This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jessie Motuba, 76, born on February 19, 1939 and passed away on July 18, 2015. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Amalia Nangah-Obi on July 19, 2016
Posted by Lilian Njo on February 19, 2016
Auntie, it was like yesterday when the Lord took you away from us. Our
hearts hurt, but there is one thing for sure we will meet again. We loved you and still do, but God loves you more.Rest in peace auntie.
Posted by Gaston Abah on September 1, 2015
KAKA as this candle lighten a room so too is the love that u have showed me continue to shine and I promise u that all u efforts to see be some body will not go in vain. Adieu KAKA.
Posted by Gaston Abah on September 1, 2015
kAKA bucheri u always told me to think good of people an good things will follow me, and u always told me to have a good heart and live in peace all these things and the ones I can't write down are so fresh in my memory and there it shall be as I think of u and all the nice things u did to me as a mum and as a grand mum all I wish now is that u rest in peace waiting for the day u shall finally see God. I LOVE U KAKA and u shall be in my heart be forever missed
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
For a mother
Sweet Mother! She was dear to me. I thank God for the wisdom he gave her to bring me up. I know she is sitting at God's right hand. She always called me Nemo Ngum, Oh! What a lovely Mother. She has fulfilled her Christian duty, to bring peace where there was hatred and the unity that she brought in the family before her death. 
Nemo Ngum Amina. Her big daughter.
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
"The news of her passing, without any notice, still seems like a most silly joke. But gone she is to reunion with her beloved parents and sisters. She was a truly wonderful mom and she will forever be missed by all of us. A mother she was but also my most special friend. The times we spent together alone were the most formative of my childhood. Even as a child our conversations, no matter how light or heavy the topic, always began and ended with jokes. No matter how much space separated us, she was the one I turned for advice and assurance when things were not working for me. She is gone from this world but I know she will always be around in our hearts. Its only knowledge of this which can provide some comfort that I will never see her again, never hear her ask what Mister Monsieur was up to.
Son Liliput aka Lyonga"
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
She named me star
She called me joy
She called me this name
She called me that name

She bore me with difficulties
She bore me with an identity
She bore me in her arms
She bore me in her heart

