Let the memory of Jim be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on April 17, 1971 in Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on August 25, 2017 .

This site is to help us all remember the son, uncle, brother, cousin and friend Jim was to so many people from Chicago to Portland, from South America to India and across the world.  Please explore the tabs above, either comment in the 'Tribute' or share on the 'Stories' tab.

Our dear family member and friend, Jim Feldmann (George James Feldmann), passed away unexpectedly.  Just 46 years old.  He was returning home to see us all from a year long trip to India and Portugal and was struck by a vehicle in NY.  We are devastated.

Please let others know that knew Jim about this site.  Thank you everyone for the support, love and prayers we have been receiving.  

Visitation Monday  - September 4, 2017 
3:00 to 8:00 pm (family at 2:00 pm)Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home
10501 W. Cermak Rd. (2 blks West of Mannheim Rd.).
Westchester, IL  60154

Funeral Service Tuesday - September 5, 2017 All to meet  at Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church 2501 S. Wolf Rd., Westchester at 9:30 am until time of Funeral Service 10:00 am
Interment Chapel Hill Gardens West Cemetery.
The family invites all those attending to join after the ceremony at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Lombard, IL

When considering Jim's life experiences we decided instead of selecting a single group or organization we are setting up a Memorial Fund in his honor.  In lieu of flowers any are welcome (but none expected) to donate to the fund.  The Jim Feldmann Memorial Fund has been established to inspire people to care and connect with communities and cultures around the world.  The funds may be used to help non-profit organizations, communities in need and we hope to create a scholarship for a student to study abroad while helping a community in need.

