Let the memory of Jerry be with us forever!
  • 74 years old
  • Born on April 27, 1942 .
  • Passed away on November 11, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of Jerry McLall, 74, who sadly lost his battle with cancer on November 11, 2016. We will remember him in our hearts forever.

Jerry dearly loved his family and friends and has enriched the lives of so many. He will live in our hearts and our memories as a kind soul who was caring, compassionate and considerate to all who were fortunate to be part of his life. He loved hiking and exploring, simply the outdoors - the mountains, the desert, trees, flowers, and streams. This quote says a lot: 
       "Every trail I walk invigorates me.  I walk to feel alive."  
Jerry McLall (6/15/15)

His love of the outdoors and his beautiful dog, Apricot, has been inspriational and contagious. In 2013, he organized a DogFriends meet-up group that has grown to over 200 members and has logged over 360 hikes. In his own words, "Our goal is to make it easier and more fun to do the things that go with giving a dog a "forever home". People and dogs of all ages and activity levels are welcome to join and participate in our different types of outdoor activities."  In his memory, the group will continue to hike-on. Apricot has moved to a loving home and has settled in nicely.   

Jerry lived for many years in the Salt Lake City area and after retiring, moved to southwest Utah where he spent his final years. 
Some of us knew Jerry for only a short time and others for much of his life. Jerry's memory will be with us forever through sharrig of memories, stories, and photos as we reflect on how Jerry touched our lives. And in the words of Helen Keller, 
                  “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. 
                          All that we love deeply becomes part of us.”  