I can call her gentleness
I can call her tenderness
I can call her humble
I can call her noble
But I choose to call her blessed
I can call her kindness
I can call her loveliness
I can call her compassionate
I can call her passionate
But I choose to call he blessed
Pressed down, insulted, cheated, misunderstood yet loving forgiving,
I choose to call her blessed.
Heavenly farther tell my mother I will meet her there with you.
Daughter Tima Joy.
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
My Mother
It’s very difficult to believe that KAKS has departed from us she will always remain in our hearts as the special loving mother that she was. She taught me to always love, forgive, care for other people listen more, speak less and be very patient. During Christmas she would always buy gifts and share, not only to her children and grandchildren but her kindness was shown to everybody. She showed so much love patience and care to everybody who came towards her. Her grand kids had a great time with her. Thank You Lord for giving Kaks to me
2nd Daughter Akwa Atia
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
For my Mommy!
It's hard to believe that Mommy is no more but here we are and so we must accept the rule of law. It happened too suddenly and she faded away like a candle in the wind, in front of my very eyes and hands. I thank God. It still hasn't sunk in. But for twenty three days I have not received a call nor a text from her which is unheard of. Therefore, I too like my brothers and sisters and all the motherless children before us, have joined the club.
  Mommy, words cannot be enough to express who she was not to the world but to me as a mother. Our bond was strong. Her loving nature, the tranquil persona she had, the peace maker, the soft spoken mother and Grand Ma, the teacher, the believer, the person who saw good in everyone even when she had been trampled upon. Need I continue? My heart aches and longs to see her, to listen to her over the phone, to hear her say Bibi one more time. I shall be strong and allow God to perform his marvelous miracles, for it is not misguided that she was snatched away from us eight days after our other mother had been called to eternal rest by the Almighty. The two women who raised me up.
  Thank God they all raised us up as God's children. With that in mind, we are shielded and so is she from the worries of this life on earth. I cannot end this tribute without thanking God again and again for giving me the best of mothers. Her beliefs and values I will uphold and embrace for the rest of my life. My promise to her is that, her grandchildren will have a healthy dose of what she espoused, channeled to them through me. Thanks to Kaka for all she did for my family. Material wealth nor words uttered could never make up for her sacrifices.
  May her love reflect on all whose lives she touched through her gentle and generous spirit. Will always love her, my Mother.
Bihnwi Atia Tumban
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
There are some aunts you don’t feel comfortable addressing as such. Mummy was such an aunt. Mummy we all called her and she was indeed a mother in every aspect and to all of us. It was not easy for a casual visitor to distinguish between her biological children and others. She treated all of us as her own flesh and blood. Mummy was by nature a good person. She gave so much to her family, community and others without being selective. She supported us throughout our academic journey no matter the distance from home. One of my indelible memories of mummy is when I passed my GCE advanced level. She danced in a manner that only a mother would do. She showered us with love and gifts no matter how naughty we were. Only God knows how she managed all these with the salary of a nurse. Mummy was strong in her Christian faith. She made us understand that our strength and sense of value should not be calculated by the amount of money we earn or the level of education acquired, but our moral obligation and how we care and treat those who are less privileged.
Mummy has passed on to glory. Yes, Mummy has gone to be with the God she cherished so much. How she would sing songs of praise to the Lord every morning, counting her blessings. We give God the glory for blessing us with such a virtuous woman for a mother. Those who walk upright enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death (Isaiah 57: 3). Mummy has found rest at the Lord’s bosom as she lies in death.
Agnes Bedie Eyoh
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
Kaka Baki,
She taught me the meaning of forgiveness. How can I say thanks to her? Her gentle ways, her gentle nature, her giving spirit, your warmth of spirit will truly be missed. I thank God for putting her in my life and I thank God for her life on earth. Let her go to her maker and be happy.
Auntie Mai
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
A family glue and mentor bows out hoes else the
Kaka, or Auntie Jessie was unique. She made every body feel needed and special especially me. She cared. She put her interests second to others. She really loved her family and friends. With her gone someone has to step into those very big shoes else the centre may not hold and things may fall apart.
Kaka was simple yet most knowledgeable and so unassuming. Her kindness new no boundaries/limits! I was going to call her and scold her as I usually did as she was my closest paternal aunt and I relished in the thought and privilege that came with that. I am sure I was the only one who could talk to her rudely and go unscathed. We had just talked over the phone and spirits were high, with plans for the school in Konye moving into a fast lane with the approaching new school year. The next day she sent an SMS. It was all about an orphan and I transcribe: hdlo hope als wel @ work/home w hol makers plse Linda Namaso family orphan she’ll tel her tail - Fri 10 Jul 2015, 14:07. Heres Lindas no. 670587984 love Njomi Baki – Fri 10 Jul 2015,14:22.
That SMS was the reason I planned to scold her for not telling me when we talked a day before and just dumping a problem on my lap. Then the next day in the office, I chickened out of the idea of scolding her as I remembered that the brother did same thing severally to me. Maybe it was genetic though in the case of my father, I suspected it was a way to show off that he had a son who could do things for people - at least so I thought. I instead took up the phone and called LINDA. Such was the superlatively altruistic Aunt and Mother we have forfeited to the call of our Creator. So sudden so surreal but true! Crying would do no good, neither would regret, for we just have to thank GOD for giving us the chance to enjoy such a beautiful-at-heart earthly angel. NJOMI & ADIEU KAKA 
Nephew: Tata Obase Motuba"
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
It’s so sudden, so sad and hard to believe she of all people is no longer in our midst. She who coordinated or acted as a bridge to all the family and friends she left behind. She always called me “mbomboh” and showed me love and a courageous character.
Mbomboh! She brings tears to my eyes, she has left a space in my heart that no one can fill
By Jessie Eseme.
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
Farewell tribute to Mommy
I lastly spoke to her in Tuesday the 14th July; little did I know I was hearing her voice for the last time. She was always full of words of advice and encouragement, a very soft spoken and tender hearted mum. She lived to fulfil her God given appointed days, her dreams and her vision. She shall be missed greatly.
Daughter, Emily Atia Batela
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
Tribute to a mother

