Posted by Jeanne Rohl on March 15, 2012
Happy Birthday Jim! The day you were born it was kind of cold and snowy. I was almost 15 and I was so thrilled with you. You were so fat and bald! We are going to applebee's tonight with Daniele, Amanda and Tom, Mike and Linda. We still can't believe that you are gone but we know that you are in a beautiful place. Daniele and Amanda are doing really well. Such beautiful girls!
Posted by Jeanne Rohl on March 7, 2012
I have been going through so many of your things and it is so hard sometimes. I have all these pictures of you on your 6th birthday with your new cowboy hat and six guns out in the yard at the motel. That was the year I got married and wanted you to be my ring bearer and you were so mad because you had to be with Terri Kusilek the WHOLE day and you hated girls!
Posted by Daniele Flanscha on February 9, 2012
Hey dad. I don't know if you know this, but I miss you so much. I miss your hugs. Nobody even comes close to giving as great of hugs as you do. I would give anything to have one more hug from you.
Posted by Jeanne Rohl on February 6, 2012
There wasn't a day that went by that I did not have some kind of contact with you, almost from the day you were born! Even when you went through the loss of dad at such a young age we were closer than most brothers and sisters. The girls are doing pretty good considering all that they are going through and they really really miss you!  Can you see the little black lab on your grave?

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