Jill in Rhode Island on Mother's Day
Jill Elizabeth Simpson
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 28, 1935
  • Date of passing: Feb 3, 2018
We thank God every time we remember Jill (inspired by Philippians 1:3)

This memorial website is BEING created in memory of Jill Simpson! We remember her as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, family member, friend and more...

The Simpson Family wishs to express our heartfelt thanks to all who have enriched the life of Jill and the entire family through friendship and fellowship over the years. 

We invite you to this site - to share tributes, prayers, stories, photos, videos and audios so that together we can celebrate her life and passage to be with the Lord in heaven...even as we grieve her loss.

We wish to extend a special thanks to Knollwood for hosting the February 19 memorial service and providing a reception afterwards. In lieu of flowers, please make any donations to Knollwood in appreciation for ministry to Jill over the years and to support ongoing ministry in Burke.

Thank you!

With love, Andrew Simpson (son) along with Pamela Winchell (daughter) and Valerie Criman (daughter) and the entire family

NOTE: The above photo reminds us of Jill's travel across the "Pond" from England to America as a young bride...and the many trips back and forth during her lifetime. The clouds in the photo reminded Andrew of a telephone  call with Mum in December 2017 when she exclaimed, "O how beautiful the clouds are here in Yorkshire!". We imagined how her spirit soared through the clouds on February 3 to join our Lord in the heavens...

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Daniel Salifu on 20th February 2018

"We celebrate Mama Lizzy, as we will say in Ghana. She has indeed done her worth. We thank God for her Life. It is a blessing to die in the Lord. I believe that she is there with Him."

This tribute was added by Cindy Rector on 17th February 2018

"The Simpson family will always hold a special place in my heart.  Your family welcomed me into their home as a young college student, tangibly demonstrated the love of Christ to me.  It was my home away from home and I will always remember Jill setting another place at her table for an unexpected visitor.  I know you are enjoying the presence of Jesus.  So sorry not to be able to attend the celebration of your life, but will be with you in thought and prayer."

This tribute was added by Martha Miranda on 17th February 2018

"Pam, Dee & Jill’s family : after all , we did not have the honor to meet you personally Jill ,but through Pam, we were able to enjoy your life because in our conversations you were ALWAYS there !We knew of your love for God, we knew  how you raised your beautiful family that now misses you! We knew about your pleasure  for having different citizenships!!!USA your home ,England your roots and now you are there in heaven  waiting for us ,the best citizenship that God gives us ! We will see you there some day .
Dear family we are thinking of you and praying with all our hearts. Migue & Martha"

This tribute was added by Martha Miranda on 17th February 2018

"Pam,Dee & familia :finalmente no tuvimos el honor de conocerte personalmente Jill pero si a través de Pam pudimos disfrutar de tu vida, en sus charlas SIEMPRE estabas tu , supimos de tu amor por Dios ,conocemos parte de como criaste a tu  familia hermosa que ahora te extraña! Sabemos tu pasión por las ciudadanías  que tenías , por Estados Unidos tu casa ,Inglaterra tus raíces y ahora estás en el cielo esperándonos !La mejor ciudadanía que nos ha regalado Dios !Allá nos veremos ..
Desde nuestro corazón  ,,Migue y Martha"

This tribute was added by Michael Fletcher on 17th February 2018

"Jill, and all the Simpsons and extended family, were such a lively, rich, loving part of the River Of God ("and everything will live, wherever the River goes" Eze. 47:9). We love you, Jill. From the days when Martha lived with you and the family, and when I (Fletch) stayed on weekends, through all the decades since, your Christlike-spirit, your gentleness, your strength have shown Christ was the source of it all. Now you are with Him Who was your strength and peace and joy. He was good to have left you with us so long, before taking you to be with Him."

This tribute was added by Ade Rajino on 16th February 2018

"Dear Andrew, Sharon, Joel, Joshua,
Sending you all love and prayers for your loss.  What a wonderful mom and grandma she was to you and she will be missed very much. May the Lord continue sending you His comfort, she is now with Him... joyful and cheering for you.  


This tribute was added by Peter Chun on 16th February 2018

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute of your mum's life.  She had such a great influence on your generation and now the next.  We will be praying for your family's loss and joy in remembering her legacy."

