This site is to help us all remember the son, uncle, brother, cousin and friend Jim was to so many people from Chicago to Portland, from South America to India and across the world.  Please explore the tabs above, either comment in the 'Tribute' or share on the 'Stories' tab.

Our dear family member and friend, Jim Feldmann (George James Feldmann), passed away unexpectedly.  Just 46 years old.  He was returning home to see us all from a year long trip to India and Portugal and was struck by a vehicle in NY.  We are devastated.

Please let others know that knew Jim about this site.  Thank you everyone for the support, love and prayers we have been receiving.  

Visitation Monday  - September 4, 2017 
3:00 to 8:00 pm (family at 2:00 pm)Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home
10501 W. Cermak Rd. (2 blks West of Mannheim Rd.).
Westchester, IL  60154

Funeral Service Tuesday - September 5, 2017 All to meet  at Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church 2501 S. Wolf Rd., Westchester at 9:30 am until time of Funeral Service 10:00 am
Interment Chapel Hill Gardens West Cemetery.
The family invites all those attending to join after the ceremony at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Lombard, IL

When considering Jim's life experiences we decided instead of selecting a single group or organization we are setting up a Memorial Fund in his honor.  In lieu of flowers any are welcome (but none expected) to donate to the fund.  The Jim Feldmann Memorial Fund has been established to inspire people to care and connect with communities and cultures around the world.  The funds may be used to help non-profit organizations, communities in need and we hope to create a scholarship for a student to study abroad while helping a community in need.

Posted by Douglas Banasky on April 18, 2021
Jim, in honor of your 50th birthday, I am letting go of being mad at you for leaving -- now I am just sending you love, love and forgiveness.
Posted by Thiago Valle on April 17, 2021
Happy birthday, irmão. “Vamos a la playa” in the queue in your honor. Hey, you picked it... don’t blame me. Just no Hawaiian, oldies or hard rock. I got it. You are missed, my friend.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2021
Thinking of you, Jim, on what would have been your 50th birthday. Love and miss you!
Posted by Christian Le on April 17, 2021
Happy Birthday Jimbo!
Posted by Cynthia Roth on November 24, 2020
I am greatly saddened to learn of Jim's passing. I met Jim in Peru, traveled to Kauai with him and wandered around trade shows with him in Anaheim. Wishing all who know and love him light and love.
Posted by Hope Kolly on September 30, 2020
Jim, I've been thinking of you and fun times we had at EE and especially our adventures in Chile. It would be so great to talk with you about all of the things going on these days but I know that wherever you are, you're sending out your light. Miss you! 
Posted by George Brown on August 25, 2020
This has been an emotional day for me but one that gives me shivers and a sense that Jim's presence must be especially strong today.

I worked with Jim while he was with Equal Exchange and I was working at a co-op in Oregon. He left Equal Exchange four years ago or so. I really enjoyed Jim - he was funny and real, caring, kind and he was really passionate about the work he was doing to help improve the lives the food producers around the world.

For some reason, I thought about Jim today and thought I'd google his name to see if I could find out what he was up to these days. That's when I found this site and I realized what had happened. I'm profoundly sad for Jim's family and close friends. I also read a comment and learned that today is the third anniversary of Jim passing.

I'm not sure what caused me to seek out Jim today of all days.

I count Jim as one of the truly great people I've come into contact with in my life. I will miss him and strive to do good work in the world in tribute to Jim and his influence.

Posted by Thiago Valle on August 25, 2020

I miss our discussions and learning from one another. I repeat stories to people, to keep your memory fresh in my mind. I still laugh anytime I hear Huey Lewis and The News and reminisce on our other silly debates.

I am glad to have had you in my life.

Posted by Christian Le on August 25, 2020
Brother-- we continue to feel your presence regularly and feel your joy to see our little Isabella laugh and play. Thank you for your friendship, kindness and support for before and still now.

I send you lots of well wishes for you on your current journey wherever you are in the universe!
Posted by Tom Hanlon-Wilde on August 25, 2020
Rest in Power, Jim. We could use you in these unsettled times and your memory gives us strength.
Posted by Janet Rhine on August 25, 2020
Thinking of you today, Jim. After three years, you are still missed and loved very much!! Forever missed!! 
Posted by Katherine Steffenson on August 25, 2020
It’s been three years today since you left us. I’m graceful to have watched you grow up into a caring, compassionate, always doing for and looking out for everyone you came in contact with. I miss you everyday , I do sense your presence at times. It brings me peace. 
On my way to cemetery to light your candle. May you Rest In Peace my Son.
May your memory be eternal. Love you forever, Mom
Posted by Tony Renelli on April 17, 2020
Happy Birthday, Jim,

I'm here to celebrate the 46 years you shared with us.
I have many great memories of you because of the person that you were.
You were able to do what most of us never do, live life to the fullest.