Posted by Jane Gilmore-Manson on 11th November 2018
It's been 2 years and i'm still having trouble knowing you are gone. I miss those phone calls on birthdays and other special days and in between. I really wish i could have been there to see you one last time. I miss you daddy !!!
Posted by Lavinia Gualino on 11th November 2018
time we spent together
Posted by Lavinia Gualino on 11th November 2018
Every time i hike we think about you Jerry and the wonderful but too short tie we sent together Lavinia
Posted by Sherry Collisi on 11th November 2018
Jerry I only met you once. You could not take the hike and I could not either because of my bad knee. But I will always remember the personal hour of conversation we shared. Though much missed by family and friends, we all know you are at no pain and just knowing you once look forward to seeing you again. You are already learning new trails to share with all Peace to you.
Posted by Lynn Buchheit on 11th November 2018
No one is more responsible for showing my wife and I the beauty of SW Utah after our arrival in Utah in 2013. Jerry organized hikes that took us on the outskirts of Zion and sometimes along the border of Arizona, all of which opened our eyes to the splendor of our new environment. And every time I walk on a trail that Jerry introduced us to, I think of him, his peacefulness, the serenity and wisdom that seemed to surround him. He touched lives in a most positive way, and he left us all a little richer with an appreciation of nature, animals and friends. That's quite a legacy.
Posted by Jane Gilmore-Manson on 27th April 2018
Happy Birthday daddy...I miss you !!!
Posted by Lavis Gualino on 27th April 2018
Hi Jerry, every hike reminds me of you. Lavinia Nellie and Leander miss you so much.
Posted by Jane Gilmore-Manson on 27th April 2017
Happy Birthday Daddy !!! I really miss you !
Posted by Jane Gilmore-Manson on 22nd February 2017
As i am sitting here playing around on the computer i was thinking of my dad. Still thinking he is around. I never got that phone call on my birthday and i don't know what i will do when his birthday comes. I really miss him even though we lived miles apart. We weren't as close as we should have been. Even though i was adopted years ago he will always be my only dad. the only one i have known. I wasn't able to talk to him on the phone before he passed but i know he's not suffering anymore. I hope he is up there watching over all of us. I feel that his love for animals passed to me because we now have way too many. I have not talked to robin since then but i know she hasn't forgotten us. If anyone has anything to share with me i would greatly appreciate it. I love you dad !!
Posted by Linda Hull on 19th November 2016
So sorry to hear of this loss. He was a good work friend and was an awesome person. He had a great sense of humor and I am sad. Prayer go out to the family.
Posted by Glenn Mesa on 18th November 2016
The Last I heard from Jerry was in an email. I intended to go visit him again but sadly did not make it in time because of my personal illness. I love and miss you Jerry.
Posted by Lavis Gualino on 16th November 2016
i met Jerry in 2013 when he contacted me knowing i wanted to hike with my dogs and it was not allowed in the hiking groups. Big sister Apricot and little Nellie became best friends from first time and so did we. We enjoyed so much our dog hikes that Jerry decided to create Dogsfriendsinstg. I remember Jerry getting in touch with the Denver and San Diego groups to set up the meetup the best way possible: it was a success!!!! Now i am so sad, every hike reminds me you Jerry and the wonderful time we spent together....we spoke often about reincarnation...i hope to meet you again
Posted by LeAnn Sawyer on 16th November 2016
My deepest sympathy to Jerry's family and friends. I only knew Jerry a short time, but truly enjoyed the hikes we were able to go on with him, Apricot and the group. Even though I was a little anxious about my new dog being around other dogs, Jerry assured me it would be fine and welcomed us both. I am sincerely thankful for Jerry giving Charlie and I that opportunity, and was so blessed to know Jerry if only for a short time. Your free spirit is truly a blessing to all that knew you.
Posted by Shirley Smith on 15th November 2016
Deepest Sympathies to all who knew Jerry. I met him when my husband, Bruce and dog Saphira moved to Utah in Dec 2013. He introduced us to this amazing place because of the hiking with dogs group. Oh yes, and I lost about 30 pounds quickly because I hiked with Jerry that first year. We continue to hike with the group and know he will be with us in spirit on every hike as he was this past year during his health battles. Jerry--keep hiking in heaven so you can show us around there, too! Love you Man and will miss you!!! Hugs from Saphira, too--if we can get her to take time away from hunting lizards!
Posted by Gwyn Purvis on 15th November 2016
It was a pleasure meeting Jerry and watching him enjoy the outdoors with his friends and dog family. What a nice man who will be remembered and missed by many. Thank you Jerry for your warm and welcoming presence. Sending heartfelt condolences to your family and friends.
Posted by Olivia Pittman on 14th November 2016
Posted by Olivia Pittman on 14th November 2016
I did not know Jerry well, nor did he know me well, but he was there when I broke my ankle. He had a tarp to carry me out! He was there when I awoke after surgery. He gave me a set of knee crutches to use. This was at the end of March. I always thought I would have time to thank him! God forgive me for not getting to him sooner! God bless you Jerry! Thank you for being the gift that God blessed us all with, by enriching our lives for having you in you it! Olivia
Posted by Sam Cohen on 14th November 2016
My wife and I used to play Mexican Train with Jerry , a dominoes game. It became a habit for about a year or so and we also tried to get out and hike as much as possible. He was very quiet and soft-spoken. We enjoyed our conversations about the game,hikes and life in general.He loved his animals was was so concerned about their welfare. He'll be missed , but his spirit remains with us always.
Posted by Sherry Collisi on 14th November 2016
Jerry I had only met you once and that was up in Pine Valley on the new trail that the forest dept. had made. You were weak, but you were there and I had a bum knee. We sat and had a nice talk. You are in Doggy Heaven and I will see you again, happily we will be wagging our tails. Peace with all who miss you.
Posted by Sue Giatras on 14th November 2016
I am so sad to hear this. Jerry was the kindest man I have ever known. He was truly a dear friend. He helped me in so many ways in my security job and was always willing to help someone in need. My deepest sympathy goes out to Robin and their sweet family. Peace be with you.
Posted by Phyllis Terrana on 14th November 2016
I'm shocked and saddened by the loss of this kind and generous person I only knew a short time, but he was an exceptional human being!

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