Let the memory of jerry lynn be with us forever
  • 53 years old
  • Born on August 5, 1956 .
  • Passed away on June 9, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, jerry lynn payne sr. who was born on August 5, 1956 and passed away on June 9, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Dot Evans on 9th July 2016
Hey my little brother sure do miss you wish you was here my life would not be in the mess it's in cause you would fix it for me like you always did God knows how much I miss you my heart is still in pain of losing you it will never stop hurting for you You was the best brother I could've have and i'm glad I had you around for all them years I loved then and I love you today just as much as I did when you was here.I miss you everyday of my life, be good my sweet brother talk to you again soon love you
Posted by Dot Evans on 23rd January 2016
Hey little. Brother just to say I love and miss you so much it still hurts not to have you here .I miss talking to you it's not the same anymore with you not hear I'm still mad at you for leaving me but I love you with all my heart miss you to .RIP my sweet baby brother .always Sis
Posted by Dot Evans on 26th July 2015
Well still ain't to much better with out you i love you so much and miss you more. why did you have to leave me you know how much you meant to me and i needed you I know you done what you thought was the thing to do ,but it wasn't you left me all along just like Larry did i wish i could understand this and know why you done this my heart hurt's everyday and i will never forget you never stop loving and missing you.My Sweet Little Brother love you
Posted by Dot Evans on 1st July 2015
Well Little Brother still ain't no better still miss like crazy love you more I wish i could turn 6 years back you and Larry would still be here but i can't so i know you are with me and you are watching over me.Love you Little Brother always and forever.RIP i will talk to you later love you sister
Posted by Dot Evans on 18th June 2015
Hey little brother no i did not forget about you i miss you more now. Jerry when i lost you it hurt bad,but when i lost Larry i lost it it just about kill me he was my baby.I just don't know what to do my heart had been broken so many time don't know if it would be broken anymore.I love you more and miss you so so much I will always love you little brother so you and Larry fly high in heaven.Love you Dot
Posted by Dot Evans on 15th November 2014
My sweet brother just to let you know i'm so sorry if I ever none anything to you or maded you feel unwanted cause I love you more then a sister could ever love her brother. Jerry I miss you so much and I will always remember the last time I talk to you and I told you that I love you and you told me you love me. If you would've just waited a few months everything would have been better I told you I was moving in with you and I would have paid everything off for you. but things just didn't work out. I will always love you and miss you just wish I could've had time to say good by I will talk to you again and i'm going to say goodby my sweet brother. R. I .P Jerry Lynn Payne
Posted by Dot Evans on 30th September 2014
Hey brother well I just had to talk to you i'm so upset and don't know what to do i'm so mad at Dale I could spit nail's .I got both of his boy's how long I don't know I love them with all my heart, and I don't know what is wrong with Dale I think he lost his mind. Anyway I know I will be ok but it is hard on me and I know i'm doing the right thing.I love you so much and miss you I know you cant come back don't know if you want to or not,but I wish you was here with me still cant believe you are gone I just cant let go of you maybe one I will but right now i'm going to hold on to you.I LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER,Talk to you again soon
Posted by Dot Evans on 4th August 2014
Today is your Birthday cant belive you are 58 today Happy Birthday my sweet brother Another year has came and gone still miss you and love you more,more every day Sing loud with the angles Jerry with your sweet voice and ride high in heaven brother I LOVE YOU ALWAYS,ALWAYS Your Sis
Posted by Dot Evans on 9th June 2014
4 years ago today you went to heaven to be with God and sang with the angels .Jerry I miss you so bad sometimes I think of you and just cry it still hurts my heart will always hurt I love you so much. Don't understand why this happen but still wish you was here with me. Sometimes I can fell you here and it makes me fell safe Be good sang your heart out with the angels, Ride high in heaven brother. From your sis I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE.
Posted by Della Wolf on 9th June 2014
Uncle jerry today is the day u left us to go be in heaven I love you very much and miss you so does everyone else other mama other daddy my mom daddy britt jr aunt ruby jordan William amy ashley jw bubba totter we all love u oh there is a few things that are different I aint living at home no more got someone u would like hes so great and knows about u. Watch over us uncle Jerry I love you
Posted by Rachel Herrington on 5th June 2014
I’ Live On I died but did not leave you. I am here, and have not gone. Though my spirit left my body don’t be sad, for I live on. My love is all around you. Can you feel it? Can you see? That gentle breeze upon your face is not the wind...but me. I’m the sweet song of a bluebird when spring is in the air. I’m the roses in a garden. You can find me everywhere. Whenever you are missing me look up to heaven’s skies. I’m the twinkle in the stars. I’m the sunset, and sunrise. I’m a raindrop and a rainbow. I’m the ocean’s waves of blue; So everywhere you go you’ll know, I live on, loving you. Ron Tranmer©
Posted by Dot Evans on 9th December 2013
Oh how I wish you was still here with me I miss you so much and right now I need you so much I am about to go crazy and don't know how much more I can take .If you was with me it wouldn't be so hard on me. I love the boys but just can't do this much longer. I just don't understand what made you take your life and the sad thing I didn't even get to say good by or tell you I love you. Jerry I do love you with all my heart always. but I wish you was still here I miss you so bad. God knows how much I love you always, always. RIP my sweet brother I miss and love you so, so much.
Posted by Dot Evans on 5th August 2013
Happy Birthday little brother sure do miss you more,and more every day .I miss the phone calls we had every day and I miss you beening here with me.I love and miss you more today then yesterday more tomorrow then today. I love you so much and i'm so sorry I was not there for you when you needed me.You was always there for me.I LOVE YOU JERRY.R.I.P MY LITTLE BROTHER
Posted by Dorothy Evans on 23rd June 2013
My dear sweet brother i miss you so much and i love you more today then yesterday and more tomorrow then today.i miss the phone calls every day and i know that i didnt see you has much as i shouldve but i loved you with all my heart.I LOVE YOU JERRY PAYNE ALWAYS,ALWAYS
Posted by Dorothy Evans on 9th June 2013
3 years ago today my brother jerry passed away.i miss you jerry so much and love you more today then yesterday and more tomorrow then today.i will always love you,you broke my heart when you left but i will alway remember the phone calls everyday and the good times we had.i have all the memories for me and you so you ride high in heaven.i will always love you always,always your sis
Posted by Dorothy Evans on 31st May 2013
My sweet,aweet brother i miss you so much and love you more and more everyday.Even thur you are gone my love for you will grow on and on. You was my best friend my sweet brother i could always count on you anytime day or night all i had to do is call and you was there.Iwill always love you for that.I wish i was there for you that night and for that im so sorry.i will never stop loving you.
Posted by Thereda Watson on 30th May 2013
I loved you a lot . I know the girls really loved you.You are missed.. You are there with Johnnie now.
Posted by Dorothy Evans on 29th May 2013
I love you and miss you every day ,you will always be with me and in my heart.i will love you for the rest of my life.MY DEAR SWEET BROTHER JERRY LYNN PAYNE SR.

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