Mummy’s death was a shock. When I heard of her death I refused to believe it could be true. How could I allow myself saying goodbye to another sweet mother in the same month! Mummy was an angel here on earth, she was so gentle and so kind. She taught me to love unconditionally and to be patient despite the circumstances; she was so slow to anger. I remember fondly our vacation trips to Limbe, where she patiently taught us, how to count in Bakundu and numerous Douala songs! It did'nt matter how slow we were to get it she still persisted so patiently to teach us. She was a rear gem and did a lot of kind deeds to so many people. In life I loved her dearly and in death I still love her. I know she is resting with the Lord and free of the pain and tribulations of this world. I will miss her till we meet to part no more.
Your daughter
Angela Atia (Ngum Ngum) Houston Tx, USA
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
My Dear Mommy!
Memories about her still linger in my mind. That which comes so glaringly to mind is when she consoled me and encouraged me to be strong following late mam’s death. She promised to come to Bamenda to console us during this difficult period but happened that God had different plans. I will miss her gracious smile and her soft spoken nature. She will greatly be missed
Daughter, Mercy Atia Mailiy
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
To a loving mother
Oh! Our mom took every one who came her way as the person created by the Almighty God. Mama Jessie was a God fearing person who was always with a good smile on her face. She was such a grand mum and took every one to talk to with Godly advice. I will always remember the help I saw her rendering to a friend who passed away in New York. She used to call me to buy medications and send to her making sure she paid for everything. I will always remember the phone calls and the Godly advice< I miss her and may the LORD be with her till we meet again.
George Osongo, Corona, California
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
Kaka! Kaka! Kaka!
I loved her so much but GOD loves her more. She always loved her children and I have had a wonderful time with her. She was a grand Ma not only to me but, to many others in need. Kaka taught me to think good about others so that good things should follow me!! She made me love the church hymn #30 by John Newton – ‘though troubles assail and danger affright’. She was an exceptional woman who feared GOD. It is hard to let her go, she was so precious and unique. Kaks! Her smile, care, corrections and love I will miss forever. Adieu to my grandma!!!!
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
My mother, my grandmother, my sister, my brother! Her death gives me pain all the time. Every day and every moment I think about her smile, her love, and the confidence she made me have in everything I do. She gave me hope, she always made me to know that where there is hope there is life; that nothing good comes easy.
My mother! I loved her very much, I loved her more than anything but God loved her more than I do and he knows everything and why he took her away from me. I have known her all my life she always loved she children and everybody around her, she treated everybody equally in the eyes of the Lord. She was a mother to all, she thought me how to cook, how to clean, how to welcome people, how to pray how to read the Bible especially the Psalms and how to be with little children and especially how to become a good girl in the future.
My Mama! I will always remember her in everything I do, what she told me, her jokes her corrections and everything will take me a long time to forget, she was an Angel sent by God to me. The fact that she is no longer here with me will cause me pain and sorrow but she will remain in my heart forever. I love her very; very much, I know one day I will or we shall meet in Heaven.
Daughter, Mama Sally
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
"Mommy" as she was known to your biological and to all her adopted children worldwide, embodied the true meaning of the word mother. If the tears we her children have shed for her could bring her back, I am certain she will be here to soothe and comfort as was customary. Even though I did not receive any good bye messages, she left me with a world of wonderful memories. She reminded me of the importance of patience which she exercised each time we talked. She was always ready to hear my problems, assured me that in the end, things will sort themselves out. She was present at my wedding and my first meal of that memorable day was offered by her. She always taught by example, it did not matter where in the world she was, I heard from her either by phone, mail or text. She never judged when I had taken long to respond to her.
She inspired me to want to do better, especially with her project to build a school. What an impressive and tough act to follow. Age, financial hardships, bureaucracy did not stop her from building her school. I tipped my hat off to her.
She has gone too soon but never forgotten. I will relish her text messages, wonderful letters to Maurice and I but will deeply miss her gentle voice, words of wisdom, humor, warmth and kindness.
Beatrice N. Ayissi
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
A few words about mummy. ------------ I believed she really was a true blessing to me and many people here on earth for thro her we were able to gain educational qualifications and knowledge esp. via Frank Harcourt College. Basically I thank U for being such a special Mother.
Posted by Haddison Alex on August 31, 2015
In Memory of My Dear Sister Jessie Motuba
I first met Jessie in 2012; she was visiting her daughter in Corona, California, about a 20-minute ride from my place. Before then, we had been talking on the phone, after being introduced by Mercy Idahosa¬¬– Jessie’s neighbor in Atlanta. The day I met Jessie, it was as though we had been friends for a long time. Due to her friendly nature we became close. 
Jessie was warm, she had a radiant personality; she was kind, generous, caring, appreciative, funny. She was a wonderful friend. Jessie loved everyone around her. During our friendship, I never saw her sulk; she was always joyful, and easygoing. She was honest and full of energy.
Jessie enjoyed photography; she liked to capture events on photograph. When I first visited with her, she welcomed us with wide-open arms and proceeded to take pictures. We were entertained to a Cameroonian dish, which was very delicious.
Never short of words, Jessie told us stories, one after another. With Jessie, I always felt happy and enjoyed being with her. Even after she returned to Atlanta, and then back to Cameroon, we kept in touch, continuing our friendship on the phone. Last year, when Jessie came back to California, she made sure we met before I left for London. I had only a few days remaining before my trip; so early one morning, her son-in-law brought her to my house. She and her grandchildren spent the entire day with my family and me. We had lots of fun: eating, drinking, and dancing to music from a video of my birthday party. Jessie brought me a lovely Cameroonian Native outfit. After I’d worn it, she said I looked like a woman from Cameroon because of the way I fixed the headscarf around my head– her granddaughter captured the entire visit on video.
Jessie liked crossword puzzles and word search games. She was the type of woman who carried happiness with her. Any home she entered was brightened by her presence; she was like a ray of sunshine. My family loved Jessie.I will never forget Jessie. She was a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I will neither forget her children, because I know she would like me to continue with the legacy of our friendship.
Jessie wanted to visit me in Nigeria; we were going to make it happen next year. Little did I know that her visit to my home was going to be our last time together. I will miss Jessie very much.
Her Sister, Gladys Ineh, California
Posted by Gaston Abah on August 29, 2015
kaka gone too soon lk a beautiful flower that glitters during the day and dies at nyt u shall live in my heart forever.
Posted by Gaston Abah on August 29, 2015
"'Fading like a star'' I really do feel now like child without a mum u have been my mum and grand mum.I now have body to tell me tata bucheri any more. KAKA NANGA OOOO from your son and grand son Gaston
Posted by Mora Eyoh on August 22, 2015

