Let the memory of Jesus be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on May 11, 1988 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jesus Guerrero 23 years old , born on May 11, 1988 and passed away on March 3, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 12th May 2018
Happy Birthday mi Amor al the way to heaven I know you always by me I can feel you and someday we will see each other next to God Jesus Christ I love you mi or Godbless you chikito
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 3rd March 2018
I miss you so much please hug me Mijo
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 11th May 2017
Feliz Cumpleaños Mijo Te Amo con todo mi corazón que lindo sería celebrar contigo aki tu Bday. Pero sé que la fiesta que te asen en el cielo es mucho más grande porque nuestro Dios del cielo está súper feliz de tener a un niño tan bueno como tú. Besos al cielo mi vida hug grampa lottttttts and lottttts we miss you so much please tell your tia Lety that I've needed her every second of my life since she left.
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 12th May 2016
Te Amo mi Amor Feliz Cumpleaños papito de mi alma siempre Seras mi Bebe y estas conmigo en mi alma siempre hermoso Angel De Dios
Posted by Cici Mahmoud on 4th March 2015
Dear Jesus: We are praying for you every day. Thank you for being an amazing friend to Esam, Cici, Jasmine. When we stayed in your house in Las Vegas 3 years ago, you treated us like royals. Esam misses you so much, Esam had plans for you in Mcdonalds, you are in the best place with our creator. God bless you Jesusito, and we are sending you all the way to heaven lots of hugs and kisses.
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 4th March 2015
I miss you so much papiiii mi niño hermoso hace 3 ños en ESTE mismo instante me daban la terrible Noticias que avias fallecido. Me pregunto muchas veces Porque no luchastes un poquito MAS mommy misses you sooooooo much my heart is still broken and I misssss you tremendously. Peace and love mi niño
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 30th November 2014
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 11th May 2014
Happy Birthday mijo sabes que te extranio cada dia hoy quiero que sepas que te festeje tu cumpleanios yo se que ya sabes pues sabes que te traigo bien dentro de mi Corazon y te puedo sentir mi vida algun dia nos vamos a volver a ver te amo chiquitito
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 4th March 2014
I love you mijo its been 2 years and It feels that I just lost you honey you are my angel papi, You don't know how many times I blame you for not being able to do something for you to of not gone. I want you to be in peace mi amor mi chunkobello hermoso
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 3rd March 2014
Missing you,,,,,,,,love you so much…...
Posted by Socorro González on 19th February 2014
Mijo te kiero y te kiero pedir perdón por no aber sido la mejor tía mi niño tu ke estas allá. Con diosito siendo otro angelito de el como te recuerdo bañadote en la alberca te encantaba estar allí todo el día y todos ke feliz la pasabas bañadote mijo tu ke estas cerquita de dios dile cuide a tu mami y mami Lupe y tu mama vieja te kiero mijo y perdón mijo de nuevo
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 19th February 2014
I love you Honey my lovely son my Angel baby, I want to see you already when ever my mission is over in this world. God will decide the day I want to see you again and never let you go.
Posted by Susan Ramos on 10th December 2013
I remember a little boy who always had a big smile for everyone. You left this world too soon. Look over your mom and keep her safe.
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 10th December 2013
Hola mi Amor sabes que te extranio mucho tengo tantas ganas de volverte abrazar mirarte a tus ojos tan hermoso mijo tan guapo y grandote. Pero mas grande el Corazon de oro que cargastes por tanto tiempo mi vida y ahora es tu alma y tu espiritu el que cargo aqui dentro de mi tus sonrisas tus gritos de alegria igual que tus tristesas y tus Dolores mi amor. Mi vida en tu memoria voy a vivir por ti mi amor cumplire tus suenios tu salud tu cantar , tu deseos en tu honor mi ninio. Escapate del cielo con el permiso de nuestro Dios, Jesus y espiritu santo para que me des un Abrazo y un beso bien Fuertes mi papi. Haaaaaaaayyyyyy que pena no tenerte ami lado mijjjjjjooooooooooo. ;(((((((((((((((((. En el Cielo estas en paz y con mucha tranquilidad no te apagare tu velita mi amor nadamas pase a decirte que aqui estoy luchando en tu honor
Posted by Elizabeth Rodriguez on 16th September 2013
Te amo mi amor te qiuero conmigo mi niño inocente ven a mis sueños y hablame mi Vida que reponer todo pero todo absolutamente todo el tiempo perdido mi pequeño amor
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 28th May 2013
Just stopping by to say that I am thinking of you. I miss you very much. Thank you for giving me my Lacey Jay, she has helped our family heal in so many ways. I love you so so so much.