The brightest stars in the sky burn out first...and so did you
But the memory of these stars lasts eternally so will our memory of you because you were that bright.

Celebrate today with Papi, Nanni, and uncle Andy. I am proud that we were family.

Celebrate in everlasting happiness
Posted by Niko B on April 17, 2020
Happy birthday Jim! I miss you very much, I think of you often. I still reflect on the many lessons you taught me, and integrate them into my life today. I feel your presence, and keep your post card on my altar. Whenever I read your words, I am inspired to be there for my brothers and sisters, because you always were, and I know you still are. Thank you for the years of friendship and guidance.

Love you Jim
Parabéns irmão
Posted by Douglas Banasky on April 17, 2020
Happy Birthday, my dear brother Jim! I miss you beyond words, and my grief is fresh and strong. One memory that is with me today is from when I lived in your house on Reedway Street. One summer evening you spontaneously grabbed me and asked me to go for a walk around the block, as you needed to talk about some things that were on your mind. I remember the joy and the camaraderie walking with you and sharing our stories and feelings, and supporteing each other. You are a great friend, and I send you my love on your 49th birthday.
Posted by Christian Le on April 17, 2020
Love you Jim! I feel your presence all the time and know you would absolutely love our little Isabella and she would love you!
Posted by Peter Nguyen on April 17, 2020
Happy birthday Jimbo!!!
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2020
Happy Birthday, dear Jim!! Today would have been your 49th birthday. We wouldn't have been able to have a big party for you because we're all stuck in our houses due to this surreal situation on the planet right now. But we celebrate you today, nonetheless, with so much love and happy memories of having you in our lives. Your photo on my altar smiles at me every day when I sit to do my prayers. You continue to live and shine brightly in my life and in the lives of those in your Portland community. Love you! Happy Birthday! And be at peace!
Posted by Tyler Hall on April 17, 2020
Remembering and thinking of Jim today.
Posted by Katherine Steffenson on April 17, 2020
Happy Birthday my Son, wanted to post something today, but its hard.
What would you have thought of what the world is going through, I know you would have your opinion. You would have been there for anyone who needed something, whether emotionally or physically. You would be calling home to check on all the family.
I love you, Rest In Peace, and May your Memory be Eternal
Posted by Nick Pavlica on April 17, 2020
Thinking this would have been last birthday in 40's. Remembering the last ones in our teens (really good times) and 20's. Now these are just a distant memories, but your candle and impact you made will always burn bright.
Posted by Tony Renelli on September 7, 2019
I know your birthday was special because Papi and Nani were with you.
May you find the eternal peace that you were looking for here on earth.
You will always be missed by friends and family because of the quality time you spent with us and not the quantity
Posted by Jan Rhine on August 25, 2019
Remembering you with so much love today, dear Jim. I just listened to your hymn. It was wonderful to hear your voice again. I still have your sweet hummingbird wind chime, your last gift to me, hanging in my little apartment. I bump into it every so often. It feels like you're saying, "Hi", to me and always brings a smile to my face. You are still so much a part of our hearts in our spiritual community here in Portland. Your love and your service will live on forever. Much love to you, dear Jim. Sending prayers of love, comfort and blessings to you on this day. You are loved and missed, my dear brother!
Posted by Mark Sawyer on August 25, 2019
I didn't know you for long, and all in India. However, your company in Tiruvannamalai, and then your (somehow much more evolved) presence in Rishikesh, will always be remembered.
Somehow I wish you knew how many people really loved you. I didn't until I attended your memorial near Ashland. What I did know was how much you were appreciated by Swami Atmananda of Ajatananda Ashram in Rishikesh, and that showed a lot.
You're fine... Great. It's we still here who are missing you. It's certainly not the other way around, as you "Are" what we will, sooner or later, "Be."
Blessings Always, Amigo.
Posted by Alexandra Lopez on April 17, 2019
Happy Birthday old friend. Osha asks about uncle Jim a lot lately. He wants always to look at your picture and to know all about you. We have your birthday on our calendar and will sing you a happy birthday song after school. We miss seeing your sparkly eyes and laughing with you. You still shine brightly in our memories and you are part of our chosen family. We love you.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2019
Today is the 48th anniversary of your birth, Jim! Happy Birthday, dear friend! I'll miss the Pho birthday lunch we would do every year to celebrate both of our birthdays. You are so missed in our spiritual community here in Portland but your presence is still felt strongly. Many days I'll think about you and forget that you're not just still in India. I feel that, in some way, you've helped me through some challenging situations during these past few years - like a guardian angel. Thank you! You are loved, dear Jim! Forever missed! Never to be forgotten! Much, much love - Jan
Posted by Vanessa Clohessy on January 9, 2019
May his memory be eternal.
Posted by Thiago Valle on August 27, 2018
I think about you often and about how much of an impression you left on me. I'm sorry I wasn't as aware of it when you were here. I'm comforted by the Jim stories that are still told around the office and by the laughs and smiles they bring. Thank you for who you were and for what that means to me now.
Posted by Jan Rhine on August 25, 2018
Dear Jim, although it's been a year today that you left us, you are forever in my heart, my dear friend. I remember your big smile and beautiful heart, our long talks, celebrating our birthdays (only 10 days plus many years apart) at different Vietnamese pho restaurants each year and simply enjoying your presence, your friendship and your wisdom. You are so loved and so missed!
