"The Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalms 34:18
  • 74 years old
  • Born on September 11, 1939 in Sherman, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on January 3, 2014 in Lodi, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jerry Rowe, 74, born on September 11, 1939 and passed away on January 3, 2014 from melanoma cancer. We will remember him forever.

Jerry was born in Texas but spent most his life in California.  Married for 53 years to his beloved wife, Vonnell.  After serving in the Air Force at Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina, he resumed his banking career with Bank of America.  He worked his way up the ranks over his 40 year tenure from teller to Vice President and District Administrator for the Northern California region.

He loved his country and loved everything country, played the steel guitar and a Greisch Silver electric guitar.

Father to Steven and Linda.  Grandfather to Andy, Allie and Kristin.  Great grandfather to Colton, Maverick and Levi.  What a legacy!

In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at www.cff.org, to help find a cure for Jerry's great grandson Maverick. 


Posted by GARY WALKER on 3rd January 2019
Rarely in a lifetime, do you meet somebody that fits your life like a glove. Jerry and I became buddies at twenty years old. Death did not break that bond that is with me yet to this day. His departure left a void in my life as well as those who shared his life. I am blessed to have met that rare person that uncovered a part of my life that was hidden from birth. It is my sense of humor that rose to the top with the aid of the gift that Jerry was also gifted with. Miss you everyday my friend.
Posted by Steve Rowe on 3rd January 2019
Well another year has passed and it never gets any easier but still miss my Dad. I am comforted by the knowledge that you are with our Lord and Savior and enjoying eternity. I enjoy the happy and funny memories we have and Linda and I still joke about some of your funny acts and sayings.
Posted by James Reed on 11th September 2018
I still miss my very good friend.
Posted by Vonnell Rowe on 4th January 2018
It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed. Thanks Steve, Gary and James for your kind tributes. It means a lot. Forever greatful for such dear friends.
Posted by GARY WALKER on 3rd January 2018
1,461 days since Jerry, left loving family and friends. We can no longer build memories with him, be we are blessed with a few thousand of them, that we may shut our selves from today and escape into the part of our mind where all the golden images of yesterday are. Yes, the place where we laughed, enjoyed and now, cherish those precious moments in time, that enriched our lives. Thank you my dear friend, for sharing your life with us all.
Posted by James Reed on 3rd January 2018
I still miss my dear friend. I think of him often.
Posted by James Reed on 11th September 2017
I still find it hard to believe that my dear friend, Jerry, is gone. Janie and I had such great times with Vonnell and Jerry. As christians, we have the assurance that we will be together again.
Posted by GARY WALKER on 13th January 2017
We lose friends all of the time, but sometimes you have that special friend that is a part of you. Jerry was that special friend that I shall never be the same without. So many times, while thinking of a funny story, or hear a tune by one of our favorite groups, I so miss picking up the phone and sharing it with Jerry. Even if it's just to say howdy, but I cannot, and that's the very sad part. Someday, I shall see him again and hopefully we can rekindle that love between two buddies.
Posted by Vonnell Rowe on 4th January 2017
Thanks to our Son Steve,and friends James and Vince for remembering The passing of my Husband/Father and Friend on this very windy rainy 3rd. Day of January. Can't believe this is the start of year #3. You all brightened my day. Thanks also to family and friends who were not able to post, I do feel your continued Love and prayers.
Posted by Vince Rose on 3rd January 2017
Always enjoyed watching all the Bowl Games with Jerry. Jerry is missed.
Posted by James Reed on 3rd January 2017
I think of Jerry and Vonnell often. I still find it hard to believe that Jerry is gone. He is gone but not forgotten.
Posted by Steve Rowe on 3rd January 2017
Well another year has passed and it still really hurts to not have you around. I know you are so much better now and at complete peace. I love and miss you Dad and will see you when I get there some day!
Posted by Steve Rowe on 3rd January 2016
Even though its been two years since you went to be with the Lord, I still miss you every day. Hope you can see us carrying on and doing well because you raised us all right. Look forward to seeing you some day in Heaven!
Posted by Dale Docken on 9th September 2015
Hi Vonnell, you may not remember my name right off, but I knew you and Jerry from the Church in Visalia. I moved to Stockton in 1982, and you guys invited me to come over to your home one evening to visit and learn more about the area. I went to Century Assembly for a while, and met a young lady in Stockton and we married in 1983, in Lodi! I remember both Jerry and your parents, and I was shocked to learn that Jerry passed away early last year. I am so sorry to hear this and you and your kids have our deepest sympathy. Kim & I have lived in San Diego for 11 years, and love it here. Our daughter and family live about 10 miles away in Escondido. We have 3 grandchildren and they are such a joy. 2 girls - age 4, almost 3, and a boy, 9 months. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures you put on Jerry’s memorial site. Such wonderful memories. I enjoy Facebook to keep in contact and see everyones pictures and how the families are growing. I would like to be your fb friend, if you would like to. I’ll send you a request. Hope this finds you doing well, and take care, Vonnell.