This tribute was added by Ellen Kupp on 16th February 2018

"What an amazing, lovely woman your mother was, Andrew. Her legacy of love and faithfulness and joy clearly lives on in you and all her family. The peace and comfort of our loving God be with you all as you celebrate and grieve in the coming days. Fondly ... Ellen and David"

This tribute was added by Viviane CARRERA on 16th February 2018

"Dear Andrew,
Condolences from Senegal
I am sad with this news. I remember you sharing with us good news of your mum during a TFE meeting. Our prayers are with you and all yours. May Jesus be your strength in these hard times. Let's also bless the Lord for all the fruitful life she lived. She was sure a God's gift for all those she supported physically or spiritually including us and with this is we are convinced by faith that she has just joined the seat that Jesus prepared for all those who love him in John, 14: 1-3.

Be strong Andrew in Jesus name!"

This tribute was added by Mansour Fall on 16th February 2018

""Une grande dame s en est allee". tu vas nous manquer pour toujours
You will be missed but , but you leave a lasting legacy
Will pray"

This tribute was added by Lydia Mukaye on 16th February 2018

"Receive my condolence and that of my family to you and your loves ones at this time of loss. I never got to meet mum but I know I met her through you, your kind spirit, willingness to support all must have come because of her nature to you and your siblings. May God give you strength even as you celebrate her life . RIP mama"

This tribute was added by Catherine Demba on 15th February 2018

"Andrew, Sharon, Joel, Joshua and Dazzle, I am very sorry to hear about the departure of our dear mum. Extend my deepest condolences to your sisters Pamela Winchell and Valerie Criman but also to the entire family. We thank God for his presence in the life of mum and the great and wonderful education, childhood she gave to all of you. We are happy as we know that mum is with the Lord and one day we will see her in heavens. May God comfort you all and console you in the family.
Revelation 14:13 “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” May the soul of our dearest Mum rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Bradley Thompson on 15th February 2018

"Andrew, Sharon, Joel and Josh - I remember briefly meeting your mum and grand-mum in Newport Pagnell in 2011. She came across as a gentle and gracious person. At this time of bereavement,we pray for Gods peace to envelop you and the rest of your family. With love and prayers - Bradley, Feby, Josh and Tessy"

This tribute was added by Hilda Kernc on 15th February 2018

"Andrew, I never met your mom in person, but I remember you talking about her, and knowing you a good friend and brother in Christ, I know that she was a wonderful person who is going to be missed dearly. My prayers for you and your family. One day we will all be where there is no death, no pain and no tears and sickness. Praying for you and for your family"

This tribute was added by Torrey Olsen on 15th February 2018

"Though I never had the privilege of meeting Jill, I can tell much about her I am sure by the living legacy she left in her son Andrew. His love for learning and for people, his humble commitment to serving the poor in forgotten places, his love for his wife and children, his passion for the Lord and for Andrew's many friends around the world.....no doubt reflect characteristics of his mom. Her legacy lives on. She is missed but not forgotten and the world is better off for her having been in it."

This tribute was added by Nancy Hryc on 15th February 2018

"Jill will be missed by many including me and my husband John.  She was a kind, sweet and loving friend.  Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Dorothy Clark on 15th February 2018

"My beautiful Sister Jill has been a big part of my life though separated by land and sea for 60 years; she has stayed connected and close to me throughout this entire time.  Firstly, writing frequent letters and sending photos of her family, friends and activities.  She renewed and strengthened my Faith by example and encouragement.  She shared her darling family and they became very special to me as my own family, when they arrived sometime after hers!  I always adored her as my Big Sissie and when she left for the USA I thought I would never recover, aged only 12 yrs. However, thanks to the Simpson Family love and many visits we remained close. This closeness and many, many happy memories of wonderful times shared will continue in my thoughts and heart, this time separated by Heaven where we will be together again."

This tribute was added by Lidiette Gutiérrez on 15th February 2018

"Hola Pamela. Nuestros deseos son que dentro de todos estos momentos tristes que estás viviendo  puedas sentir la presencia de nuestro Señor. Te mandan saludos todas las chicas."

