Peed On

Shared by Dian Fernandez on March 12, 2012

yesterday Sarah Hunt was telling me about something you said. It made me miss you so much more, but I really loved hearing it. I am going to share it with your family and friends. She said that you, her, Crystal Leviner and lil Gayle Parker was in a store. And when ya'll was outside the store, She said that she turned and saw lil gayle coming out of the store with her fist balled up to hit some girl, but she tripped and then the girl got on top of her. lol. she said that she gave Nathan to you to hold and she was going to help lil G. I think she said you grabbed her and wouldn't let her help. But Crystal grabbed the girl back the back of the shirt, picked the girl up and threw her off of lil G. She said that when lil G stood up, there was a wet spot on her, so she was like OMG your wet. But then when everyone else looked at the other girl, the girls pants was soakin wet, from where she had peed on herself and lil G. Sarah said you said.. LMBO.. "well, you have officially been PEED on".. I could see you saying that too. just to funny.. the things you would say. I love hearing things about you. It gives me more memories. More things to laugh at. I hate that SMSOB for killing you!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Painting the kitchen for Mama... May 2008

Shared by Dian Fernandez on November 13, 2011

Mama's house had been neglected. The person over her money was spending it on himself and not fixing anything in the house. So Mom, Dad and Jeremy was living in a smoke stained wall house. So, when my sister was over Mom's money, we decided to get them a new stove and paint the kitchen. So that way it would be brighter and prettier. The friday before Mothers Dad, my sister was there, the new stove had been delivered and Mom had another stroke. So Mom was put in the hospital.

The following day, we decided to go ahead and get the kitchen done, so when Mom got out, she would come home to a new kitchen. Jesse, JB, Ralph, Gayle, Jeremy and I stuck out on a mission, to make that room look better. Jesse and JB painted most of the kitchen wall, with the rest of helping when asked. Cause when Jesse starts out painting, its best to stay out of the way, unless he asks. Jeremy was assigned window duty.. LOL.. he can't paint.. but he tried. He got more paint on the window glass than on the wood. But bless his heart he tried. It was to funny.

So, then he assigned himself as the go for everything we needed guy. Jeremy always was good at helping people. All they had to do was ask him and he would do it.

Mama never got to see her remodeled kitchen. On Sunday, Mothers day 2008, Mom had a stroke, that left her bedridden, unable to talk and feed herself.   

Mama's love for Jeremy

Shared by Dian Fernandez on October 31, 2011

Mama was in a rest home, due to the stroke she had on Mother's Day 2008. I would go visit her. And you could tell she was glad i was there. But when Jeremy would walk in that door and speak, Mama would be so excited. She would turn her head towards him and give the biggest smile. She loved Jeremy with all her heart. I would just about bet my life, that she loved Jeremy more than me and my siblings. I loved taking Jeremy to see Mama. Jeremy would tell her that he loved her and she would smile. 

My sister and I did not tell Mama that Jeremy had been murdered or who had done it. But when she left this world and saw Jeremy greeting her at Heavens gate, I am sure she had the biggest smile ever on her face. 

I love you Jeremy..  


Shared by Dian Fernandez on October 18, 2011

One night, me, Jeremy, Jesse and George was sitting on the deck. George being the crazy indian that he is, was demonstrating how he uses his knife. Joking about it is more like it.. lol.. it was so funny. So, I reached in my bank, pulled out my knife and said to George, 'thats alright injun, i got ya".. lol.. we busted out laughing. But Jeremy, his face was in shock.. lol.. After getting himself together, he said "my mom carries a knife".. lol.. it was so funny, the look on his face.. lmbo.. After composing himself and getting used to the idea of his mom carrying a knife and with George's funny self, Jeremy started laughing. But the look on his face.. PRICELESS.. the laughter we won't hear any more.. PRICELESS...  

Jeremy at the Gazebo

Shared by Dian Fernandez on October 5, 2011

I had came to visit Dad, on my way to see Mama. And to see if Jeremy wanted to go. Well, Jeremy wasn't here. I talked with Dad a while and then headed on down the road. As I got to the end of Boyd Lake Road, I happened to look at the lake and the Gazebos. LOL.. There was Jeremy in one of the Gazebo's. I hit my brakes and turned around. He didn't realize it was me, until i had turned around and stopped. When he got in the car, he said, " I didn't think it was you. I had to look twice, cause the rims are clean.".. LOL.. i was like i was my rims.. he said yea... but not alot.. We went to visit Mama..  

All Summer Long

Shared by Dian Fernandez on October 2, 2011

One day, I went to pick Jeremy up to visit Mama. At that time, my favorite song was All Summer Long, by Kid Rock. Well, i got at Dad's to pick up Jeremy. I went inside to talk to Dad. Jeremy of course had to get ready. He wanted to look good, just in case he met a nice looking girl. lol. 

We get in the car, i crank it and there was my song playing. So I reach to turn it up and it went off. Jeremy... lol.. started laughing at me.. and pointing at the radio.. and laughing. I can still see him in the passenger seat, laughing at me. It was to funny. 

I sure do miss that laugh.. 

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