A story from Austin

Shared by Shelley Xie on July 6, 2019

It has been 8 years since Maggie and Frank moved out of Austin, where we spent 9 years together.  During those years, we were a group of young fresh outs just starting our careers at Dell and building our lives in the U.S.. Maggie was among us and we met almost every weekend to hang out.  We jogged around the Town Lake, played poker, BBQed, partied, learned ski in Vail, Colorado, and went to NYC to spend Christmas together.  It was a fun time in life and unforgettable.  Four years ago, I had a brief reunion with Maggie in North California while I was on a business trip, when she just joined Alibaba. We had a dinner that evening, and we talked till the restaurant told us they had to close for the night.  She was so proud of working for Alibaba and very much looking forward to the future. I never thought that would be my last time to see Maggie in person.  About one year ago, my husband passed away due to an unexpected heart attack.   Maggie called me immediately after she learned about my loss.  We cried together over the phone for a long time.  Since then, she has been sending me encouraging words, sharing songs and making donation to help me and my family stay strong until she couldn't do it anymore a few months ago.  She didn’t mention anything about the suffering she personally went through with her disease and treatment while she was trying to cheer me up and keep me going.  

I will always remember Maggie as a most genuine friend, a loving wife, daughter and mother, and a role model who relentlessly pursue her dreams and passion.  She will continue to inspire me and many of us with a life of long legacies.  

To Frank, I want to share the words Maggie left for me last year:

On May 21, 2018, Maggie wrote:

“They “the kids” now need you more than ever.  So you should take of yourself.  Do whatever to make your life a bit easier, try your best to find something to make you happy, even though it might only last for a few minutes.  You need it!”

To Sophie and Alexander, you should know you mom loves you more than anything else in her life.  She went through so many surgeries and unbelievably amount of pain in her treatment process to survive for you.  She has always been so proud of you, and I know you will always make her proud.

Shelley Xie 

A friend from Austin

To Aunt Jiamei

Shared by Yuer Li on June 30, 2019

I can’t believe it when I heard that you went to heaven.I felt so sad. When we had lunch together I felt like it was yesterday. I am sorry that I didn’t have chance to show you the beautiful dress you gave to me.Everytime when I go to your house happiness rushes into my heart.I remember we talked about “forever “before you did first brain surgery .you told me “ For you age forever seems really really long,but me looking back forever is actually it is now ,it’s every minute,it’s every moment,all pieces together and that is forever.basically in the future is a best friend is now today and tomorrow and this minute and next moment, when you gays all growing up adding all this up every minutes every second and that compose and whole life and whole experience and that becomes forever .”I can’t understand it completely right now, I will get it in the furture.But don’t worry I will take care of Alexander and make sure he doesn’t eat too much candy,we will practice harder in tennis and golf ,we won’t give up that easy.and you don’t forget to practice golf too in heaven. I hope you have fun in heaven. I wish I am “Su Wukong”,so I can visit you every day.
Every night I look up in the sky and I looking for you .I believe you are the brightest star in the whole sky and you are looking at me too.You are in my heart forever. I love you and miss you so much.

By Yuer li

Cherish the day

Shared by Steve Ballon on June 29, 2019

There are rare moments of opportunity where you are in the position to meet the right people that you click with. During those precious moments, you find abundant joy and those moments became one of the best memories of your lifetime.

What’s so special is that Frank and Maggie, and our friends in Austin all have similar characteristics, open, kindhearted, caring, easy going, generous. Seeing Maggie’s tributes demonstrated that Maggie had a natural, innate spirit at attracting together people of similar qualities wherever she goes.

When Frank contacted me last year that Maggie would be in town, I was very excited to have had a chance to connect with her again. However her second visit did not happen as she became ill. I didn’t realize she was battling cancer. Maggie and I commiserated over our friend Luke’s sudden passing, and had proposed a reunion around September of this year. I was very much looking forward to it.

I don’t want to live in regret that I didn’t get to meet our friends for the last time, but I want it to serve as a reminder to cherish more of what you have had, enjoy the moment, and what will come in the future.

I cherish the time we spent enjoying each other’s company. Whether is tennis, running, cycling, poker, BBQ, or just hanging out thinking of starting a business, seeing newborns, it was few years of unbelievable, pure friendship.

Alas, we all went our separate paths to develop our career and raising a family.For me, those memories and joy remains fresh and as if they froze in time, allows me to reminisce often, and sustain me through hectic and busy lives. Although many years had passed, and we haven’t had much chance to meet or connect, I want to thank you!

Frank and Maggie, all the friends in Austin, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have known you, giving me fond memories and friendship that I will cherish forever, and hope to reconnect again, my friends.


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Nancy Zhang from Tianjin

Thank you

Shared by Yan Ling on June 28, 2019

When I was informed of the news, it was a great shock.   It is hard to accept this fact. I know you were a great fighter regardless in the workplace or your life.  There are no words to describe my feeling.  I can't stop tearing.  It's like you were with a back-to-back support dear friend fighting in the battlefield, then you watch them fall. You lost someone you trust, appreciated and loved.    

