This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, JEROLD HAAS who may have made it to be 43 years old, born on September 30, 1975. His life was ripped away from us and his life ended too soon.  He took off August 31st, 2018, not telling anyone what he was doing or where he was going. His badly decomposed remains were found November 3, 2018.  Many are heart broken. Everyone who knew him loved him. He had a big heart and a kind gentle nature. He was low key and laid back. Many knew him as Darry, tonehog or Knot, Not Naught! online.  What a tragedy that can never be reversed.  We'll remember him forever. He wasn't a person easy to forget. He left behind many online friends, his music online under tonehog and computer videos on YouTube. He was a good soldier and suffered much hardship.

We know he went in the woods to get away, think and be alone. He had a habit of doing that when under a lot of stress or experiencing a major anxiety attack or upset about something. He never was gone for very long. (Normally less than a week.)

He had been doing contract work making more money than he had ever made and simultaneously doing Tessr programming. He had just completed a cryptocurrency project for a non-profit, Tessr. Tessr  Advisory Board members changed the mission of the foundation at the meeting he missed attending August 30, 2018. It was supposed to be a non-profit educational foundation for free education.  The mission was changed to securing the voting. Who wouldn't be in favor of secure voting? Jerold wouldn't have.  His political affiliation was a Libertarian. He was a self-professed tin foil hat guy on his twitter account. He wouldn't have wanted to be involved in project or work to do with the government. One of the board members was an ex-Columbus politician. They messed with the wrong computer nerd.  He left with the cryptocurrency coded programming key. He did not make the airdrop that was scheduled to take place before he left Columbus. I guess he got the last word in on Tessr but at the cost of his life. Tessr folded with his demise. He did white hat hacking. Several employers called him a computer Ninja. He was playful and funny and young at heart.

All his computers, cell phones, headphones etc. which were normally in his backpack were accounted for. His personal computer after drying out was operational but not the work computer. His wallet with some cash (not all that he left with), bank card, credit cards, were in his pants pocket wallet.  The mystery is why he was found so far away from his backpack containing all that was important to him. He NEVER went anyplace without his backpack and computers. His life was in his computers. He was a brilliant highly skilled computer software engineer (programmer/coder) who spoke three foreign languages (Spanish, German & Mandarin Chinese). There was evidence he had been camping and living off the land. People living on The Shepherd's Way, Clarksville, Ohio witnessed him walking on the road and being in the woods behind their homes.

Because he wasn't found soon after his death and his remains were badly decomposed; his exact cause of death hasn't been determined. His bones showed he had a broken femoral neck (dislocated/broken hip). This was a life-threatening injury.  He would not have been able to stand or walk with those injuries without great difficulty and pain at least for the distance he was found from his backpack. Those injuries normally occur from a fall from a very great height or a high energy collision such as being hit by an automobile, motorcycle while walking or a fight where a person is knocked down and their leg jumped on. 

There were 4 twitter posts deleted the last week in September 2018. Where he was or how those posts got deleted is unknown. It is a big mystery. None of his computers or phones were used after he went missing from Columbus according to detectives. The police did subpoena the records from twitter. Twitter said only his computers were used. So, this an unsolved puzzle. 

His remains which appeared to be dumped were found in a thicket near a soybean field at 183 Spring Hill Road, Clarksville, Ohio owned by Mr. Wm. C. O'Bryan, President & Chief Executive Officer of S.P.A., Inc./Softpak LTD a $23 million dollar computer software company.  The property is titled in the name of Springhill Farm, LLC.  Mr. O'Bryan has another estate in Punta Gordon, Fl. where he permanently resides.  Mr. O'Bryan permits people to hunt his property and there are supposedly deer tree stands but the police informed me that he had NO deer cameras on his property anywhere on his over 300 acres.  That is highly unusual.

The question is why was his remains found so far away from his backpack? It took the Warren County Police department 2 weeks to find his backpack because Mr. Wm. C. O'Bryan would only authorize initially that the police could search within 100 feet of where his remains were found. My son's 10 missing teeth, hand, feet, neck and throat bones and the rest of his bones were never found. The police were able to search further than 100 feet from where my son's remains were found on Mr. O'Bryan's property by airplane and located his backpack two weeks after his remains were found. How did Jerold sustain such life-threatening injuries in a soybean field?  Why has Mr. Wm. C. O'Bryan refused to let Jerold's Mother see where Jerold was found (dumped & perhaps died) and why has he posted no trespassing signs and blocked the road to prevent access to his driveway? May God forgive Mr. O'Bryan for his heartless concern for a grieving mother.

