Posted by Latrease Bufford on April 17, 2021
Jerome, I'm so glad I met you. You were always nice and a gentleman. I know there were times you didn't feel well, but God called you to be in a place where you could rest well. Yes, I'm still in shock, but you will always have a place in my heart ❤. The last time I saw you, you had your hat on and looking good....I said to myself "Cool daddy"....Lol
Take it easy and rest on.

Love your Sis Trease
Posted by Danielle Simpson on April 7, 2021
I didn't know you personally but I knew of you. When my sister, Pam, told me the news— I was speechless. Searching for the right words to say. Have you ever wanted to say something eloquent but all you can say is "I'm so sorry."? Of all of the words in the dictionary there isn't one grand enough to comfort a grieving heart. When you lose a father, a son, a lover, and a friend, it feels as if a piece of your heart is missing. Pieces you gave to them to keep that you can't get back. And you wouldn't want to get those pieces back, even if it means only having a memory to hang onto.

My dad used to say, "Death only affects the living". Because we are left with the heavy burden of going on without your presence. Selfishly we want to hold on to you. Living in between two worlds— future moments planned, time we thought we had and wanting to rewrite the past, time we took for granted. Sometimes even the thought of being without you leaves us breathless. Other times a moment brings a smile to our face. The wave of emotions that are called "grieve". The crashes in the shores of our souls in random hours throughout the day tousling between "what was" and "what could have been". 

Anger. Laughter. Frustration. Sadness. Hopelessness. Faith. Grieve. Peace.

Peace. Until it remains as just Peace. Because in our heart of hearts, we know that you fought— you fought hard. I'm sure you even debated with God to stay a little longer knowing the pain it would cause you but not wanting to disappoint those around you. A protector even to the last second. You wanted to protect that's what a father does even if it means you have to sacrifice. I didn't need to have met you, in humanly form, to know the kind of man that you are. Some of my favorite people in this world loved you and were loved by you and they carry it with them everyday— a badge of honor. And I see it. Their lives are better because of you. It would be an understatement to say "you will be truly missed"

These bodies are temporary, a testament for us to number our days. In a world that may have made you feel like you weren't worthy, I honor your life, Black King. Your life mattered, it counted for something. You were and are truly loved. You completed the task in which you were placed on this earth to accomplish. For that, I am proud of you. A fighter until the end. Now, it's time for you to rest. Love never dies nor can it be destroyed, it just changes forms. So we keep those impressions of your love as souvenirs that we were fortunate enough to have you in our lives. I hope you left this earth knowing how greatly and unconditionally you are loved. But then again, I don't doubt God's power to make even the endings of things beautiful.

This isn't a goodbye, as we were never these humanly vessels to begin with, but a "see you later".

So I say to you, Jerone Burke, may you finally get the peace that you were searching for, living freely without the constraints of this humanly body. Don't get tired now, you still have an eternity to discover and to unfold.
Posted by Ologe David on March 29, 2021
May your soul rest in peace

By ologe David temiope
Posted by rodsbbys 4 on March 23, 2021
“OG JERONE SENIOR POPS. It’s truly a Blessing to have known you, & to have you as our Pops, & our kids Papa. Thank you for loving our lil’family unconditionally Pops, & Thank you for raising Lance as your Son. I know you’re part of the reason why he’s such a wonderful Man today. We’re truly Grateful.
We’re really going to Miss your Love, text, phone calls, & especially Your presence Pops. It’s still unbelievable, but we know that you’re in great hands. We know Heavenly Father needed you the most because he needed your strength to help him continue his work that he has in stored. So, we understand. Until then, we’re going to continue to keep your name alive in Heavenly Father’s world, & hold on to the memories we had together, Forever ever Pops. We Love You So Much OG. We’ll see you again on The Greater Side.” -Rodriguez Family
Posted by Anthony Nicholson on March 23, 2021
It’s crazy to sit here and write this. You never know what life is going to hit you with. I will forever cherish every memory I have of you and every moment I was able to have with you. You was there for me the first time I’ve ever seen my dad get sick in my life. You put your arm over my shoulders as I tried to hold back my tears and you said to me, “your dad is too strong and stubborn to go out like this, he will be back to talking his ish in no time”, then we both laughed. Sure enough you were right. The most hilarious time I’ve had with you is when you caught me and my then girlfriend but now wife trying to sneak out of your house in Palmdale after we snuck in late at night with Lance to stay the night. What you said to me and Lance that morning before I left can’t even be repeated on here, but it was so hilarious. You also showed me sympathy when my dad passed a few years later and you told me if I ever needed anything, you were there for me. Im going to miss all the motivational videos and messages you send me on Facebook from time to time. You was as solid as they come. Rest in paradise Big J.
“I’m proud of you katt, keep doing what you doing”, -Jerone.
Posted by Yvette Her on March 23, 2021
I never met Mr. Jerone but his kids are the best. His son Jay is a good man with a beautiful family that shows he raised a strong man. When I would hang out with Teleah she would describe him with positive words and say he’s like her dad too. We became friends on Facebook a few years back and he would send me funny videos, we would talk about EJ and how wonderful he is, and he sent me prayers and quotes from the Bible. Rest in Heaven. Peace and love to the Burke family.
Posted by HOLLY BAKER on March 23, 2021
As tears begin strolling down my cheeks, l remember back to my high school days. You were a friend who later became my brother. Who would have ever guessed that our bond would become even stronger as I stood in as your children's God mother and the love of your life Pamela's best friend. You allowed me to to be a mediator in the up's and down's of your family journey no matter the honesty I spoke and never once stop loving me as a sister. I'm still trying to process the loss, the human in us makes it hard to let go. Jerone knowing that you are no longer suffering is part of the healing process. I promise to always be there for your children and you will forever live in my heart. I am going to truly miss you.
My Brother for life I will always cherish the memories and secrets we shared. Love you beyond MEASURE
always your sister
Posted by Kimberley A Woods on March 23, 2021
I never got a chance to meet this great man, but I knew his reflection, his dear son. I remember you asking for permission to leave class (EMT) to visit your Dad and the stories that you told me about how impacted your life. Keep those memories close to your heart son (yeah, I call J my son, I am Momma Woods to him and the rest of the crew). Love you much, stay strong as he taught you, you know where to find me if you need me.....Peace and blessings
Posted by Terriana Blevins on March 23, 2021
To my uncle Jerone we all are in disbelief & having a hard time processing that you are really gone but we gotta think of it that your in a better place now & your not suffering anymore. I’m So happy that I have created many memories with you I love u dearly & can’t wait to see u again REST IN PARADISE

                 Love your niece Tank

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