This tribute was added by Moniza Zuluaga on 14th February 2018

"Querida y recordada familia, con este homenaje de la vida de Jill en donde comparten con nosotros los momentos más bellos de su existencia aqui en la tierra, y nos muestran la grandeza de una vida llena de fe, amor, ternura y unión, los acompañamos con nuestra oración.
Lo más hermoso es que cada uno de ustedes la llevarán en su memoria
como ejemplo  no solamente para sus hijos, sino para sus nietos y bisnietos.
Como familias  llenas de la confianza en el Señor, sabemos que  ha partido de la tierra, pero que ha nacido en el cielo, para así en un mañana encontrarnos nuevamente con ella.
Que el Señor los colme de gracia y fortaleza."

This tribute was added by Angela Merlano on 14th February 2018

"Jill, there are no goodbyes, wherever you are, you will be always be remembered....

Dear Pam, Dee, and family, big hugs with love from Mauricio and Angela"

This tribute was added by Uky Africano on 13th February 2018

"Pam, Dee, flia....desde muestro corazón compartimos el sentimiento de
Amor por Jill, la conocimos a través de los ojos de Pam, una hija maravillosa que nos mostró la relación entre madre e hija.
Los acompañamos con nuestras oraciones.
Los queremos mucho.

This tribute was added by Beatrice Mwangi on 13th February 2018

"I count myself very fortunate to have interacted with Andrew's mum - Elizabeth and to have taken a train ride with her from Union station to Virginia we talked non-stop and were surprised at how fast we got there.  Hosting her for a cup of Kenyan tea for the short time I lived in DC I got a good glimpse of a beautiful soul, a wise and gracious woman, a joy to be with.  I understood why the Simpson family was so welcoming and loving.  She had sown precious seeds in their lives.  Heaven rejoices at the homecoming of one who added color to the world and loved people as Jesus would.  I pray that Andrew and the entire family will experience peace at the knowledge of her rich legacy and her faithfulness in completing the race."

This tribute was added by Andrew Simpson on 12th February 2018

"From our DC church family: "Our prayers are with you as you grieve this great loss. May Christ take the sting from that which we were never meant to experience, and leave the peace which only He gives."

This tribute was added by Mary Mook on 12th February 2018

"Pam, Val and Andrew,
Your family was so influential for me in my early Christian life. Your mom and dad were a wonderful example to me. They welcomed me into their home as one of the family. Your mom was so gracious and loving to me. She also was very honest with me. Many times she spoke truth into my life. In many ways she was a woman before her time. I will never forget her or your dad! All my love to you all. Love, Mary Mook"

This tribute was added by Andrew Simpson on 12th February 2018

"I want to share what a dear friend Nancy wrote on a card that means so much to us: "Dearest Andrew, Sharon, Joel and Josh -  My heart is with you as you walk through sad days of missing your Mum and Grandmum. What a light she has been in the midst of suffering! What a joy to know we will see her again in due time, and what a legacy of faith and hope she left for her family...I love you so much and see the same fingerprints of Jesus on you there were on her. Always -- Nancy"

This tribute was added by betty Englick on 12th February 2018

"I had the  privilege of meeting Jill at a Bible class in RI and we quickly became wonderful friends and my having British roots helped. She was a woman of many gifts and her quiet gentle spirit was so helpful to my being a bit more forward and she taught me the value of a gentle spirit. I am in prayer  for all of you kids and grandkids and she was so proud of  all of you and always prayed for you. Know that God and Jesus is with you  for this journey."

This tribute was added by Joan May on 12th February 2018

"Cyril and I will not soon forget Jill. Each time we pass by Water Edge we will recall her brave personality and friendship. Jill was always a little bit ahead of us as a neighbor, new windows, cut down her cherry tree when it became too large. A trusted friend and cheerful soul. Yes, we will miss you."

This tribute was added by Jules Mbayia on 12th February 2018

"The chorus that came to mind when I received the news that Jill went to be with the Lord is, "You give and take away, You give and take away, My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your name." This is my prayer for the entire family.

With lots of love from Nairobi, Kenya. Xxx"

This tribute was added by Robin Durgin on 11th February 2018

"I only remember Jill from brief visits to Dee and Pam in South America.  But I do remember her kind and gentle spirit and enjoyed being in her company.  May she enjoy the Trinity's presence forever."