Posted by James Reed on 4th January 2015
Jerry was one of those friends that to know him was to love him. He was always fun to be around. We shared many great times together in Sumter. I will always thank God for leading mine and Janie's path to Sumter so we would be able to meet Vonnell and Jerry. Both of them were such a great part of our lives there.
Posted by GARY WALKER on 4th January 2015
We all have had friends leave us, but maybe once in a lifetime, we meet someone that becomes a part of us like an arm or an eye. Losing a limb or an eye, it forever changes our life, and not for the good. Losing that special someone leaves a void that no other can, completely. An artificial arm is never a substitute for the real one. Jerry, you were a part of me that no substitute will be sufficient. Life is forever changed.
Posted by Vonnell Rowe on 3rd January 2015
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my husbands passing. Thanks to all the friends and relatives that have been so gracious and helpful. I am forever greatful.
Posted by Steve Rowe on 3rd January 2015
It's been one year Dad since you went to Heaven. I still miss you so bad but know you doing so much better.
Posted by Linda Rowe Purvis on 3rd January 2015
It's hard to believe a year has gone by. Thought it might get easier, but it hasn't. I still miss you everyday, always will.
Posted by Linda Rowe Purvis on 11th September 2014
Not a day goes by that I don't think about my dad. Today is especially hard, wanting to pick up the phone and wish him happy birthday. I know his spirit lives on, when I hear my daughter make a witty comeback and I think, that's exactly what Papa would say. I miss you everyday dad, I wish we could've had you longer, but we'll share laughs again in Heaven.
Posted by Steve Rowe on 23rd March 2014
Sunday March 23rd, I'm watching NASCAR in honor of my Dad because he really loved watching and talking about it. Looking back I wish I would have stayed longer and watched the race with him instead of heading home to get ready for the work week. Sure miss you Dad and will always love and miss you!!! See you in Heaven :)
Posted by Bill Magladry on 17th January 2014
I knew Jerry for half of my life. I have never met a man with greater integrity. I am so sorry for his suffering for the past years, and I am so happy that he is home with Jesus. I will miss him while I am here, but look forward to seeing him again some day.
Posted by Andrea Martinez on 13th January 2014
I didn't not know you but I was going through other beautiful memorialpages and I clicked on yours. I noticed you and my son share the same birthday! God bless you and your family and I hope you and my son have nothing but happiness in heaven!
Posted by Rick Ellstrom on 8th January 2014
I'm sorry for your loss. Steve told me a lot about his Dad. I loved looking at the pictures and seeing Steve in his Dad. My prayers are with your family that God would give you His peace and comfort in the days ahead.
Posted by Diana Fizer on 8th January 2014
Our history goes back to Bankof America days. We both worked there. We have shared many memories. We share grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have laughed and cried and enjoyed watching our grandchildren grow into amazing adults. And then we got to enjoy the blessing of great-granchildren!!! The journey has been painful in many ways for both of us, but it has always been blessed by God and He has carried us through. And like so many others have said, Jerry's sense of humor and complete love for his family has always been the center of his journey. Rest in peace my friend. You were loved and always will be. Rara
Posted by Brooke Rowe on 7th January 2014
Grandpa I will always remember you joking with everyone. You always told me you loved me as if I was your granddaughter all along. Thank you for showing Andrew and I what unconditional love is. You cared so much for everyone and you were always worried about my boys if they were crying. Grandpa you were a amazing and strong man. I will see you again. Papa thank you for always making silly sounds and making us laugh. Thank you playing with the duck walker toy with us. We will never forget you and meet you again. We love you Papa. From Colton, Maverick and Levi
Posted by Andrew Rowe on 7th January 2014
I will always cherish the time I got to spend with my grandpa. I enjoyed going to his house growing up and watching hogans heroes with him even though he would fall asleep sometimes. If you called him out on it he would just respond with "no I wasn't !".He was always making jokes and trying to get a laugh. I am so glad he got to meet my three boys. They really enjoyed getting to visit him in Lodi and when he made the trip up to Sacramento. He always could get a laugh out of them with his jokes and train whistle. He will be greatly missed by me and my family. I wish I could of been closer to see him and say goodbye to a great man. I love u grandpa and look forward to the day we will meet again.