Rest in peace till we meet again ! Liliput says goodbye .Will so miss you .
Posted by Jackie Batcha-Anyu on August 22, 2015
If mommy had to speak to us again, I think she will emphasize these words from an unknown poet:

"Please don't sing sad songs for me,forget your grief and fears,
For I am in a perfect place,away from pain and tears.

I'm far away from hunger, hurt, want and pride.
I have a place in heaven with my master at my side.

My life on earth was very good, as earthly lives can go,
But paradise is so much more than anyone can know.

My heart is filled with happiness and sweet rejoicing too.
To walk with God in perfect peace,a joy forever new."

In all things give praise and thanks to God. Yes! I am thanking God for your life and all the many lessons that you have taught us. You will live in my heart forever. Love always. Jackie
Posted by Amalia Nangah-Obi on August 21, 2015
Posted by dickson eyoh on August 18, 2015
From Malaika Maoh Eyoh

"Though I only met you a handful of times, you held and will always hold a special place in my heart. You were always very kind to me and inquisitive about me. The times we spoke on the phone, you never forgot to refer to me as your sister, as though I reminded you of my grandmother. Your sweet spirit and kindness and love for life and the people around you are qualities we should all aim to possess one day. I know that wherever you are, you are looking down on our whole family and smiling. Your memory lives in all of us. Rest in peace, Kaka baki. Love, Malaika
Posted by Baki mandor on August 16, 2015
Mbombo ,as we usually call ourselves. Each time i pick up my writing materials to write I don’t seem to find the correct words to express how I feel, it is so hard to believe that you are no more. I had wish you will stay on for more years, but I realize that you have to submit to the will of the marker.
You have left a vacuum, a pain in my heart that will take a long time to heal.
My Mbombo, who have you left behind to continue holding the bridge for us? Is it broken for real ? Who will I be stopping by in Konye to see whenever I come into the country? Who will call me Mbombo again? Who have you left behind to talk to me in quiet places and in trouble times ? Who will always congratulate me for being a wise and brave Edume Samuel’s konja?
Oh ! my Mbombo, I will miss you for life. Save journey to the world beyond until we meet to part no more.
 Your namesake
Posted by Baki mandor on August 16, 2015

