Shared by Gloria Bailey on May 8, 2019

Today would be Jerome's 58th Birthday,  I miss him so very much. This life is just not the same without him here with us. I love him forever and always.... Wishing him a very Happy Birthday in heaven... Love Gloria

Your 51st Birthday

Shared by Gloria Bailey-Henry on May 8, 2012

Today is the day that our heavenly father brought you into this world and when he did he knew that you would touch and enrich other's lives which you have done. I am speaking to Jerome when I make statements like this because he is here with me, in my heart and I feel his presence and this is what helps me keep going on. Some folks may not know just how this man has touched my life so I will tell you a story about how he has helped me become the person that I am today.

When Jerome and I first met I was a
shy introvert, I was a single mother on welfare when I met him and he told me one day "Gloria, you are too smart to just settle for welfare, why don't you go to school and take up something you have always wanted to do". So I enrolled in A.T.S. as it was called then and I got a certificate in a clerical class and I started working and paying taxes for the first time in many years. Today I own my own home (well my and 2 kids and I own our own home) and I really believe that had Jerome not showed me the encouragement and the "job ethics" that he did I would possibly have remained a shy introvert and on welfare and never would have had the self confidence to go to school and work like I do today and for that I thank him so very much, its because of Jerome that I feel that I can make it through almost anything because he helped show me that I could do it!! I often chuckle when I remember some of the antics he and I use to do or when I am playing a board or card game with someone and I say to them "I don't have to cheat ya to beat ya" which is what he said to me on so many occasions.

This is your special day and I know you are looking down on your family from heaven because I know you are there, I just know it because the lord could not have made a more caring, loving were so generous with folks and so easy going and you had tons of friends and I use to say to myself "everywhere we go this man knows somebody" and people would always come up to him in stores, at the gas station etc. with hugs and handshakes.

I still miss you and there is not one single day that goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were here with your family. Our baby girl Olivia will be graduating high school in 2 weeks and oh how I wish you were physically here to see her get her high school diploma but I know you will be here in spirit. Our baby boy Travis is growing up so fast and taking on the role of "man of the house" fixing things and showing mommy 'how it's done" the way daddy taught him, he misses you so very much and even though he does not express it much I know he is still having a very hard time of it without his dad. 

Jerome, I know that on your birthday you dont want your family to be sad so we are going to celebrate this day and honor the man we love so very much.

I will be looking up at heaven tonight and thinking of my very first true love on his birthday. The song that is attached is our song, I know you remember it.......Love always,


1st Year without you.

Shared by Gloria Bailey-Henry on January 28, 2012

I was going to add a video today which is the first year of Jerome's passing but I am having trouble uploading it in its current format so I want everyone to check back in a few days so I can have time to work this out.

I miss him the same today as I did a year ago, I often think of Jerome when I go places we have gone to or when I hear his favorite song (at least the one he told me was his favorite one after he went to Germany when he was in the army) its "your a big girl now" I listen to that song and it keeps me close to him. I will be doing alot with this website in the coming months such as adding more pictures, telling stories of he, I and the kids and a bunch of other stuff so everyone check back often okay?

I love and miss you Jerome Kevin Henry I know you are with me seeing me through my life and even giving me little suggestions on what to do with our kids.



Shared by Olivia Henry on January 13, 2012
I have one very special memorie of my dad and it was January 28th 2011 at 12:12 I was at school and I hadn't talked to him in a couple of months because I called myself being mad at him, but I don't know I just decided to call him that day while at school and I finally got the chance to say "I'm sorry, and that I loved him" we had made up, and made plans to spend more time with each other, but later that night he was taken from me, I just feel blessed I was able to say I love you for one more time before you were gone because I feel like god made me make that phone call so I wouldn't regret things later on in life, but I'm just happy I got to hear him say I love you back before he was gone...

Our baby girl becomes a young woman

Shared by Gloria Bailey-Henry on October 5, 2011

Today is the day that Jerome and I had our baby girl 18 yrs ago, she is a young woman now and really misses her dad. Jerome honey, we did it!! we raised a beautiful bright child from baby to womanhood and I know right now you are looking down from heaven with that big toothy grin and gold tooth just shining and saying "we did it and we did it right"!! We had a very nice birthday for Olivia and she received the ring that you placed on my finger many years ago as a present, you gave it to me but I wanted her to have a present from her dad because I know and everyone else knows that if you were here physically you would have went ALL OUT and spoiled her LOL......we love, cherish and miss you every single day, that has not changed nor will it ever change. Luv you baby...Gloria


NOTE: I guess this website is ran in Eastern time or something because it states the date as 10/5/11 right now but it is really 11:47pm on 10/4/11, Olivia was born on 10/4/93.


Shared by Gloria Bailey-Henry on February 8, 2011


Jerome completed his role as a father and father figure to all of us kids very well and that certain things he said and lessons taught to us won't be forgotten and neither will all the good times we had together as family.



The love of my life.

Shared by Gloria Bailey-Henry on February 4, 2011

I have lost the love of my life, a piece of me is gone too. Jerome and I were together for 18 yrs. This man was such a gentle and kind person, he always helped anyone and never tried to cheat or beat anyone. The lord has called my man home and his family will miss him forever. I woke up a few days after his untimely death with a song in my head that for whatever reason I could not get rid of...that song as "Some day we'll be together" and I felt a peace come over me because it was Jerome speaking to me, I dont care if anyone believes this or not; it was him. I love you baby and always will....Rest now baby...Your wife, Gloria

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