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 12th May 2013
Happy birthday mijo I love you baby I miss you sooooo much papi celebrated ur bday at work and at sushi and the celebration tomorrow at oakhill papi te amo mi amor
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 11th May 2013
Happy Birthday mi niño mi bebe siempre seras mi bebe hoy uvieras cumplido 25 años y te extraño inmensamente siento un nudo en mi garganta y como desearia tener te ami lado fisicamente pero lo estas en lasos mas fuertes Espiritual Te Amo Hijito de Mi Alma
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 19th April 2013
Hi Mijo how are you doing papi I know you are just great in heaven with our father with lots of peace and tranquility and lots of love. Mijo, I still miss you inmensly I wish you could visit me so I could touch you and hug you and kiss you for a looooonnnnnnnnggggg time
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 8th March 2013
Awww papi my baby I know you we're happy on your memorial. I'm here to tell you that you're with me in my heart always you never leave my heart please help me with my health I love you baby chatito hermoso
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 4th March 2013
Missing you,,,we had a celebration of your life and it was beautiful. We all ate and ate. I love you. I know you were there because I felt this peace and comfort all day.
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 16th February 2013
I love you sooooo much mijo you know I get very sad when I have to come in to this page because that means that you are gone that Im not going to see you in Vegas papi because youve gone gone gone I wish I could just hug you one more time and never let you go. Happy Valentines Day mijo I love you soooooo much
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 16th December 2012
I havent been here for a few days and I just want to tell you mijo that I have you in my heart. Christmas is coming and I am going to miss your excited face for the turkey and tamales and greenbean caserole we coke together awwwwww my heart hurts. I am so lonley without you mijo miss you calling me every 5 minutes you know honey you are my hero.
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 16th October 2012
I love you mijo when I turn to this page I just break into pieces because I can't believe you are gone for ever mijo I wish I could bring time back to now and love on you and hug you and kiss you and just stare at you and baby you and keep you with me every second because you will always be by my heart and soul I will see you soon mijo because I do want to see you again help me papi
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 19th September 2012
I miss you honey I know you need to rest and be in peace that is why I have been trying to accept you are gone to a better place please please rest in peace honey Let me cry as much as I can because this tears are for the love I have for you and how much I miss you I love you mijo I love you with all my heart I love you papi i love you my love my son mi hijito mi amor mi papi te amo te amo
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 22nd August 2012
Mijo I want to let you know that Gucci is pregnant she is having babies and I am so happy because that was your wish. Help me think of a names for them and please take care of her because she falls down jumping the bed because she is a little tub of lard jajajajaja thats funny ha mijo. I love you mijo you are in my heart every milisecond of my life thank you for being by me I can feel u
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 31st July 2012
Mijo your Tia Janel made a video of you all the great memories we miss you so much papi I never never wanted you to leave first I wanted you to live a great life with a family your own kids and specially with no fears I would give up everything so I could see you again so Im going to pray a lots and please don't leave me complete because I can feel you holding my heart and it feels good
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 27th July 2012
Mijo I wanted to tell you that Papas and Gucci made up and maybe she is going to have the puppies that you always wished she had My mom doen't think its a good idea but in your memory mijo welcome chihuahuas I love you son
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 13th July 2012
Just stopping by to say that I miss you very much. I still cant believe you are gone. I feel like you are still in Vegas, then at times I feel you around us especially when the family is all together I feel your presence when we are struggling or going through bad times and even in good times I feel like you are there laughing with us. I love you and this pain will never go away...
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 7th July 2012
Jesus mijo I want to tell you that I can feel you so near me everyday I just know you are holding my heart because without you and god golding me I am very super weak please always be by my side papi
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 27th June 2012
Mi hermoso hijito my gorgeous son aqui estoy como siempre te platico que siento tanto pesar no verte como cada maniana cuando me levantava buscandote y siempre estabas alli dormidito como un angelito hasta que una maniana no te encontre senti tanto miedo y pues ahora mas porque se que en verdad te fuistes para esperarme en el cielo mi vida te amo y siempre estes con migo y todos te quiero
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 2nd June 2012
Jesusito Its been almost 3 months that you have gone from my side and I feel so sad without you, I know you are giving me the strength to be strong and I remember your words every time I want to give up " Mom you are a very strong women I have never seen a women as strong as you I am so lucky to have a mom like you any won would be so proud" Mijo I try to stay strong for you because luvu
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 29th May 2012
Mijo Jesusito, I love you mijo I wish you were here phisically now with me I know that you are in a better place but you were gone to soon to young, I thought you promises you were always going to take care of me and that no matter what you would always be with me and I just wanted you to fight for your life. I don't know what really happend but I want to tell you I love you Rest in peace
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 16th May 2012
I miss you mijo every second every moment of my existing life. Rest in Peace papi , mi hijito del alma entre porque te voy a poner unas fotos que encontre porque este is mi refugio para platicar contigo y se que estas con Dios gozando de la paz y la eternidad que Dios nuestro senor Jesucristo desea y con toda la familia incluye tu grampa , tia abuelos etc...