Moyo, Wucherie ? Amesierie–oooh Ete ! These were your words to me each time we meet.
Mma, you took me like your very own . You supported me greatly in my marriage to your name-sake and above all taught me how to be humble and conscientious. Little wonder Strangers often stop by for your help which you’d gladly offered.
Mbo-mbo , as my wife Dr. Baki fondly calls , you have left a vacuum that will never be filled.
Mama, you left at the right time, much as I’d want you to stay  ---------------  God understands better.
You are gone but the precepts I’ve learned , that I’ll show forth.
                Adieu  ---------------------- Au revoir, Mama
Posted by Baki mandor on August 16, 2015
Oh death , so barbarous and brutal. Your ferocity and ruthlessness over time has left many a mournful tear. You saddest, whose specialty is breaking bonds of friendship and family ties, generating anger and hopelessness, leaving us in disarray.
But death, where indeed is your victory ? Where is your sting ?
With heavy hearts, but with total submission to the will of God Almighty we accept the peaceful transition of our most loving Mother, Grandmother and Aunty to the great beyond. MAMA, REST IN PEACE.
A woman of peace and a mother of all, you really proved while you lived that you were the bedrock of the family. Your demise has left us groping.
Even above age Seventy, you were still strong and kicking but God in his infinite Love and knowledge had his plans for you. ----Adieu Mama.
He had made you an image of his own nature but for the treachery of the evil, death entered the world . They who are in his possession experience it.
Our most loving Mother, though we see you no more, we pray that your soul rest in the hands of God and no torment shall touch thee.
            ------- HAPPY MEMORIES OF YOU IN OUR HEARTS ---------
We pray fervently with confidence to God who gives life to all things that he will raise up your mortal body to the perfection and company of the Saints.
May Christ the good shepherd lead you safely home to be at peace with your father in Heaven, Amen
For and onbehalf of The Motuba Edume's family
Posted by Esther Hegngi Mandi on August 15, 2015
A Tribute to A Fallen Angelic Nurse

You're an Angel of a Nurse You walk the corridors of life,
And usually dress in white, Like a angel from above,
Busy with your plight. To cure the Sicks and woes of them,
Who need comfort, care and healing; You're always there to tend to them, with lots of love and feeling. The bonds you form for a tiny time,
Are strong, yet you still know, Your power and generosity
Will stay with them when you go., I thank you For your love and compassionate face, For making them a stronger soul, While they were in your Care..
Posted by Esther Hegngi Mandi on August 15, 2015
Aunty Jessie you were a virtuous woman. one of a kind the Bible says is hard to find.Your value is far above rubies, which are rare,you must be held with extreme care.Your spouse knows you are a precious gem certainly,He knows that she is keen to please Your offspring treat you with integrity and admiration,They know that you always does your best.A virtuous woman does all that she can,She’s always there and stands by friends and family.Although she’s humble and meek, she takes no mess,You can count on her to pass the test.You will know her when she passes you by,For she always holds her head up high.She’s brave and strong, a dignified lady she is,You will never know that she has shed many tears.
A lady of class and elegance too,She will let you know what you will need to do,to come up to her standard, which is very high.
For Aunty JESSIE is headed for her home in the heavens
Posted by ELIZABETH OBIE on August 14, 2015
Dear Mommy, words indeed can not express the great shock we all received when news of your untimely death reached us. Sorry I could not personally be in Cameroon at this moment. All -the-same I thank God for this site which has given me the opportunity to convey my heart-felt gratitude for the many blessings that your life brought to me and the many people who I know you touched with your generousity.

Basically, I am saddened that life some-how failed to provide us with ample time so we could find another chance to meet again. Indeed I had hope to find the time to thank U for the love and kindness which I always received from U. However, since it is the almighty God alone who can tell why life has happed this way, I will continue to put my faith and trust in the grace of God, and will always spend time praying that God be with U especially now and for ever.