I still remember the first day I joined Alibaba. Maggie was the one looking after me from HK to Hangzhou. I was impressed she was such a career driven hard working and determined female leader. I was also surprised even in the busy working life, how much love she gave to two kids and spent the time as much as possible.  I still remember the day we had a different opinion on the business that made me tearing, but I never regret it. The day I left the company, you said that we all learnt a lot from Alibaba. We will be better.  I think only you and I understand the effort and sacrification we made in the tough the situation. 
Thank you Maggie, you taught me a lot, and you made me grow.  I miss you. 


Shared by Sylvia Depta on June 28, 2019

Anna, our 15 year old daughter, painted this for Maggie today remembering the wonderful evening she spent with her and thechildren at the Art Exhibition in Scottsdale 2019.  She calls it ‘Reflection’ - reflecting on the time she shared with Maggie.  Maggie brought out joy in children.

Shared by Christian Qian Liu on June 28, 2019

I don’t know how to start or where to start without tears running down my cheeks. It hurts so bad when I look back this past month what I have witnessed you had been through. I try not to think of that when I look at your pictures.  I keep reminding myself that  you are not in pain, not suffering any more and you have united with your beloved mom in heaven. For that I am grateful and feel somewhat relieved.

 I want to remember your smile, your laugh, your passion to life, work, dance , art , travel and so much more. I want to remember the time I washed your hair after your surgery on the neck. You still worried about me and wanted me to be happy. I told you that for things I can’t change, I accept. You said I didn’t try hard enough. You were like a sister to me. We always talked about life, love, kids, work.... we never ran out of topics. I wish I could still just come over and talk to you over a cup of steaming tea.

 So much to write, so much to remember , so much to cherish.... all of those emotions, stories can be summed in to a few words I will always love you and I miss you deeply! 

I promised you the day before the second brain surgery that I would throw you a big bday party this year to celebrate your new life after everything you had gone through. I will still keep my promise. I will still throw a party with all the girls here who love you deeply to celebrate your first bday in heaven! I promise ! ❤️

Be happy in Heaven ! I know you are watching over your lovely family from up above!

I will see you when we unite again! ❤️



written by Shirley Zhou in loving memory of Maggie

Shared by Christian Qian Liu on June 28, 2019


Shared by Amy Cheng on June 29, 2019

亲爱的佳楣,我真的没办法接受这个消息。闭上眼睛,还是十八年前在美国校园的你的样子,你说话的声音,你嘴角的笑意… 几年后在波士顿的短暂重聚,到你结婚生子,以为岁月静好,总有再相聚的一天。





Shared by You Zhou on June 28, 2019



纪念jia mei


Shared by Di Pang on June 28, 2019


佳楣是90年代在摩托罗拉工作时认识的小伙伴,95年时的交集比较多,彼时公司为了培养人力资源专业人员,组织了第一届HR Academy,天津和北京都有一些同事参加,每个月拿出一个周末两个整天的时间到北京或天津学习。佳楣,善友,海宁和我都来自天津,又玩得来,周末的学习经常从早到晚整天在一起。佳楣独立,热情,开朗,大家都很喜欢她。后来她出国读书,定居,近二十年没有联系,直到加入阿里经常回国,几年前在天津见过一面,才了解了一点她这些年的生活,有相爱的丈夫,有两个可爱的宝宝。奈何老天不公,幸福的时间还是太短暂。


Freda Pang from Tianjin


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Unforgettable youth we went through 难忘一起走过的青春岁月

Shared by Amy Dong on June 27, 2019

年轻的我们在摩托罗拉天津相遇,你漂亮、干练、自信、开朗、懂事、上进, 小伙伴们一起学习、工作、玩耍....时间就这样在幸福中度过,之后你去了北京和美国继续你的留学和国外工作, 真心为你开心—-你在自己的梦想的路上奔跑。回家(回中国)工作也许是冥冥之中的安排,让微信把我们重新联结起来,感受到你的稳重和成熟,如莲花冲出淤泥,清新淡雅地绽放!




永远怀念你,佳媚。I missed you, Maggie!

Shared by Joyce Loh on June 27, 2019



Joyce Loh from Singapore

RIP dear Jiamei

Shared by Olive Chu on June 27, 2019

I don't want to believe this is true! During the Spring Festival 2019, we also greeted each other on WeChat, especially the festive costumes that Maggie specially prepared for her birth year. In just a few months,I heard such news. At the moment,I am full of sadness, besides sadness.

Listening to this song again https://youtu.be/88GAq2AWBdg, all the memories poured into my mind. 20 years ago, we listened to it over and over again on the 18th floor of Motorola Beijing office sharing our happy and sad stories together. You said this is the best song for those hard workers away from home, just like you and me ... Now you did it with your positive attitude, your achievement and your lovely family! RIP, dear Jiamei,I love you!

Olive Chu from Melbourne Australia

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