her Life


Jessica was the most amazing girl i have ever seen. She loved her horse Boomer more then anythinything. She saw him as home, but he was also the horse that sent her 'home.' She died on her horse Boomer

Jessica loved animals and animals loved her. She had natural horsemanship. She taught Boomer to, bow, smile, count to 3, rear, and give kisses She was planing on teaching him more, but never got the chance.

Boomer loved his Jess. And Jess loved her Boomer. I'm positive that he misses her deeply, but im positive shes there with him, in fact with him on his back. No one knows what happened to Jessica.. but Jessica recorded her life! In one of Jessica's videos she got on Boomers butt and did a scorpian!

Jessica did amazing jumping on a horse, but also on her feet! Her highest was 4', i'm sure she would have gone higher as she got older... Jessica will be missed, and i wish she was still here. "Everyone Has an experation date, but Jessica's was way too soon. -Unknown"

"Why waste your short childhood trying to act grown up? -Jessica Forsyth"