Thank U for being such a very special person to my mother your sister and her family, and for all the comfort U gave to all who knew U. While we shall always remember U with a gentle smile, we pray U make it safely to the arms of your loving mum and Dad who by the Grace of the almighty God will be waiting for U anxiously.

Yes like you always said---- "Ebuki-Do". this time arround it was truly bigger than death itself. Yet the goodness of your beautiful soul will continue to inspire the many you have touch on this planet. Stay warm and be of good cheers like always.
Posted by bih atia on August 14, 2015
It is with a heavy heart that I write this message after looking at the Tribute for you again! She reminded me so much of my own Grandmothers (I told her that as well) so full of love, sweetness, beauty, style, a walking history book on life, women, cooking, love, respect, & nurturing! They don't make Grandma's like this anymore. I am so happy that our paths crossed through your beautiful daughter Bih! I am also thankful that all of your grandchildren got to know you and understand that a Grandma's love is unconditional. You all took me into your family like one of your own blending African & African American...and for that I am forever grateful! Gone but never forgotten! Rest In Paradise (RIP) Auntie Jessie!  With Love, ~Mikey
Posted by Mora Eyoh on August 13, 2015
Dear Mommy:
We sure do miss you at this sunset time.We remember your sweet spirit of love,unity,humility,peace,sharing, forgiveness and care. Thank you for reaching out to us and other family members. We have no doubt that the Lord has gladly welcome you home. May you rest in peace.

Agi Metuge and the Banga family
Posted by bih atia on August 13, 2015
In the words of John Donne your death "diminishes me", for your bell tolls for all. Calm, prayerful, hospitable, philanthropic, quick witted,always smiling, and humble are just a few of your virtues. I can hear you say "iya, it's ok, give thanks". You have found favor in The Lord, for you left a legacy that has impacted a village and beyond.
Go on in perfect peace for your bell tolls from far and near.Will miss you dearly.
Eva Elangwe Burnley
Posted by Florence Emade on August 13, 2015
Our dear aunty, you were such a generous person . I can not count how many times u stretched out your hands to help us in many ways, while I was in Saker and my parents in B'da,, while we were all in Limbe. You were more than a sister to my parents. I can not forget how you accompanied them to my Father's village when his brother passed away in Limbe. You showed us that we were truly family. You always called me on the phone while you were here in the US to find out how the kids and I were doing, how mami was doing back in Buea. You hand even planned to visit her but the cold hands of death snatched you all too soon.
I give God the Glory for the Beautiful life He gave you here. You loved life and you lived it. May the Good Lord grant you ETERNAL REST.
Posted by Mora Eyoh on August 12, 2015
My Dearest Kaka,

I still cannot believe you are gone. It seems like yesterday that I spoke to you. I want to thank you Kaka from the bottom of my heart for the memories and joy you have given me. I will always remember how bright your face would light up anytime one us children succeed at something. Furthermore, I will never forget the warm hug and kiss you gave me when I graduated from high school.

There are no amount of words that could express how grateful I am to have you in my life.

So long, farewell until we meet again.
-Masoma Sample( Mora's Daughter)
Posted by Mora Eyoh on August 12, 2015
Mummy, I will always remember you today ,tomorrow and for the rest of my life.As the oldest daughter of the family you taught me three valuable lessons, that I still abide by and have passed them to my daughter. The most important lesson is the value of family.As you journey to your destination, I promise to keep the family together.

Your bright smile and rosy cheeks will be missed . I wish you peace and joy as you meet the Lord.
Posted by Alice Njeuma on August 8, 2015
Tribute to a dear friend Jessie Motuba Attia
From Alice Efeti Njeuma
Jessie, the news of your death shocked us very much especially as we did not hear that you were sick. How will we feel this gap now? Oh! Lord help us! Oh, Jessie we miss you so much. Perfect in every way you were words cannot even express. Jessie, enjoy your chat with God. Friend, mommy, grandma, everybody’s mom. What made you leave so soon? Who will we turn to now? God. The Lord is our shepherd we shall not lack, Help us Lord. May your good spirit guide your children, grandchildren, pupils and all your well wishes.