This tribute was added by Judie Lospaluto on 11th February 2018

"We have been reflecting on what an impact Jill had on our lives and the lives of so many.  From the early days when Frank and I were not yet married up until the time Jill left RI,  we were blessed by her - a gracious, kind lady.  We attended church together, along with many Bible studies and social events.  She was a role model of a loving, godly wife and mother.  She opened her home and her heart to many.  She gave wise counsel and was also able to mix in humor - always making the person feel better and lighter and loved after spending time with her.  Frank loved to listen to her talk so he could hear her lovely accent!  She will be greatly missed.  It was an honor to know her.  Prayers for comfort for Pam, Val and Andrew and your families."

This tribute was added by Cathy Buchanan on 10th February 2018

"To Jill:  "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.  Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 'Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.'  Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."   Proverbs 31:26-30  I have such wonderful memories of sitting around the Simpson dinner table, having tea with Jill, feeling listened to and cared for by her, enjoying her laugh.  Jill blessed my life and I am honored to have had her as a friend.   I am praying for her wonderful family."

This tribute was added by Mary Ostrowski on 10th February 2018

"Jill Simpson is part of fond and precious memories from the University of Rhode Island, and early days at West Kingston Baptist Church as a new believer in the 70's (!). Pam is one of my dearest friends, and I had the pleasure of spending some time with her family and mum!
it was there we discussed the women's liberation movement, and Jill wisely shared, "I am/ we are liberated in Christ!"  Amen and Amen!
I have not forgotten that wisdom, these many years later!
I pray for comfort for Jill's family and rejoice that she is with Our Lord."

This tribute was added by Chelsea Fiorese on 8th February 2018

"I’m not sure that this will ever get easier and I miss my spending time with grandma so much .. I wish I could just pop in and half a cup of tea with her again.. she was the best grandma and also a best friend .. I will celebrate her life and think of her every day <3"

This tribute was added by Marcel Newsome on 8th February 2018

"I met Jill several times through my friendship with Andrew and Sharon that includes a visit to Andrew's home in Rhode Island. She has  always been a kind, generous and compassionate person. And her character is reflected in the life of her family who share her same qualities. She has been a blessing to all she interacted with, and I trust that we shall meet again in heaven, where I am confident she rests gently."

This tribute was added by Matt Kinnaman on 7th February 2018

"Pam, Val, Andrew, and your dear families, I’ve been spending time here tonight reading and looking at photos, and this all leaves me speechless, and also with a full heart of thanks for the wonderful times we all spent together, beginning so long ago in Rhode Island, when we were all very young. The memories, and their meaning, are far too deep and wide to be captured in any words, and the treasures of friendship these memories represent are deeper and wider still. Jill Simpson will be so sadly missed. Although she is gone from us for a time, the beauty she brought to all the lives she touched will continue to radiate, and until we meet again, this will bring continuing bright rays and reminders of the countless moments and ways in which she truly brightened the world, and this will help to keep us moving forward. Love you all."

This tribute was added by Kay Reed on 7th February 2018

"We were so glad to be able to spend some time with Jill here in England. Yes, Andrew, she loved our Yorkshire skies which are beautiful and always changing. It's so nice to be able to share your photos and see what a full and exciting life Jill led. We have some lovely memories too. I can't believe she is no longer with us."

This tribute was added by Margaret Gravel on 7th February 2018

"Jill was a dear genuine friend who had such a sweet and gentle spirit. She had a deep love for our Lord and for her family both here and in England. She was always an encouragement to many. Her friendship was such a joy and a blessing! I will truly miss her, all our chats, and the many laughs we shared over a cup of tea, English style of course!"

This tribute was added by Stephanie Clark on 7th February 2018

"Jill was such a fun and loving Aunt. I have so many fond memories of her visits to the UK with Uncle Ken when I was a child. What an amazing life she led and an incredible family she has made. She will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by Ginny Lawrence on 7th February 2018

"What a beautiful memorial of Jill's life.  Having only known her in her later years, it was such a lovely way to get know her early years.  I so admired her calm presence and quiet spirit.  I will miss her."

This tribute was added by Vikki Krocka on 7th February 2018

"You willl be missed by many you brave beautiful Lady. Save a place in Heaven for me ! My soul rejoices in your crossing over !! I will pray for peace for the family"

This tribute was added by Diane Freda on 7th February 2018

"Beautiful, gallant, gentle friend. You will be missed but what a legacy you leave behind. Enjoy Heaven!"

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