Posted by Alexandra Lopez on April 17, 2019
Happy Birthday old friend. Osha asks about uncle Jim a lot lately. He wants always to look at your picture and to know all about you. We have your birthday on our calendar and will sing you a happy birthday song after school. We miss seeing your sparkly eyes and laughing with you. You still shine brightly in our memories and you are part of our chosen family. We love you.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2019
Today is the 48th anniversary of your birth, Jim! Happy Birthday, dear friend! I'll miss the Pho birthday lunch we would do every year to celebrate both of our birthdays. You are so missed in our spiritual community here in Portland but your presence is still felt strongly. Many days I'll think about you and forget that you're not just still in India. I feel that, in some way, you've helped me through some challenging situations during these past few years - like a guardian angel. Thank you! You are loved, dear Jim! Forever missed! Never to be forgotten! Much, much love - Jan
Posted by Vanessa Clohessy on January 9, 2019
May his memory be eternal.
Posted by Thiago Valle on August 27, 2018
I think about you often and about how much of an impression you left on me. I'm sorry I wasn't as aware of it when you were here. I'm comforted by the Jim stories that are still told around the office and by the laughs and smiles they bring. Thank you for who you were and for what that means to me now.
Posted by Jan Rhine on August 25, 2018
Dear Jim, although it's been a year today that you left us, you are forever in my heart, my dear friend. I remember your big smile and beautiful heart, our long talks, celebrating our birthdays (only 10 days plus many years apart) at different Vietnamese pho restaurants each year and simply enjoying your presence, your friendship and your wisdom. You are so loved and so missed!
Posted by Mark Sawyer on August 25, 2018
If Jim had to go, he couldn't have left in a better "state" than that which he had come to in his months with Swami Atmananda of Ajatananda Ashram in the first half of 2017.
Such a good guy. I could write pages about his good qualities, many of which are all too rare in this "plane." Would that we had more like him, and for longer.
Posted by Lisa Lewton on April 19, 2018
Happy belated Birthday Jim!
Posted by Rhiannon Laurie on April 18, 2018
Happy Birthday, Jim! (It's still your birthday for another minute in Portland). I enjoyed singing for you at church last Saturday, and again on my own today. I am trying to honor your amazing ability to listen to people, to see and cultivate the best in them, to make them feel welcome. It's still something small and awkward in me, but I know that if you were here you would honor it and encourage me to try harder. So I am trying. So much love to you.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2018
Happy Birthday, dear Jim! I miss you, my friend!  This past Saturday, I led our church service here in Portland. At the end, we had a special birthday celebration and remembrance of you. We listened to you singing your hymn and then sang it together. Then we sang Bruce, Jody's and Alexandra's hymns that they received for you. We sang you Happy Birthday and lit a special birthday candle for you. You are remembered, loved and missed, Jim. May you be at peace knowing that you still are, and always will be, a big part of our spiritual community.
Posted by Andy Feldmann on April 17, 2018
I miss you every day Jim, my heart breaks wishing I could talk to you today on your Birthday.  May you spend your day in peace surrounded by our loving thoughts and prayers and the loved ones that are no longer here with us.  Take care brother.
Posted by Wells Neal on April 17, 2018
Happily, I continue to feel the strength of Jim's presence in a way that makes me smile. I find myself routinely referencing Jim's "famous" lines that that he would use at work, with his impish grin, like "out here in the colonies", a reference to our little Portland office and the EE mother ship sometimes forgetting we exist. I love saying it now because I always think of Jim when I say it and folks here know It's my way of saying hello to Jim on that day. I have also found myself saying that I should do a better job channeling my "inner Jim", doing a better job of being empathetic, one of Jim's more beautiful abilities.
Posted by Tom Hanlon-Wilde on April 17, 2018
I was thinking about Jim this week and missing his presence.
Posted by Tyler Hall on April 17, 2018
Missing you today and often Jim.
Posted by Toni Ory on April 17, 2018
On this day of Jim’s birth 47 years ago, my thoughts have been on his family and the people he touched with his spirit. Being the first born son of my dearest and forever friend, Kathy, I was fortunate to see him as an inquisitive and imaginative little boy filled with joy and a captivating personality. Later, I had the pleasure to see how that sweet little boy turned into an amazing man who cared about the many people he touched. We were all so lucky to have crossed our life path with Jim. May we all spread a little joy and compassion in his honor not only today but every day. ❤️
Posted by Jan Rhine on February 25, 2018
Dear Jim, today it is 6 months since you left us. I dreamt of you last night. You had come from your past to our future. You were healthy and whole. I drank in every moment of our time together. You are missed every day by your community in Portland. May you know how loved your were and are, dear Jim.
Posted by Jan Rhine on January 8, 2018
Dear Jim, I have thought of you so often over this holiday season. We just celebrated Three Kings Day on Saturday here in Portland. We brought you into our service. I felt you there strongly. Know that you are loved and missed and always will be. Take care, my friend.
Posted by Jan Rhine on October 25, 2017
Dear Jim, two months ago today you left us. I still feel the grief, the disbelief, the loss. I miss you! I keep waiting for you to come home from your India and Portugal trip. Last night, I even had a dream about that. In the dream, I waited for your bus to arrive, hoping and praying that you'd be on it... that the memorial service we'd held for you had been premature... that your death had been a terrible misunderstanding. But, in my dream, you were not on the bus. And when I woke up this morning, I realized that you were not coming back and that today marked 2 months since your death. Know that your spiritual family here in Portland love and miss you so much! You are with us in Spirit and in our hearts, even though you no longer grace us with your physical presence. May you be happy, at peace, dancing and singing and having a grand old time where you are now. Much love to you, my dear friend and brother.
Posted by Jo Anne Kalashnikov on September 21, 2017
My deep condolences to the family and friends of our beloved James. I met James just this summer in Portugal. I loved getting to know James and thought we would meet up back home sometime in the future. No one could have expected this, but all are done by His Grace and by His Grace alone so I know you are taken care of. I enjoyed being around James and thought he was a beautiful being. Thank you for shining your Light on us beloved James.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on September 21, 2017
I never knew Jim personally but just wanted to share an encouraging message. From what I read in the comments it seems he was very loved by all who knew him. Take comfort I knowing he is at peace now. We can look forward to a time when Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled when God will wipe out every tear from people's eyes and death will be no more. Until then deepest sympathy--- Julia
Posted by Tyler Hall on September 20, 2017
Jim- I will miss our wild conversations about everything from robots to climate change to all things spiritual. Your quirky sense of humor and sense of a larger perspective brought me a lot of joy in our day to day work. I always respected your deep commitment to the causes you cared about, and how you always did your best to live out your values.

While I am extremely saddened by your passing I am grateful that in your final year here you did exactly what you felt you needed to do. Not many people can let it all go and pursue their own path, and you did that. Your life will continue to inspire me, and you will be missed.

Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Phyllis Robinson on September 19, 2017
Jim (family and friends),

I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news of your passing. I had been thinking of you and wondering how you were faring in India; waiting until you were back to hear of your adventures and your latest ideas - for yourself, your community, and the world. I appreciated your sensitivity, sweetness, kindness, and the passion you had for your work. You will be very much missed Jim. Phyllis
Posted by Swami Atmananda on September 18, 2017
The Community of Ajatananda Ashram, Rishikesh (North India) has, with great sorrow, come to know of the sudden death of their beloved brother and friend, James.