There are 11 registered sexual predators living within walking distance (5 miles) of where he was camping and found which was off of The Shepherd's Way, Clarksville, Ohio. (Actually 13 at the time of his death. 2 have moved away.) There are two camps in Clarksville, Ohio for children that no doubt attracts sexual predators within walking distance of where my son was found. One of those camps rent to outside clubs and organizations for activities during the time my son went missing.

The area looks like a safe haven with many beautiful, large and expensive homes with lots of trees and many acres of woods. We lived in Warren County and Jerold graduated from Springboro High School, so he was familiar with the area. But oh, how things have changed since then... You would find it hard to believe the kind of activities that go on in the children's camp in Clarksville rented to the outside groups in September each year for more than the last twelve years. I was totally shocked. Do people who live on The Shepherd's Way and in Clarksville, Ohio Warren County know what is happening in their neighborhood?

Within walking distance there was and still is a bar which is a known to be frequented by a notorious motorcycle club.

Within walking distance was and still is an RV camp known to contain many people who are down on their luck and who have drugs and there is much violence.

All the country roads surrounding the area he was in have no streetlights. It's very dark on all the two-lane country roads surrounding where my son was camping, and my son wore all dark clothing. It was his routine to walk his dog every night. He walked to and from his work in Columbus normally.

If my son was struck by a golf cart (golf carts are available at 4H Camp Graham), an automobile, motorcycle or a 4-wheeler (Mr. O'Bryan has 4 wheelers), there is an area on Mr. O'Bryan's property that vehicles pull off the road into and near the soybean field where my son was found.  Was he ambushed at the creek where he had made a campsite and where his backpack was found?

My son was NOT gay, but he was a handsome man and would get hit on sometimes by men.

The area is known as a hub for gay activity, drugs, violence and demonic pagan worship every September at the childrens 4 H camp in Clarksville.

My son left with $200 cash in his wallet but was found with about half of that. How did he spend any money camping in the woods?  No one remembers ever seeing him in any stores or in Clarksville making any food purchases. Police say no one pays attention to other people anymore. Everyone is self-absorbed staring at their smart phones.

My son was found hundreds of yards away from his backpack where he was camping. Everyone the police spoke to said Jerold never went anywhere without his backpack.

The last week of September posts were deleted from his twitter account. I believe that is when he died. Police investigation indicates that none of his phones or computers were used after the day he went missing. The last post he made on his twitter account was " ANARCHIST ". 

The Coroner from Warren County, Dr. Russell Uptegrove (paper coroner as he has no facilities to do autopsies) suggested to me that perhaps he fell down and broke his femur which is the strongest bone in the body. That may have been so but how did he get so far from the camp site to the wet soggy soybean field where he was found. It was also suggested he fell possibly from a deer tree stand that was not terribly far away or jumped off the bridge. The bridge was too far away from where he was found for that to be feasible.  It's quite ridiculous. My son was afraid of heights and would not have been climbing a tree or jumping off a bridge. The coroner said this because there is a frequency of people in Clarksville who jump off the bridge or perhaps are pushed.  

I can't believe he would go to Mr. O'Bryan's property which has so many mosquitos (used to be a mushroom farm) and was very wet, soggy and cold that September. My son was wearing black tennis shoes with thin socks. People can't tolerate being there (I've been told by reporters and photographers) because of the mosquitos. His shirt found near his bones was only a t-shirt. It's inconceivable that he would go willingly in a mosquito infested area and leave his computers & cell phones so far away dressed the way he was unless he was injured elsewhere and crawled or was transported some other way to where his remains were found. It rained a lot that September 2018 and the weather turned cold in the evenings. He took no coat, sweater or jacket. It's hard to believe he was out in the weather under those conditions without the proper clothing to keep warm for all that time.

My son was not on any drugs or medications when he went missing. He had been only taking Mr. Ford's miracle herbs Life Vantage. My son had been a taking prescription drug for anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder) for years.  He lost his driver's license as a result of one incidence with only privileges to drive to and from work. He was trying to get off all that medication. There were no signs of any alcohol or drugs where he was found, camping or in his backpack or in his personal property taken from his apartment that he shared with his recent new girlfriend.