Posted by Mark Sawyer on August 25, 2018
If Jim had to go, he couldn't have left in a better "state" than that which he had come to in his months with Swami Atmananda of Ajatananda Ashram in the first half of 2017.
Such a good guy. I could write pages about his good qualities, many of which are all too rare in this "plane." Would that we had more like him, and for longer.
Posted by Lisa Lewton on April 19, 2018
Happy belated Birthday Jim!
Posted by Rhiannon Laurie on April 18, 2018
Happy Birthday, Jim! (It's still your birthday for another minute in Portland). I enjoyed singing for you at church last Saturday, and again on my own today. I am trying to honor your amazing ability to listen to people, to see and cultivate the best in them, to make them feel welcome. It's still something small and awkward in me, but I know that if you were here you would honor it and encourage me to try harder. So I am trying. So much love to you.
Posted by Toni Ory on April 17, 2018
On this day of Jim’s birth 47 years ago, my thoughts have been on his family and the people he touched with his spirit. Being the first born son of my dearest and forever friend, Kathy, I was fortunate to see him as an inquisitive and imaginative little boy filled with joy and a captivating personality. Later, I had the pleasure to see how that sweet little boy turned into an amazing man who cared about the many people he touched. We were all so lucky to have crossed our life path with Jim. May we all spread a little joy and compassion in his honor not only today but every day. ❤️
Posted by Tyler Hall on April 17, 2018
Missing you today and often Jim.
Posted by Tom Hanlon-Wilde on April 17, 2018
I was thinking about Jim this week and missing his presence.
Posted by Wells Neal on April 17, 2018
Happily, I continue to feel the strength of Jim's presence in a way that makes me smile. I find myself routinely referencing Jim's "famous" lines that that he would use at work, with his impish grin, like "out here in the colonies", a reference to our little Portland office and the EE mother ship sometimes forgetting we exist. I love saying it now because I always think of Jim when I say it and folks here know It's my way of saying hello to Jim on that day. I have also found myself saying that I should do a better job channeling my "inner Jim", doing a better job of being empathetic, one of Jim's more beautiful abilities.
Posted by Andy Feldmann on April 17, 2018
I miss you every day Jim, my heart breaks wishing I could talk to you today on your Birthday.  May you spend your day in peace surrounded by our loving thoughts and prayers and the loved ones that are no longer here with us.  Take care brother.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2018
Happy Birthday, dear Jim! I miss you, my friend!  This past Saturday, I led our church service here in Portland. At the end, we had a special birthday celebration and remembrance of you. We listened to you singing your hymn and then sang it together. Then we sang Bruce, Jody's and Alexandra's hymns that they received for you. We sang you Happy Birthday and lit a special birthday candle for you. You are remembered, loved and missed, Jim. May you be at peace knowing that you still are, and always will be, a big part of our spiritual community.
Posted by Jan Rhine on February 25, 2018
Dear Jim, today it is 6 months since you left us. I dreamt of you last night. You had come from your past to our future. You were healthy and whole. I drank in every moment of our time together. You are missed every day by your community in Portland. May you know how loved your were and are, dear Jim.
Posted by Jan Rhine on January 8, 2018
Dear Jim, I have thought of you so often over this holiday season. We just celebrated Three Kings Day on Saturday here in Portland. We brought you into our service. I felt you there strongly. Know that you are loved and missed and always will be. Take care, my friend.
Posted by Jan Rhine on October 25, 2017
Dear Jim, two months ago today you left us. I still feel the grief, the disbelief, the loss. I miss you! I keep waiting for you to come home from your India and Portugal trip. Last night, I even had a dream about that. In the dream, I waited for your bus to arrive, hoping and praying that you'd be on it... that the memorial service we'd held for you had been premature... that your death had been a terrible misunderstanding. But, in my dream, you were not on the bus. And when I woke up this morning, I realized that you were not coming back and that today marked 2 months since your death. Know that your spiritual family here in Portland love and miss you so much! You are with us in Spirit and in our hearts, even though you no longer grace us with your physical presence. May you be happy, at peace, dancing and singing and having a grand old time where you are now. Much love to you, my dear friend and brother.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on September 21, 2017
I never knew Jim personally but just wanted to share an encouraging message. From what I read in the comments it seems he was very loved by all who knew him. Take comfort I knowing he is at peace now. We can look forward to a time when Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled when God will wipe out every tear from people's eyes and death will be no more. Until then deepest sympathy--- Julia
Posted by Jo Anne Kalashnikov on September 21, 2017
My deep condolences to the family and friends of our beloved James. I met James just this summer in Portugal. I loved getting to know James and thought we would meet up back home sometime in the future. No one could have expected this, but all are done by His Grace and by His Grace alone so I know you are taken care of. I enjoyed being around James and thought he was a beautiful being. Thank you for shining your Light on us beloved James.
Posted by Tyler Hall on September 20, 2017
Jim- I will miss our wild conversations about everything from robots to climate change to all things spiritual. Your quirky sense of humor and sense of a larger perspective brought me a lot of joy in our day to day work. I always respected your deep commitment to the causes you cared about, and how you always did your best to live out your values.