Rest in peace with the Lord, Amen.
Alice Efeti Njeuma
Posted by Motuba Motuba on August 7, 2015
From Manyi Cipora Ngando
    Manyi , when I heard of your transition, I was dumbfounded. Little did I know you were to go this fast. Gone to meet Christ. Gone with all the smiles and friendly welcome. Gone with all the advice at all times, to forward our problems to God. Gone with the concern of everyone you come in contact with. I will miss your lifestyle and example. Your work is complete! .We shall meet at the feet of the Lord. Adieu.
Posted by Samuel Mediko on August 7, 2015
May the soul of my dearest mommy RIP. Your preaching of love, unity, and success will always be remembered .
Posted by Lilian Njo on August 7, 2015
Aunty, your death came to us as a great shock. You were such an inspiration, someone that we all looked up to. A very loving aunty, mother and friend. We love you so much but God loves you most. I know you are resting in the bosom of your heavenly father. Rest in peace my dear Aunty.
-Lilian Sool
Posted by Motuba Motuba on August 6, 2015
From Grace Malike
   Sister Jessie there are many great deeds ascribed to your life in my book of rememberance among which are : Where two of us as male representatives at the traditional wedding of one of my daughters., your travail with me during the difficult delivery of my son- Fred., your undying and devotional love for my old mother whom you called your friend and showered her with gifts, visits and sang at her funeral journey this year. To me you remain a Woman of Great worth and always to be remembered for your impact in this generation. Goodbye sister Jessie. From Grace Malike.
Posted by bih atia on August 6, 2015
Mommy, Kaka, my Dear Mother. You were never one to gloat about anything, so I will not go there. Our bond was strong and will remain so till I die. Thank you Mommy from the depth of my heart. To me you were a rear gem, one that I will admire for the rest of my life. Rest in peace Mother, the kids and I miss you so much. Rest in peace my Sweet Mother. I know the good Lord is already dining with you.
Posted by Tama Motuba on August 5, 2015
Fading away of Jessie Baki Motuba Atia

Saturday 22 August 2015
9:00am - Removal of mortal remains from the Kumba District hospital mortuary
10:00am – Departure to Konye Bakundu (Kumba-Mamfe Road)
11am – Laying in state at the Onjolika Legacy School
12:00 noon – Church Service at the Presbyterian Church Konye
14:00pm - Interment at deceased resident (strictly Family and clergy because of limited space)

Sunday 23 August 2015
9:00am – Thanks giving service at Presbyterian Church Konye

pasted on the request of many family members and friends. - Tata Obase Motuba
Posted by linda Motuba on August 4, 2015
Dear mommy,I can't still believe you are gone,I guess when the Lord God calls his children home,you can't do anything but go with your father. I know how much you love the Lord for you always told me that and it gives me peace because as His child your soul lives on for ever.You did so many wonderful things other people never even dreamed of touched so many lives.May the Lord God,that father you served and loved so much go with we.We will for ever miss you!!
Posted by tima haddison on August 4, 2015
My Mum was a Dorcas helping all and sundry; the more as she aged. She flickered away like a candle in the wind. She went the way she has always prayed the LORD to go; quietly without struggle nor pain. She is now remembered by what she has done. She was not sinless, she was not enemy-less, she was not without challenges; but she always said 'I leave all to God' and that is where I leave my heavy heart this day because I know God alone can soothe and comfort with His healing power and grace. Thank you all for sympathising and condoling with us.
Posted by rose itoe on August 3, 2015
For Sofia B Motuba.: Kaka, it's hard to believe you have passed away. I will miss our quiet times together, eating coconut sweets, frying eggs , teaching me some words in our dialect but most especially the nice stories you told me. Grandma, my daughter, kaka. I miss you and will miss you for ever. Kaka we no ocho oh! ( bakundu ) Fare well
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Posted by Amalia Nangah-Obi on July 19, 2016
Posted by Lilian Njo on February 19, 2016
Auntie, it was like yesterday when the Lord took you away from us. Our
hearts hurt, but there is one thing for sure we will meet again. We loved you and still do, but God loves you more.Rest in peace auntie.
Posted by Gaston Abah on September 1, 2015
KAKA as this candle lighten a room so too is the love that u have showed me continue to shine and I promise u that all u efforts to see be some body will not go in vain. Adieu KAKA.
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