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Isaiah 40:30

Jerold had unplugged from all technology. In his backpack he had a New Testament with Psalms. My son is finally in a place of safety.  May he rest in peace and I so look forward to seeing him again soon at the resurrection. The righteous perish, and no one lays it to heart, and merciful men are taken away; none considering that the righteous are taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds (the grave) each one who walked in his uprightness. (Isa. 57:1-2) GOD IS NOT ALOOF EVEN FROM SUFFERING, TRAGEDY, AND DEFEAT.  Regardless of what may take place, eyes of faith sparkle with joyous certainty that, somehow, this too is operating to affect a rescue, an exodus into a land of milk & honey, and ultimately victory.

The popular and well-known technology magazine from New York - "WIRED"- has an article about Jerold Haas and the Tessr Foundation on the one-year anniversary of Jerold's death and having gone missing in the November/December 2019 edition.  This edition is now available in November written by Brendan I. Koerner. (Author of the Book "The Skies Belong to Us") 
Some of the information in this article is inaccurate. Some of the information used in this article describing my son's character came from people who were supposedly friends of my son. People are inclined to be jealous of those who are gifted.  Like my grandmother always said, "Them that accuse are most always them that are a doing." Money or the lack of it is the one thing you can count on to destroy lifelong friendships as well as marriages and create illness from stress. My son was a contract worker who didn't get paid regularly and has not so good credit and didn't pay bills or debts reliably. Sometimes he didn't get paid at all. Much of his work was done for his best friend from high school who did not pay him what he was worth.  He went months working without payment, no health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance or benefits. He struggled financially much of his adult working life. His "friends" and loyalty to them to build their start-up computer software business was his downfall.  (Steve Job and Steve Wozniak scenario) He was tolerant and long suffering to a fault. My son didn't have a mean bone in his body. However, he was a passive aggressive personality.  

My son was never arrested (poor choice of words) by the police for breaking a window to a church to take refuge from cold winter weather. He was detained, given something to eat, drink and was driven home. He was supposed to pay for the broken window glass. He died before it was paid. This occurred on one of his "called to the wild" escapes in winter one snowy night when it had gotten terribly frigid. 

My son's skeleton remains were not leaned up against a tree, but in a discombobulated position against a small honey suckle bush (with the skull in pieces a distance away).

The medications my son took were prescription drugs prescribed by his physician for anxiety. He was never arrested for buying or selling street drugs or alcohol related incidents.  He has never been charged with any felonies. There are inaccurate online stories to smear his name and reputation to minimize his life and suggest his death was his own doing. But my son was doing very well financially at the time of his death. Even the police said they don't believe that was the case because he was making a lot of money at the time he left.

May the Lord repay all his friends and associates according to their works.
2 Timothy 4:14

Jerold's own words from his twitter account

Two people conjoined by the spirit, never to be separated again, no matter the distance. Death is only a long nap until we awake again, right next to each other.

If anyone has any information that might lead to solving the mystery of what happened to Jerold, please contact me, Jerold's Mum or perhaps Major Steve Arrasmith, Investigations Division Commander, Warren County Sheriff's Office at 513-336-0070. 

His family is still looking for answers. We don't know when he died, exactly where he died and why he died or how he died. There is something of his that is missing. Something that someone may have thought was very valuable. Perhaps he burned it in a campfire to keep warm.  If anyone in Clarksville or Columbus, Ohio knows, saw or heard something, please let us know no matter how insignificant it may seem. It may be a mystery that will never be solved in my lifetime.


