good boy and his Cuz Shawna will never let him forget you . He is a Devenny and will carry the name proudly . Let’s just pray he has his moms patience and not the Devenny trait . May you and your dad sit awhile and enjoy until we meet up again( you know what that will lead to)? The Devenny always right and will argue. I  love you, Jeremy Dale Devenny muah  
Cuz, you are so loved and missed

Sweet Jeremy

Shared by Annmarie Sira on April 26, 2021
Our families practically lived together.  Tammy and Jeremy spent almost every weekend with our family.  We had such great fun. Then for a time it took a ride south.  Jeremy was loved by many people.  I only hope that in the end he knew how much he was loved.  Rest in peace Jeremy and I truly hope you are at a peaceful place with none of the worries you seemed to carry. 

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