James first came to our Ashram in mid-September last year, and almost immediately came forward to volunteer as a part of the Satsang team. In January, he served as an integral part of the team in Tiruvannamalai (South India). From February onwards, James returned to the Ashram and kindly offered to take up the role of Volunteer Coordinator. His full-time commitment to the Ashram Community was recognized and appreciated by everyone, and we received a great amount of heartfelt praise from visitors and friends.

James was a much-loved member of our spiritual family, and we continue to cherish his memory. We all feel immense gratitude for James’ presence among us during the last year of his life.

We extend our deepest condolences and sympathy to his relatives and friends, and we keep praying that the Supreme Peace will be granted to his departed soul on its journey towards the boundless Oneness.
Posted by Tracy H. on September 14, 2017
Our neighborhood and the world is a better place because of you, Jim. You united everyone with your charisma. I will deeply miss not seeing you wave across the street every morning saying, "Hi, neighbor!" You were the first person that came to introduce yourself within minutes of me moving into my house. That is a true neighbor. You also would really make my day, being a chocoholic, by giving me chocolate bars from your work. 

At least a few times a week, I would inquire when you were coming back from your most recent journey. The entire neighborhood is still waiting to see your smile. I suppose, in a way, you still are on your journey traveling to another place. Words do not express how much we will miss you. We plan on making a street art mandala that the neighbors will create together in honor of you. I also was able to, after much persistence with the city, finally get a streetlight that shines now in front of your house that is dedicated, "Jim's Light." Your beautiful spirit will always be here with us.
Posted by Monika Golabek on September 12, 2017
Beloved James and Family,

Here's a note we received from our librarian in Monte Sahaja (place that he came to visit regularly during his stay in Portugal) and she wished to share it with you:
““ feeling so deeply about James ! He came most
of the time - when being in Sahaja - into library , he
loved it to read there and to sit quietly. Often he sat
also outside still and happy. When i have been around
always saying the same things to people with ice cream on
the couches …he smiled, i smiled , we were totally together
about the comics of the situation and we felt funny and happy.
We did (almost) not speak with each other, looking into each others eyes was enough and very peaceful - a rare experience in a light but deep way. Sometimes i pondered about him because i felt such a rare energy surrounding him. He was soft , caring, strong and somehow here and not here. It has been so good to have him around and to know him.“"

Our deep love and condolences are with you.
Posted by Mikele Schnitman on September 7, 2017
Dear Jim, I miss you.

Was really hoping to see you soon and hear your travels stories.
I wish my little baby girl Immanuele, now 21months old, would have seen your smile…
I will always remember our talks, always constructive with a pinch of questioning presented in a smile. You, as a great organizer and problem solver, you showed me how to delegate with empowering me and others to do the best we can. Always supportive, always there for friends and community.
Your latest pictures, you look amazing, the transformation feels immense, I am glad to see and remember you this way.
Suzanne misses you and cry’s deeply for your departure, We are left with wishes that we will meet another lifetime again.
You are in our hearts forever.

To the family,
Jims memory is a calm deep lake in my heart, I will always have a smile thinking of him and with a tear close for his loss. May his soul rest in peace. he is so loved.