Posted by Yago PM on November 12, 2021
I will forever remember one of the smartest, noblest and kindest humans on this earth.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 6, 2021
Today I received a message on Twitter from another online friend of Jer's. I'll call him by his initials I.C.  He Said: " Your son was a great friend of mine. One of the finer humans I have ever known."
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 5, 2021
Today I received a phone called from one of Jer's online friends. He was from Spain. He told me he had been an online friend of Jer's from 2015-2018. He said he stopped hearing from Jer in 2018 and didn't find out what happened to him until a year later. He said they had spent a lot of time on video chats and that Jer was instrumental in helping him learn English. He said Jer spent 9 hours on a video chat with him one day to work on his English. He spoke very highly of my son. They shared interests in art and many new ideas and concepts. It brought me great joy to speak with Jer's online friend. I hope to hear from him again.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 4, 2021
Naked I came from my mother's womb, And Naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Job 1:21
Posted by Therese LeDantec on November 3, 2021
Three years ago today your Mother received a knock on her door that eviscerated her world, and signaled to the universe that your incredible contribution to humanity would have to be carried on "in memorium."
To say that your presence is sorely missed would be to reduce your essence to that of an ordinary individual...your life bore testimony to the fact that you were anything but ordinary.
The echoes of your life that resound so vibrantly still today shall ring into eternity with a brilliant vibration that is nothing short of extraordinary.
May you rest comforted by the knowledge that the eternal flame of your life's inspiration has not nor shall it ever be extinguished.
Toujours, Therese et Alexis LeDantec
Posted by Anne Van De Laar on November 3, 2021
Lieve Judie, juist vandaag wil ik je laten weten dat mijn gedachten bij je zijn.
Drie jaar lijkt voor anderen een korte tijd, maar voor ons is het als de dag van gisteren.
Door het verlies van onze kinderen zijn wij voor altijd in verdriet verbonden met elkaar.

Met liefde ,
Posted by Jesus H on October 20, 2021
I am deeply shocked to read this. I know I am so very late. Despite not knowing him personally he was a presence on our little space in the web, a mentor figure with a tongue of silver and a heart of gold. I drifted away but as I came back he was one of the few big ones I still remembered, that left an impact and now reading this just hurts.
Posted by Therese LeDantec on September 30, 2021
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday, dear Jerold...
Happy Birthday to you...
and many more...
We know that your spirit remains strong on this, the Good Red Road...
Even though you may walk now on the Good Blue Road of Life, the imprint that you left on this world is forever indelible...
As we continue forward without you in our worldly vision, we count on your steadfast guidance...
May you ever be vigilant over the lives of those whose love has touched your heart...
May your spirit shield your Mother from the pain of life without you...
May your wisdom and ninja intellect help inspire those who you have left behind...
May we honor your spirit daily as we make our way forward...
Looking forward to our next encounter in the herein or hereafter.
Blessings be with you, Dearest Jerold, on this blessed day...
More importantly, may blessings of peace and love shower down upon your Mother, whose love remains unflinching, unwavering and unabated...
With love and appreciation,
Therese and Alexis
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on September 30, 2021
If my son were alive he would be 46 yrs old today. I don't believe he lived to see his 43rd birthday. I miss him so much but God is giving me comfort and peace. How can I not drink from the cup that the Lord has given me?
Posted by Therese LeDantec on September 25, 2021
I know that a mother's heart will never heal from the loss of a beloved child; nevertheless, I wish you peace, love and healing as the time draws nearer to your blessed son's birthday.
Posted by Anne Van De Laar on September 24, 2021
Thinking of you
Posted by Lisa Miller on May 18, 2021
So sorry about your loss of your son may God cradle him in heaven in peace. I lost my husband in 2016 to cancer and wow it still seems like yesterday. May you find peace in your heart .I hope you find out what happened to you're son.
It truly is a sad story. Take care.
Posted by Therese LeDantec on April 7, 2021
There are some souls whose path is so unique and rare that few, if any, can follow let alone understand or navigate the same footfalls pursued by the navigator... Jerold forged a novel path out of the roughhewn IT landscape from the sheer force of his will, indomitable talent and unique perspective...
By virtue of the callous indifference of the landowner, the land on which Jerold's remains were found shall forever remain cursed and blighted...
Those who have withheld the truth of Jerold's demise shall likewise be cursed to roam this earth unsated, damned to pursue ends that shall remain eternally evasive to their grasp...their hunger for peace and thirst for relief shall remain forever unquenched...
Unless or until the truth is revealed, all those involved will undoubtedly find themselves tortured by the flames of unspoken truth, knowing neither rest nor solace in this world and the next...
May God have mercy on those pathetic souls whose cowardice keeps them from offering closure to this young man's mother...
May God bless Jerold, his family and friends...
Posted by Moira Lee on January 16, 2021
I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. My heart feels your pain oh too well. God is very close to the Broken Hearted . I know your pain. It is the same as mine. Be good to yourself mama ❤️
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 12, 2020
REFER TO A NEW POST under the section "STORIES" ADDED BY ERIN RYAN 11/10/20- Titled: "All Things Unknown" . SHE KNEW HIM BETTER THAN ANYONE.
Posted by Janie Cox on November 3, 2020
Praying, for you.