Posted by Melissa Willie Rowe on 7th January 2014
I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with Jerry especially over the last 8 months…there are many memories created that I’ll never forget. From the wheel chair adventures to joking around at the lab to lunches at La Bou, and the most memorable were always the car rides…Every bump in the road will forever remind me of Jerry. He loved his kids, his grandkids and his great grandkids unconditionally and he showed me that same love like I was one of his own. Over the years there have been lots of laughs, tears and changes but never did he waiver in who he was and what he believed. I loved our discussions on why he should get his own food at meal time…Not to be forgotten the calls for Vonnell to come get it…she is an Angel if anyone is wondering. He was blessed with an amazing wife who loved him dearly and he loved her right back. Love you Jerry…will see you in Heaven!
Posted by GARY WALKER on 7th January 2014
Watchg Steve and Linda pay tribute to their dad, my eyes are a bit misty, I've known them since their birth and watched them become fine grownups with their own families, displaying their love for their dad. I grieve with them as I also loved Jerry from our younger days. He will live on in the Rowe family with these images and memories to remind them of a man that loved God and what God has blessed him with. Jerry was one-of-a-kind, who could bring out the silly side of me. That part of me stopped on 1/3/2014. Vaya Con Dios, my friend.
Posted by Allison Rowe on 7th January 2014
I will always remember driving in the car with him and him just honking the horn and waiving at nothing, just to make us kids laugh in the back seat. He was always saying a joke to make us smile, and I loved it. My brother and I knew that when we would get to grandpa and grandmas house we would be watching some old western movie all day and hearing him crack jokes just to see us laugh. As I grew up, he would always tell me the stories of when I was young and how I would act, always making me smiling. He was a fighter and a trooper. I was so grateful to see him during Christmas and be able to say my final goodbyes. I was even able to show a picture of my wedding dress to him, and hearing him say that it is beautiful was the best feeling. I thank God for that precious moment with him. A loving, light-hearted man. I admire his strength and endurance. Oh how I love him and will miss him. I will see him again in Heaven with Jesus, without any pain and that is something to be thankful for. Love you grandpa, forever and always. Your gran baby, Allie
Posted by Vince Rose on 6th January 2014
Jerry was a very special friend, I always enjoyed watching sports with him, especially on New Years day, while the women went shopping. Jerry and I had a great time talking about nothing and a little bit of everything, we had lots of laughs. Jerry was a true friend and he will be missed."
Posted by Kristin Purvis on 5th January 2014
Papa brought so much joy to my life. He loved to make everyone around him smile and laugh even through rough times. Growing up with him made me appreciate comedy and I think we can all help his legacy live on by trying to be positive and funny through rough times. He was very thoughtful and sweet, always making sure we knew he loved us. I am so grateful to have seen Papa the day before he passed and him putting in so much effort to say "I love you" to me when we left. He was such a sweetheart and after being a trooper having to deal with a decade or so of pain, he is now a beautiful angel up in heaven doing his signature "Leaning tower of Pisa" dance and singing to some bluegrass. He was such a dear blessing in my life and was the best grandpa any girl could ask for. His silly stories and effort to make people smile will forever leave a mark on my heart and I will carry him with me always. I love you Papa!!! :)
Posted by Linda Rowe Purvis on 5th January 2014
My dad brought true joy to my life. I was so lucky to have a father that taught me not to take myself too seriously, tell it like it is, and always find the humor in any situation. From watching John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies, to Gunsmoke and Hogan's Heroes, my dad enjoyed the tough guys. My dad showed he was a genuine tough guy, battling several surgeries and cancer the last years of his life. He was and will always be my hero. I love you daddy.
Posted by Becky Rowe on 5th January 2014
I am thankful for the time I had with my Father In Law. He was a wonderful family man and a strong role model. I wish I could have known him when he was younger and not in pain. God Bless him and I know he is at peace in Heaven now watching over the loving family he and Vonnell created.
Posted by Steve Rowe on 5th January 2014
My Dad was the best and I will miss everything about him. A true man who kept me laughing non stop with his jokes and funny sayings. He kept his sense of humor right up to the very end when he went home to Heaven. He showed me how to speak fake Spanish LOL. We watched Gun Smoke, and Hogan's Hero's and he taught me to shoot straight and hunt. He raised us in church and taught us to believe in God and Jesus. You always knew where he stood and he wasn't shy to tell you. I love you Dad and will see you later.

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