While I am extremely saddened by your passing I am grateful that in your final year here you did exactly what you felt you needed to do. Not many people can let it all go and pursue their own path, and you did that. Your life will continue to inspire me, and you will be missed.

Rest easy my friend.
Posted by phyllis robinson on September 19, 2017
Jim (family and friends),

I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news of your passing. I had been thinking of you and wondering how you were faring in India; waiting until you were back to hear of your adventures and your latest ideas - for yourself, your community, and the world. I appreciated your sensitivity, sweetness, kindness, and the passion you had for your work. You will be very much missed Jim. Phyllis
Posted by Swami Atmananda on September 18, 2017
The Community of Ajatananda Ashram, Rishikesh (North India) has, with great sorrow, come to know of the sudden death of their beloved brother and friend, James.

James first came to our Ashram in mid-September last year, and almost immediately came forward to volunteer as a part of the Satsang team. In January, he served as an integral part of the team in Tiruvannamalai (South India). From February onwards, James returned to the Ashram and kindly offered to take up the role of Volunteer Coordinator. His full-time commitment to the Ashram Community was recognized and appreciated by everyone, and we received a great amount of heartfelt praise from visitors and friends.

James was a much-loved member of our spiritual family, and we continue to cherish his memory. We all feel immense gratitude for James’ presence among us during the last year of his life.

We extend our deepest condolences and sympathy to his relatives and friends, and we keep praying that the Supreme Peace will be granted to his departed soul on its journey towards the boundless Oneness.
Posted by Tracy H. on September 14, 2017
Our neighborhood and the world is a better place because of you, Jim. You united everyone with your charisma. I will deeply miss not seeing you wave across the street every morning saying, "Hi, neighbor!" You were the first person that came to introduce yourself within minutes of me moving into my house. That is a true neighbor. You also would really make my day, being a chocoholic, by giving me chocolate bars from your work. 

At least a few times a week, I would inquire when you were coming back from your most recent journey. The entire neighborhood is still waiting to see your smile. I suppose, in a way, you still are on your journey traveling to another place. Words do not express how much we will miss you. We plan on making a street art mandala that the neighbors will create together in honor of you. I also was able to, after much persistence with the city, finally get a streetlight that shines now in front of your house that is dedicated, "Jim's Light." Your beautiful spirit will always be here with us.
Posted by Monika Golabek on September 12, 2017
Beloved James and Family,

Here's a note we received from our librarian in Monte Sahaja (place that he came to visit regularly during his stay in Portugal) and she wished to share it with you:
““ feeling so deeply about James ! He came most
of the time - when being in Sahaja - into library , he
loved it to read there and to sit quietly. Often he sat
also outside still and happy. When i have been around
always saying the same things to people with ice cream on
the couches …he smiled, i smiled , we were totally together
about the comics of the situation and we felt funny and happy.
We did (almost) not speak with each other, looking into each others eyes was enough and very peaceful - a rare experience in a light but deep way. Sometimes i pondered about him because i felt such a rare energy surrounding him. He was soft , caring, strong and somehow here and not here. It has been so good to have him around and to know him.“"

Our deep love and condolences are with you.
Posted by mikele schnitman on September 7, 2017
Dear Jim, I miss you.