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 12th May 2012
Happy Birthday Mijo, I know you are celebrating with the whole family in heaven plese say hi to everyone and please smile, laugh, have peace, free of guilt, freedom of everything , no more fear, a fearless angel, you are a rockstar. I am so proud of you hunny. You are the son every woman would dream of having. I will be soon with you. Love your Mom
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 4th May 2012
Hay mijo ya son 2 meses y parece que apenas fue ahorita que te me fuiste mi amor. Te extranio mucho mijo te amo mi vida. Siento tanto que te me aigas ido papasito de mi alma. Dios esta contigo hijito y tu estas con el es lo mas importante chiquitito. Tu mami que te adora con pasion de madre
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 3rd May 2012
Yay! Your stone is in,,,cant wait to visit and have lunch this Friday with you!! Love you sooooooooo much!!!
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 30th April 2012
I love you and miss you honey I heard your voice today and your laugh I will do many positive things in your name because I owe you that. Your life was taken very young and I have life and I will do things that you wanted to do I will try all my best to acomplish one dream at a time one day at a time. I LOVE YOU JESSE
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 27th April 2012
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 26th April 2012
Missing you....your gravestone is ready and I know that you would be happy to see the Charger lighting bolt on the stone! I hope they install it soon because Im going to bring you beautiful flowers and eat lunch with you and might evern have some hot cheetohs for you!
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 23rd April 2012
Mi Hermoso Tesoro de Amor, tengo mucha fe de que te volvere a ver muy pronto mi Amor porque el tiempo pasa rapido y voy a hacer todo lo que sea necesario para que Dios nos una en el Cielo mi vida porque te extranio tanto y ya quiero verte. Se que la vida es un proceso y el mio sigue aqui en el mundo y se que tu me estas guiando mi chiquitito. Te Amo Te Amo Te Amo Te AMo
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 19th April 2012
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 18th April 2012
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 18th April 2012
Honey Its been so but soooo hard without you I feel like holding you like a mom holds its baby in its arms. I want to hold you and don't let you go. I feel that you are alive and I know that your soul is around me I can feel peace and a very deep sadness for not having you physically. I love you my Chunck o Bello like your uncle Juan called you.
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 18th April 2012
Missing you today and everyday.........
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 10th April 2012
Just stopping by to say that I miss you and i am thinking of you everyday. I love you so much......
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 28th March 2012
Jesusito Mijo, Sabes que basio y triste esta mi corazon te fuistes tan chiquito extrano tus llamadas por telefono tus palabras dulces que me decias . Los dias que me llamabas y las noches que leiamos juntos la biblia. Dios te tenga con todos los angeles en el cielo te amo y siempre te recordare todos los dias de mi vida. Cuidanos desde el cielo Con mucho Amor Tu Abuelita Lupe
Posted by Liz Rodriguez on 28th March 2012
Mijo, I wanted to thank you for sharing your happiness when I introducing you to sushi. That was the day of your life when you ate california rolls at Kobe Sushi. I enjoyed seeing you eat seeing your big smile that made me happy. You wanted to take the whole family to sushi and even more when we discovered Sushi Mon jajajajaja what a day to remember you super lovedddd it. love you
Posted by Janel Rodriguez on 27th March 2012
I have 20 years of wonderful memories with you Jesus. I miss facetiming you, seeing your cute face on the screen, laughing, joking, and talking. You have been like a son to me, always respecting me, listening to me, never telling me NO. Im so happy that we spent time together last September, going to Arizona, eating sushi, building a patio, *good times* *good times*
Posted by Cecilia Mahmoud on 27th March 2012
Dear Jesus: We do not find the right words to express the sadness that we feel of your passing on March 3,2012.We are so proud of you.We have the best memories,for the best time that we spend at your house in December 2011.Esam misses you so much,Jasmine when she listens your favorite song,she sings to you.Rest in peace.Thank you for your hospitality.We love you.Esam,Cici and Esam.

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