Mikele 35
Portland Spiritual community
Posted by Nevan Feldmann on September 6, 2017
Dear Jim,
I have never had a greater shock in my life then when Dad told me you passed away, I remember that moment so clearly, after he told me the horrible news I just froze, there was nothing that I could say, I felt as if my lungs collapsed because I could not breathe, I remember feeling as if I was in a terrible nightmare that I could not wake up from. I still feel like that now, I miss you and there is nothing I can say to bring you back, or anything I can do to show how truly painful this has been, but all I can say is that I love you and that I hope heaven is much better than Earth, and that you are watching over us all and trying to get us through this as a family
Posted by Mark Sawyer on September 5, 2017
I met James in India around New Year's. He was in Tiru by the holy mountain Arunachala to attend the satsang of Swami Atmananda of Rishikesh. He impressed me as a very interesting and intelligent man. When I saw him later in Rishikesh in February he had taken on a glow; a glow that I can only call a sign of coming to a high spiritual place, one of inner peace and oneness.
I'll miss him, and will always remember him that way.
Posted by Jim Reedy on September 5, 2017
I grew up with Jim when he lived in Berkeley so many years ago. He was a very kind soul and a great kid. My deepest condolences goes out to his mom Kathy and brothers. He was taken from you much too early. It's nice to see that Jim lived life to its fullest.
Posted by Rache Reid on September 4, 2017
I met Jim my first week at Proviso. I was a senior, newly transferred in. He turned around in his seat, smiled, wrote his name on the font of my binder in permanent magic marker, and then gave me the most amazing smile. And I stared back like did you really do that? I was freaked out and so intrigued. I looked at that name every day that year. Jim's energy is just what this world needs. I will smile at people and do silly and important things daily in your honor. I am grateful I knew you at such a special time in my life.
Posted by Maria Beran on September 4, 2017
I want to start by saying my sympathy to the Feldmann family. Words can not express how deeply sorry I am for their loss. I've know Jim's mom Kathy for over 25 yrs she has always been one of by bestest friends in this world! She would always talk to me about how proud she was of all her boys. The last time I saw Jim was at his mom wedding, Jim came over by me and hugged and kiss me and we talked for along time that I forgot I came there with my husband. He was such a handsome person and his smile took your breath away. You are now in Heaven with your grand father I'm sure you have a lot to catching up with him. Rest In Peace my sweet friend, you will truly be missed from everyone!
Posted by Andy Fischer on September 4, 2017
Jim, I remember when you first started coming to ceremonies and I always liked talking to you and hanging out. I could feel your peace and heart. I'm still shocked that you left the world here so suddenly and feel a lot of sadness. Blessings on the next phase of your journey. Lots of Love, Andy
Posted by Andy Fischer on September 4, 2017
Jim, I remember when you first started coming to ceremonies and I always liked talking to you and hanging out. I could feel your peace and heart. I'm still shocked that you left the world here so suddenly and feel a lot of sadness. Blessings on the next phase of your journey. Lots of Love, Andy
Posted by Adam Schaeffer on September 4, 2017
What a blessing it was to get to know you, Jim, through 10+ years of working together at Equal Exchange. Your love, humanity, and zeal for life was evident in your humor, patience, kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness. This week has brought back fond memories of how pumped and excited you could get, the delightful twinkle in eyes, your head back laugh, your beaming smile, the earnest determined look of a serious problem solver... so many great, and fully honest expressions! I've been thinking of our work partnerships, tussles, and successes, the clever little gifts you gave to my boys, shared "misery" over mechanical failures and home repairs, the many times our conversations would turn to the spiritual, the scare we had when an earthquake struck Peru and you were in a remote part of the country, the time we crashed each other's date night and shared a great meal... cherished, unforgettable memories. Thank you for being such an open and wonderful person! When you left EE, I didn't think it was "goodbye," and I told you I expected to see you someday with a long beard, blissed-out, perhaps even levitating; maybe in Portland, or halfway around the world. I'm heartbroken to know that you have left us so early, but seeing the many photos of you in the last year, beaming and unshaven, has given me comfort and peace. Goodbye, dear friend. Stay close, as always. Adelante!
Posted by Lisa Lewton on September 4, 2017
Jim, from the first day I came to Equal Exchange, you offered your friendship and smiles unconditionally. Even when we disagreed and argued, we would find a way to end with a smile. You were always so willing to love everyone around you, always so thoughtful and caring of people's hearts. Even after I left Equal Exchange and moved away, you sent my husband and I a gift card to have dinner in a really nice restaurant. We were in grad school and poor and homesick. It was so thoughtful and so kind and warmed our souls. Then years later we got to talk on the phone and it was like there was never any time lost. I am thankful I got to know you. I can't believe you are gone.
Posted by Cay V on September 3, 2017
Dear Beloved Jim,

So much love here for you. I feel like your family is my family, even though we have never met. I loved seeing the pictures of you with your family and friends- so very touching. I feel so blessed to have spent time with you in Portugal - your love, devotion and dedication to Truth and unconditional Love shining and shining. Such inspiration. You followed your Heart- and this is Joy itself. You are always a light in my heart and for this I am most grateful. Love always, Cay
Posted by Kelly Le on September 3, 2017
Just 3 years ago I asked Jim if I could stay with him for a few days while visiting Portland, that turned into a year and a half of sharing a home and life together. In this time we got to know each other so well. He coached me through the first moments of meeting a man who is now my husband and eventually lived with us as well. We went through so much all together in this time. He was an endlessly supportive and understand friend. I will forever cherish that experience and that I got to call him one of my closest friends. I love you forever Jim!
Posted by Mahadeva Werner on September 3, 2017
Although our meeting was brief, it was a truly special experience. James was so incredibly sweet and funny as well. Every encounter we shared was filled with kindness and humor. An incredibly gentle being. He was also very generous and giving of himself. Always willing to help and being of service. I still feel his sweet presence now.
I love you James.
Posted by Mahadeva Werner on September 3, 2017
Your presence here in this place, where I rejoice my heart fully with our Sangha that you were a part of, has been very important to myself .

