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To My Brother-in-Law

Shared by Keondra G on March 25, 2021
To be absent from the body . Is to be present with the Lord. You will forever be missed. I remember the last time I saw you. You picked up Skyler and we talked for a minute. Thank you for donating to my Non-profit organization.This is so sudden and unexpected. Fly high!️ (Your sis Kendrah

To my Brother-in-Law

Shared by Marviana Jones on March 25, 2021
Thank God for the time you lived on the earth, but our Heavenly Father has called you home. No more pain and no more suffering. The Jones' family will miss you. We are sad, but praising God at the same time. He has prepared a place for you. Praying for the Burke family, I cannot imagine the grief you are enduring, but joy comes in the morning. Jay, your dad raised you to be a fine young man, and I know you will carry on his legacy. Toy, Yanni, Skyler love you guys and just know that Jerone  cannot be in a more better place, because in 2 Corinthians 5:8 "We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord."

Marviana, Bruce, & Bree

John 10:28-30

Shared by LaTonya Townsend on March 25, 2021
Ole J.B. Now you will rest in eternal life.  God called you but you will always be in our memory.  Know that we will take care of your children, Yannie and Skyler. God Mommie and God daddy (Tod and Tonya Townsend).

My bestfriend

Shared by Pamela Blevins on March 25, 2021
Jerone, as I write this I'm literally in tears because I knew a day would come that we all have to leave, but not this soon, words cannot express the pain and heartache that I feel.  My heart is crushed and broken into a million pieces that will never be put back together again.   I miss the phone calls,  text messages and get togethers at the house.  I miss just hearing your voice on the other end of the phone whether we were checking up on each other or just to say hi.  Imma miss the laughter, me fussing at you telling you, you better take care of yourself because who am I going to fuss at if you're not here  and to be here for your kids and grandkids, your reply always I know baby, I will, promise.  I remember our last conversation when I told you that I wanted to speak on a platform but I wanted you to know before I made the decision and your response was whatever you can do to help others or yourself, do it.  Then shortly after you send me a text saying I'm an amazing woman,  but no you are an AMAZING man because you had no negative feedback or questions you felt if it was something that could benefit someone you were on board.  We spent 17 years of our lives together and throughout it all we continued to have a bond that was unbreakable.  I'm going to miss my bestfriend of 30+ years, we were able to express or talk about any and everything and give each other advice. Thank you for being my bestfriend and being there for me as I was there for you.  We both knew how deep the love we shared for each other although we weren't, together our love still remained.  Thank you for being the phenomenal man and father to our 3 children even though we shared 1 child together there was never a difference in that.  You always said those are my kids. They would not be the men and women they are today if it wasn't for you. You showed them love, how to be independent, loyal,  admiration, and all the above.   Some days for me are better than others, I'm mad, I cry, then laugh at things that happen throughout the years.  A song will come on, tv show/movie or daily routine that reminds me of you.   I understand why you had to leave, I know you were tired, in pain and that your time was done on this earth it was your time to walk through the pearly gates of heaven.  Our love, laughter,  and memories will forever be in my heart.   As I've always told you, you and the love I have for you will forever be imprinted and engraved in my heart.  Forever and for always buttercup!
Shared by Alejandra Oliva on March 25, 2021
My handsome big baby I miss you so much! I cannot believe this transition took place so fast. Lost of words.. I don’t know were to start.. I am very proud of you for striving to do your best all the time even though you were tired and not feeling your best mentally and physically, God saw you getting tired. God called you home. Papi, we were inseparable.. I miss your warmth company, our talks, date nights, talking about life and so forth. You are my everything, and you taught so much. My love is always with you even though you went away I find myself looking back daily of our beautiful memories we created. You will never be forgotten - as long as I am living I will carry you with me. Safely tucked within my heart. No matter the future brings or what may lie ahead, I know that you will walk with me along the path I tread. So rest my angel (papi) be at peace and let your soul fly free. One day I will join your glorious flight for all eternity. Te quiero mucho! Love, your girlfriend Alex

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