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Shared by Charlotte Pearce on March 22, 2021
One of the kindest, most loving people I’ve had the honour to meet. I was always round your house with Sasha, making too much noise and you always told us to be quiet, but I don’t think we ever did. 

There was the time when you let me and Sasha stay in your London flat for 2/3 days. It was the most fun I’d had around that time. There was a pool that we went to everyday (sometimes more than once), we were so close to the Southbank where we walked all day and the view was amazing. I remember one day, Sasha and I got the tube to Oxford Street. You had told us not to but we went anyway because we thought we were old enough to take care of ourselves. When you found out you were so not happy! And had every right to be. But you were angry, you were just worried about us. I always saw you as an extra parent, someone I could trust with anything. It breaks my heart that you didn’t have more time to spread your love and happiness, rest easy.

Farewell Friend (from my home country)

Shared by Alan Shemwell on March 5, 2021
I am still in shock as we all are. I can’t believe that someone so full of life has been taken from us before her time. We can never hope to understand, in this life, why such things happen to the best of people.

Jill, you were the key part of my dream project team working at Canary Wharf 2009/10.We achieved great things, set records for what we delivered, and were even eligible for an award.

I remember you as the voice of reason, an anchor of peace for a team under constant pressure. A good listener, intensely inquisitive but not shy in sharing your valuable and sensible opinions.

You were very proud of and protective about your family and you brought those same values to our team. I (and many others) are proud to remember you as a friend, not just a colleague.

You always struck me as someone searching for more and more meaning about life. (e.g. During one team dinner, you alone were intensely interested in hearing about the reason for my Christian faith, when the rest of the team were more sceptical or uninterested). I hope you found what you sought in your short time on this Earth. Knowing a little more about your family now, I believe you did.

Rest in peace friend. I/we will remember you for the rest of our lives. We will all miss you for sure – but much, much more so will your wonderful family, who you cherished and who are, by far, your greatest and best legacy. I am sure you will be watching over them and pleased with how they tackle life going forward – brimming over with pride in what you see in them.  As Bob says - I look forward to catching up with you in the next life.

My Beautiful Rock Chick

Shared by Tracey Shelbourn on March 3, 2021
I really can't believe I've lost my beautiful friend Jill. Words cannot explain this. Im in total shock and pain. Jill was my dear close friend and there will be a huge empty space in my heart. She was beautiful inside and out..a heart of gold and so kind, selfless and caring. She also knew how to party and was not only classy and sassy but a true rock chick at heart. I will always treasure the memories and the laughs and dancing, rocking out to def leppard...i'm so glad we got to see them live...we really rocked out!! And what about the time we went to Newark for the day with Niki. The sun was shining...we all wore our posh dresses and drank wine in the sun, chatting and laughing. But we missed the last train home and ended up dancing in a nightclub!!!! was so much fun ...the taxi home was expensive though!! Rest in peace now my beautiful friend. Thankyou for all the love and support you have given me over the 20 years since we met through work. I will never forget you and thankyou for the laughs and fun times. Im a spiritual person and I know you will look over your beautiful girls and ensure they are guided throughout their lives and be by their sides in spirit. I know you will make yourself known through it a number sequence, a feather, a raindrop on the end of my nose or a red robin. Sleep peacefully and rock out up there with Lemmy! Love you so much and will miss you more than you know. I will remember you just as the last time I saw you at Niki's 50th (photo below). It was such a beautiful day and you wore your new swanky dress, danced and in true Jill style made everyone smile. You loved that day. My love and thoughts go out to Sasha and Bella who i know you were devoted to as are they are to you. Love and thoughts to all your beautiful family and friends. Why am I saying goodbye far too soon. ❤

Forever remembered

Shared by Bob Chahil on March 2, 2021
Dearest Jill, it only seems like yesterday when we worked together and spent time together. I am saddened to learn of your passing. I’m sure there is a bar waiting for us in heaven and we will her to have another drink together. Miss you forever, B

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