We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. (2 Corinthians 5:8).
  • 83 years old
  • Born on August 25, 1930 in Dayton, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on February 27, 2014 in Gastonia, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jim Avey, 83, born on August 25, 1930 and passed away on February 27, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Hanabi Marie on 2nd March 2017
Just seen a status I shared on Facebook via On This Day regarding Mr. Avey. I LOVED having him him sub for us. He was always so funny. Never called anyone by their real names and was always so full of life. :) Rest easy, Mr. Avey. Penelope loves you!
Posted by Karen Northcott on 21st January 2016
I always enjoyed his class and his humor. He made learning fun Karen Bynum Northcott, class of 1980. Condolences to family.
Posted by John Fitch on 21st January 2016
I Loved Having Mr.Avery as A Teacher at South Point...He was a Very Caring and a Crazy Teacher, He made everything about teaching SOOO wonderful, He was ahead of his time, He Made everyone feel needed. Me and my Wife Annette Fitch send are thoughts and Prayer to the Family...He was one of a Kind...Thank you Mr Avery!!!
Posted by Susan Cuthbertson on 20th January 2016
Mr. Avey was a character. He taught me at South Point High School. There was never a dull moment. He had nicknames for everyone in each of his classes, and if you ever got a look at his roll book, you would see those names. He never forgot anyone. Even though we moved on in grades, he still would call us by that nickname. I remember my birthday came around and someone told him. He ask me if it was my birthday, and of course I said no. I thought I had gotten off of being humiliated that day, but NO I didn't. The next day he told the class that we would be doing something different for our lesson. He preceded to tell everyone that I had fibbed about my birthday and that everyone would all turn their desks around and stare at me the whole class period. Those memories will stay alive forever. My daughter had the privilege of him substituting when she arrived at South Point, and he was still giving nicknames and up to his crazy, funny antics. He was a jewel and one of the best teachers ever. RIP Mr. Avey.
Posted by Russell Miller on 28th February 2015
Hard to believe that it's been one year. Since that time my daughter has joined you in heaven. It seems silly to say "God bless you" when you're already in his presence, so I'll just thank you for how much God blessed me through you, Jim. I'll see you again one day.
Posted by Peggy Baumgardner on 25th August 2014
My teacher, my mentor and most of all my friend. You are missed by all.
Posted by Renee Smith on 13th March 2014
Mr. Avey is gone to his greater reward but never forgotten by us left on earth. He touched so many many lives. I remember in his English classes at South Point High he would give us all names. I was Bertha. I lived across the street. We could see my house from his classroom window. He would tease me about giving me a ride home. When class assignments came at the end of the year he got me riled by telling me I was being transferred to Ashbrook. He told our class he had never gotten an Easter Basket. We got him a basket and put a Superman T-shirt in it. He put it on over his shirt and tie and went down the hall to show the other teachers. Oh and he would show us a picture he carried in his wallet of a monkey in a baby bonnet and tell us it was his wife. And of course he was the Great Bolo!!! Thank you Mr. Avey for ALL the memories you were the BEST!!!!
Posted by Beth Brittain on 7th March 2014
"Jungle Jim" as he was lovingly called by many of us taught us so many lessons beyond English. He taught acceptance,fairness, joy and wisdom...I was always amazed many, many years after graduating and occassionally running into him that he could call me by 'both' my given name and his name and then he would quickly ask about my parents. Such a kind and generous man...our loss is definately heaven's gain.
Posted by Sherry Arrowood on 6th March 2014
Mr. Avey was my English teacher at South Point High School. I remember he gave us all special names and mine was Ethel! He was such a sweet and caring person. He always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. I was blessed by having him as one of my favorite teachers. You will be greatly missed Mr. Avey...our loss is Heaven's gain!
Posted by James Chandler on 6th March 2014
Mr. Avey was a great English teacher for me in 1963. His reading of the "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" is still vivid in my mind, 50 years later...Another classmate of mine remembers how Mr. Avey had to screw up his chair, after someone had lowered it. He always said, "This makes me so mad I could spit from here to Mt. Vernon!" He also in later years worked in one of the retail stores in the Mall in Gastonia. I believe it was at Sears. Rest in Peace! The world needs more teachers like you....
Posted by Ash Davis on 6th March 2014
Mr. Avey was an incredible teacher. I always loved seeing him at school and enjoying his lectures and random name assignment. He was the kind of man that even if he wasn't subbing for your class you took the time out of your day to say hello and you had a better day for doing so. The man had an aura about him that just made him downright awesome to be around. Gaston County schools has lost one of the greatest educators its ever had. You will be missed greatly by all of us.
Posted by Phoebe Lawing on 5th March 2014
I recently called Mr. Avey and had the always insightful conversation that left me inspired. That is what he did best ...Inspire. Mr. Avey not only served my students as a dedicated substitute over my 26 years in classrooms across Gaston county but served as my personal inspiration. HE had completed his career and was my very first sub as a new teacher. HE understood what I wanted to do with my life and encouraged me. His dedication to students in his English classes left me feeling inadequate but gave me hope that with a little encouragement all students could succeed.His students are testimony to his greatness as a teacher. I will miss him. He is loved and never forgotten. I only hope that in my final years I can attain a small portion of his zest for both life and inspiring youth. Mr. Avey is and always will be my mentor and hope for continuing to inspire youth in my classroom. Thank you Mr. Avey for you gift of joy and dedication to serving youth. Thank you for touching my life and know that I continue your spirit in my daily walk into Stewart W. Cramer High School. Visit me anytime as I know you will you are always welcome to be where you always wanted to be... a classroom filled with students anticipating the lesson for the day.
Posted by Tonda Benton on 5th March 2014
Mr. Avey, I do believe was everyone's favorite teacher. He was the epitome of a teacher who answered a greater call to be a teacher and mentor for young people. His humor, fairness and genuine nature made him a wonderful teacher and friend to his students. He is one in a million and will be greatly missed by former and present students. In figuring out he touched ½ Century of student’s lives. Rest in Peace Mr. Avey, it is well deserved!
Posted by Mary Godwin on 5th March 2014
I have wonderful memories of Mr. Avey. He taught me that teaching and caring about your students are one and the same. I believe he shared his faith through his humor in the classroom and every student knew you were valued. Whether it had been a few months or many years since you'd seen him, he knew your name (not only the one he bestowed upon you, but also the name your parents gave you). I' m very thankful God saw fit to bless generations of students at South Point High School with Mr. Avey's gifts. He will be missed!
Posted by Mark Guice on 5th March 2014
Mr. Avey was one of my favorite teachers. He sure made being in school fun and he made you learn. He pushed me to get an A+ on my term paper. "Percy would you open the door and let the Goddess of Peace in so she can hover over us".
Posted by Mandy Rhyne on 5th March 2014
So very sorry to hear of Mr. Avey's passing. He was one of the greatest teachers I had the privilege of having. He made learning fun and his class was very interesting.
Posted by Frank Baumgardner on 3rd March 2014
Jim Avey, a gentleman that I met just a few months ago who has enriched both my life and my wife. Fifty years ago Jim had my wife write a short story as an assignment in school. His comment was that she should expand on it. Well fifty plus years later she did. Jim was her inspiration and he was so thrilled that she dedicated her book to him. Jim Avey is a humble and encouraging to everyone he meets. He often said," you have made me famous . Everyone wants to talk to me. In all the years that I have been teaching you are the first person who has acknowledged and thanked me. I am honored." We are honored and blessed to have Jim in our lives. Now he is in GODS hands and I know he will be watching over Peggy and her venture. Thank you Jim Avey

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