`*.¸.*✻ღϠ₡ღ ℒƠѵℯ & Hugz..☆ . ƸӜƷ
Posted by Anne Van De Laar on November 3, 2020
I Think of you....
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on September 30, 2020
If you were still alive my Son, you would be having your 45th Birthday today. I would have ordered for you a book from your Amazon Book Wishlist. That was just a kind of a tradition for us. We both shared that love of books, reading and learning. I miss you. Growing old means experiencing lots of losses but all these losses are temporary.
Posted by Anne Van De Laar on September 12, 2020
With love....
Posted by Janie Cox on September 12, 2020
just strolling by, cought my eye. my heart aces for you. i have a only son. sharing this story.  Praying for you.  God's love shine his light on the Truth. Amen. bless you..
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on September 5, 2020
It was Nov. 2017, the last time we went to the movies together and it was to see Murder on the Orient Express. We sat down in the middle of the studio in the last row as far away from speakers as possible because the sound was very loud. A couple came in and a Muslim dressed lady said to my son, "Do you mind if I sit next to you?" Jer said softly, "Absolutely not. But the real question is do you mind sitting next to me? " She sat down beside him.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on July 26, 2020
I remember my son at the gas station with each fill up. When he was young, or if he was with me, he always pumped the gas for me. I don't like the smell of gas. One day when he was about 16 years old, I was driving and he said, " Stop the car now." I stopped the car, he jumped out and ran to a park where there were 3 boys bullying another young boy. He got between them and settled it peacefully. He was peacemaker. Even as an adult and at Tessr he was able to make peace in their heated board meetings. 
Posted by Tammy Cappelli on April 24, 2020
I just finished reading your tribute and looking at the photos... My heart is just breaking for you both, please accept my heartfelt condolences! I cannot imagine what you are going through. But I do know it cannot be easy. Your son was very handsome. Not counting how you described him as a human being. He looks like a gentle soul. We will never understand why things happen like they do? But your son does deserve justice!  You, the parents deserve justice. I pray that one day this will happen  I lost my beautiful 30 year old son Christopher Michael Joseph Cappelli to suicide 8/23/17. My life is forever changed. Our children are everything! I pray that God will give you some peace in life.  Praying you get answers! 
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on March 1, 2020
To Everyone who was kind and loving enough to have left a tribute to my son even though they did not know him, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God repay your kindness and love ten fold.
Posted by Veronica J. Valentini on February 29, 2020
A beautiful tribute - You don't know me but saw your Facebook post and wanted to stop by the lovely page you made for Jerold in his honor. So I light a candle for Jerold today. I'm so sorry for your loss and that he was taken from you way too soon. God bless you and I will say a prayer for Jerold because my mom taught me that the more we pray for all souls who pass - the more God knows how wonderful Jerold was and allows God to give him more peace and allows him to cope living in Heaven, content and happier, pain free and until his family meets with him again for the rest of eternity. I pray this happens for all of us. I pray that it's all true. Take care.
Posted by Saaondo Mase on February 28, 2020
Feeling like when lost my mum then ,Rip bro
Posted by Anne Van De Laar on February 20, 2020
I know how hopeless you feel, my language is not so good, but I understand your story.
I will send you the strength and the love for the future.
Thinking of you ♥️
Posted by Patricia Melley on February 6, 2020
Very sorry about your loss.. it all sound very suspicous..I dont want to make you feel worse but sounds like something bad happened to him? May Gid give you strength.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on January 31, 2020
One year ago 1/31/2019 my son's remains came home. There wasn't much of him left.  He was declared legally dead 11/3/18. However as of 1/31/20 we still don't know when he died or how he died. Rest in peace my son knowing that I won't have any rest or peace until there are answers.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on January 11, 2020
Jerold's favorite automobile was the Volkswagen Jetta standard transmission. He liked black or gray colored ones. He owned several of them. The same style, model and similar color. 
He liked plain greek yogurt and his steaks rare. He liked Puer Chinese Tea and liked to play a Chinese game called GO. Chinese food was a favorite especially what he called "sticky rice". He liked black coffee, lots of black coffee. He liked 100% cotton button down dress shirts and 100% wool sweaters, cargo pants (the more pockets the better) and boots.These were a few of his favorite things.
The foreign country Jerold said he would want to live in outside of the USA was ICELAND. 
He was a good soldier. He endured hardship. He was a cyperpunk, libertarian and mensch. He was a minimalist.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on December 8, 2019
Post from one of his online friends regarding article