I really felt you were a pure man and a light being. You worked tirelessly on the land and your devotional commitment was one of example. 

The Bhagavad Gita Says " And Whosoever leaving the body goes forth remembering Me Alone at the time of death, he Attains MY Being; there is no doubt about this."

You were remembered by our Master and He loves you. He blesses your soul to be free, may you join The Supreme Being and Be One with That Peace.

Thank you !
Posted by Mahadeva Werner on September 3, 2017
To my friend and brother, James:

Your season has ended, beloved. You go to join the unborn sky, where swirling stars shine their Light on all that is. Neither distant nor cold - verily, these stars are blazing Suns, Lighting up all Hearts across all Worlds. There are never, and has never been, two stars. You are with us, beloved, in form or without. Such is the mystery of this divine play, where We met, laughed, and played. Such is The Throne of God, where We rest.

Beloved friend. Never shall we be apart. You are always in my Heart.

Om, amen, hallelujah.
Posted by Jan Rhine on September 3, 2017
Dear, dear, Jim. I miss you so much! It was hard when you left for India but it helped to email and talk with you on the phone. I was waiting eagerly for you to come home. You were held in our hearts and prayers here in Portland as you went on your spiritual pilgrimage. The grief I feel now is intense - knowing that I will never see your beautiful smile, hear your encouraging words, hang together with our community at your house, go on 'walk and talks', go out for Pho (especially for our birthday celebrations), sing and pray with you in our sacred works... You were such a bright light when you were here with us. Your Light now shines even brighter in this magnificent new place you find yourself in. Your gentle, kind spirit impacted so many lives and your love and service to anyone that came into your path was so beautiful. Your Heart was so big! Your Star was called Home too soon but you will live forever in our hearts. You are our own Star Angel now. May the love and prayers you feel from all those of us who love you, support you in your transition. We will meet again in Spirit, sweet Jim.
Posted by Gayle Highpine on September 2, 2017
I knew Jim as a member of the Daime community in Portland. Jim was a person of strong social consciousness and a natural mediator and counselor and actively tried to build community and resolve issues between people. He was an empathic listener and he cared. He reached out to people who were alienated and let them know that someone heard them and cared about what they were feeling. He cared about doing the right thing and making the world a better place. The world has lost a special person with Jim.
Posted by Chris Sarcletti on September 2, 2017
My experiences talking to Jim always left me wanting to continue the conversation.  As someone who thinks their socially conscious, Jim always made me look at things in a whole different perspective.  His beliefs greatly influenced how he lived and worked.  If there were more people like Jim in the world today, there would be more kindness, less greed, more empathy and more people actively enaged in their community in the hope of making it a better place for all.
Posted by Elizabeth Theriault on September 2, 2017
Six years in visits... there were so few. Big brother, though we we did not have much time to talk in between, you have always been a gem to me. By-the-way, the first time I met you in Portland, I think my heart may have skipped some beats; running into you on the stairs. Such a handsome man! How lucky I was to get to have some time with you and to know you as you are at home. I experienced you with your brothers and sisters, in service, and barefoot in the living room. I observed the kindness generated in your words and YOUR LAUGHTER, which I found as treasure. I cherish and love you and will remember you each day and wonder very curiously of what this next chapter for you could be like. I will miss you simultaneously. I appreciate every tear and moment when I think of the impressions you left for us here. Peace to all, may your grief and sorrow also bring beautiful gifts of memory in the waves.
Posted by Tony Renelli on September 1, 2017
Jim was a free spirit and will be remembered as the bohemian maverick of our family.He had a kind and gentle soul. He was a special person and with special people his memory and legend will live on for generations to come.Eternal rest, gentle soul.
Posted by Jorge Rodriguez Piza on September 1, 2017
My dear friend, as I travel down memory lane I realize just how wonderful life was when sharing it with you. Many of us are blessed to have known you when we were kids, during a life less complicated, full of hopes and dreams and countless fulfilling experiences.  I am so saddened about your passing, but as I sit here remembering our time together I realize one thing, you with your wonderful heart, with your strong belief that anything is possible, in your unrelentless pursuit of a better earth, you have lived a longer life than many people who live to be 100. I am very happy to hear about more recent friends that speak about the sate of your inner journey and your spirituality, because I know that this is what enriched your life.. As I sit here regretting not having spent more time with you and feeling sad that the last time I saw you was so long ago, just reading through the tributes of people whose lives you’ve touched all around the world makes me realize that I was blessed with more than my fair share. I truly believe that your purpose in this world was fulfilled and that you have been called to a higher cause. I will always remember how you taught me to look at life with confidence, without excuses. I will always find comfort in the wonderful memories I have of time spent with your family, who always made me feel as a part of it. I will always think of you when i’m faced with adversity or doubt to remember how important it is to continue to dream big. To this day I live by some of your most eloquent words “where there is a will …. there is a pumpkin” Please know that even though you hadn’t been around Chicago very much, you were always in our thoughts. I can’t think of one reunion with our high school friends when your name was not brought up. I will always remember those high school parties which you produced and always turned into major events. I will always remember your leadership, your calm demeanor, and your smile. I love you Jim, rest in peace.
Posted by Nick Pavlica on September 1, 2017
I had known Jim since 1st grade and over the years our friendship grew as we got to know each other more through grade school, junior high, high school and in college as roommates. He had been a best friend throughout those years. We’d often talk of what we’d do when we grew up. And although our journeys in life took different paths after college, I always counted him as a best friend. 