Was really hoping to see you soon and hear your travels stories.
I wish my little baby girl Immanuele, now 21months old, would have seen your smile…
I will always remember our talks, always constructive with a pinch of questioning presented in a smile. You, as a great organizer and problem solver, you showed me how to delegate with empowering me and others to do the best we can. Always supportive, always there for friends and community.
Your latest pictures, you look amazing, the transformation feels immense, I am glad to see and remember you this way.
Suzanne misses you and cry’s deeply for your departure, We are left with wishes that we will meet another lifetime again.
You are in our hearts forever.

To the family,
Jims memory is a calm deep lake in my heart, I will always have a smile thinking of him and with a tear close for his loss. May his soul rest in peace. he is so loved.

Mikele 35
Portland Spiritual community
Posted by Nevan Feldmann on September 6, 2017
Dear Jim,
I have never had a greater shock in my life then when Dad told me you passed away, I remember that moment so clearly, after he told me the horrible news I just froze, there was nothing that I could say, I felt as if my lungs collapsed because I could not breathe, I remember feeling as if I was in a terrible nightmare that I could not wake up from. I still feel like that now, I miss you and there is nothing I can say to bring you back, or anything I can do to show how truly painful this has been, but all I can say is that I love you and that I hope heaven is much better than Earth, and that you are watching over us all and trying to get us through this as a family
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Posted by Douglas Banasky on April 18, 2021
Jim, in honor of your 50th birthday, I am letting go of being mad at you for leaving -- now I am just sending you love, love and forgiveness.
Posted by Thiago Valle on April 17, 2021
Happy birthday, irmão. “Vamos a la playa” in the queue in your honor. Hey, you picked it... don’t blame me. Just no Hawaiian, oldies or hard rock. I got it. You are missed, my friend.
Posted by Jan Rhine on April 17, 2021
Thinking of you, Jim, on what would have been your 50th birthday. Love and miss you!
his Life

Quick trip to Portland

Have been wanting to go and see Jim’s friends in Portland.  Alex organized a gathering, a lot of Jims friends joined us.  Many I knew, Jim shared stories about them and some I did not know before.  I was told by each and everyone person, what an effect Jim had on them. Whether just being there to listen, show up and help a friend paint a room, encourage one to do what they wanted to do but were not sure about. Financially help another start a business. 
Jim I knew what a special person you were throughout the years with our family. But the heartfelt 
sentiments that everyone shared, just filled my heart with such emotion. You were truly an 
extraordinary human being and I was so blessed to be your Mother, thank you my Son.
May your Memory be Eternal

Two Years have passed

It has been two years since you left us; they say it will start getting easier, but it only feels harder with each passing day, month and year.  But I truly feel your presence  around me, in the many talks we had, and our time spend together. I learned a lot from you my Son. Your calmest, the way when you were speaking to someone; you completely listened and tried to help if needed.  Of course you got me started with yoga, I’m still very active; now if I could only begin meditation, which you always encouraged me to.  I believe you are at peace, so we who miss you need to continue with our lives knowing that you are watching over us.  Rest In Peace , May your Memory be Eternal.    Love Mom

A Memorial Bench

Seven months have passed since Nanny has been gone. All my energy has been in consumed in emptying Poppy’s and Nanny’s home for forty plus years. Everything I touched brought back wonderful memories of all the family and friends throughout the years that spend a holiday, birthday, BBQ , pool parties or just you guys hanging out with your friends. Jim you were there in spirit, helping and encouraging me along the way.   I wanted to have some place to be special and a happy memory.  The park where you and your brothers and friends spend a lot of time , and was next to the home you boys grew up in seemed perfect.  So here you are; I think you would approve. Still intend on going to Portland to see all your friends there, and also have a memorial to leave with all the great folks you spend your last 15 years with

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Shared by Katherine Steffenson on April 17, 2020
Here is second picture I really love

Happy Birthday Jim

Shared by Katherine Steffenson on April 17, 2020
Just wanted to post a few pictures; one when you were small and the other I found after going through pictures we brought home from Portland, from your very large collection of pictures from all over the world.
I love this second one because I feel it really show the true essence of Jim Feldmann, the half smile, the bright eyes, the dimple and especially the peace sign.  I believe this picture was taken in Brazil.
Happy Birthday
May you Rest In Peace, and May your Memory be Eternal

A song for you, jim

Shared by Bruce Podobnik on December 28, 2019
Dearest Jim,

Here's a song that I wrote for you, that we sometimes sing in the church.  It was so inspiring to get to know you... Hope you are having a great time in the astral world!