An article about my friend and mentor in all things from coding to chaos, Jerold Haas/tonehog/Compy. I'd say I miss you but *waves at computer* you're always with me
Posted by Jerry Huff on July 23, 2019
We may have not always got along, however he was a bigger part of my life than my on sons. He now is Resting In Peace. No one or anything can harm him now.
Posted by Connie Branam on June 5, 2019
He was my nephew. The little boy that called me Nonnie. Although we rarely saw each other as adults, when we did he always called me aunt Connie and showed me respect. He really was a diamond in the rough. I’ll always love and miss you Jerry.
Posted by Wasin Thonkaew on April 26, 2019
Hey thank you so much for good memory of online friendship we've shared. It's so sudden and shocking news I knew from your mom that you are no longer here. Although we didn't chat much, but I do remember good memory you left a mark on our friendship. You have nothing to worry about from now. Fair well compositeforce.
Posted by Ren Morrison on March 28, 2019
Jerold was a great mentor and friend online. I had known him for 7 years. A lot of people in the online communities looked up to him. He will be missed.
We had a running joke that he was going to have an army of Scottish fold kittens. The kittens would be able to sneak into enemy territory and not be detected because of their cuteness. He would always refer to them as “the folds.”
Posted by Scott Yannitell on February 9, 2019
Thank you 'Darry' for the memories we had and for being a confidant and friend.

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Posted by Yago PM on November 12, 2021
I will forever remember one of the smartest, noblest and kindest humans on this earth.
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 6, 2021
Today I received a message on Twitter from another online friend of Jer's. I'll call him by his initials I.C.  He Said: " Your son was a great friend of mine. One of the finer humans I have ever known."
Posted by Judith Wallace Huff on November 5, 2021
Today I received a phone called from one of Jer's online friends. He was from Spain. He told me he had been an online friend of Jer's from 2015-2018. He said he stopped hearing from Jer in 2018 and didn't find out what happened to him until a year later. He said they had spent a lot of time on video chats and that Jer was instrumental in helping him learn English. He said Jer spent 9 hours on a video chat with him one day to work on his English. He spoke very highly of my son. They shared interests in art and many new ideas and concepts. It brought me great joy to speak with Jer's online friend. I hope to hear from him again.
his Life

Jerold's own words about his love for coffee

Coffee is the nectar of beings from another universe that have perfected the science of Getting Things Done.

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All the things that are "unknown"

Shared by Erin Cara Ryan-Haas on November 12, 2020
Darry was one of the most amazing creatures I have ever known. He loved me more than oxygen and Iadored him more than the sun and moon combined! He disappeared on his way here to see. ME! How am I supposed to feel or respond. Jarrett is an opportunistic liar at best! Isn't it funny edge still owed him 25,000. Yep you left us high dry and. "JERRY WAS THE TEAM! BUT "THE TEAM" Will get on that. Countless hour s,day,months to back up a fraud in the end. The truth Edge Webware would have died long ago minus Darry. I dare anyone to question the truth...... I miss him every hour of every day. He let me experience two humans becoming one. Mike, Dave Shade, Jeff Holiday, LB, Maddy, Cameron , Scott ,Mark, Daddy, Transciever Frek, Novel Ogre , Tlk, Morrissey,(thank you)Ted Sherman , and even Chip of coarse Perisho. We loved all of you. You made us what we were we loved most of you and some lost there way but are not ever forgotten. "The WORLD TOMORROW DIED TODAY....EVEN THE ANGLES LOOKED THE OTHER WAY....." BLACKLAB Erin Ryan -Haas and Jerold Haas

​In meatspace he was @jeroldhaas

Shared by Judith Wallace Huff on March 31, 2019

Mentor and loyal friend. He ran through wires, disguised in screens. He blended patterns of input streams. He traced out pathways, dissolved in beams. He breached through cores on static wings.

Twitter post by an anonymous friend

Last Mother's Day Sentiment from my son

Shared by Judith Wallace Huff on September 24, 2019
Mother's Day May 2018