I looked forward to his stories of the journeys he would take, always wondering how he’d do it and where he’d go next. I ran into his brother Eric and he told me about his latest studying yoga/spirituality in Rishikesh India. And just as I’d done for his journeys before, I’d check out the location on Google Maps and take a tour of the location, imagine the streets he’d walk along and thought of what Jim would be doing. 

As news of his passing came and his mother showed me a picture of him on the bridge in Rishikesh, I incorrectly stated I’d seen this picture before and then realized I hadn’t. In fact, that picture was the journey I took with him via google maps on the Ram Jhula bridge and how I had actually pictured him in my mind on that same bridge exactly as he was, smiling. 

My conversations with his mother over the years would often end with “you know Jim – he’s a free spirit.” Well now his spirit is free and we are all richer to have known him. Memory Eternal
Posted by Marie Leach on September 1, 2017
Dear Jim, you were so quick with a smile and a hug and an offer of help and understanding. Generous and kind, you brightened each life you touched. You enriched my life whether you were next to me telling a story or off on one of your great adventures. Our family has a hole in its heart.
Posted by Coco OShaughnessy on September 1, 2017
Jim – How can you not be here with us? It does not seem possible. I, too, am comforted to read the notes from those who loved you and shared the more recent part of your life. We go way back. And lost touch as the years became messy and complicated. Such good memories. Although I was the only girl in our mix of you, Eric, Andy, Terry and Matt, I found a soul mate in you. So many good memories of dinners together as families at our house and yours, swimming at the pool, church, and the many talks we had of families, the future and the bitter sweetness of this life. You were kind, gentle, loving, patient, calm, direct and funny. Ok, and maybe a little a dark and intense at times! Which I believe came from your braveness of taking all life has to offer in and your ability to connect with others. You saw and felt the pain and beauty of life. How amazing to learn of all of your adventures and where you took your life. The road less traveled, for sure, was the path you were meant for. I will always miss you. I will always remember your kind gestures. How I wish I was telling you all of this now in person, so I could see your smile and that twinkle in your eyes, hear your laugh and have you respond. I hope you knew how much you were loved. I hope you felt how special you were. I will keep your parents, Andy, Eric and Anna and all of your family and dear friends in my thoughts as they now start a new chapter without your physical presence. What a legacy you have left behind and a gift you were to everyone who knew you.
Posted by Anthony Renelli on September 1, 2017
Jim - I will always remember you as an ambitious, creative, kind and generous person; a pleasure to be around and a caring soul. As we struggle to accept the realization that you are no longer with us you will live forever in our memories and hearts. You will be truly missed. Anthony
Posted by Angela Holmes on September 1, 2017
Dearest Jim, Your good love has changed my life forever! You ALWAYS greeted me with a smile and a big hug.Thank you for seeing my hidden talents and your forgiveness of my obvious faults. I appreciate your encouragement to take on my first big "church job and your support to be of deeper service to our spiritual community. Thank you for comforting me when my father passed away. Thank you for jump starting my car out in the deep wilderness. Thank you for hiring me to do healing sessions for your company members. All in all, just THANK YOU!

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